Dinesh D'Souza: My pardon is dangerous to left's ideology

Dinesh D'Souza: My pardon is dangerous to left's ideology

20 thoughts on “Dinesh D'Souza: My pardon is dangerous to left's ideology

  1. Because Obama was mad he was put in jail .Trump did the right thing Pardon him. Obama pardoned thousands of evil people before he left. So let's not dis Trump for Dinesh. A honest man.

  2. hmm, by the time of Professor Andrie Sakarov, the Soviet Union began putting intellectual critics into psychiatric institutions after Breznev shut down the Gulags. Marxists created the Soviet bolsheviks and the Frankfurt School

  3. So if a judge says you need psychological therapy and it is found you do not than the obvious alternative is the judge MUST need it if he read you so wrong

  4. On his way out. Bill Clinton pardoned all those Puerto Rican FALN terrorists, so Hillary would get all the Puerto Rican votes for Hillary to become a senator of New York.

  5. What did Obama do that was abnormal in any other presidential administration, telling those in charge of racial riots to "stand-down!" not to protect but to allow violence "to get their frustrations out" what the…? What President has ever done that? That's one abnormal action….

  6. Dumborats are ghetto thugs that are scared to fight the fair fight, they just love jumping people with ten against one, cowards! Dinesh your the best.

  7. media -= jewish, academia, – jewish, hollyweird – jewish.
    "some call it communism, I call it judaism," Rabbi Stephen Wise.
    The commies moved into the DemonRAT party. Killery Clinton was a card-carrying member of the COMMUNIST party,

  8. I am tired of those who say we are too divided as a country.  I believe it is good, as I consider the Democrats are the ENEMY of this country.

  9. I am conservative. I don’t trust your reporting. All of you seem to think it’s necessary to manipulate the truth even when it really is the truth.

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