Disappearing States of America: The USA’s first ‘climate change refugees’ – The Feed

Disappearing States of America: The USA’s first ‘climate change refugees’ – The Feed

It hurts me to leave here. I built everything here, to stay here, to live out my life here. The next twenty years until I die. But I’m not going to be able to do it. It pisses me off. It is changing even quicker, year to year. Every time I think that we’ve experienced just about all the changes that will happen something different happens the next year. So if I’m right, this will be something you can snorkel on. Oh yeah, this will be a very popular dive site. Having to move away from where all my family lived? Kind of hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do. TAP FOR SOUND

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  1. People up the northern coast of Europe have created floating apartment buildings. Some houses are like boats in that the water level is above much of the floor space.

  2. Nature is taking its land back. What God put in place, man can only rent the Land? Louisiana, Florida, New Orleans, California and the list goes on.

  3. THIS VIDEO IS NOT CORRECT. WHY? Because it's built on the premise that it is MAN MADE climate change that is causing all the water flooding AND THAT is what is wrong with it!! SO TELL ME, does the FACT that the Arctic Ocean rose to 84 degrees in 2019 was made by man made climate change?? ABSOLUTELY NOT, because all the world's green house gases CAN NOT RAISE THE OCEAN TEMPERATURE MORE THAN ABOUT .75 DEGREES IN ANY *ONE* YEAR!!! OK, what CAN raise the temp more than that?? IT'S THE FACT THAT THE EARTH'S CORE IS MAKING THE OCEANS WARMER. BUT MAN MADE CHANGE HAS NOTHING WHAT-SO-EVER TO DO WITH THE EARTH'S CORE!!!!!!!!!! SO WHAT DOES?? Ahhhh, NOW you are asking REAL QUESTIONS!!! There is not one scientist in the America that is *authorized* to tell you the answer, but if you look on YOUTUBE, gee, you're already here, LOL, and ask (search) about raising ocean temps, you will get your answer but be WARNED, Al Gore will tell you that the real answer is a **conspiracy theory**…."yeah right, Al Gore, and YOU are the one that invented the internet also, right?" "NOT!!!!!!" Just remember this, when you watch any video that blames OUR climate change (NOT global warming) on Nemesis and/or Nibiru, THEN AND ONLY THEN will you be on the correct path to ~~knowledge~~ / and THEN the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

  4. I've been going to Key West in the winter months since about 1980. The water lapping on the beaches are still lapping exactly where they were 40 years ago, and according to black and white images taken in the 1890s of some of the buildings that still survive on the waters edge they are still on the beach exactly where they have been since 1890.

  5. Try subsidence, not sea level rise. It's not climate change. Btw, Trump does NOT call "climate change" BS. He calls MAN MADE climate change BS. And he's right. I hate it when people are misquoted. Stop lying about what Trump said. I hate dishonest reporting. The reporter says IT'S SINKING. THAT'S NOT sea level rise. It's SUBSIDENCE. THAT'S NOT CLIMATE CHANGE. IT'S GEOLOGY. SBS is totally dishonest in reporting. "Land is sinking" and they call it climate change. WRONG. EROSION is not climate change either. STOP.

  6. trump is right! Ice Age is coming and there is nothing you can do. We are no better than past civilizations who faced extinction level incidents. Get smart and realize how wrong you are. Want to see the future look at the past Fools!

  7. The people of the Bahamas rather went underwater than accept the call to leave, now they are no longer in denial, funny how floods can help make up your mind that news like that is real.

  8. This supposed to be swamp. this is built up land which is erroding and swamp water is coming back in. if this are the kinda examples they bring in then I know this is a hoax

  9. Florida was a giant swamp for thousands of years and a giant swamp will one day reclaim it with nothing but a shrug 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  10. the sinking of miami has nothing to do with the climate.
    this is simply more propaganda put out by the leftist climate alarmist.
    note: the sea levels have not changed significantly any where on earth that
    can not be explained by natural occurrences such as ground subsidence or
    oil , gas and water drilling.
    you need to think beyond the lies especially if its coming from the left.
    in fact if its coming from the left just think about it because it will soon
    be found to be a lie because it appears that lies is all they believe.

  11. More "climate change" propaganda. I remember in the 1970s when we were supposed to be heading into an ice age. By the 90s, it was globull warming and building on the biggest hoax pulled on gullible Americans. Funny thing, it's starting to cool again, lol. You have to admit, this scam worked so well putting fear in the stupid and created a new method of taxes ie. extorting our hard earned money. It is also a way of controlling useful idiots who actually believe this pathetic nonsense. What pisses off the greenies is when logical people point out their flawed manipulated numbers thus they get called "climate change" deniers. Some of these lunatics even call to have the deniers locked up in jail for just speaking out while only using their free speech right guaranteed by the constitution. Can you say fascism?

  12. At 4:53 what a crock of shit that was. I've been living on Miami Beach since the 1960's and it's been flooding since then.
    Always has.

  13. PART 1 and go to reply for PART 2
    Even before Louisiana became a state it has undergone a series of "NATURAL" sinking and erosion even before the 1st settlers settled in Virginia! No amount of man-made activities or political decision can change what MOTHER NATURE WANTS TO DO WITH YOU so you have to study nature, observe nature, and copy nature in order to enhance it's abilities to enhance your quality of life and to use technology to enable you to survive nature's unpredictable nature and behavior. His thinking and way of living ARE ALL WRONG! I live in Kazan which is SUB-ARCTIC and evey Russian knows we are facing a coming Ice Age and we have been prepping and stockpiling and constructing facilities to face it head on. We have re-engineered and hardened our infrastructures and technostructures against extreme cold and started building everythin underground and made sure we have several tens of dozens of times more resources and facilities and equipments and logistics and armory to maintain civilization forever and to enforce and maintain LAW AND ORDER INDEFINITELY. It is because we are in a "TRANSITION PERIOD" that always occurs between 2 Ice Ages that always follows a global cooling event called as GSM as described and already confirmed by our own scientists based on their studies of the MILANKOVICH CYCLES which are cylical in nature and normally natural as sunrises and sunsets, high tides and low tides, day time and night time. I believe I have to explain what is a transition period again to you Americans AGAIN! WHY IS IT THAT IT IS ALWAYS A RUSSIAN WHO HAS TO LECTURE AN AMERICAN?

    We are in a transition period of unpredictable fluctuations of temperature and climate extremes and highly disruptive weather of alternating heat-drought and cold-floods before it stabilizes slowly into a temporary normally cool or warm weather followed again by extreme heat and cold, droughts and floods, and then a mini-Ice Age followed by disruptive climates or temporary normal climates followed by a full blown Ice Age. Nobody can predict anything anymore. Our very own military satellites which are far more advance in climate and weather analysis needed by our military in conducting military activities are finding it extremely hard to predict and make a far more realistic weather projection months in advance!

    This transition period occurs between Ice Ages, and with it's sheer unpredictability of randomly alternating extremely hot and cold climates, alternating extreme floods and droughts, extreme winters and extreme summers, unpredictable rainfall patterns and changing rainy seasons all occurs during in times of wildly fluctuating solar cycles that alternates with no solar activities for most of the year, year after year. All of these things occurs between Ice Ages and are classified as "TRANSITION PERIODS"

    How unpredictable? We are suffering droughts and floods either simultaneously or alternatingly. In one part of the country severe droughts is happening and in another part of the same country severe flooding is happening, worst is severely high temperatures is occurring in one part while severely low temperatures are occurring in an another part of the country simultaneously.

    The weirdest is that some parts of country are starting to have springs and summers while other parts are still having heavy and dense winter snow and hail piling up. Storms are becoming unpredictable as well as the seasons and their durations. You can never tell when they will come in and go away, nor can you tell how long or short they will last, you can only hope that you have terraformed your land to take advantage of these problems and turn them into solutions like more dams, catchment and infiltration basins and elevated farming fields between them to guard against droughts and floods.



    Imagine terraforming your farm into long strips of elevated farmlands by digging long and wide and deep canals on both sides of a long and wide strip of land and then dumping the earth in the middle and compacting and stabilizing it. Thus simultaneously creating an elevated farmland 40 to 50 feet or more and having very wide and deep canal catchment infiltration basins for the snow, hail, storm waters, heavy rains to collect into them. And planting survivor plants like horseradish that can cover them all up as a permanent perennial living nitrogen-fixing mulch or as a perennial survivor cover crops against rain and wind erosions and by planting trees to produce the alley cropping effect and to act as wind breaks and snow breaks on your elevated farmlands and around the edges of your canal catchment infiltration basins.

    The aim is to simultaneously avoid the problems of droughts and floods, and to catch every drop of moisture to allow them to infiltrate into the soil to recharge the underground water aquifers that will be tapped during in times of droughts.

    The problem is that no present climate models can really predict it at all for all of them were rigged, and the only climate models that are reliable are those based on actual real time and real place solar cycles, undersea volcanic activities, ice core records, soil core records, deep sea bed records, hard rock core records, deep sea volcanic activity records.

    Fossil fuel burning has nothing to do it with. Natural coal fires numbering in the hundreds of thousands throughout the entire planet has been burning before, during, and after the last Ice Age and a single day's of greenhouse gases produced by them is equal to more than 300 years of industrial revolution! That still does not count the discovered 3 million active undersea volcanoes producing more greenhouses, of which only 300,000 has been properly surveyed.

    The thing is we must ask the right questions to get the right answers. That subject itself is the key to human survival. HOW LONG WILL THIS TRANSITION PERIOD WILL LAST and how should we re-arrange our agricultural planting patterns and with what crops. And which areas will retain it's original climate or recover their original climate after the transition period is finished and followed with an Ice Age which can either be a mini-Ice Age or a major-Ice age. And measures must be done to ensure the survival of human civilization. And how much time left do we have in order to implement such measures.

  14. Why not create man made rivers through our deserts and allow the Grand Canyon to fill up with water. As well as other same or similar ideas around the world.

  15. Absolutely not true.
    Most on the People that died in Puerto Rico

  16. No man made climate change here on the Oregon coast in 45 years. sea level is the exact same level as it was when I lived on the beach 45 years ago. Still the same wonderful mild climate. the El Nieno ocean current moved closer to the land years ago and changed the fishing, but of course that was not man made. there is absolutely nothing man can do to stop the worlds climate from changing It has been changing since creation and will continue. I do believe we should not pollute the land or our bodies and take care of them,and that is the best we can do. Man made climate change is a hoax and a huge lie by the globalist and their evil agenda.

  17. Hundred year sea level change has been 7-8 inches plus the amount of subsidence of the surrounding land. 1.5 feet is pretty normal for sandy areas. Miami has lots of land built with fill generations ago.

  18. If all the ice melts in the arctic,,it will effect the Gulf Stream,slowing it down,leading us faster into an ice age,invest in wool

  19. The current rate of global sea level rise of 3.3 milimeters per year is certainly not responsible for flooding of Florida beachfront property. This is just the result of building on swampland and beach land.

  20. The Earth ebb and flows from heat and famine and dust bowls, to little ice ages, up and down, up and down. Get with the program people. we are on a rise, but a little ice age is soon to happen.

  21. Does anybody even consider God?
    It’s not Mother Nature it’s Father God in full control
    He has warned us – it’s all there for us to read in worlds best seller.

  22. It was only a matter of time. They built on top of the Florida everglades. They filled in a swamp. Remember those warnings of "I have a swamp land in Floria to sell you" whenever there was a scam exposed? Well the sea will always win back the land in the end. The land is sinking and there are sink holes appearing everywhere. There are aligators found in swimming pools. You can't win in the long run. They should give back the land to the swamp and move somehwere else, yes. But millions are going to be left losing money in the end. Unless they go the way of Holland and destroy more sea environment. But, the problem is not rising sea levels. Theu aren't rising in a measurable way for a hundred years. Having said that we do have homes that are over 100 years old. 100 years from now there will be a rise of a few inches but not because of climate change. Water is alwys ariving on eart through meteors and water never escapes.

  23. Climate Change is in the mind of the politician and the scaremongering MSM. This guy is smart. He sees the sea is reclaiming his house in 20 years and he doesn't want to live in swampland. However seeing that it involves millins of people they will probably go the way of Holland and Louisianna a build dikes and destroy the last ot the crockadiles or alligators or whatever.


  25. Anybody who thinks we should measure the earth’s climate per “years” really don’t understand geology and astronomy.

  26. No “proof” that any ‘changes in climate’ has been established using the scientific method which demands that you can reproduce the results.

  27. Let's see… are the banks still giving loans for beach side property? He's just worried….and that is simply his opinion. The sea level has not risen in the Caribbean. How can it rise in Miami? You people chasing your own tail. Remember the Industrial Revolution only goes back 140 years! How much has it risen in 140 years? …. How many feet? …and please don't confuse Climate Change with pollution as CNN does! Climate is always changing. I learned about natural erosion in school. You obviously have not!

  28. I agree with TRUMP . Climate is Driven by the SUN . Think about this fact . England had NO CARS before 125 years ago . And 200 years ago the River Thames in England froze and people skated on it . The reason why the river Thames froze was because the sun was in a period of low sunspot activity called the Dalton/maunder minimum . And in 2019 we are starting the beginnings of another such period for the world . The rest of this century will be cold .

  29. The seaboard from New York is sinking 8mm per year. Isostatic from the interior rising rebound from the weight of the Ice Age ice sheets melting. The highest level of sinking is in the north end of that strip. CO2 warming is prairie fertilizer.

  30. The world has been shifting, reshaping and re-poling for billions of years… when its ready it will rid itself of us it will in a blink…

  31. Videos like this … YAWN,,,, yadda yadd yadda…..
    If global warming is real, than why did barack obama just buy a $15 MILLION dollar house on marthas vinard by the ocean?? hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm….

    Here is a email from a frind of mine since the 1970's. He has been a ATMOSPHERIC SCIENTIST for the past 40 years or so…. Enjoy…


    This was written by my friend about 5 YEARS AGO.

    He became an Atmospheric Scientist who works for NOAA
    to this day.

    An expert, I believe it!
    OH, AND THIS EMAIL IS BEFORE TRUMP CAME TO OFFICE and before he rightly removed the USA from the BS French agreement on climate..
    Also, Google "global cooling story from Newsweek April 28, 1975"

    The earth has been cooling for close to 14 yrs now. NASA,

    led by this creep Jim Hansen (Al Gore's guy) manipulates the

    data to show whatever. And, the data are suspect because a

    bunch of stations in the old Soviet Union shut down and the averages

    appear warmer than they really are. More important than whether it

    is warmer now than 10 years ago is why – and the why is not,

    I repeat, NOT Carbon emissions. Climate has changed for as long

    as the earth has been around and it has been much warmer and

    much cooler hundreds of times, and all of this BEFORE

    man started burning fossil fuels! Not only that, but you never hear

    about the benefits of a WARMER globe and more CO2 in the

    atmosphere do you. The facts are pretty simple- we are still

    coming out of a glacial cold period (referred to as the little

    ice age- circa 1800) and the glaciers have been receding

    since then with variations from decade to decade (you only see

    pictures of the last 30 years because they don't want you to know this).

    I add I am all for alternative energy; we need to do this for obvious

    reasons- the world is running out of oil not to mention the political

    and economic reasons. But, to do it in the name of the climate alarmists

    is bad because when people realize it is all a hoax, guess what?

    We'll never be able to get people (pigs) to change their ways. And,

    this "cap and trade" thing is going to be a huge tax without any

    reductions in world CO2- this is what is so crazy- even if I

    bought into CO2 as the "cause" of the recent warming, this

    won't help fix it- so I am against it because it won't lower co2

    and there is no reason to lower co2- it is a "trace" gas in the

    atmosphere- the really important "green house gas" is water!!!

    And none of these climate models even remotely do clouds correctly!!

    I think the biggest problem/mistake is that people are confusing

    global warming with AIR POLLUTION. They see shit come out

    of stacks and think this is co2- it is not co2! It is all sorts of other

    bad (cancer causing) shit- so, let's get our story right! On this

    regard, air quality is better now than it was in the 1970s even with

    a huge growth of population! So, I'm all for the "environment"

    but not at the expense of bankrupting everyone- we should do

    what we can and let the earth climate system take care of itself

    as it always has. And find ways to burn fossil fuels WHILE

    we still have them more cleanly- but it is simply goofy to think

    that wind mills and solar energy will provide the energy this

    country needs. All these so called environmentalists will be the

    last to cut back on their lifestyles- but they want everyone else

    to (see Al Gore's energy bill). We will need to phase this new

    shit in gradually but it is pie in the sky to think we can do it overnight.

    Finally, just common sense should suggest that the forcing factors on

    the climate is a series of very complicated processes with all kinds

    of complicated things that we only remotely understand. To

    be so arrogant as to believe that 1 single factor (atmospheric co2) is

    totally responsible for climate change is amazingly stupid and shows a

    basic lack of understanding of how complicated earth science is .

    It also is the same as denying that the climate has EVER changed before

    man started burning oil! Common sense suggests that that if man is

    changing the climate, it is small potatoes compared to natural variability-

    get this, I have data that shows that co2 is not the cause of temperature

    rise, but temperature rise is the cause of co2 rise!!! Given all the natural

    sources of co2 (the oceans!!! being the largest) I am more abt to believe this.

    And disregard anything you hear about co2 being so much higher now than

    anytime in the past- this is NOT true either.

  32. LMAO love the morons who fall for this crap. There is global warming between every ice age but our sorry ass only lives a minuscule amount of time compared to the planet to even phantom the other seasons the planet goes through. Relax morons your not going any where any time soon.

  33. NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels

  34. From NASA article, "If we had to sum the whole thing up in one simple phrase, it would be this: The biggest factor influencing weather and climate patterns on earth is the sun, period. Depending on the earth’s position to the sun at any given time, climate conditions are going to vary dramatically, and even create drastic abnormalities that defy everything that humans thought they knew about how the earth worked.

    But rather than embrace this truth, today’s climate “scientists,” joined by leftist politicians and a complicit mainstream media, insist that not using reusable grocery bags at the supermarket and not having an electric vehicle are destroying the planet so quickly that we absolutely must implement global climate taxes as the solution.

    “The climate change debate is not about science. It is an effort to impose political and economic controls on the population by the elite,” wrote one commenter at the Hal Turner Radio Show.

    “And it’s another way to divide the population against itself, with some who believe in man-made global warming and some who don’t, i.e. divide and conquer.”

    You can read the full Hal Turner Radio Show report at this link.
    It's all about fear, greed, power, control and money!

  35. Wavered to Obama to steal 250 million dollars from every US citizen to try and start Obamacare which I called Obamacare this man is a joke and to think that can relocate a sinking spot is ridiculous the best thing they can do is Salvage what they can and get out and Columbus was not an Explorer he was just a renegade Jeep and a pedophile and use the same he took out of Prisons of Spain and the queen was glad to get rid of them all never expecting them to return every knee killed all the inhabitants of what is known as The Spice Island today and the Cherokee people were living in harmony with nature in a much better in a different way mankind has done nothing but destroy everywhere they go especially the Anglo-Saxon and Spain created a new race of people in Mexico that were calling Mexicans until maybe two decades ago and they want to be called Latinos true Latinos are from Latin America and Sicily and island off of Italy it's just ludicrously insane and the Spanish government has a lot of gold and stays recluse when they should be Dying Light Japan was done and all their gold and stuff removed and dispersed to those who are starving and struggling today like those in Peru and the place is worse pain did what they could do to get gold out

  36. The Prof is a liar: why not talking about the pre-human occupancy of FL? You live in a swamp, not the DC type, then expect one day your houses with be wet!

  37. Climate change is "Natural" the earth is changing daily. When I was 5 or 6 ( 1945-46) I remember 4 foot snowfalls in early October !! Now you don't see that until late December if at all !! Lastly, President Trump said "Global Warming" was a hoax–but you liberals hear what you want to hear !!

  38. bull shit propaganda. don't build below sea level, moron's.
    it's not sea level rise, the ground is sinking, just like california.

  39. It makes no difference if it’s real or fake people are going to have to move whatever it’s cause is flooding IS happening

  40. OK if you wanna stay there stay there just make sure you buy yourself some scuba gear and a nice boat, trump is the one who's full of 💩.

  41. No one ever heard of tectonic plates, settling earth, solar shifts, volcanic activity or beach erosion before. Now it's caused by co2. The fix is becoming government controlled slaves.

  42. if he sales his place with that acknowledge and the retailer dose they both will be open for arrest and jail time . for not divulglging all problems with said propertyyou get wht yoou are asking for.

  43. After reading the below comments, I’m wondering if you folks actually saw the film? Yes, Florida and other coastal areas are what you can call sinking, BUT, buoys in the ocean with GPS are changing, the sea level is rising, it's not a debate, it's science! it's not a matter of ground sinking, the oceans are rising! do you think the villages in Alaska that are built on basically rock are sinking? and the BILLIONS of tons of ice that has melted, where do you think that is going? man made or just a cycle of the earth.. what ever you want to call it.. it's happening.. I'm just glad I don't live anywhere near a coast.. 🙂

  44. So are the 'do-nothing-democrats' going to throw some crumbs at this? What about Amsterdam, Venice; & more 'below sea-level' regions?
    Clearly a UN globalist anti-Trump campaign. This is geography/geology running its course. Yes – help relocation as required.

    But don't mislabel it 'climate-change'.

  45. the comments are dispirited as ever. Conspiracy faith is now an American/Internet mainstay. "THEY" profit, and the whole thing is stupid, and how awful The Feed really is and how stupid Florida is to even exist. No minds for even the basics of science, courtesy or compassion. Poor commentators, pathetic.

  46. Really? Water is seeking its old limits. Climate change is real but an excuse for many wrong things. Politicians in the US are ignorant or purposely lying about climate change. Guess why? Hint' $$$$$$$$$$$$

  47. Now it’s obvious that land is flooding more than it used to, the die-hard climate-change deniers thought of a new argument. The see is not rising, the land is sinking!!!!! The most ridiculous argument I can imagine.
    So everywhere, over the whole earth, suddenly land start to sink. In Asia, Europe, America. Islands in the pacific.

  48. I lived in Hawaii, got tired of it and moved to Florida, grew tired of living by the ocean and moved to the mountains of Georgia. If people don't don't like where they live, move! Our environment is constantly changing, always has, always will.

  49. Hate to burst your hate-bubble that covers Trump like a disease, "The Feed", but if you look at history, and the Earth, and the SUN, you will SEE that ELEs, aka extinction-level events, you will plainly see they are cyclical and 'fed' by the sun and her micro-novas. Learn a little more history, children, maybe just stop hating, and realize that NO amount of taxes you pay can stop the cycle from occurring. Making government richer will not ever be considered by the Sun as a bargaining chip to possibly stop the Earth's magnetic shield from decreasing in its cycles, thereby allowing the solar storms to affect our climates , Kids. Wake up. Hate will never get you where you want to go. This has happened before and will happen again, with or without you or Trump. SO childish to try to buy your way to safety with taxing everyone..

  50. Sorry but I have an extensive background in Geology and have spent most of my life in Florida and New Orleans. This video is completely false and intentionally misleading. Coastal areas are impacted by ocean currents, continued plate rise from the last glacial period, levies and coastal engineering that prevent natural silt deposits in deltas, etc. Those with political agendas have simplified complex science to an 'orange man bad' narrative.

  51. 2 bad it's not the Fake Climate Change Propaganda that disappears! Refugees!! U Refugeez from REALITY that's what U R ….. PLEASE!!

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