Dinesh D’Souza CALLS OUT students over illegal immigration hypocrisy

Dinesh D’Souza CALLS OUT students over illegal immigration hypocrisy

D’Souza: I want to think, in my talk,
about walls. Not just the wall, but walls in general, and walls in the context of
some larger questions that have to do with identity, and belonging, and who
gets to be inside the wall, and who gets outside the wall, and why. I remember
when I first showed up at Dartmouth, this was actually yesterday, I looked
around, and I thought to myself, “Wow, this is such an incredible, open
campus. I don’t see any walls. It’s really easy to just stroll onto campus.”
And then I realized that’s actually not true. And anyone who thinks that true isn’t
really looking hard, because Dartmouth has much higher walls than Trump
wants to build, and those walls are actually controlled by the admissions
office. The wall has to do with who gets to be a member of the Dartmouth
community, and that wall is jealously guarded and limited to a thousand
students every year, excluding more than 10 times that number that want
to come in, perhaps more. And this wall is guarded so
diligently and ruthlessly that, to my knowledge, in the entire history
of the college, there has not been a single person who has jumped the wall.
And what I mean by that: is it possible for somebody who is not a Dartmouth
student to sneak into Dartmouth, take courses for four years,
and leave with a Dartmouth degree? It turns out, to my knowledge, that is
completely impossible. It has never happened. And that means that this wall
is protected far more savagely, jealously, and determinately than any wall that we
could possibly put around this country. Any wall we could put up
would be necessarily porous. This wall, as far as I can tell,
is completely opaque.

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  1. We need to send the illegals to the house's of AOC and all these Democrat politicians that basically want to replace us with people who are more easily subjected to government rule

  2. Finally, a good analogy about the "Wall" How many walls are we building in our relationships but find it offensive to build a physicsl wall to keep ILLEGAL Immigrants, drugs, criminals out of America? Walls would not be needed if every human beimg got on well with each other and there was true peace and harmony with each other.

  3. As I'm hearing it, I'm saying to myself this is not a good analogy. After you sit and think about it for a minute you realize it is a creative analogy and you realize that if you play the questions out in your mind, the trap of that analogy is very good and does expose liberal hypocrisy.
    That's why he is Dinesh D'souza and I'm not. 🇺🇸🇵🇷

  4. Nice! That career making 60,000 a year just went bye-bye. All those illegals with the same degree you have that are willing to work for half the amount you are just took all the jobs.

  5. EVERYONE loved the Black Panther movie….They had a protective dome to keep people out. Nobody protested that part of the movie.

  6. Why does one anchor baby receives $2,400 a month but a American citizen baby doesn’t. It pays to be a illegal and this is why they are crossing at record numbers. The globalist goal is 600 million immigrants to replace Americans. You won’t see a single homeless immigrant only the jobless and the ones that got burned out of their homes on purpose American citizens are homeless

  7. Why not let anyone who wants to attend Dartmouth!? Ya'll come!! There are so many people who were deprived of an excellent education due to their socio-economic status, financial condition or foreign citizenship— so they weren't given the opportunity to go to college. It just isn't fair. Of course there isn't enough space in the classrooms to increase the student body by a few thousand, and many of these "new students" won't speak English, many of them won't have the proper foundation to study at a university level, there aren't enough classes to accommodate them but hey!—the university can just work this out. And the majority of students now attending Dartmouth should step aside anyway to make room for these "new" students. From what I hear the current students will be happy to do that.
    And these "new students' won't just be auditors – they want a university degree. And they don't want the classes on offer – they want classes more relevant to their situation. And oh yes – they want it all for free! How about they put their money where their mouth is — oh wait! Put their PARENTS" money where their mouth is.

  8. Enough already !
    Build the WALL !
    Yes !
    Well stated as usual !
    Certainly brings some clarity to the concept now doesn't it !?
    Once again,
    thank you Dinesh !

  9. "Whoever control the image and information of the past determine what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determine how those same people will view the past"
    – – – – the underground history of American Education by John Taylor gatto (chapter one)

  10. Some walls are not worth scaling. You climb and climb inch by inch and when you manage to reach the top and look at what was hidden – what you worked so hard to reach – you find a pile of trash a mile high and people who cannot even tell you the correct time.

  11. Just wondering if Nancy has torn down the wall around her mansion yet so the homeless can enter her house? I doubt it. Hypocrite!

  12. No one wants to talk about the Democrats multi-million dollar homes with high security, within gated communities. If they want open borders so much, why don't they live like the rest of the common folk? Why all the security? Oh…I see they're trying to keep people out.

  13. Simple and to the point now if you try to explain this to demowierds you would be wasting your time

  14. This is the way, I believe, to attack leftist hypocrisy. To date, this is my favorite walls argument. Thank You Mr D!

  15. I like how they show Dinesh speak and the audience in the background. Especially the female with the pink shirt. After watching a few of his videos. It is obvious that many disagree with him and it shows when he is constantly interrupted. However, what I did not take into account is the distractions others make to throw him off. Give credit where credit is due, Dinesh handles it like a champ when put in these different situations. I know I would struggle to get a point across if it was me up there.

  16. Critical theory and the Frankfurt school moved to America , starting with Columbia university , in the 30's ! Marxist playbook is being implemented on us by Zion !

  17. Why would you attend a discussion such as this and then sit in the front row on your phone? What a stupid idiot!

  18. "But but… We're not against OUR walls, just YOUR walls,.. because my identity is EVERYTHING and your identity is nothing."

  19. The Democratic machine depends on the ignorance of voters so they can get rich spending other peoples money. (Your taxpayer dollars)!

  20. I think one of the things that bothers me the most about the left is that theyre proud of how ignorant they are. There's no room for being open minded or tolerant even though they march for those exact things.

  21. Simple solution. If you vote democrat, you will be taxed, with other fellow democrats, to support ALL financial related issues to ILLEGAL immigrants….

  22. Why do the Democrats have armed guards and walls around there houses,but don’t want hard working Americans to have guns and walls.

  23. Dinesh D'Souza has always been a great spokesman. His movie about Hillary was excellent. He can make a difference.

  24. 0:54 D'souza sure got this girl's attention. She even looked up from her cellphone, made a face, and gestured to someone sitting behind her.

  25. Dinesh, something I've noticed after watching many or your and Jordan Peterson's video debates, is that when we engage in a debate with many Leftist Progressives, the two sides of the debate seem to be speaking from completely different points of view. It's like one side calls the color blue "Blue" and the other side calls it "Chair". It's like the words they are speaking sound clear and appear to make some kind of sense on the surface, but the meaning they apply to words is from a completely different understanding of the world. Neither side of the debate can understand what the other side's point is, because the definitions and construction of their words and speech is completely foreign to the other. They might as well be talking in Chinese and Swahili with no interpreter. That is why our world is so divided right now — because the indoctrination of a large part of the population in something other than what has traditionally been accepted as 'reality' for millenia has caused a rift in how we communicate to each other. The Age of the Internet has accellerated the rifts because people can easily group together into their echo-chamber tribes and reinforce their delusion until "Truth" is almost completely obscured? What do you think? Is there any hope for the future our society, or will it all collapse into constant partisan tribal battles on a grand scale?

  26. What I love about Dinesh is that he is a very principled conservative unlike Ben Shapiro who capitulates to the left… we conservatives must defeat these communist and shame their ideology out of this country .. Shapiro acts like we can agree to disagree with the Left not realizing were In an ideological battle for the preservation of America and western civilization..

  27. Everyone opposed to the wall has one around their homes! Let’s visit Nancy Pelosi’s house, and you’ll see it.

  28. Don't forget the word "discriminate" they don't allow you in for free (unless someone else pays whomever that maybe) and they want to know your identity including your back ground history.

  29. Ivy League universities in America are SCAMS. They are only for the rich wealthy elites to send their offspring. These "universities" make sure nobody gets in, that is not from a wealthy ruling bloodline family. And what do these "kids" learn at these universities? They learn how to run corporations, and exploit the system. They do not want the "peasants" knowing this information.

  30. Why do the best intellects today seem to always lean to the right? Perhaps it's just easier to lean to the wright.

  31. This is a simple concept. Remember when people understood basics and we didn't have to debate what a boy was, why countries boundaries matter, and whether being fat is to be celebrated?

  32. Dear Mr.DD..love all your logical fantabulous vids…but,please,please change your mic!..tak from Bornholm,Denmark

  33. Dinesh, you know how to make people think! And after thinking about what you just pointed out, I think it’s time to remove the right of any organization, whether it’s a college, a club, or the NFL, to have restrictions on who can join. First come, first serve. If we have to allow anyone and every one into our Nation, then same rules for organizations.

  34. Here's an idea. Think of each political party (Democratic/ Republican) as a house. Now think of a political ideology (Liberal/Conservative) as the people who live in these two houses.
    > Let's start around the Civil War era (1860's) and say most of the people who hated and despised you lived in one of those houses. Let's say the blue Democratic house.
    >And most of the people who treated you decently lived in the other house. Let's say, the red Republican house.
    >And for decades, the majority of people who hated and despised you lived in that blue Democratic house. _ So naturally, you wanted nothing to do with that blue house. You preferred the people in that red house who were more inclined to treat you decently.
    RESULT- For decades, black Americans were loyal to the red Republican house.

    Then an interesting thing happened. You began to notice it was becoming harder to know which house to avoid. Gradually, some of those people who hated and despised you began showing up in the red "R" house. And also more of those people who treated you decently began to show up in the blue "D" house. After a while, each house had some people who hated you and some people who treated you fairly. It was no longer so easy to know which house you should avoid as it had been in decades past.
    RESULT- By the mid 1900's, noting a trend, many black Americans left the blue house for the red house. But many remained In the blue house

    Then after a few more decades, it became clear that neither house had as many people who hated and despised you as they had in decades past. In both houses, the majority of the people in them now treated you decently and fairly. But what you DID notice is that the vast majority of those people who DID still hate and despise you NOW lived in the red "R" house.
    RESULT- A notable majority of black Americans favor the blue "D" house even though it's not as clear-cut because the hateful people have less power and influence than they once did. (Unfortunately, their influence has not yet been completely erased.)


  35. Barely conscious leftist NPC incubating at Fartmouth peels her face away from her phone at 0:40 just long enough to produce a facial expression demonstrating a total absence of critical thinking ability in reaction to D'Souza's brilliant wall analogy.

  36. There are also walls within many colleges. There are Black ONLY Sororities and Fraternities and clubs. There are Black ONLY living quarters. Some colleges have Black ONLY Graduation Ceremonies.

  37. Yeah except liberals not only want our physical barriers overrun, our "admissions" wall has also been breached due to lowering of our standards. It would be like Dartmouth lowering required gpa to 2.0 instead of 3.9. We are fighting the evil of the left from every angle. We need a physical wall AND a metaphorical wall.

  38. Why doesn't the Left defend illegals wanting to have an open border (no wall) to getting into a good college? Oh yeah, because then the Left would have to compete with the illegals, and they don't want that. As long as the Left is not inconvenienced by the illegals then they support them.

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