Dennis Prager Speech – UC Irvine

Dennis Prager Speech – UC Irvine

Thank you again, thank you. Thank you everybody. Thank you. Thank you Thank You Kimo and Let me just say a word that I said on the radio about Kimo he has the trait without which goodness can never prevail and It’s the rarest of all the good traits in the human being there are thank God many kind people many nice people many generous many loyal but not many courageous and That’s what he has give him a hand because he deserves it Alright everybody so I Want to do something of this evening that is A feature of my radio show and my entire approach to issues One of the mottos of my life and of my work is I prefer clarity to agreement So I would like to provide for you clarity, especially for those of you who don’t agree with Most of us who are here tonight I’d like you to at least understand What the debate is about or as I have come to conclude with great sadness I might add there is a civil war in America Thank God it is not violent and may it always not be violent, but the differences between left and right are Enormous and in most cases not bridgeable Either people on the Left will adopt what people on the right believe or vice versa or the civil war will continue But it is our task to at least understand what the differences are So I’d like to go down a whole list then when I’m done I’d like those of you who differ to be the first ones to ask questions or just even state why I’m wrong I have no problem with that. I will not be rude to you Even if you’re rude to me But I just want I want people to hear how the objections can be answered That’s a very valuable part of my visits to college campuses So since Israel was the first item mentioned I’m gonna go down a list of differences of left and right left believes that Israel is the villain in the Middle East The right believes that Israel is the good guy in the Middle East not the perfect guy Because there are no perfect guys, but the good guy It is an amazing thing to me that there are people who believe Israel is the villain I debated at the famous Oxford forum two years ago, and the subject of the debate was is Israel or Hamas the primary obstacle to peace in the Middle East and There were two there were two PhDs a professor of international relations and a young PhD It was it’s two against two with the Oxford forum, and they actually argued that Israel was the greater obstacle to peace and I made it I made a statement which you can see on YouTube until they take it down and You can you can actually see the statement that I made this is the first time if they’re right Israel is the greater obstacle it would be the first time in the world history that between a free state and a Totalitarian state or police state. It was the Free State that wanted war and the police state wanted. Peace There is no other example you have to you have to affirm that all rules of morality and Politics have been switched in the Middle East that the bad guy is the Free State and the good guy is the police state it Is it is it is mind boggling it would be as if I said to them in the 30s there would have been a debate here is Nazi Germany or the United Kingdom or Great Britain the greater obstacle to peace in Europe and That would that have been a debate. Of course not how would you know if you knew nothing other than that? Fact how would you know how they wit? How would you know how to vote you would know because Britain was free and Nazi Germany was not free Because it’s a one hundred percent people in freedom don’t like to die and don’t like to kill It’s just a given people in police states either like it or have no choice about it secondly the notion of I’m not Anti-jewish. I’m Anti-israel is so perverse as to be laughable it is it is perverse Let me just explain it would be like saying i’ve used this analogy my whole life it would be like saying I love Italians I love I love Verdi and Puccini and I love Ivaldi and I love Italian art and I love pizza and Italian food but I Believe Italy should be destroyed That is what anti-zionists argue we love Jews, but of all the 220 countries on earth only one is illegitimate and it happens to be the only Jewish one But I is a Jew or I is a non Jew who cares about morality I’m supposed to believe you you just happen to have picked the only Jewish country in the world to be extinct You’re a fraud. If you say that you are not real you are fooling yourself at least be honest Every country has a right to exist except the Jewish one 22 Arab countries are legit The one Jewish one is not legit And I’m supposed to believe you have nothing in for Jews because you have a Jewish friend Or because there were Jews who agree with you Of course, there are Jews who agree with you there have been Jews who have hurt Jews all through modern history Trotsky Marx it’s Rosa Luxemburg, I mean the list is gigantic Why Jews are the only group to produce people who who hurt their own group more than any other? Americans produce it as well. It’s a very interesting thing The only two groups who really do there are no there’s no other example of it. Why is a very complex question? I think it has to do with the fact that Jews have been so hurt so so hit so hurt so trampled and tortured for so long that they think That if they are nice to their enemies, they won’t be hurt. I truly believe that there is that there’s that psychopathological root to Jews who hate Israel There is no other explanation Where they’re a blacks for apartheid? What would you think of a black who said you know, I think apart ties great That is the same as Jews who think Hamas is great. There is no difference That is the state of that one clear issue and by the way Churchill, I just finished this reading this thousand page biography of Churchill and The author Andrew Roberts makes a very interesting point Roberts is not a Jew he had no Nothing involved in that rate in that way and he said Churchill understood something Which is why he was the only voice against Hitler from the beginning He understood that the anti Jew is anti human That there is no greater indicator of evil than anti-semitism It is the early warning society for good early warrant warning signal for good people Just know the anti-semite never Begins never ends with the Jews they begin with the Jews, but they never end with the Jews the non-jews who dismissed Hitler as the Jews problem, like people dismissed Hamas and Hezbollah as the as Israel’s problem. They don’t understand they are next That is the amazing thing of not learning from history. No one ends with the Jews The Iranian regime has declared and this is unparalleled on earth That it aims to extinguish another country from the face of the earth There is no parallel. There is no hatred like Jew hatred there never has been because only Jew hatred is extermination extermination estate reott There are bigots all over the English don’t like the Irish the Irish don’t like the English the French don’t like the Germans the Germans Don’t like the French the Russians don’t like the poles the poles don’t like the Russians Everybody hates their neighbor that is a rule on the face of the earth They like the country two countries over that’s that’s the way it works, but there’s no X term no But but there is no extermination. Its desire There is no we will get rid of Poland it will it will be extinguished we will conquer Poland we will rule Poland but only Iran and the anti Israel forces wish to extinguish Israel so that there could be a 23rd Arab state there aren’t enough Arab states But one Jewish state the size of New Jersey is too much That’s it in a nutshell There is something morally sick about anti-israel people morally sick So that’s the clarity on the middle-east dispute one other one other word about it Is a Jew tell fellow Jews all the time It is none of my damn business who? Israelis choose as their leaders if a Jew wishes to intervene in Israeli politics make aliyah That’s it. It’s very simple You can fly to Israel even from here Non-stop, and you are a citizen the next day then you can say whatever you like but to live in the safety of America where no one is trying to slaughter you as they Are in Gaza and in Lebanon and and in among Palestinians and tell Israel what to do Let me tell you something. I Supported Israel when it had left-wing prime ministers as strongly as when it has right-wing Prime Minister’s Because all I care about is Israel’s security That I have my opinions about who Israelis should elect is just one man’s opinion I do not have the arrogance to tell Israelis whom they should choose as their prime minister The American Jewish community’s arrogance To tell Israel you are wrong in whom you choose Democratically as your leaders, this is an arrogance that can only be explained in the great Jewish word It is it is it is colossal hutzpah, it is exponential cut spot Move make alia tell is real why they’re wrong in the meantime It is the only state on earth that is threatened with extinction. They could use your support Okay, I Was told that one of the comments that I have made Is that has controversial on this campus? Which if it’s true? Doesn’t reflect well on the campus it certainly reflects Well on me, I said to the motto believe women I don’t believe women and I don’t believe men I believe evidence. I don’t understand why that’s controversial The idea that gender determines truth is perverse. It’s just another perversity women don’t lie That’s it that’s as absurd as men don’t lie There are honest women and honest men and lying women and lying men It’s so obvious that this is controversial Is just depressing. I don’t know what to say I mean, I understand some things that I will say will be controversial. But why is that one? How could how could believe evidence possibly be anti male or anti female? Truth is our friend Because for every female isn’t there for every female who makes a charge? Isn’t isn’t there aren’t there men in her life and men in the life of the person being charged against? Doesn’t every man against whom a charge is made usually have a wife Always has a mother or have a sister or have a daughter What do they think? What did the Cavanaugh family think? One of the most honorable men in America widely understood as honorable charges were made There is no basis upon which to believe that they’re true. Maybe she believes it it I don’t I’m not accusing her of Consciously lying. I’m not a psychoanalyst and I’m not a lie-detector But if there is no evidence That’s pretty important but equally important it happened 40 years earlier in high school and Here is what I wrote this week with regard to the governor of Virginia Whom I disliked intensely. I think he’s a fool But I don’t believe he should resign He did something in medical school, which is reprehensible Though in its times was probably just regarded as some sort of edgy joke I don’t think the man was ever a Ku Klux Klan supporter, frankly But you know here is another left-right difference the left doesn’t believe in repentance The right does and I’m purposely choosing a left-wing Democrat which unfortunately has become redundant because when I started out as in your age of you who are students the Democratic Party was liberal not left and I have a whole video at Prager you on the differences between liberal and left They have nothing in common, except big government. That is the only thing that liberals and leftists agree on Liberals believed in racial integration leftists believed in black dorms black graduations That is the opposite of liberalism. I will come through race in a moment, but please understand as Alan Dershowitz Hillary Clinton supporter liberal Jew Harvard Law Professor He said and you will see it in the film Adam Carolla and I are making which will be out later this year You will see him say to me in his apartment in Manhattan as a liberal as an American as a Jew as a Democrat I fear the left much more than I fear the right If liberals Understood their enemy is the left not conservative The country would be in fine shape It is that liberal still believe conservatives are their enemy Liberals, we are your friend We may differ on this or that or this but you believe in free speech We believe in free speech the left does not believe in free speech The left never believed in free speech because the left never believed in Liberty leftism is a cancer Liberalism is a blessing Okay, and so is conservatism They differ but they’re both blessings. The guardians of liberalism. Today are people like me Conservatives raised in liberal homes. Hey, I’m a Jew from New York on my birth certificate It said liberal And that is considered to be binary That’s fixed that according to the left you cannot change So I said this I made this comment and Back to the repentance issue This is something new in American life and I’ll tell you why it’s new. This is very important that you understand This it is new that we go back to your college and high school years and hold you Who have lived a perfectly wonderful life since then an honorable life since then guilty You can’t be the governor of Virginia because of the blackface photo or the Ku Klux Klan Almost cartoonish photo in your medical school yearbook 30 years ago and you have not even strace ISM since you are now disqualified The left is not only foolish it is a mean There is a meanness to not recognizing that people change and that people become good. I Held this whether they’re Republican or Democrat the same with Roy Moore 40 years of monogamous honorable life and And he was held guilty for an and what he did. I’m not excusing what he did that or if he did I don’t know if he did it where we’re at in his late 20s. He was with Teenage girls under under 18. That’s that’s the that’s the allegation. There’s no excuse for that But he’s led 40 good years of a monogamous family life. Why doesn’t that count? that’s the question and I’ll tell you why because of the radical secularization of our society Judaism and Christianity Have as its center Centerpiece the idea of penitence that people can morally change and we should welcome their change The holiest day of Judaism is the Day of Atonement at any time in life You can you can turn your life around and we now accept you Christianity has the central prayer the Lord’s Prayer that forgive us as we forgive others their trespasses There is no forgiveness on the left, they’re mean they think they’re good they fool themselves leftism makes you mean They talk about love, but they hate If you can’t accept that people can change and thirty years or forty years does not demonstrate a moral change There is something wrong with you This is central to our thinking That’s why I am against the Virginia governor resigning it’s a disgrace that he’s being called I wish Republicans didn’t join the bandwagon Republicans should have said excuse me. We can’t stand this guy. He doesn’t know the difference between infanticide and murder nevertheless He is not a racist and maybe he was in medical school But that’s 30 years ago and people can morally change That’s what the Republicans should have said But as I’ve said so often there were two parties the destructive and the stupid and I’m a member of the stupid I’m proud of it. It does a lot of good but they but they don’t know how to fight. They don’t know how to fight You don’t join this sick bandwagon that thirty years ago There was a picture of you and that means you can’t be the governor because you’re a racist the cheapening of the word racism on the part of the left has only served to cheapen the fight against genuine racism if Everyone is a racist as the morons of the left tell us in schools like this Every white is a racist whether or not he or she knows it or if everyone’s a racist no one’s a racist if Everyone is a fascist. No one’s a fascist They have cheapened the fight against evil among the many terrible things. The left has done They have cheapened the fight against evil Nazism is really evil. The president knows Nazism is evil He never in his life said a Nazi could be a good person in Charlottesville. All he said was there are good people and bad people on both sides and any intellectually honest person knows he Was not referring to Nazis and antiva If no other reason we know he doesn’t think you could be an Tifa and be a good person he was talking about The people against statues and the people for keeping the statues and he was right There are good people on both sides of that argument. It is a very difficult question Do you keep up statues of people who did wrong? I think you do Peter Stuyvesant was an anti-semite The first governor of New York and as a Jew who has fought anti-semitism his whole life I would oppose the removal of the statue to Peter Stuyvesant in Manhattan you Don’t rewrite history by taking down statues. That’s all it weighs The president is a Nazi It’s it’s so if they’re resistance for the Democratic Party to take on the label of the anti-nazi French heroes who were tortured to death when caught It’s cheap grace folks, it’s hey, let me think. I’m a hero when I’m a gutless wonder They had guts the resistance because if they were caught in in in Germany or France They were tortured to death In America, if you’re part of the democratic or left-wing resistance, you get an op-ed in the New York Times You’re not tortured It’s a fraud to call it resistance. It is the first time in American modern history Certainly since World War two which use that term that anybody has declared Its opposition to a president the resistance But they’ve cheapened all terms whether it’s rape or Nazi fascist It’s just been cheapened and now resistance Next The Left believes in big government the right believes in small government This is a big deal Because the bigger the government the smaller the Smit is the citizen the bigger the government the more the corruption Because power corrupts. That’s why why do you want to give people so much power? Do you understand? If you really care about goodness, you want smaller government? You know what the American ideal is. I Take care of me. I take care of my family and I take care of my community The left-wing ideal is the government takes care of me. The government takes care of my family the government takes care of my community Why is that a more noble ideal? Which will produce kinder human beings that’s why conservatives per capita per income gives so much more charity than liberals Because the moral left you get like in Europe Europeans give almost no charity because they were raised with big government Why should I help my neighbor? The government will You think that’s Noble you on the left you think that’s a noble idea I don’t have to do a damn thing for my neighbor because the government will That’s what we are breathing in the United States. Why bother? Why bother marrying the government will take care of me if I have children, why bother marrying? I don’t need a man by the way, the New York Times had column after tell them about how unnecessary fathers are Yes, oh you don’t know if you don’t read The Times you are spared I do because it’s my living The niall ISM that permeates that newspaper is just beyond belief What is stated on a regular basis? The government little government is a big deal because more freedom They understood why they can do it and that brings me to the next difference are People basically good the left thinks people are basically good the right lives on earth I Was with a group of of liberal Clerical students at a seminary I won’t say any more about that today Before I came here and I asked them how how many of you believe people are basically good every single hand of these future clerics was raised which is amazing because Judaism and Christianity are utterly united on the belief that people are not basically good and how and by the way As a Jew I asked my fellow Jews Who are really and on the people are basically good bandwagon because most Jews a liberal or left You of all people? Jews after Auschwitz believe people are basically good. How do you are you out of your minds? And The answer is no we’re leftists Because that’s what the left teaches you Being they have to teach you people or basically or basically good because then they can blame racism and poverty on crime You get it. There’s a very important belief on the left that people are basically good Why would a good person rape why would a good person murder? Why would a good person? Hold up a bank Because clearly if you’re good, you wouldn’t do those things. So they blame outside forces that’s why this issue of are we basically good as so significant because the upshot of the belief is so Significant if you believe people are basically good you blame society for people’s evil If you believe people are not basically good you blame them for their evil There’s a very big difference It’s it’s it’s not them it’s poverty it’s not them it’s racism. It’s not them it’s guns Then amazing thing to blame guns no, no think about it. You know how bizarre that is blame guns Guns in good people’s hands don’t do bad guns in bad people’s hands do bad. Why? Is that what? Five-year-olds understand that and I not a five-year-old fan. I don’t think we have a lot to learn from five-year-olds but but It’s just so Elementary these things are elementary Often I am told, you know, I listen to your show and you know I got to tell you it’s it’s just common sense. You speak I said that’s right common sense and conservatism are synonymous That’s what you have to understand you have to Violate the laws of common sense to take on a leftist idea. People are basically good. This is amazing They believe people are basically good but every white person in America is a racist That’s pretty amazing all these good people became racists over isn’t that over the period of time it’s just astonishing Because it’s not coherently thought through no left-wing position is coherently thought through left-wing positions are felt That’s why feelings are such a big deal. So here’s a big one to The left is big on feelings the right doesn’t give a damn how you feel We give a damn how you act I’ve written a couple of books on Judaism Writing my my commentary on the Bible the rationale Bible one of my favorite lines from Judaism Which I learned in yeshiva when I was about seven is low hamachi Avocado ala Hamas a I don’t know why I said it in Hebrew It’s really not most of you were not Hebrew scholars I I just did because that’s the way it comes to my brain. It is not the thought that counts. It’s the deed a Guy called my show in my early days of radio If I could just get a little bottle of water that that was floating around that would be great so I Calls me up and he said Dennis because if I don’t know if you know my show many of you do many of you don’t But I talk about everything. There’s a happiness hour. There’s a male/female hour. So a guy called me many years ago He said Dennis you got to help me out here. I am a terrible son And I said really tell me why are you a terrible son? Said well, let me tell you I’ve been taking care of my elderly mother For ten years. I am her sole financial support her sole emotional support this 24-hour seven care and I got to tell you Dennis there are times When to be honest, I wish my mother would succumb to help her illness and die And I then said well, in fact, let me tell you something. Thank you. I actually think you are a great son and He actually thought I was mocking him. I’ll never forget that he thought Dennis please don’t make fun of me I said make fun of you. I’m dead serious. You are a great son Because of how you treat your mother, I don’t judge you by your thoughts. I judge you by your deeds This this is everything everything that is why the the the left wing question is Does it feel good the conservative question is does it do good? They are often not related Raising the minimum wage to $15 in Seattle felt good, but it didn’t do good it bucks a lot of young people out of work and they need work to start climbing the ladder of responsibility in life it put a lot of It put a lot of restaurants out of business, but it feels good It caused a lot of fast-food chains to simply automate you now order from an iPad Why will they have why well, that’s a lot cheaper than 15 bucks an hour an iPad Does it do good is not a left-wing question. Does it make me feel good about me That’s central These are huge differences between left and right the left-wing belief in equality Versus the right-wing belief or conservative belief in Liberty. It’s the French Revolution versus the American Revolution We had life liberty and the pursuit of happiness They had liberty equality and fraternity Equality was not an American ideal that all people are created equal is in the Declaration of Independence That is an American belief. We are all God’s children That is correct but the the value of equality of result or material equality that clashes with Liberty a Free country allows a short stop to make a hundred times more than a teacher That’s the way it works Because in a free country, that’s what people pay more to see a great shortstop. Is it fair is it right? God can answer that question But as soon as you say as they say for example in Scandinavia half of the or now, California Half of half of the boards of directors must of publicly held companies must be female That is not that’s equality, but it’s not Liberty. I am not free to choose whom I want on my own board So this is just an example we and the same obviously free speech I must admit I knew the left was bad very early in my life But I never believed that the freedom of speech in America would ever be threatened This campus and every other campus in this country has little belief in free speech because your generation 50% of your generation says oh I believe in free speech but not for hate speech not realizing because they have been taught by people who have made sure that they don’t think clearly they don’t realize They don’t realize that that’s the whole point of free speech It’s no point for free speech to allow for love speech Obviously free speech allows for what you consider hate speech in The 1970s there was a Nazi march in Skokie, Illinois, you know why they chose Skokie those despicable people because a lot of Holocaust survivors live there So they wanted to rub it in again watching people in swastikas March down their streets Those are sadists sadists But Jewish organizations and the ACLU and others said hey It’s a country that allows free speech For Nazis to march in a holocaust Jewish neighborhood But today the ACLU has abandoned its belief in free speech. It is now a left-wing organization. Not a civil libertarian organization So now it’s against hate speech That’s why prettier you videos 80 of the 400. We have put out are on the restricted list on YouTube That’s where that’s where theoretically Pornography and violence are put so that kids can’t watch it and schools can’t watch it and libraries can’t watch it That’s what the restricted list on YouTube is 80 of our videos Real pornography ones like Gershowitz talking about Israel’s founding and the legality of it Yeah, Victor Davis Hanson on the Korean War. You have no idea the nudity in that particular one It’s like I can’t believe the guy did it It’s making you laugh but it’s really something to cry about I Have I I must admit I never predicted a war against free speech in the United States You’re allowed to deny the Holocaust in the United States, you’re not allowed to deny the Holocaust in Europe There’s a lot more free speech in the United States, but we’re becoming because the left loves Europe more like Europe Hey, they ban hate speech will do it too and Watts hate speech whatever we don’t agree with That’s all it means. That is all it means When I spoke at the University of Wyoming last year they had the usual six herb sexist intolerant Xenophobic homophobic Islamophobic racist bigoted when they described me none of which are true They are the opposite of Who I am but it doesn’t matter because I’m conservative. I must be all these horrible things But of course they even included anti-semite Yeah, it’s up there I Always get a kick out of that when the left calls me an anti-semite and then you see some comment to go yeah, but he’s Jewish and then It’s but because they just use these phrases and They shut down and it’s really Spotify just removed the prettier you ads from Spotify We can’t advertise they didn’t even give us a reason This is this is not the America I grew up in I will tell you this is this is really new stuff Liberty is a big value. We have the Liberty Bell. Not the Equality Bell And you know and do you know where they They got the this value from the Bible You know, what’s on the Liberty Bell. There are two things inscribed on the Liberty Bell the manufacturer and a verse from the Torah Because the founders of this country were christians deeply rooted in the Hebrew Bible in the Old Testament this is the most this is has been the most Judea philic country in the in the history of the non-jewish world and You shall proclaim Liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants from the Book of Leviticus and let me tell you anybody who knows Leviticus knows his Bible That is not so I never when I’m on a plane, I never see anybody opening up to Leviticus. It’s amazing But that’s where it’s from Proclaim Liberty and They understood something the bigger the government the less the Liberty That’s why you need a big God Secular conservatives are terrific but they don’t understand the importance of the American Trinity which is on every coin in God, we trust’ applaud bassoon demand Liberty. You won’t have Liberty if God disappears Because people have to feel that they are accountable to something higher than themselves in order to do good and it’s going to either be a government or a god in the book of Exodus When the midwives refused Hitler’s orders to kill all the the Hebrew babies and drown them in the Nile It gives the reason they did because they feared God if You fear God you don’t fear Pharaoh in the United States today as it becomes more and more secular This I believe I’ve written an article on it. You could see it tonight on the internet There is greater fear of the left in America than fear of anything else People are just afraid They’re afraid to even a canal that they’re a conservative let alone support the President of the United States It is an astonishing thing. The the reign of fear that the left has created in businesses. I conducted it I conduct as an avocation. I’m into music. I conducted at the Disney Concert Hall a year and a half ago a Hyden symphony and I there was a big controversy about it because seven of the musicians would not play for a conservative By the way ever no idea how many musicians volunteered to play in this in the in the orchestra and it was the it was the orchestra of one of the most left-wing cities in America the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra nevertheless out of the 70 63 played but the New York Times wrote a poll piece on it about the big controversy over a conservative Conducting and all they did is focus on the seven not on the 63 that played so it got national attention because once the times does it everybody else covers it and Anyway, what was fascinating was the letters I got from members of the greatest orchestras in the country Email that I received Saying I’ll never forget one from a member of III know orchestras. I’m one of the greatest orchestras in the country She’s in the string section and she wrote to me. I’m in this Orchestra for 30 years. No one knows. I’m a conservative Is there any liberal in America who has to hide from conservatives that they’re a liberal I don’t think there’s one Because we don’t hurt you We think you’re wrong You think we’re evil? It’s a big difference you Have to think we’re evil because you don’t argue with us So we must be dismissed as evil there. Why do they call us racist bigoted homophobic xenophobic and so on because they don’t have arguments We don’t call them names Let’s argue. Let’s debate. I debated a leftist at a San Francisco synagogue last year on the subject of Israel and a he And I’m very sweet in debates. I never I never mocked or condemn, I just argue and In my opinion. I thought I prevailed in that debate. I May be wrong, but here’s the proof that I won YouTube even put the debate on its restricted list Half the time a leftist was talking and it’s still on the oddly of the restricted list Less people watch a leftist lose to a conservative That’s it’s it’s a mockery what they do and This is everyday next difference The founders believed in a republic the Left believes in a democracy It’s a big difference that Is the reason that we have two senators from every state? States with 30 million people have two senators and states with two million people have two senators Because it’s the United States of America not just America. They did not trust The great majority they want they didn’t because they knew people are not basically good So they didn’t trust just let’s go in the majority Nope That’s why there’s an electoral college And that’s why the Left hates the electoral college and they’re trying to get around it now not using the constant a constitutional amendment process Colorado just today passed the law that all the electoral votes of Colorado will go to whoever wins the national vote So in other words if Colorado goes for candidate a and the country goes for candidate be tough Coloradans We don’t care It’s not it’s a republic or as franklin said it’s a republic if you can keep it He knew what this is in an experiment America is an experiment Every generation has to reaffirm the experiment or it disappears That’s my worry The left believes America is racist bigoted imperialistic Conservatives believe America is the least racist country in the history of any multi-ethnic multiracial country They believe this is an essentially rotten Society this proof This is essential to the left The Left believes that it is a bad Society President Obama did Racism is in our DNA he said and And and President Trump is accused of dividing the country Racism is in our DNA Said the black president of the United States Does there some disconnect here a racist country elected a black president and Didn’t give a damn The only thing I cared about him was the color blue Because that’s democrat. Not the color black. I This notion that conservatives are racist is one of the great Gargantuan big lies of history. I have asked conservatives when the thousand conservatives would be in an audience I asked them which they would prefer. Okay. It’s a good example So I said don’t cheer yet or don’t vote yet. I would tell them what would you prefer? nine white male Christian liberals or nine black female lesbian conservatives Now why are you laughing Because it’s obvious who weekly don’t give a damn. None of the rest matters. Only your values matter. The rest is nothing We care about your values we don’t care about your race This is a new thing in America race is important race is in Significant Nazis thought race was important and the left thing slit race is important and Jews support the left Which is mind-blowing Did they learn nothing from the 30s and the 40’s to support people who think race is significant? Race is in significant. It is as important as your shoe color It is a mind-boggling thing that you are taught at this campus that race is significant hence this great belief in diversity That’s right. The Left believes in racial not not ideological diversity No, racial diversity and now gender diversity Because after all there were 56 genders according to the Facebook application page Not three not four 56 We believe in excellence That is why Shakespeare’s mural was up at the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania Not because he was white or male But because he’s the greatest writer of English in English language history. That’s why That’s the only reason but they took it down because he’s white European and male they took it down at the English department of an Ivy League university and they put up a What was it they a black lesbian poet? Because that’s what was significant that she was black and lesbian Not that she’s excellent Excellence doesn’t matter to the left excellence is a is a code for racism When President Trump said in Warsaw, we have to protect Western civilization It has created some the greatest things like the greatest music. The the left said that was a whistle They are always hearing dog whistles It is a which suggests something but I don’t want to say what it suggests if we don’t hear the dog whistles and they do okay, I’ll leave it at that, but the It is a dog whistle to say that we want to protect Western civilization when Franklin Roosevelt Who was a liberal not a leftist a liberal? Said all through World War two we have to protect Western civilization and by the way against other whites Isn’t that interesting? We were fighting white? Of course, we were fighting whites because only values matter only values matter He said that we have to protect Franklin Roosevelt said over and over we must protect Christian civilization. Can you imagine if Donald Trump said that today? Can you imagine this Jew who wrote a book on anti-semitism we taught Jewish history at Brooklyn College knows about Christian anti-semitism Historically agrees we should protect Christian civilization. Yes Because as I tell Jews and have my whole life do not saddle American Christians with the sins of Europe’s Christians America’s Christians are one of the greatest inventions in human history They’re not perfect, but they’re damn good and they made a damn good place The proof that they consider America essentially worthless was President Obama again the man who had a way with words no doubt about it, but Five days before he was elected in 2008. He said to a cheering throng of fools. I Have no other word. I it’s depressing when I if the cheering is more depressing than what he said But what he said is plenty depressing. We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America Let me explain something the left wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America and Barack Obama was a leftist not just a liberal That’s the given that’s that’s a code for being a leftist if you think America needs to be fundamentally transformed You can’t have it both ways you can’t say I love America and I want it fundamentally Transformed you don’t want to fundamentally transform that which you love if any spouse ever said, you know, I Love my wife, but I would like to fundamentally transform her We would have a right to be skeptical if you really love her items, I’m sure a fundamental transformation is a good idea Likewise a wife about a husband hell I love him but I like him fundamentally transform It doesn’t work. They don’t know what they say because they say what feels right at any given moment Oh, we love America don’t charge us on the left without loving America Well, then why do you want to fundamentally transform it make up your mind. You can’t have both it is not possible to have both And frankly, I don’t if you don’t love America don’t love America. I’m not going to force you to love America But don’t say you do when you have such a contemptuous view of this society That’s all it’s you. Can’t have it both ways You know what animates people on the left because this has taken me a lifetime to figure this out What animates what animates women? To think they’re repressed American women go on these women’s marches because they’re oppressed Do they know what oppression means? Do they have a clue? I? Can’t it’s it’s beyond belief Millions of American women and they’re almost all middle class and upper middle class women think they’re oppressed by whom in What way? oppressed Iii-it’s So this is what I I this is my belief I’ve because this is it’s a puzzle. It really is I’m not joking. It is a puzzle. How do Seemingly intelligent people think such nonsense dangerous nonsense and In the final analysis, I have come to this equation Secularism plus affluence plus boredom equals leftism There are three terrible components See if you’re not secular you have meaning in your life Christianity and Judaism fill religious Christians and religious Jews with meaning The left is overwhelmingly Not only not religious but anti religious so leftism fills the void that the absence of religion has left it Is a secular religion it is the most dynamic religion in the world of the last 100 years You can have a secular religion just as you can have a god based religion. That’s one number two, they’re bored Betty free Dan if you read The Feminine Mystique Betty Friedan was bored out of her life being a housewife poor things she was stuck in the suburbs and you know with a in a middle-class home in America poor thing with cars and dogs and kids and a husband and and refrigeration and and an electric dishwashers and all of that and But life was oppressive. I Don’t quite understand why that’s oppression 99% of the women of the world would not regard that as oppressive. Oh you mean? Somebody is working to take care of the family. You are free to do pretty much what you want with your day You have you have no financial needs? You poor thing This is an amazing thing that American women think they’re oppressed it’s an amazing thing that blacks think they’re oppressed You’re a lucky dude to be a black in America. You’re just real lucky. You’re lucky You know what? The great privilege is not not white privilege American privilege, that’s the biggest privilege of all that’s why people want to come into the country. They want American privilege to This notion of all, these oppressed groups the Democrats need people to believe they’re oppressed or they have no votes Here’s a rule. My friends. Happy blacks vote Republican Happy women vote Republican. Happy Jews vote Republican happy Happy Salamanders vote Republican Unhappiness is The secret to Democratic success if we can convince you life is miserable For you in America, we get your vote What will you blacks do without us Democrats? What will you women do without us Democrats while will you Latinos do without us Democrats, right? So they have to don’t you understand AP it is an amazing thing Why do what is the group of women that vote? In fact Republican married women with children? That is the one group of women single women are the greatest are as reliable A vote for the almost as reliable as the black vote for the Democrats and guess what as a general rule a Single woman at 30 and a married woman at 30 the married woman is happier. That’s a rule of life There are exceptions to every rule I’m not talking about a woman widowed after 40 years of marriage was happy to be alone or or Divorced after 40 years of marriage. No, no and even if she loved her husband, but she’s okay alone. I get it I understand that I live on the in the real world But the happiest women are married with children and they vote Republican That’s the way it works So they have a vested interest in telling you you are unhappy never in history Do I know where it is the vested interest of a party to gain power through the teller telling people that they have it bad? Unhappy people join us you have nothing to lose but your happiness It’s a rewriting of Marx’s statement to the proletariat Isn’t it amazing You know, I do a happiness hour every week. I have since nineteen ninety nine. I wrote a book on happiness. I Have pretty good. Well thought through ideas on happiness and While my only agenda of that hour and my book is to make people happier or enable them to be happier. I Realized after a number of years while it’s not my agenda. It is a it is a factor. I’m making more Republicans. I Never thought of it that way but as people get happier, they switch parties, they no longer see themselves as ruined by American life it’s a very very important aspect of current American life and I’m coming near the end the list. There’s a the list is endless, but I’m going to just give you two more Open borders versus closed borders They deny they’re for open borders, but of course they’re for open borders Op-ed piece after op-ed piece in The New York Times is about listen. Let’s let people who want to come in come in These people just want to better their lives a moral Society. Let’s in these people and Read what’s on the Statue of Liberty? Liberty, give us your tired and your poor. That’s the way we should be. That’s why they’re against the wall That’s the reason they really do want a lot of people to come into the country and by the way, that one of there are two reasons one is the more who come in the more votes the Democrats get That’s just the fact now why is that very simple because there’s no other country in the world with the value of limited government so people come in overwhelmingly naturally Democrats The people who flee Honduras have not been thinking about Madisonian limited government much of their life. This is not anti Honduran the average graduate of this college doesn’t think about limited government and has nothing to do with where you’re from but in in South America South America, it’s almost always almost always Big government person against big government person a guy who watches Praeger you videos from Venezuela called my show 27 year old guy said Dennis. I don’t know if you realize this the opposition to Maduro here is Is another socialist And I said what I’m what I guess I didn’t realize that I said and of course it makes sense Because you know what the average person in Venezuela thinks the problem is not socialism. It’s amiduos Corruption, that’s what the left always says Communism is beautiful in theory Stalin screwed it up. That’s what they believe It’s always the individual. It’s never the system To prefer socialism to capitalism Capitalism is the only thing only thing in history to have lifted billions of people out of poverty people who love people People who love people as opposed to ideas The left love idea is much more than they love people If you love people you love capitalism there is cannot be an exception to that rule If you want to lift people from poverty only Capitalism makes money only capitalism creates wealth socialism spends the wealth that capitalism made that’s true in Sweden Denmark and Finland just as is true in Venezuela or the United States that is a truism that you won’t hear I suspect in almost any class at the University of California at Irvine, which is Mind-boggling that you would not hear such a basic elemental truth about life only capitalism creates wealth When I was a kid Superman was very very popular both in comics and on TV I watched Superman and I adored him and his motto was What was it? Just what a Truth justice and the American Way, that’s it. That was his motto truth justice in the American sound nice. Doesn’t it? Can you imagine how that must sound to someone on the left and the American Way? And the American Way, what do you tell the American Way is racist and imperialist genocidal and enslaving the American Way So sure, that’s he embodied that So a few years ago the Superman comics they were they were written by liberals Now they’re written by leftists. He stood in front of the United Nations and renounced his American citizenship He is now a citizen of the world That’s what they trust citizens of the world That’s one of the reasons of the whole nationalism debate Yes nationalism can be used for evil and can be used for good just like knives knives can save your life as When used as a scalpel in surgery and can kill you when used by a murderer Stabbing you. There’s no such thing as a good knife or good nationalism there or excuse me There’s no good life and bad knife. There’s the wielder But nationalism can be good. It is good Do you know why the Tutsis wiped out the who the hoodoos wiped out the Tutsis in? Burundi in inver 20 years ago in the greatest massacres in intensity since the Holocaust Because they didn’t have a national identity. They had a tribal identity America is a great experiment of whatever your background you identify as an American That’s the great American experiment why it’s a plural bounnam from many one Liberty in god we trust’ a pluralist unum, this is the great American experiment Yes, I believe in Having nation the left believes in having a United Nations. I Don’t want to be governed by the International Court. I don’t want to be governed by the World Health Organization I want the World Health Organization to do good, but I don’t want it to govern the health of my country. I Don’t trust the world Again, I say to my fellow Jews. Are you out of your minds? You are big fans of world opinion What the hell did world opinion do for us? America helped us not world opinion And Finally the most remarkable new difference We conservatives have this bizarre notion that there are only two sexes We For truly reactionary reasons What can’t can you explain it? Any other way we believe that if you possess a vagina and a uterus and breasts and menstruate and produce eggs You’re a female This is not a mockery of the transgender. Let me explain something very quickly. There is a tiny tiny Infinitesimally small segment of humanity that is completely not at peace with their sex My heart breaks for these people It is simply a tragedy and if they go around looking like the other sex take the other sexes name I will refer to you out of out of simple human courtesy any way you want but That is not what the left is saying be courteous to people with gender dysphoria they’re saying there’s no such thing as sex or gender and They call us anti science This is mind-blowing, so let me tell you my final understanding of the left eye I am writing this commentary on the Bible because if we don’t return to that the greatest Repository of wisdom. I think we’re through and it’s You know what God does in the first periods of creation creates order out of chaos the left hates order It loves chaos and This is the ultimate expression of chaos in Genesis. It said God created Adam the human being Male and female he created them it is the only distinction built in that matters to God There are values distinctions that matter to God good and evil and so on. Holy and profane a whole host but the only built in human distinction that is stated is male and female That’s why there’s a law that the man cannot wear women’s clothing and a woman cannot wear that which pertains to a man it wants to keep that distinction Essential to the human condition Kids are being raised in the United States today in New York City as of January 1st you Are free to list no sex on the birth certificate of your newborn male female and X the poor child whose parents put X To raise a child with no sexual identity. I Pity those kids they are the left are child abusers There is no other term there are now more and more teenage girls Having their perfectly healthy breasts removed surgically because they think that they’re a boy The monsters who take those off are worse than the people who perform female genital mutilation Those people at least are prisoners of a culture that taught them that way These doctors are getting paid to lop off Girls breasts at the age of 17 because the girl is announced without her parents even affirming. I’m a boy This is sick stuff my friends but the human being does not like the divine order Chaos is natural order is not order is divine. Chaos is natural. The left is a force for chaos That’s what that’s why this battle is so important because if we lose America its lost where else is the battle taking place Europe is surrendered Where is the battle going to take place? that’s why it’s worth fighting and That’s why I I do what I do To fight, thank you It’s a worthy fight my friends I Will end with this I was deeply affected by my visit to Normandy the thousands of crosses Commemorating the American dead all of them 20 21 22 years old mowed down by Nazi machine guns And I remember what I said to myself These guys died for America No one’s asking me to die for America, but I think I could live for it That’s what I’m asking you to do. Thanks very much Thank you all Thank you everybody, thank you Thank you, thank you Thank you very much thank you. Thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you all Okeydoke I think I thought they almost as long as the president’s State of the Union address All right. So if you disagree, I’m more than happy to have you up first. Don’t feel self-conscious We we will treat you much more respectfully than the other way around so Okay, let’s begin all I ask by the way It doesn’t even have to be a question but it does have to be brief for the sake of others tabatha, and that’s all Okay, we’ll start here. Okay, by the way somebody if there’s too much there somebody should move over there because I’ll alternate microphones. Okay? Yeah Okay It’s a very tough thing because the To get an article published in The Washington Post or New York Times or LA Times from a conservative point of view is almost non-existent They correctly fear anyone being exposed to our ideas correctly from their perspective They are right they will be defeated whenever we are allowed to express ourselves freely We have zero problem publishing them reading them you of all everybody here You are completely familiar with the Left views. They are completely unfamiliar with ours That’s part of the reason we always win debates not just because we’re better debaters. Sometimes we are sometimes we’re not We win because they don’t know any of our arguments and we know all of theirs That’s why They don’t they they live in a hermetically sealed universe and so you it’s a very tough what you what you will end up doing probably Is being published on the Internet? And you can get a reputation that way you were not going to make any money that way but you might start getting lectures So a lot of times that’s what leads to possible income But it you are entering, you know, if you have liberal views or left-wing views You would have a much greater chance of making a living as a political journalist. It’s just it’s just true That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it You should still do it. And you know, if you speak well, you know the speaking this television is radio So good luck Yes, please Yeah, I’m sorry, you’re a wot member, okay You would if you didn’t have religion that is why the country was founded on the belief that we’d have a secular government And a religious population. That’s the American Dream not a religious government but a religious population and Virtually every founder said that including Benjamin Franklin who? Was was not an active Christian I’m not sure. He didn’t believe in the Trinity but he believed in God and he believed in afterlife that God judges and that without Washington and other said without a religious education we don’t have a chance to survive. That is the way that would be their solution Yeah That’s correct ultimately it does and the tragedy is that a lot of secular conservatives don’t know that Yes, I’ve had the Bates with Jonah Goldberg on that. Yes, please Nothing No, no, I I just no no, it’s very important. I’m sorry. I Liberals and conservatives have a great deal in common conservatives know what liberals don’t Liberals still think their enemy is conservatism and not leftism. As I said earlier. That’s the best Hope we have is to teach liberals. Your enemy is leftism not conservatism, but That you are you have no idea. I grew up this way. I Started reading and collecting books in my sophomore year in high school and I remember what I Counted the first time I counted how many books I had in a role paperback as I couldn’t afford a hardcover book I had 32 books and I remember one of them prominently called danger on the right there was no book written by liberals danger on the left and It was inculcated in me. It took me a while to realize wait a minute The danger is not on the right in the United States. It’s just not the danger is on the left and certainly today So anyway, our hope is to convince liberals That you keep keep a lot of your values and so on. That’s fine But reaffirm them reaffirm racial integration reaffirm that race is insignificant reaffirm that free speech is is a Rock-solid foundation of liberalism. That’s our only hope Okay Thank you. Yes Speech absolutism, but what you said that the left? rejects free speech and the right embraces it I started having different thoughts from the mind all the time to the right has traumatic free speech So for example Trump tweeted that people who burned the flag Should go to jail for a year and be stripped of their citizenship Roy Moore once said that the First Amendment applies to Christians And choosing conservatives that have supported the FCC of regulating content in the airwaves based on decency Justice Thomas was the only Supreme Court justice to dissent in the Virginia versus white women said that Burning in the cross can be banned Very rarely, let me go through the list that you just recited first in no order of the way you put it necessarily Just what I remember. So you you think that I who has a public airwaves radio show on 200 stations in this country I should be allowed to use the f-word regularly, you believe that you’re an absolutist a kid should be you what you do? Okay, okay No, no, it’s irrelevant what the fine is do you believe it should be legal so Any kid can turn on the radio and hear a stream of invective and and perhaps at a an orgy with the orgasmic sounds Okay, fine, I’m sorry I can’t control that I can control what is on the okay you You’re a net you are an absolutist. And I think it’s a foolish view because it’s extreme It’s just extreme. The Society is allowed to protect itself. This is not political. Remember, this is not political speech Okay saying the f-word is not political speech When Eric Garcetti got up and said this is a great effing day and uses the use the f-word in front of tens of thousands of kids that It made a deep impact on me that the mayor of Los Angeles would say in Staples Center after the Kings won the Stanley Cup You know, I know a politician shouldn’t do this, but I’m gonna drink and curse at the same time And this is that this is the mayor of Los Angeles That’s why I rooted for the Patriots I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. I Actually, I’m serious. I root for LA teams. I’m a big kings fan, but the and I’m okay with Anaheim, but the but I Just want to make clear I didn’t want the mayor to get up and said when the Rams won the Super Bowl is a big effing day for Los Angeles But for you, that’s a non-issue For me it’s an issue. So so okay. All right, we differ. Okay. So let’s just again clarity You may be right. I may be right. What was the next one? If Roy Moore said that freedom of speech is only for Christians Okay, fine if he actually it is inconceivable to me. He believed that when he was running for office It is such a stupid belief and there was no founder who would have said it It’s just it’s so I everyone has allowed for stupid comments in a lifetime. Okay, so that’s I forgive him What was the what was the other one Oh burning the flag Burning the flag good people could differ on it said that’s not speech that’s symbolic It could be speech maybe it isn’t speech In the final analysis, I come down on the absolute aside you can be allowed to do so But I I am torn on the issue if society says one Specific thing is not allowed to be done I don’t think that that is a statement that you can’t speak out on any issue. Okay, so That’s that would be my answer But but if I had to vote on it You want to burn the flag burn the flag and hopefully the opprobrium of the society will will stop you from doing it again Okay, thanks. Yes What what a content creators, okay, that was fast, yes like me and Crowder and Shapiro with those the examples you gave yes, I Don’t know I if I didn’t believe that mines could be changed I would consider all of my endeavors useless so Since I don’t wake up thinking I think it’s a huge battle. I I know you should see it’s phenomenal to see the mail that you know, we had over a billion views We have we have almost two billion views in total at Prager University How many of you have seen a Prager University thing? Okay That’s great it’s great to hear and anyway so We believe we can change minds That’s why they don’t want us That’s why they put 80 videos on the restricted list because we do change minds That’s why I read all auto read all because they’re there tens of thousands of comments but so often You know Oh Prager University is a lying right-wing propaganda machine is a common attack of a leftist person on a comment page Do you know that in all of the times that I have read it? No one has ever given an example of when we’ve lied Not one they just asserted it’s just like asserting so-and-so is a racist the left believes Asserting it makes it so It’s it’s it’s but I do believe I I that I do believe Not not everybody can have their mind change clearly, but I am convinced. I know it It’s not it’s not a belief that you can change minds but there’s another reason we do and I do I do my work and we do our work and That is people say well, you know, you’re preaching to the choir I’ve always had an answer to that the choir forgot its melody. We better preach to the choir conservatives forgot what conservatism stands for Not all conservatives can give the speech. I just gave I don’t blame you This is my life’s work, but I want you to be able to give this speech Because there were so many conservatives Who in their heart know this is a good country Then they send their kid to college and the kid comes back thinking. It’s it’s an asshole country Okay. Thank you very much. Yes You do know me I Do too No, no, no people are basically good or not good I never said they’re evil It’s it’s the person so I think what it is It’s I think that these are necessarily because aggression can be used for good or evil You know So what I would like to clear is what uses it to say that people are basically Well, well I am nuance why I never said people are basically evil if people basically evil we get no good out of the human being So but we’re not basically good and why is that important? Well, I’ll give you one of many reasons I gave some in the speech I’ll give you one different one If you believe it’s a you have children, if you believe people are basically good and are born good Then you won’t drive yourself crazy teaching your children how to be good and you? If you don’t drive yourself crazy teaching your children how to be good. They probably won’t be good. I I wish the average parent If My I have so many examples But by I guess one of my favorite ones is how many times does the average parents say to their child say, thank you Now if we were basically good once would suffice The kid would understand somebody did me a favor and the kindness. Of course. I’ll say thank you gratitude is a beautiful trait but you have to say it approximately 10,000 times and then hope it works because Gratitude is the mother of goodness and happiness So you want to make a grateful child, but you have to teach them to be grateful, but we have we have worked on Self-esteem that is unearned and we are reaping a terrible price for it so I want people my kids I was hardly an ideal parent, but I will say this and my kids would Totally vouch for it. It was clear to them from the get-go I didn’t give a damn what college they went to I didn’t even give a damn if they went to college I only cared about their character. That’s all I cared about Not their great, by the way One of my kids is annoyed with this day that I never asked him about his homework And I thought you should thank God who that hell wants the parent to nude you about your homework. But anyway By the way, that is part of my theory. Your kids are gonna hate you no matter what you do So you might as well do what is right? Yep Right and they get a rush of adrenaline when they do something bad adrenaline Trump’s endorphins, yes You know who will save if Europe is saved Western Europe will be saved ironically by Eastern Europe They they appreciate Liberty more because they lived under communism so they haven’t had the time to become cynical about freedom and Affluence and liberty as the West Europeans have they still believe that? National identity is significant – which of course the New York Times responds that? They are fascist a an East European nationalist is by definition of fascist. That’s the way they look at it So I just spoke in Romania last year because of Prager University interestingly young people invited me to speak I spoke to 1500 young people in two Romanian cities and I told them they said you know, well, what about Western Europe Western Europe Western Europe place? I said why don’t you put this in your minds? Maybe you will save Western Europe Maybe Romania will save France. Maybe Poland will save Germany and This was a very powerful thought to them that they had never entertained. They have an inferiority complex visa vie the West That’s my hope Okay. Thank you by the way I’m a big believer that the speaker should leave before the audience does so we’ll take five more minutes. Does that sound okay? All right, five more minutes. So forgive me back there. I feel this is like the worst part It’s like ah, I see the names on my on the board on my show and I don’t get to all of them. Okay? Hi Wait a minute say that again, I want to hear it. I just want to hear it again. You are a conservative from France How many friends do you have any friends Without competing accusing Lashon Hara Oh how not a question I expected So here I’ll translate this in a nutshell. Can you speak I have a great answer for you because it’s a very important question Judaism has a very very strong emphasis on not humiliating other people publicly So there’s a concept called Lashon Hara which means bad speech So you speaking bad about others behind their back or or even in front of them is a big taboo a religious taboo So, how can I do my work as it were and not violate that rule so I will tell you what I do I’ll give you an example During the a Clinton Monica Lewinsky year. I announced on my radio show That I will not accept any jokes about Monica Lewinsky The woman is created in God’s image. If you want to tell a joke about Monica Lewinsky. Do not call. My radio show that Was a it was and I was the only talk-show host. I knew of who for bad Monica Lewinsky jokes because Exactly because of that law to this day. I frequently attack columns without saying who wrote them Because I’m not interested in attacking the writer. I’m an interested in attacking the ideas. So it plays a very operative role in my life Thank you Yup, go ahead. Yep So I disagree with racism discrimination is the big Never discriminate Between racism there are Well, I don’t know if it’s cause of everything but on what you said about gender I agree there is a fundamental difference By the way, I knew things were bad and I wrote it This is not telling you today The argument for same-sex marriage was gender doesn’t matter only love does as soon as I heard gender doesn’t matter I realized we were on a slippery slope and we are now on the bottom of the slope gender. Not only doesn’t matter It doesn’t exist. So It was it was it was not a good argument If there are other arguments, I understand equality and a whole host of things a complex question But gender doesn’t matter was not was not I did not find to be an operative argument race does not matter That that I do vote. So it’s ironic. They say gender doesn’t matter and race does because Basically, they’re always wrong. It is an amazing thing to be almost always wrong, but they are Okay, let me take this one here. I feel bad. I really do but what can I do? I? really feel I do feel bad I a because I I would as far as I’m concerned I could come and just take Q&A but Because I’ve heard me a lot Yes Yes, I do And I’ll tell you why because if I’d have been alive during World War one, excuse me world war two. I Would have supported shipping weapons to Stalin Stalin was the greatest mass murderer in history except for Mao Hitler was third Because I don’t think like a libertarian I think like a moral person. I think should think I think in moral terms What increase is good? Defeating Hitler was the greatest good at that time. Therefore supporting a man who makes the Saudis look like Boy Scouts to the external there are no longer Boy Scout Scouts the Supporting so I would have as Churchill who hated the Bolsheviks hated them said if I would say I would Something the effect. I would support the devil to fight Hitler. I Don’t understand not thinking the way I just said The this notion they’re really not good guys, so I won’t fight the really worst guys The biggest obstacle to Iran’s influence in the Middle East is Israel and Saudi Arabia Iran is a bigger enemy than Saudi Arabia So I will support Saudi Arabia and that’s the way the Republicans think the left apparently doesn’t think that way Oh, they’re really killing a lot of people in Yemen. So let’s boycott or Khashoggi got killed because show yes. It’s disgusting What they did to Khashoggi totally disgusting but the number of journalists killed by air Dewan and Turkey Dwarfs The number of journal is killed by the prints in in Saudi Arabia. Nobody is advocating that we have no relations with Turkey But so that’s yes. That’s how I think I think in what what? That to me what in it the lesser here the lesser of two evils promotes good That’s that’s the the miserable truth of life That was by the way, I’ll end with this that is why I was against Donald Trump and I was wrong by the way I admit it. I wrote it Calem on it. I Reaiiy was for every other republican other than Donald Trump during the primaries But I wrote in my first piece for National Review if he’s nominated I will support him because any Republican today is better than any Democrat That’s just the way it is I Wish it weren’t true. I wish it weren’t true. That’s why I never understand Americans who say oh I vote for the candidate What does that mean the nicer person? The one who committed less adultery. No. No, what does it even mean? I don’t understand the argument. I Based on what values does that person represent whether they’re flawed or not? God worked with King David who makes a Trump look like a Boy Scout Yes, not only did he commit adultery and impregnate a woman with whom he committed adultery he had the husband killed so he could get away with having adultery with that woman and God decided he could work with him. So Somehow or other if God could work with David I could work with Trump, thank you all everybody Thank you everybody, thank you

100 thoughts on “Dennis Prager Speech – UC Irvine

  1. I love my Jewish friends, but I cannot reconcile the Balfour Declaration wherein Israel was created at the behest of Lord Rothschild to the PM of Great Britain. I'm not anti-Jewish, but I am anti Privately-Owned Central Banking Cartel Families!!!

    Israel may be threatened with extinction, but they were created at the expense of displacing Palestinians. How does one reconcile that fact?????


  2. The English gave the Irish reasons to hat them, for centuries.. All the Irish did was to fight back, to protect themselves.. The Irish, Scots and Welsh do not hate each other.. Other than that, I agree with you..

  3. False equivalence to say loving italian food and wanting italy to be destroyed is the exact same as liking jews and hating israel

  4. This guy is really dumb. Are people in the comments cheering this guy ironically? He starts off with the a commentary on Israel so facile this might as well be on cable news. Y'all need to get out and read more. Or kudos on the high-level satire…

  5. I really like Dennis and agree with a lot of what he says. I would like to point out however, at 23:14 – although I agree it is indeed unfair when others say the president is a 'Nazi', there are in fact, Nazi groups that embrace president Trump. Right after Trump was elected, the video of a white nationalist group with their hands stretched out saying 'Heil Trump" was incredibly disturbing.

  6. "I'm not anti-poor, but a living wage is just not good for business. I'm not against paying taxes, but I feel I'm just overburdened with taxes. I'm not anti-public schools, but why can't parents and grandparents take care of their kids' education and stop asking for tax money from me. " – The universal selfish asshole, aka Prager & his "fans".
    Being A SELFISH, COMPASSION-FREE BIGOT IS NOT A VIRTUE. To a "Conservative", it's a religion.

  7. Да здравствует великая октябрьская социалистическая революция 1917! Слава вдохновителю и организатору нашей победы – великой Ленинской Партий!

  8. Not good in Colorado if this is true..
    When the Democrats win the White House,didn't hear from them to abolish the Electoral College,and if they lose it's time to Abolish the Electoral College…

  9. Thank you Mr. Prager. Sadly, being a Hungarian, I must add, that there is another group to produce people to hurt their own: the Hungarians

  10. 21:50, Amen Dennis!! You took the words out of my mouth! Ridiculous thinking of today's majority in thinking we should try to forget our history by removing statues, only to doom ourselves to repeat it, indefinitely!! Dennis, I love your sense of humor! Your humor reminds me a lot of my late grandfather, who was another wise person I knew.

  11. this should have a billion views because it's common sense that the Worlds people need to hear. Yes common sense is lacking across the globe from the misery and insanity the left has caused


    PROVERBS..22 : 15…
    ALSO READ PROV. 23 : 13…..
    vs.14 THOU SHALT( this is a command) BEAT HIM WITH THE

  14. The left is doing all this to keep attacking Christianity, if you interpret the Bible it becomes hate speech

  15. DEMOC RATS are the saddest scourges of the earth and thus want us ALL to be sad and depressed and want to rid us of everything that gives us joy and pleasure!!! WAKE UP America, do not get complacent, stay alert and vote RED if you want to keep our country great!! MAGA2020!!!

  16. I soooooo agree with you regarding Israel and American Jews…being an European Jew and in the meantime American citizen, it is so recognizable and such a plain truth what you share and of course that's valid for the rest you speak about! Thank you so much for sharing your messages so eloquently!!! Amazing…

  17. Israel and Islam are both evils, they both are false religions. Remember the USS Liberty and how Isreal butchered our boys like dogs, with the help of the Democrat White House.

  18. In 1964 I was 14 every Sunday about 6 pm a program would com on called the 20th Century. The program was videos of WW2 reels of footage of what the National Socialist German Workers' Party, Nazi party, did to the Jews and the world. Horrific torture video, people in Europe using spoons in bombed out cities scrapping inside metal garbage cans for food. They were dressed in winter coats, freezing and starving. The camps, the trains, the medical experiments. I have never forgotten that. It was right after the war, all this I can still see from my childhood and viewing how the world was and could become again. At 69 I’m watching it and I see how it started. My husband came from a Communist country I know how they live. Now the Socialist party wants another try. 🙅 Not going to happen! We already see from our west coast our neighbors are suffering. Socialist Democrats think they have the Solution. Citizens will wake up, thank God for the communications we have today! I’ve seen the old tattoos on the forearms of customers from a time of ethnic cleansing when I was a manicurist. Never forget!

  19. You view of Franklin is wrong. Please read, "The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States
    ", by Benjamin F. Morris. The letter in the section dealing with Franklin has a letter he wrote about God, answering a question someone had written to him.

    Also, his use of the term "Deist", in 1770 does not mean the same thing today. The term changed drastically in the 1950's. Do a etymological study of "Deist". At that time it would best mean non-denominationalist.

  20. I challenge Dennis Prager to actually follow what he claims is his morality guide. the Ten Commandments. If you listen to Dennis's show you'll quickly find that he breaks at least 2 commandments almost every show. He does this when he lumps a whole group of people together as if they are one monolithic people. For instance when you hear Prager say " the left does this .." or the left is all about this..". He's not only bearing false witness but he's also lying. But I can PROMISE you one thing, Dennis won't change. He will continue to lie and bear false witness because he puts his party nefore his God. Listen to his show and tell me im wrong, I dare you.

  21. Anti-Semitism is similar to Pro-Abortion. The physically strong are drawn to destroy those they see as the weak. As a Christian that fact is evident in the crucifixion.

  22. My gf just informed me she disagrees with almost everything he said. There goes that relationship

  23. Happier ! Yes. This would mean = Contentment, eg. Cheerful, clear thinking, peaceful, hopeful, generous, unselfish, pleasant. friendly, approachable ,helpful, easy going, loving, kind, empathetic, tenderness. compassion, on task. And these are just a few. I can only pray for you who reject this way of living. Christ Jesus gave me = A new life 50 years ago. He will do the same for you.

  24. 1:19:30 Burn the flag issue? Sure you can burn it all day outside US. Flag is the symbol of a country, obviously. If you hate the country, leave. Nothing too complicated in this.

    Some people try to insist the flag symbolizes the policy of the country. You attack Vietnam, I am against this, so I burn the flag. No. That's stupid. If you don't like a policy, become an activist, make speeches, create a political party, change the policy. If the whole country was tainted by a certain decision forever with no hope for redemption… well, then it's over. Leave! Disassociate yourself. Why are you still here?

  25. The guns problem is very simple: the more guns you have the more chances there are that an evil person will have one. Except for this point I think you are right.

  26. I’d vote for the White Male Christian Liberals over the Black Lesbian Conservatives. Not because they’re black, but because they’re gay.

  27. The same platitutes: Socialism is evil, Stalin is evil, Mao is evil. American capitalism is in line with the Judeo-Christian tradition and Humanity project.

  28. 6:07 to 6:57; 49:23 we must protect Christian civilization, do not saddle American christians with the sins of European christians, American christians are the greatest inventions in European history. They're not perfect but they're damn good 50:17.

    6:50 to 7:19 to 8:27 to 9:10 to 9:43 to 1:37:49 to 1:38:23

  29. Eastern European countries were the ones that scored badly in charity. The top 3 were Myanmar, Indonesia and Kenya. Of Western nations it's NZ, US, UK . (4,9,10)

  30. You say some truth but some stuff that is clearly bias. Your sources are often either controversial or non existant. The constant left is this, left is that indicates a clear far right bias. No, not Nazism, just far right. Just like to make this clear to viewers. "Leftism is a cancer, conservative is a blessing". Should say everything

  31. Isn’t that rich. Jews screaming they are oppressing us as they are bulldozing Palestinian homes and shooting unarmed civilians.

  32. What about the idea that Israel extended its property in an unauthorized fashion? I really don't know – that's what I heard. I'm just asking. I am not a leftist, and I don't intend to offend anyone with that question. In fact I agree with much of what Prager has said here.

  33. I guess they thought that I would drop the plot and make every day a holiday.

    Later in the song

    Do do do what you want to, you already do, you already do.

  34. @19:00. For anyone who doubts this man's knowledge, and many years of experience.. Just watch how the "Left behaves in so called "Peaceful protests. It is literally stunning to watch.. He is being too kind to say mean.. I would add Vile to that.

  35. Where I study, the economics department moved into the business school in the 1990s. It is a rare department in North America which still mandates studying courses in the history of economic thought for undergraduate students. They read Aristotle, Aquinas, Quesnai, Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Marshall, Keynes, and others. The department also allowed a sociology professor to give an optional course on Marx' Capital, for people who wanted to follow that course and it exists in the middle of a campus known for activists. However, at the same time, it's the only place where I encounter professors who routinely get mad at their union, at their administration and at many groups of student activists. Some professors were disappointed by the 2016 election in the USA, even if it is a Canadian university. Others called it right before the election night and were somewhat pleased.

    In that place, I never once seen or heard about someone who has been silenced or ridiculed for holding conservative views, even less for saying capitalism is an extremely valuable tool to have in our society. We have two former ministers of finance teaching economics and doing research, each having served terms under opposing parties. People argue, sometimes pursuing the discussion over lunch. I even recall a professor in a seminar regarding a paper on discrimination in France that said we have to be careful because women and men might have different preferences. No one attacked him; in fact, the author said it was a good point and said she should talk it about in her paper.

    Visit business schools and economics department, Mr. Prager. People go there to get into a career and learn how to be useful, not to mount a protest. Those who do just pack up and leave.

  36. Mr Prager. I agree a fair deal to the thing you say. It helps me and it gives me perspective and guidence.
    But. As allways.
    I dont agree with anti semitism or the wish to destroy israel. It would be evil, like with every country that gets destroyed by other countrys.
    But do you think, critism on the founding process of israel is justified?

  37. "It is not the thought that counts it's the deed" is where the Christian and the jew begin to part. The reason being is that the jew lives and is bound by the law given to him/her by God ( they believe, Christians believe by angles) to Moses plus many many more additional laws made by men afterwards. You may hate ( that's an attitude or thought) to bring sacrifices to the temple ,but as long as you do it (deed) it's considered acceptable, because your keeping the law and God is pleased for the time being, but you'll have to come back and do it again for it is an atonement for sin not a removal. If the first covenant could not abolish sin then it wasn't perfect. Christ died to the law (the first covenant) and implements a more perfecting one ( which was God's plan from the beginning) … the new or second covenant. God, through His son is taking or directing man a step higher deeper more perfected and says it does matter what you think as well as what you do if holiness is your ultimate desire. God judges the intentions (thoughts) of your heart as well, not simply your outward deeds or performance only. This is the progression toward perfection God has always had in the plan for creating man in his own likeness (perfect). The new testament declares "Be perfect (ed) just as your Father in heaven is perfect." You will hear Ben Shapiro say facts don't care about your feelings. Yes it is true facts don't, but we are not facts were men and women created in the image of God with compassion. I think you will agree that if I bake you a cake and hate every minute of it that's not as "good" as if I love doing it for you. The Jewish law gives you no choice and in so doing takes away your free will to do it because you want to not have to. Prager goes on to say about the son who thought he was a bad son "I don't judge you by your thoughts but rather by your deeds". That's because Prager isn't perfect like God is and expects less out of you than God does. Christ and his God and yours expects more of you than going through the motions with imperfect intentions in your heart. Aim higher like Jesus did, don't die in the desert like Moses.

  38. The ending was worth the whole speech! Our society is so much about judging what is wrong with you and not anything about what is right.

  39. Candace Owens was successful but she used YouTube and other social media as her outlet she did not go to a newspaper. And wow oh wow, is she good

  40. There are 7 stages of moral development.Only the first has people doing things because they fear punishment. Unfortunately, most people remain at this stage of development.

  41. Small point Mao Tse-tung killed millions of Chinese. Pol Pot Khmer Rouge killed half of Cambodia. Dennis the only thing I have against the Jews is their holding to lose facts on only Isreal is oppressed.

  42. God Bless Prager University and Dennis for having the integrity to start the University to teach and encourage students! So many wonderful young men & women like Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk (?) are making such a difference in our wonderful country. Keep on going…..praying for your ministry and $supporting it, also!❤️

  43. A conservative in the Soviet Union was something totally different than a conservative in America in 2019. A liberal in the 18th century during the Enlightenment was something totally different than a liberal /socialist in America today. Context is important!

  44. Dennis, you need to run a house with children before you say married women with kids can do what they want with their day. This attitude has been a big contributing factor in the decline of women opting out of the most important job on the planet, bring up the next generation of humanity.

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