32 thoughts on “Did You Know? Volunteering at Animal Humane Society

  1. Hi! I'm 16 and I'd love to come volunteer this summer. I'm from Jamaica but i' d be more than happy to fly to Florida in summer after graduation to volunteer, do you guys allow foreigners to volunteer as well?

  2. Such a great video and facility! Truly inspiring. You all should be so proud of yourselves. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Can someone tell me what volunteering for a shelter does or is
    I don't get the concept of it

  4. AnimalHumansSociety I am only ten so I can volunteer. I probably can't anyway, I live in Aus :(((((((

  5. How old do you have to be to become a volunteer I'm 12. Also what about guinea pigs are they available there to adopt

  6. I volunteer at the humane society and I love it so much! Everyone is always so friendly. I work in the critter department. Gosh, our whole humane society is ran basically by volunteers!

  7. I'm volunteering in the dog area at my local shelter. I'm having a great time providing enrichment for these dogs!

  8. I'm 15 and I've been waiting for years to finally be able to volunteer. I'm turning 16 in the summer and I'm wondering if there's any way that I can begin volunteering on my 16th birthday? It's what I'm passionate about.

  9. I'm 13 and I just started volunteering at my local shelter. I can't start working with the dogs till I'm 13 but volunteering with the cats is really awesome

  10. I would love to be volunteer in a dog shelter i live in Canada Richmond hill would u help me what to do i cant find any dog shelter close by or in toronto plzz help my email address is [email protected] thx

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