Democrats are the ones fueling the fires of white nationalism

Democrats are the ones fueling the fires of white nationalism

38 thoughts on “Democrats are the ones fueling the fires of white nationalism

  1. Ugh…How can anyone take Stacey Abrams seriously? She's a pro-family woman of faith who supports abortion. Black Panthers supported her for Governor of Ga. Guess they did not hear she wanted all guns confiscated in some manner…etc… She got Oprah's attention, so she got lots of funding…

  2. Soon the 'N' word will be as common as the words racist, islamaphobe and Nazi.
    You want racism bitch. Be prepared for the hate in return.

  3. Nobody cares what race people are when they vote for them. Nobody. We vote for people based on their politics. Democrats are completely out of touch with common sense and sensibility. /facepalm

  4. Your a black woman and your OBESE! Thinks she is incredibly smart, which means your not when you have to say it!
    A sturdy build ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 FATTY you is!

  5. So bazaar, and there’s women like her Everywhere, and that don’t even bother to reassess-ever. 🤷‍♂️ lmbo

  6. Ironic that it takes an Indian to call out black and brown "nationalists". The whites are either too mired in guilt and self-loathing or persecuted and scared

  7. The Democrats hate anyone that doesn't agree with their socialism ideals. They just love always being the victim of everything.

  8. I'm incredibly smart," she says. That could be so, but one thing that destroys intelligence faster than anything else is "not having enough humility to learn something new." Confidence without humility is arrogance, and that frequently leads to blindness.

    Confidence with humility can look similar to arrogance, but you have to look at how the person uses their intelligence. Stacey makes it all about race when it's not. And she doesn't have any evidence to back up her claims. Busted!

  9. "I'm Incredibility smart" But can't tell when shes lost an election or that she's incredibility racist…..okay then!

  10. Not only that, but the entire issue of white nationalism is largely complained about by white Democrats, too.

  11. Damn! That Stacey is one fat, ugly, gap toothed, racist bitch! That woman shouldn't be elected to the position of dog catcher, much less anything higher.

  12. Here is my thing she stands with killing babies at any stage of their life before they are born or after they are born. I can’t hang with that.

  13. Demoncraps fuel the fire of hatred, divisiveness, racism, socialism, fascism and everything anti-American.

  14. Abrams is just an ugly bitch. Color has nothing to do with that. White, black, Brown doesn't matter she still ugly. Lol

  15. She may be smart and capable, but being fat, ugly and angry is what keeps her from making a good first impression.

  16. A black person told me I needed to examine my whiteness. I did, and discovered it was fucking awesome.

    Thank you, black person.

  17. Stacy is typical of SO MANY anti-liberty self-serving dictator-wannabes: she may be smart — don't count me as one holding that assumption; rather, I see her as a dime-a-dozen blowhard, jacked up on narcissistic self-esteem — but her moral compass, which would permit one to empathize with one and all, is broken. For example, see Stalin: smart, clever and well-educated [in preparation for the priesthood] but his moral compass was f****d beyond belief.

  18. Stacy must have forgotten about Oprah. A Black, sometimes natural hair(?), sturdy smart woman. The difference is, Oprah didn't use victimhood to be successful. Although she is a strong advocate for the Black Community, she did not alienate the Whites. She understood that diversity is important, and that if you want to succeed, you must be willing to embrace everyone. Stacy needs to learn some life lessons from Oprah, instead of using her as a celebrity token.

  19. It's funny under 8 years of obama, you never heard how bad blacks had it. Which they did, unemployment for blacks was at an all time high. More people were on welfare, yet no outrage. No one was offended by any statues, the mainstream media wasn't talking about how racist everyone and everything is. Boy how everything changed in 8 years or maybe they just want Trump out at any cost.

  20. Believe THIS….. After the devastation I am dealing with as well as my fellow Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, all the dead, lost legs, arms, eyes and loss of family, if the U.S. Govt. at any point give ANY PERSON living today a reparation package, there will BE HELL TO PAY.

    The Dems insist on "We the People" recognizing anyone as who they identify as, well HELL, EVERYONE can Identify as Black and collect another check. Keep pushing us you liberal assholes, you are insisting on a civil war in teh US, but you are so fucking stupid you fail to realize the ones you will be fighting are those who are war tested and trained……. Gear up you liberal POS…

  21. A sturdy built lol😂😂😂😂 The only things sturdy about her is her jaw, stomach, and small intestine to process all the food this behemoth shoves down her pie hole

  22. anybody who has to tell you just how smart they really are typically aren't half as smart as they claim.

  23. Men get judged by their shoes and their height… judgement by 'traits/looks' happens to everyone. People simplify the complexity of everything possible to view (humans have extremely high visual acuity) and make initial judgements based on simplifications. Because, is history not so long ago.. if you didn't make the right judgement quickly enough, your life may have ended.

    Quick judgement on appearances is as much a feature as it can be a fault. You both need it and need to moderate it.

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