Director Vetrimaaran – Story Telling | Cinema Ideology | Abiman Tube

Director Vetrimaaran – Story Telling | Cinema Ideology | Abiman Tube

34 thoughts on “Director Vetrimaaran – Story Telling | Cinema Ideology | Abiman Tube

  1. Bro background music Sounds ah kammi pannunga bro… adhu ovvuru second la Unga voice ah Dhaandi keakudhu

  2. Bro semma… Oru suggestion next time nenga sequel or previous video refer pandringa andha video link ah description la attach pannunga… Viewers ku easy irrukum

  3. Semma bro… Neenga entha alavuku cinema va rasichu paakureenga nu unga videos la theriyuthu…Plz do more videos..Keep growing..

  4. nama panrathu thappu nu therinjum… atha manase ilama panura.. samuthirakani sir role.. fantabulous..
    that's what he got a national Award for Best supporting role.

  5. Shankar sir Research paneetu padam pandraarunu solraanga. Atha pathi oru video pannuna nalla irukum 😎

  6. Things to be criticised in Visaaranai:
    The whole film misses its balance in portraying the reality of both the sides(Cops and Accuseds). The accuseds are made of so much of victims and less of humans. And the Cops are made of so much of policemen and less of humans. This lack of balance makes the story a one sided approach that leans so much on victims’ side. In simple words, the victims are resembling the pity Heroes and the cops are resembling the brutal villains. As if all the ones under unform are completely made of stone hearts and born sadists. So the reluctance in the cops before executing their violence should have been shown. And no place in the film showed the accuseds as raw humans who could utter badwords about the cops in private, etc.
    The main question here is “Why should all the victims be innocent slave workers? Why shouldnt they be a drunkard or a pervert or an irresponsible road side romeo or anybody whom people would find irritating in society. So here, more than talking about how the persons who are not guilty are tortured to admit the crime they didnt do, the film showcases how a group of weak and innocent guys are beaten mercilessly by strong and well equipped set of professionals. This is where the story loses its clarity of talking about the politics in police department and stands as a screen that contains tear provoking and sympathy creating elements.

  7. Great things about Visaaranai:
    1. As said above, conveying the external world and political affairs through the indoor interactions. The political status, the relationship between cops and politicians, bribery etc.
    2. Incorporating as much criticisms as possible in every frames:
    The malfunctioned pistol after shooting faizal, Shanthi’s workplace torture, comparitive story plot between AP police and TN police, the way that Auditor(Kishore) is vanished under the cooked up suicide story etc. Around the main thing taken, there are lot of political and professional criticisms incorporated subtely.
    3. Well blended screenplay: The connectivity between getting victimised in AP and TN is reasoned out well. Pandi and team happened to help the Tamil cops who came in pursuit of the suspected Auditor. This drove Pandi and team to end up in TN police station as cleaning servants showing their gratitude. Pandi’s eventual overhearing of the cops’ secret discussions turned them against Pandi and team. Wow. The moto of the story is to say how Pandi and team are victimised by TN police. To attain this event, the screenplay is well grown step by step by justifying reasons.

  8. செக்கச்சிவந்த வானம் ஐடியாலஜி ப்ளீஸ்🤗

  9. Like how people are streamlining entertainment only to comedy, similarly, you guys are thinking that if a movie has a quirk/comedy, it is not artistic!! mudiyala da saami ! neja vaazhkaila neenga sarcastic a paesardhillayaa?? illa sirikkardhillayaa???? idhellaam kuruttu bimbam!
    VETRIMAARAN sir is genius <3 Dhayavu senju indha manushanaiyaavdhu nigazhkaalathula kondaaduvom!!! <3

  10. Festival version இன்னும் intenseஅ இருக்குமுனு நேர்காணல்களில் பார்த்த ஞாபகம்!

    இந்த காணொளியை பார்த்த பிறகு
    "இதையெல்லாம் நாம கவனிக்கவில்லையே, இன்னொரு முறை பார்க்கனும்" 🤔🤔🤔

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