‘DEMON’ETIZED BY YOUTUBE?! BOOM! The War Against Patriot Cens0rship Is Getting REAL! Who’s Winning?

‘DEMON’ETIZED BY YOUTUBE?! BOOM! The War Against Patriot Cens0rship Is Getting REAL! Who’s Winning?

Hey Patriots, pastor James here with James red pills America I pray the Lord has blessed you and your loved ones since we last spoke Today Patriots. I’m bringing you some very important news from the battlefield and specifically with regard to the YouTube censorship battle that rages on at this very moment as we speak a few days ago I watched a broadcast from Gary Franchi over at the next news network and it’s an extremely important broadcast Because I know how hard you tube is hitting the folks over there at the next news network I’m going to include that short video here so you can get the full context of today’s message And so that they’re given far more reach than what YouTube will allow them on that particularly important segment the video entitled alert YouTube faces fifty three billion dollar fine if they don’t respond to the new youtubers Union Discusses the community-based youtubers Union which is fighting for the rights of YouTube’s frustrated content creators all across the globe The problem before now Patriots was that until now this new youtubers Union didn’t have the influence or power necessary To contribute much toward that goal But things have taken a massive swing in our favor as you were about to find out in this video Now many of you already know about the next news networks in YouTube channel And if you haven’t or if you’re not yet subscribed to their channel, I highly recommend that you do that now I only have a few channels that I truly recommend that everyone subscribe to and they’re listed on my channels homepage One of them is the x-22 report. Another is the sgt report But another one of those that I recommend to all Patriots is the next news network please go over to these channels and subscribe right after you watch this video if you’re not subscribed to these Patriots channels folks you’re missing out on what I know to be some of the best real news available Now as you may already know YouTube’s like they are now with many of the hard-hitting truth channels their platform such as mine have done things like Removed the next news network and my channel from the recommended news feat with regard to my channel YouTube has taken that a major step further because not only is YouTube removed my channel from the recommended videos list they also have outright denied my Monetization request making it extremely hard for myself and other full-time YouTube content creators such as myself Who are refused? Monetization requests altogether to be able to continue running their channel full-time I mean we have to be able to pay our bills just like the rest of the world Patriots. I am by no means independently wealthy and I truly do count on donations in the sale of items in order to offset YouTube’s Monetization denial so when YouTube decides to remove me from the recommended video list it had a major adverse effect on my ability to continue putting out videos and It’s gotten far worse – over the last few months folks at this very moment and over the last nearly two months YouTube has viciously Targeted my channel making it nearly impossible For me to reach new viewers not to mention causing a major and crippling deterioration of donations and merchandise sales Donations and sales that absolutely are the whole reason I’m able to continue creating content. Like I am on top of that they have actually actively engaged in creating and deploying Algorithms that summarily and like clockwork Remove subscribers and video views from my videos and other YouTube channels out there not to mention having also Implemented the same algorithm designed to disabled people’s ability to either like or share my videos I mean, you’ve all experienced it you’ve watched my video. Then you try to like it and you find out that your light keeps disappearing This is not conjecture folks This is real and it’s begun to Devastate my channels reach and as a result the income that I count on to continue the channel in Light of this devastating turn of events as of late. I’ve forced to heavily weigh and consider other means of support These options do not include creating nearly as much new content as I’ve been able to up until now At the same time Patriots I decided to fight back I’ve been praying fervently about this asking the Lord to give me an answer to this vicious attack on my free speech and my ability to Support this channel in the work that’s done here. And yes, the Lord has began to answer my prayers Patriots something big is finally beginning to be done about all this censorship, which is tantamount to Brainwashing but what is that? What’s the big news that we’ve all been waiting to hear well without further ado I ask you to pay close attention especially You fellow YouTube content creators out there because Gary over the next news network is gonna lay it all out for us in this hard-hitting and informative video Some really big news in the YouTube world today YouTube could be facing a fifty three billion dollar fine if they don’t listen to the new Youtubers Union now before we get in all the details I do want you to double check that you’re still subscribed to this channel and you are receiving notifications if you’re new to the channel I encourage you to subscribe and turn on notifications To be a part of our real news community and most importantly you got to be aware YouTube has removed our ability to reach new viewers by taking us out of the suggested videos feed So help us reach new people by telling a friend about next news and by sharing our reports. Thank you So the big news right now Because modo did a story on it vice news did a story on it And now this organization the youtubers union is growing very very fast The community based youtubers union claims to fight for the rights of the platform’s frustrated content creators This is from Gizmodo But until now it hasn’t had the influence or power to contribute much towards that goal and the CEO of YouTube should be shaking right now, especially with the consequences that That are in play here. If they don’t come to the table to communicate. We’ve got some videos here. We’re going to show you The initial launch video of this organization now they stayed here when they’ve presented their lists of demands to the platform this week – the effort came with the full force of Europe’s largest trade union IG Mattel They are calling for they’re calling the collaborative initiative fair tube, and they do have a Twitter account right now as well It’s fair to be Few want to follow them on Twitter at fair tube 9000. There’s also a Facebook group here as well and You can see this is the Facebook group. I’ve actually joined now It is a public group and I encourage you to do it currently as of this screenshot it had about 16,000 people now I’ve already gone through it and I’ve told them I’m I’m gonna do a story about it today When you need to get the word out here now they stayed here The fair tube has given the platform YouTube until August 23rd to address their appeals for increased transparency and lobbying power among community of content creators Now the leader of the youtubers union Joerg Sprave put out a video explaining the issue. Let’s jump to the first clip here the largest Independent trade union on the planet and the youtubers union are now joining forces With a clear goal to bring back the old YouTube. We have found it the joint venture fair tube, and now time will change for YouTube since we have 125 years of experience in the fight against injustice and over two million members plus superb lawyers Are now joining forces with thousands of youtubers who are really unhappy with the way things go Together. I think we are completely unbeatable fair tube is unbeatable We want YouTube to actually perform massive Changes on their strategy for the benefit of the creators and for the benefit of the entire platform Now this is something we have needed for a very very very long time YouTube used to be a fun place where you could go on you could talk you could have you the free exchange of ideas and now You never know. What’s gonna happen next I Literally wake up every morning wondering when the channel is going to be deleted every day I checked my phone five times a day looking to see if we’ve been completely demonetised This is this is the reality that I face every single day I live in a constant state of fear because of the way that YouTube’s Rules and algorithms dictate what people see when you hear me say at the beginning of every video What do I say? YouTube has taken us out a suggested feed. Yeah, and now we can’t reach a new people So and that’s just that’s just one aspect Now let’s get into the list of demands here. The list of demands includes calling on YouTube to create an independent mediation board to address disputed cases of D monetization and guideline violations in addition to throwing out their automated system of creator appeals in favor of human points of contact Youtube’s content creators have weathered several waves of mass D monetization over the past few years. Here’s more Pletely New Times begin. It is no longer the case that we are helpless against YouTube with the IG Metall We have a strong strong partner, especially when the youtubers are with us We know from experience that Together we can achieve a lot and this is where the youtubers union comes into play It’s quite a young union only founded in 2018 but already 15,000 members strong during this time a lot has already been achieved Meetings with the YouTube management even initial concessions and a lot of press it’s been quite turbulent Lately, that’s true. But only through fair tube our joint venture Can we make things change and what that means is exactly what we gonna explain to you now Now here’s the thing before we go further. Remember this you don’t have to have a YouTube video I mean you can you’re watching this now. You’re on YouTube. Okay you even if you don’t have any videos on your channel? Go to their Facebook group Join it right away because we need to have as many people on this Organization so that we can have the influence to protect the independent creators and voices Transparency Publish everything categories procedures rules You would assume that everybody would want this but in reality, that’s not the case YouTube keeps everything secret the rules for the bots and the sensors their decisions The processes are adeptly they use to promote or hide a video It’s all kept secret and that is not the way how to treat a partner Justified and deletion vaguely Formulated rules are not enough. We demand exact and comprehensible reason for every decision Let us talk to a human being Youtubers are human beings and deserve respect Normal standard emails from anonymous service people should make the decisions not machines Youtubers must have real human beings to talk to and not anonymous email addresses Establish a neutral dispute resolution board YouTube calls the youtubers partners But in reality, that’s not the case YouTube has all the power and this is not how a partnership works if there are serious disputes a third Neutral party has to decide and this works wonderfully helps play by the way again at I’ll participate in the crowdsourcing Code of conduct. This is a voluntary commitment about social standards by crowds working platforms We have such an arbitration board and it works well So I hope YouTube is listening, I mean there’s a lot of creators who are unhappy with what’s happening right take for instance keemstar Very popular youtuber. He just put out this tweet. YouTube is becoming impossible I had to read it twice due to false Copyright claims removing two cliffs then I finally get it up and then Team YouTube D monetize it due to a fake fight clip It’s not even a real fight. The people in control are ruining the site And then he says I am one step away from joining the youtubers union. Well keemstar. We are waiting for you Pooty pie we are waiting for you Everybody who is in the YouTube creator sphere we are waiting for you to join this entity even though this is in Europe We need to have all hands on deck for this now. They say here that most importantly in the video Sprave says that content creators want to be included in the company’s decision making process such as through the creation of a formal Advisory board now, here’s more. Let’s go The entire success of the company the on the creative output of the youtubers Therefore it is only fair that youtubers can also participate in the decision-making and the future of the platform We demand the establishment of an advisory board that is fully integrated In all decision-making and has something to say about that participate in the process These are our demands and our goal is to implement them as soon as possible and now pay attention Sea level managers at YouTube you have exactly four weeks to enter into negotiations with us take tock Tick tock Certainly. The clock is ticking now They stayed here if YouTube fails to respond to fair tubes demands by August 23rd The campaign has multiple strategies to enact some severe consequences and one of those consequences Could be a fifty three billion dollar fine and that would be devastating to YouTube. Let’s watch we have three main powerful strategies two of them are for the lawyers and one of them is based on your participation trust also lots of smaller topics and issues First this the issue of potential false self employment of the youtubers This one is going to crush them this now remember this is happening in Europe But it will have spillover effect into the United States and that’s why we need to get as many people in the United States on Board watch this wait see here. This that is pure dynamite. But because the issue is rather complex We have an expert here. Dr. Thomas cleaver Certainly, one of the most renowned experts on labor law in Europe Thomas what is false self employment Thanks a lot for your generous introduction For self employment means that someone is working as a self-employed person But in fact, there are an employee with all the protection employees have like Protection against unfair dismissals vacation and social security. There are some evidence that Youtuber may be falsely self-employed for example they are continuously rated and monitored by YouTube and only YouTube managers the relationship with advertisers and if you take all this information About the working relationship into account. It’s hard to say that these are independent video producers And if it turns out in court that youtubers are indeed falsely self-employed. What consequences would that have for YouTube? well, then the youtubers would be employees with all the protections and benefits and they and that would be very very expensive for YouTube, especially when you take in regard the social insurances But that means it would really threaten the whole business model That is why we want to see our demands met if YouTube meets them. Then youtubers will be real partners So this is spreading pretty fast friends. It’s very fast I’m checking right now as that clip was playing and gadget just posted something Gizmodo observer The Daily Caller Also has reported on this Youtubers are unionizing the site has 24 days to respond youtubers team up with Europe’s largest trade union youtube faces backlash from youtubers union seven hours ago youtubers union not messing around I Mean, this is huge friends. This is huge. This is the moment that we’ve been waiting for and That’s just that was just one of the consequences with the false self employment There’s another one that is regarding how YouTube Uses your data the data you give them and how they process that data and they have to be transparent and how that data is Process that’s already existing law and if they take that into court they have to reveal to each Youtuber exactly how their data is being sifted filtered and run through the algorithms and suppress and transfer or share it or not And that’s another consequence so We will link to this video the full video on our community tab If you don’t know the community tab It’ll be it’s you go to the main channel page click on community and we will link to the full video here It’s about 15 minutes. We’d only showed a couple clips. But YouTube again could be looking at a fifty four billion dollar fine if found guilty of false Self employment in the European Union that could have devastating consequence, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Okay Youtubers simply want to have transparency. We want to have communication All right We don’t want to be treated like, you know second-class citizens by by computers who are suppressing us and Every day we have to go to the channel and we have to worry if we’re gonna be here or not so make sure you if you’re a youtuber or even if you’re not if you’re not making videos join the YouTube Union and We need to get as many people on board as possible. So keemstar. We’re waiting for you Pretty pie let’s get this going. Alright So comment below folks and do me a favor watching this right now, please share this everywhere Okay on every single platform We want is an equal playing field. We don’t want computers dictating. How you see and And process information the information you’ve already requested Make it fair make it open so Comment below your thoughts. We’ll see you at the next report for the next news network. I’m Gary Franchi Again, if you haven’t done so already Please support the next news network by going over their channel and hitting that little subscribe button along with the notification icon Next to the subscribe button and if you would like Gary any other good folks over there know that Pastor James here at James red pills America sent you Now again Patriots over the last few months YouTube has Massively clamped down hard on my channel and as a direct result the incoming donations and sales of merchandise that I count on greatly to support the ongoing work of this channel has seen a Significant drop I mean almost to nothing if it weren’t for the few donations and sales that do get through along with my regular patreon supporters both of which I could never do this work without My channel will already be almost unable to continue at all And if something doesn’t change soon I may very well be forced to engage in other things than creating videos to be able to pay the bills as Many of you know, I’ve spent nearly 20 years Developing web and graphic design and doing marketing for other businesses and I still own that business But for almost the last year I’ve been able to set that aside and devote full time to this ministry and it is a ministry but I can’t stand the thought of being forcibly removed from doing this work simply because YouTube doesn’t like people to hear and know the truth With that said this is what I decided to do to try and help offset Some of this loss I decided to have a blowout fund raising sale In order to support this channel many of you know that I sell authentic 24 karat real gold banknotes I have those in $1,000,000 and 1000 dollar denominations, and I’ve been selling them for nearly a year Now these things are amazing and they’re real 24 karat gold banknotes with certificates and stamps of authenticity I’ve sold a lot of them and many of them to the same people who buy one to check it out then they get it and end up ordering more of them if you’ve been watching the news and specifically the x-22 report and other 2/3 channels here on YouTube You’d know that the elites and many other savvy investors have been buying up gold like it’s the last gold on earth and There’s a great reason for that in their near future and among other reasons President Trump is going to get rid of the Federal Reserve and we’re gonna go back to the gold standard for our Currency, and when that happens gold is gonna skyrocket in price If you’ve been watching the news lately you’ve know that gold is going up in price But once the elites and these investors see the end of the Fed is drawing near it’s gonna go through the roof now Patriots I’m not an investment advisor. 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I pray now that the Lord bless you and your loved ones, richly Now moving on to other important news many of you may also know about Dustin niemals Many of you may not know yet that Dustin is spearheaded a very important anti censorship lawsuit against YouTube This is a completely different action altogether from the one that is now being prepared by the you tubers Union I’ve spoken with Dustin a number of times with regards to this lawsuit and other important issues and Dustin’s agreed to join me on my channel for an interview where we will discuss in great detail This lawsuit and some other information that I feel is very important to get out there So be watching for that video Patriots, but for now, I’m just going to include a clip from one of Dustin’s recent videos Where he and his attorney Todd McGurk tree spoke on the topic of this new lawsuit against YouTube again I’ll be placing links in the video description to Dustin’s new channel the niemals news network So please folks take a moment after you watch this video to go over and subscribe to Dustin’s new channel and let him know Pastor James sent you over Now, let’s listen in on Dustin speaking with attorney McCurry who he is retained for this important lawsuit again Patriots I bring you these very important updates because most of us truth our YouTube creators have experienced the center ship meted out by YouTube and content creators such as myself are beginning to do more than just complain about the circumstances We’re gonna do something about it folks which is why I made this video and That’s why I also ask that you also subscribe to the next news network and the niemals news network Welcome back my friends. This is destiny. Most of the Nemo’s news network, and I have a very special interview I say that a lot lately It seems like but I have Todd McMurtry and we are going to discuss what I’ve been talking about with The stop bit burning dot-com movement or stop censorship. Stop book burning is what it’s really about As a journalist, you know, I’m just a real quick back story I’ve been on the deep end of censorship since my 11th day on YouTube I had 1,200 new subs a day and then 50 and it’s when the algorithms first started and as before people knew what algorithms were so we asked for word now we were tired of it and we’re talking people about what we can do now Thank You Todd for your time and You know coming on to discuss this issue I want you to introduce yourself but I’d also like to discuss after that kind of leading into this just the news today about the Google stuff with the Veritas and stuff, so kind of take the floor and introduce yourself, please Okay. Well Dustin a first I’m happy to be on your show I’ve started watching you now that we started working together and I enjoy watching it and you know you’ve contacted me and Asked me some questions about things that can I help you out with some things and they’re very intriguing You know understanding censorship on social media and I was excited to have the opportunity to do that Prior to getting to know you my work has generally been that of a litigation attorney primarily in business you know doing some work in the area of defamation and You know just been been Actively practicing law for quite a long time Enjoy doing it. So I look forward to I’ve enjoyed working with you and look forward to bringing this project forward Yeah, well, I definitely appreciate your time. So, you know, I want to dive right in this is an issue that’s close to my heart as close to everybody’s heart and That’s why I was really excited to speak with you behind the scenes because I know that you know You actually do care about free speech as an issue Where are we now? as legalese, can you break that down for the common person to understand because it’s very complicated this this platform versus publisher versus free speech versus discrimination Cavanaugh’s recent you know or the Supreme Court I would say is recent, you know decisions Can you kind of help us to at least understand that as a late? Yeah. Yeah, I’ll certainly try you know back and I don’t know the year in the night late 1990s the Congress passed the Communications Decency Act and that act is created You know the ability for computer platforms to avoid any liability for defamation and to kind of protect that that business model That exists for them and so they have the you know they have the ability to regulate or they have they have Ability to a lot of people to publish something on their platform and then what’s published they can’t be held liable for whatever said there and you know that is a very powerful tool and in and it also gives Social media platforms a lot of power. So social media platforms are able to You know determine what content are you know to determine who can use the platform and Generally, they’re exempt from any liability for that other than the liability that they permit for themselves so for example if you’re on Twitter or YouTube They have Terms of Service and you agree to abide by those Terms of Service. Of course they do too but You know if if you don’t have much recourse in other words You cannot say hey, you be monetized my channel and you’ve cost me, you know Twenty thousand dollars a month or whatever it may be Because you did so improperly so if you wanted to go after them, you would say you’d be monetize my channel But your damages are limited. I think a dollar in most cases are very limited So there’s not a lot that you can do now, you know this you asked about the Supreme Court and so forth I mean, obviously these are important issues. There was yes everywhere. Yeah I mean there was an interesting article that some some of the while review people at Harvard Law School. For example recently wrote and said that that you know these platforms deserve First Amendment protections and That came out you could google that and find it. It’s it’s fairly approachable to a non lawyer But you know, they said for example Twitter deserves First Amendment protections But at the same time they didn’t say that users Should enjoy those First Amendment protections So people like you or anybody that tries to use the public forum of YouTube or Twitter? Faces these these challenges and you know the Supreme Court Hasn’t really fully addressed this there have been some cases that kind of, you know are around the edges But what we’ve determined in working for you is that there’s not a lot of developed case law So we’re looking for opportunities to develop that case law in a positive way. So That’s exciting. So basically We’re researching this we’re we’re looking into this where we’re diving this from from a serious standpoint And you know if this this kind of Google Project Veritas stuff, I don’t know if that can help us or not But certainly I understand in the court of public opinion. This looks really bad. This looks really guilty and It looks you know, really? Embarrassing I would say as a corporation to have these kind of things out there. What do you do? You have an opinion if you can say no, I think I think that you know The issue is is whether they’re a platform or publishers if they’re publisher They’re like anybody else, you know, they can be found liable for for censorship or for Violating your rights to free speech or free expression And so that you know, that’s that is a real serious issue So when you look at what say Project Veritas has done in bringing forth whistleblowers who say that we are in fact regulating content then what happens is is that you could say well YouTube is as a publisher. It’s not a platform war or Twitter as a publisher it’s not a platform and by doing that they may lose a lot of their of their you know protections under the under the law so that would it make it more possible for you to I say you in general, but for a person to complain about the sensor by saying well You know your your publisher and you can’t censor my my free speech okay, so I I realized that There is that big argument but it seems like no one is discussing kind of What they can control is the content maybe but maybe what about controlling the content creators isn’t a discrimination case as well It’s is it different from being a conservative now for being like a blogging? Getting kicked out of the restaurant or something back in the day. I mean, this is the same thing Well, it’s it’s pretty close. I mean I so somebody who is On YouTube and offers a conservative view. I mean you could go, you know with the appropriate permits and so forth You could go anywhere and say these are my views and if they don’t really offend the First Amendment You’re allowed to say pretty much whatever you want to say You know absent, you know, there’s a fire in the theater and some other issues that do Where you don’t get First Amendment protections so farce danger. Yeah. So for a person who is a You know where YouTube or anybody Facebook is controlling content? Then you’re really getting into you know into a dicey area. And I think the answer to your question, is that that They should not be able to control content and if they start to lose some of these Protections that they have under the law then they would they might also have a court say well You know you really you don’t have the right to say that to you know regulate what people say on the platform because it is in essence a a public square and and those arguments are Have been made to some degree and and it might be something you know That that is viable that we determine is a viable argument But I can’t tell you just yet because we’re still in the exploratory stages of this stuff. Sure Okay. So the the biggest question that I’ve gotten by far is class action class action will will this be a class action? Can we do a class action? I not knowing anything about them other than how to spell those words What do you think or can we until no yeah works to people yeah, I don’t know yet because you’d have to see You would have to see what the claim is so for example, if you’re gonna have a class-action lawsuit everybody has to basically You know Suffer the same harm. So, you know class-action lawsuits are common things where you know, Everybody’s been injured by a particular drug or a particular medical device. And so once when the injury is the same for everybody then It’s just a question of damages so one person gets a bad hip and they have to have it replaced and Nothing, you know the surgery goes fine the hips replaced They have a claim for an additional surgery But somebody else for example might the second surgery may not go well and they have to have a third They would have more damages but they have a class action. Everybody has to suffer the same harm so conceivably if Content creators such as you all had the same harm and that harm was that you you were demonetized Or suppressed in some way then, you know conceivably. Yes, you could say that is a class action Ok, so hopefully people will better understand that This light is a tube right or something and blaring in my eye a little bit on me Yeah, we’re kind of near the end of my questions anyway because I understand we can’t be too detailed because we’re still researching this and Because we don’t want to let anyone know what’s coming. Obviously if we do find something, we’ll tell what we can as able but You know, this is this is for real clearly if not us who if not now when somebody has to make a stand for our First Amendment rights and Here my dogs over there. I Feel like we have to do something and I feel like you know the good guys at the top or embattled They’re surrounded by you know people that care about free speech, you know in the halls of power. They’re they’re surrounded They’re outnumbered sometimes and I feel like maybe this is our way of helping out and that’s that’s why that’s why I’m doing this at least and and I’m glad to know that we have your You know you as well on this thing because you know you do care about this issue I can tell just talking to you. My my words langurs. Yeah, I know. Absolutely. I think it’s vital I mean, I think that that you know, the social media platforms really do govern So much of the public discourse, so in other words it clearly will have an effect on elections It clearly has an effect on opinion right now the you know, the mainstream media controls or has for a long time They don’t I mean there’s lots of arguments we don’t need to get into that but the mainstream media’s had the biggest megaphone and then to have social media come in and The credible response to that and then have them try to suppress it so that they can maintain the dominant voice And that’s that’s serious business That’s that is you know? Perhaps the most important thing as a nation that we face because we really are at this time of you know strong Division in opinions and if we can’t get our opinions out there then we cannot you know, we can’t be heard and we have a right to be heard and we have a right not to let people that have opinions that we oppose Deny us our rights to free speech and so I guess the one thing I wanted I’m pleased watching for my next video No, I mean out here in the next we’re doing together you and I is a very deep dive Serious research. I mean I’ve reviewed what other Other lawsuits and so forth that people have tried to file and and I honestly haven’t been that impressed I don’t want to say which ones but I think that I haven’t seen anybody in some of the cases as well You know, I haven’t seen anybody. That’s really made a kind of a scholarly effort to really Find the weak points and and you know, the law that allows social media companies to do what they’re doing with kind of malevolent algorithms, you know suppressing free speech D monetizing people who Take a viewpoint that they don’t agree with you know that has to be stopped So I do honestly believe that we’re making a real serious effort to to get to the bottom of this and myself and Some other people on my team are working very hard to find the right answers well, that’s that’s Good Sam better myself. Thank you for your time – yeah, you’re welcome Good to talk to you and guys keep you know stopped at burning. Calm. Keep an eye for what’s coming I’ll have updates. We’ll put this video up there as well. Just kind of a free speech First Amendment anti censorship movements what it’s about And you’ll get your updates there Thank you so much – I appreciate it. Okay. Take care. Talk to you later again You

99 thoughts on “‘DEMON’ETIZED BY YOUTUBE?! BOOM! The War Against Patriot Cens0rship Is Getting REAL! Who’s Winning?

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