1. I think I'm gonna kill myself
    I have 48 hours spend on my phone this week…

    Edit: gonna start this challenge now. Update coming in 1 month

  2. I also recommend that you use social media on your laptop. It makes it feel more like work if you have to go out of your way and unnaturally be on your laptop to visit certain platforms.

  3. You should get out of your comfort zone and dive into christianity or another religion. Maybe even take a cross country road trip and meet people and talk about what their faith looks like day to day. I would even encourage some New Testament bible reading and learning about who Jesus is. Your group of friends exemplifies Godly characteristics that have been around for thousands of years and you don't even know it.

  4. I've been off of social media for more than a year now. I wake up at 5:30am-6am send my lil brother school and workout-meditate then head to work. Never going back to using social media again.

  5. I LOVE this video! Starting today at 9PM, until June 21st, i'm deleting social media. In the time its deleted, I will be graduating high school, and moving to montana, and i'm gonna cherish those memories without social media to distract me. I'm making an exception for youtube, so I can watch motivational videos, guitar lessons and vocal lessons. But, only on my PC. I'm so excited to do this!

  6. Ugh I hate coming across this a few times per year, just to end up going back to apps and shit.

    I’ve been off FB for a long time, and don’t go on IG or Twitter, but I just couldn’t get away from YT since I also use it to sleep which eventually made me start using it again in downtime. In general my production is shitty because of this and other things, and it amazes me that I even still have a 4.0 GPA in school, but then again my social life and sleep get fucked

  7. Every summer which is 2 months I don't use my phone at all nor my computer since there is no internet. I thought I could challenge myself now it's a part of my life!

  8. im gonna try this and have actually wanted to do it but didn't feel like i could do it….. but this motivated the heck out of me😀 thanks thomas

  9. This is soooo awesome makes me wanna cry we have all been living our life online not taking a moment to stop and take a breath of fresh air. This is so inspiring I’m deleting social media after this message and starting the 30 day challenge. Cheers !

  10. So guys, who is with me?

    Last comment on YouTube for at least one moth. (exept on own videos as you have to comment when you create content :] )

    Let's shrink down my average usage time from 2,5 hours to 0,5 in the matter of one month!

    ~May, 20th, 2019~

    (for the stats / let's all just write our current usage-time and tge date doen and come back in a month or so to do same ^~^)

    C ya! 👋🏼

  11. One of my biggest tips if you don’t want to completely quit social media, is to unfollow most of the people you follow on Twitter and/or instagram. It helps so much.

  12. I don't hangout with anyone in real life so social media is the only thing i have. But maybe ill still try and something could change

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