Definitely Not Politics – The Pro Crastinators Podcast, Episode 169

Definitely Not Politics – The Pro Crastinators Podcast, Episode 169

hello everyone and welcome oh god I hit the mic to another episode hey there's five guests I'm the bestest boy with the most microphone skills and we've got Ben st. is here Nate why did our sister not show up on the show grace it's too late you've wait okay introduce yourselves let me see if I can get it get her I'm a hypocrite who cares yeah what's your deal oh you know I'm just one of those people who don't do anything oh my brand debut here's grace you're a dog you're a dog and I'm sick of it there's my sister guys grace I hate mine too don't appropriate Ben's sister yeah that's a meme now how nice good way to go grace I've seen the rest of you introduced yourself you're all you're all the same shit because it means I make more money no inside baseball don't don't don't pull the curtain back and kill the magic inside baseball inside basketball the only people that information is relevant to that I do in fact try not to mention is the other members of this podcast so as to not overly encourage them to show up on the off chance I can make more money our system of distributing our system of distributing our assets is fundamentally broken I think it's perfectly reasonable what's wrong with it it's we isn't it weird that like you get more for being on an episode if there's less people on it well you have to do more work you have to assert yourself more it doesn't feel like more work well how if if somebody shows up to every show it means they were dedicated to making that – you know I mean yeah I like the real thing that have to do is just get there this is starting this is why capitalism doesn't work that's our that's a silly point there's III you know I will grant you though been I mean simply having the profit motive like that alone totally change the dynamic of like any given relationship so that's very true I got to imagine that there's somebody who listens to the show with a stop clock that says on it like minutes till Ben mentions capitalism well guess what you have to just now it got you can rest now we read yeah speaking of capitalism just a little bit I have I've been watching videos of the left or whatever direction oh my god I've been watchin watching and chat about it I've been watching a lot of thoughts lame I've been watching a bit of contra points as well and I like them because they're funny and also the things there's well you know that they they have a humorous spin on the things they're saying which makes it more palatable and easy for me to get into it is very theatrical which is you know it's fine mm-hmm if you're a drama kid I'm sure it appeals I am fine I wouldn't say that it's like I mean I get it's a little it's a little much I kept feeling like it's a little over theatrical this is kinda how I feel about philosophy too but now he's the way that he like mugs the camera is like a little weird sometimes you just I what you said like the incredible sensuality sensual eye contact with the viewer and like lips I'm not so much like I think I've seen one of his videos and he seemed I just looked it in I was like yeah okay well he has a goatee and I hate goatees that's like that's the worst thing about him by far fair enough like he's like a real philosopher or something he is like actual credentials philosophy tube is for such thing as credentials and philosophy well like like a PhD and like is like a doctor or something I don't there's there's no way as a PhD okay I could be wrong I could be right I mean he probably has some kind of qualifications I don't know what they are yeah but he's got my favorite philosophy too is a little series he's got called what was liberalism and it's very informative that's a really good I feel I feel very informed I like just about things in general seeing it from the other side because mm-hmm I grew up kind of grew up on on things like the amazing atheist who is like still not that bad he's just sort of you know obnoxious in the way he approaches things but he's very more thoughtful than you would imagine if you don't really watch him that much but then there's like all that whole crowd of like amazing amazing atheists like copycat people who are the same video every time the skeptic community yeah and I was just like oh geez this is all really boring and what are you fucking stupid yeah truth or slime it's just sort of like he's just talking about things that they wouldn't talk about like yeah Anakin Anika's immaculately I were mean things to different people but it's just interesting to see from different perspectives it is right I mean can I ask okay what did you where did you jump in did you jump in with thought slime or a jump in with contra points and in my group I watched a contra points video when it was recommended to me like months ago and I was sort of taken aback by the whole the way it looked I was like what I don't like what's like it's a little too much for me it's a little too much for my little brain pea brain here I don't think I think about contra points it was it was just sort of like wow this is like the big trip like my first was this is a a trans woman and therefore I don't know whether the content will be good just because it does that mean no no yeah I mean I I got I got I got like prejudices cuz like Oh social justice for a trans community they're the same thing and so if there's somebody popular is probably just because they're trans and not because they have interesting things to say but I stuck out the video because I was so I guess enthralled by like what was going on that I was like oh wait they're they're sensible and they're like they they're not they're not like preaching to the choir they are talking about things that I don't hear people talk about and there's really good I don't know if I would say they're not preaching to the choir well you know everyone who has does commentary you know by virtue of the fact that they have you know gained an audience through the things they say is you know like obviously they're broaching to the people that have subscribed to them and are therefore sort of selling that wire only because I used to be a fan of contra points and in the early days she was a lot edgier and a lot more willing to sort of go against the grain of like what's popular in that movement and I think it kind of became that as she became like a bigger voice more and more people were looking to her as like oh you are like our representative spokesperson so you have to be more careful about what you say and you have to you know like basically play by the book a little bit more and it seems like she very much like internalized that and kind of took it like okay you know I do have to be I do have to take more responsibility and be more like that and that just ruined it for me that's very typical people I mean what do you what do you mean I know like what changed I'm curious because I haven't watched all of contra points so like I might not know even to understand if you watch a lot of the earlier videos because yeah in the early days like Concha points is just a lot more I guess I would say nihilistic about it all or just like she didn't care so much about being correct with the ideas it was like presenting the arguments in a way that was charitable – to the two people who don't see they don't think you have to communicate this particular way that you have to like watch your words and really like walk on eggshells through your explanation I know she used to go on 4chan I don't know if that stopped or if she's changed her approach but I mean anyone who does that I remember when whatever one video she said she used to go there to hear like I forget which video this was she would go – I'd like the lgbtq board I think and would like post her like you know how's my transition going specifically to receive the kind of incredibly harsh feedback you'll never get from like your friends and allies you'll only get from people who I just don't give a shit about you that because Concha points is kind of like a hard-ass and kind of a like which is what I like about those early videos is that they come off as somebody who's very critical of themselves and their own side you know like somebody who is enjoy that I mean I think she's I think like um she seems pretty willing to like she doesn't really seem to be that like toeing the party line like I think I feel like she's pretty willing to he's coming out to come out with like an unpopular take on like you know something like like what is what does it mean to be trans I'm sure she is and I haven't been keeping up with her content for a long time because what bogged it down for me was just the sheer amount of like over explaining the language or like trying to basically compromise what's the word I'm looking for it's like she she babies you through the video in a way that she didn't use to like do you think that's like a sort of a like as her videos got viewed by more and more people she had to like simplify them like make them more accessible yes and make them more accessible and also less like less potentially triggering will say like that she might have made an edgy joke before and not explained it and now she feels like I have to explain every single thing I say on the off chance that somebody is going to be offended by the way I've chosen to phrase it which is exactly what my problem with that community is in the first place that like people are in are just so soft that they need to have everything broken down and explained in depth and it's like you can just offend people sometimes like it's okay just if they can't handle it they shouldn't watch the videos you know there's always gonna be a pressure to avoid that when you watch more people I was watching I watched the UM the our traps gay video have you seen that and like I think I've seen that one well in like that one she says like I think maybe this this might speak to what's going on there she says like like this is like a bad question in like like this the question itself is sort of like inflammatory and like derogatory just in the way that it's phrased that but like she said that she wants you know she wants she's making a video so that like some kid who hears the question and maybe goes home and Google that she wants his first exposure to the answer to be like her video versus like some no idiot some mimiron fortune or whatever who's just you know it's just kind of like it's like if you're looking at it that way she probably just wants to like control her language in a way that like you know gives like people who are being newly exposed to these ideas like like she when she wants to guide the conversation in a certain like more productive way that's that's just the opposite of what I want to watch like it's that well there you go it's in the early days because what I was watching her she had like 50,000 subscribers or so less than that like this this is years ago you know 682 K yeah way way bigger she had like 45,000 when I was watching her and like again the content was a lot edgier and like part of the appeal was that she she'd called herself like the Wright Whisperer or something like that because her appeals reached across the aisle to both camps and we're capable of you know basically being being nuanced enough in their approach that people from the other side would also be able to appreciate it and now it's just when you watch the videos it is so indebted to the community that she's speaking for at this point that it could no longer reach across the aisle that way like people on the right are not gonna watch these videos because they're going to see it as excessively SJW iin during I think that I don't know I think that they are still intended to reach across the aisle I mean Hanna traps gay hence the our traps gay thing I saw that is how long ago this change started but the the one I watched recently was the 2-part what's wrong with capitalism video which I mean the reason I liked like these videos I haven't been watching them in order or anything just like what's recommended to me is that she would like bring up things like the old right perspective and she wouldn't like attack it in the same way that the armored skeptic would attack you know a left idea just make fun of it make names out of it she would she would bring it up and like honestly like talk about it in in in a in a sort of a neutral fashion before going on to her explanation of how whatever she's talking about and I was just sort of like I mean I don't know whether that aspects still I mean her most recent video trans trenders I I watched and I felt like that was the same sort of thing it was a bit like difficult to follow because I didn't know a lot of the terminology at first but I got the gist by the end about um I don't know I don't know what if she's I don't think she's like two pounds I mean it's not that I don't think that she still thinks the same way as before it's that the videos are boring now because of the fact maybe they have to softball so much explain all the jokes you know like make sure everybody knows that she's not saying this or I'm not saying that like I said I mean if you just go watch some of the earlier videos they are just a lot more like dense edgy and they don't come from somebody who seems like they were trying to appeal to everyone you know it just felt much more personal and raw and like what I see now is like somebody who is trying to take responsibility for their level of celebrity and present things and like be the spokesperson for the for for trans people you know because people are taking her that way because of the fact that she is more reasonable than most people she's the one who everyone's gonna link you their videos you know like everyone's gonna say oh you want to talk about this issue you got to watch the Contra points video and like I think she's internalized that and taking that into account and I totally respect that but it doesn't work for me because I already understand all this shit and I don't need it to be really die don't need to be babied through the video I don't want to have to listen to you correct yourself and like make you know apologize for everything you say you know obviously my own content I make a point to not do any of that because I find it annoying and I would wanna go you're not the target audience you know I would rather well I would rather just offend you and then have a conversation about it then you know then to make my contact out she hopes for the same oh sure HIPPA what got what meet what got you on thought slime so I love that slime I think it was just that you had mentioned you were watching him and something about slime and getting him on our f ck and that was funny yeah so so I saw a video of his and I was like oh okay I didn't like his cartoon face and is yeah some videos with his actual human face is better it's not a great artist that's we can all we can all agree on that yeah um is the under here's the misfortune of looking like a giant baby man yeah wait yeah no I don't hold against is true professional soft boys yes he's always like who's that guy from Dark Souls 3 who just consumed like human flesh until he softened and turned to use and just started spreading everywhere all right st. Aldrich's deep or whatever that's that's him that's the thoughts lie I got nothing against that guy it's just fun right when I found thought slime I was just like oh wow here's a guy who's just outright saying like he's not there's no there's no pretense he's outright saying hey I'm a fucking a narco communist and I want a fucking and capitalism and here's why and you know it's just refreshing right and like I did find other people like it's not like he's the only one like that but he was like the first one that I found and he was just like bald-faced a like capitalism sucks and i want to dismantle it and here's the problems with it I'm like oh my god sick it's like a robe yeah well that's understandable I've got I've got a higher let me go one step up on the conversation tree here because I experienced a truly euphoric piece of content recently that is very relevant to what we're talking about right now you may be of course you know of the world-famous podcasts known only as grim p– episode – oh yeah yeah a title should grim p– do politics was the question yeah and now let me just cut through all the guy I listened to it I you know you and you hope du Bois is that what is yeah first you known as online well I mean we just call John okay I just didn't want a cage on okay so John I'm gonna call him John cuz that's how I think of him um discussion you guys both very left-leaning no problem that's fine but you get to the end and the summary is should should Gramp discuss politics I would like to quote I broke down when Ben quote insanely transphobic Ben st. with the words Ben should grim to politics quote definitely not know end quote the exact words used Benjamin Eleanor st. and I just like to present that to the group as in definite definitely not : no definitely not semicolon no correct correct not naughty not a negation of the previous statement being made but a continuation of these yeah negatory expression yeah um so I would say and you know that conversation was interesting everyone should go listen to world famous podcast crimp world is a narco communist in India oh well advocate yeah sure but but the I mean the consensus of that show was like there are times when politics should be discussed and fleshed out and and dived into but politics is a fraught subject can cause stress inevitably causes much conflict and there are times and places where it's appropriate not appropriate and one needs to just partition your life in the appropriate way probably to decide when you want to get into it and when not and I submit to the group that I think the PCP my vision of the PCP is one of these places it is it is a fun place not designed to cause there are times when it'll inevitably come up but to make it like a staple of the thing yeah I would think it's not probably the optimist I agree I think I could probably diet dial it back but I'm not gonna dial I'm not gonna dial it back down to zero sometimes sometimes things are said and I feel the need to comment on them and and I mean sometimes I feel like sometimes I feel like like I'm not the one bringing in the politics if the politics are coming in like accidentally and I'm just and I'm merely reacting to them do you know what I mean I you know I I am sympathetic at that point I would say that however there's a way to look at the world where there anything could happen and one can view it through a political lens I would say that it kind of depends on the observer so I wouldn't exempt any particular person who views an event and chooses to view it through the political lens as opposed to someone who doesn't do that you could look at I mean kind of like Anita sarkeesian like she says like everything is sexist and you need to like you need to look for these things and point them out and what I have no problem with her life whatever do ever you want but it's like but she's she's choosing to view the world in that way so as to rectal to identifying a little bit of a care i but but I don't think so I mean I think that's a very very rational reading of of the idea there is a preparer saying everything is sexist everything is racist yes yes it's taken out of context I've seen ok I'm not trying to say that Anita sarkeesian thinks that everything is sexist I'm merely positing what I think is a reasonable point that it seems to me that that her and people of a similar origin choose to view the world through the lens of their particular ideology which in their cases I mean everybody does that everybody would use everyone everybody views the world through the lens of their particular ideology but not everyone's ideology is to lean towards politics so there is a difference between people well I think I think the thing here is that Anita sarkeesian does she talks about feminism things as sort of a job at this point so of course she's going to comment on them more than someone who who isn't doing it for a job this is just kind of an evolution of the like keep your politics out of my video games which is like a wrongheaded argument in the first place because like everything is inherently political I want you know it that's not true I don't I don't think this is a new thing for our podcast I think we just have been using more political terms like when I think back to the early days of this show like almost every fucking episode ended up in some kind of anti sjw rant where we would go down the road of language politics or political correctness or something like it's not unusual for us to spiral into political rants it's just that with been consuming all this political content all the time it is more like direct like the terminology is there the the argument is more like directly in reference to political terms but like yeah I mean it inevitably happens if that's what's on your mind when you ask us things I'm just I'm just gonna say it I'm just I'm just gonna come right out guy are you ready are you ready for my bombshell are you ready yeah to get triggered okay well here's what I think I think as I have that as I have developed as a human being right as I have evolved as I've opened my third eye and you know ascended to the anarchic communist utopia I feel I feel like there's I've just had I've moved a little away from what the rest of you guys might think I've moved away from the centrist bullshit the dominie society I know it is but anyway the point is the point is that I know that I have disagreements now that's it that's that's I think that's a crux of it is now I have disagreements we didn't used to have disagreements and now I have disagreements I I've changed my position on a bunch of things I mean I'm gotten like pretty casually political so like I'm not like so over like I don't have a set goal in my political like ideology or what I want out of the world so like you having like this different you know this this change in politics alone it's really just made me curious and I'm going to look happy just so joyous I mean part I don't know what centrism really is but I'd like to be able to understand both Nate and man at the same time if you know what I mean by the way I want to be fair to our audience here for a second because the argument is not really from them that they don't want us to talk about politics it's their split their split no it's that they don't want us to talk about politics it's not that they have a problem with listening to people talk about politics they just think we are retarded and a lot of they say less talking about politics yeah yeah the biggest that's by far the biggest complaint I you know I see it I'm not unsympathetic to it I'm trying to get less retarded it's hard it's also I'm not there yet I don't know you people who are criticizing me always to actually be to actually know because a lot of the time the argument is just you should shut up about politics because you don't know about it and then I say well what do I not know are you capable of explaining this because as far as I know you're retarded about politics and I'm right unless you can put up an argument but you know I mean there's I'm just being charitable to what their actual feelings are you know not that I think they're correct on the one on the one hand there's like you know there's lots of books out there to read there's lots of stuff out there to consume right to get educated on the other hand that you can you can never have read it all you can never know enough right you'll never be you'll never be done learning how do you vet which ones are like there's always people who they've read a few books and now they think they know it all but they haven't read the counter books and it's like you have to have read all the books and all the counter books and all the everybody's perspective before you can really look at it all and make a judgment for yourself like it's always gonna come down to not what is correct but what you agree with I mean even then there's infinite knowledge that humanity doesn't know yet so any of that amount could be the look the problem with this whole discussion is that let's say we let's say we literally we as the PCP found literally the perfect political ideology we knew it we had done this in some way okay I already did it okay great and now now our mission is to convert the audience to thinking this in whatever way we choose yeah there isn't like okay you just have to think that the audience does not immediately like agree with you and the process of making it like converting a show that's like a comedy show comedy show I have always stood by that night believe in Tuesday we're funny people so therefore were comedy show I think is generally like we didn't we don't set out to make jokes there has been no laughs I know and I consider it a tragedy do I look and there have been laughs there have been laughs but the point is Larry the laughs Nate you owe me the laughs even if we get you're laughing right now even if we had a perfect political ideology and we were attempting to like teach to the audience I would that like that process will fraught and contentious and you're making it like a political thing that just will be divisive could not everyone will agree with you and that the question is is that the kind of atmosphere you want for your show some shows our political some shows are not and you can say that everything is political I know I understand the point and that's kind of true but there are shows where they talk about things where the point is not to be political or to make any kind of major point I couch everything I say in I'm an idiot I don't know anything this is just my life experience could be wrong don't trust me on anything I mean why would you want to believe what I want the PCP in any content I'm involved with to be is a place where people don't get hung up on this like you have the strength of mind that you can listen to us talk about anything like that's what I would hope is that like we could talk about politics we could talk about anything else the point of it is that it's us in our perspective and just being ourselves and if you are interested in us that's the appeal like I don't think the PCP really has like we could say it's a comedy podcast but obviously you don't listen to this podcast for comedy you listen to it because you're interested in us and so whatever we have to talk about you know again I understand the people whose argument is I don't want to hear you guys talk about politics because you don't know what you're talking about and they find it infuriating I would encourage those people to consider the possibility that we do know what we're talking about unless you could prove that we don't know what we're talking about but uh you know I just think it's not fun I just think it's and my goal is to make it fun to listen to this is my flavor but I would yeah I would say just we should we should always just if we think a conversation is not going anywhere we should move I want to the conversation to upstream at like ideas and culture I do not want to bring it down to downstream to politics that's my means but the trend that I noticed in the last like two episodes is that like the episode would come out and then there'd be kind of a bunch of comments and you know sprinkled in there would be a bunch that we're like I love the political discussion and then later on like more would trickle in that are like I hate the political and in the end it would kind of even happen it was like the people who are like watching it right when it comes out they seem to like you more and then the people that like watch it later or something it see it seem like more of them like the glasses like does this mean that like maybe the people that are like more engaged liked it and like the people are more casual listeners are annoyed by it man we don't have an analytics on that no I think it's possible people literally just jump into the comments leave that comment because they want to get ahead of the other comments that they have any publicity episode yet who knows who knows well I think inevitably as always the the funny thing about the PCB has always been there is no thought leader there is no one whipping the ship it's just whatever any of us want to talk about and there are are inevitably going to be disagreements and differences of vision as to what is to be done the emphasis where it should be put so I I think all we can do is just state our case tried it out and see what inevitably wins out long term I guess well this conversation has been boring for like 20 minutes let's talk exactly exactly okay I want to I can say well well yeah I got I got a thing it was just sort of like an idea I came up with and I want to see who else feels this way it is copycat anxiety and this is the the anxiety that when you are about to do or say something and then someone else does or says that exact thing you find yourself unable to do the thing you wanted to do for the fear that somebody will think you're copying the first person absolutely right I mean I've thrown away video concepts many times because somebody else has already done it somebody made yeah somebody made a like a banjo kazooie like like kind of stylized like my smash confirmed series and when I first saw that I was like oh shit someone just like did this and perhaps I have some idea to make something like it we'll see I was like well shit I guess that's out but then I watched it and it like wasn't that good and I was like oh okay that's fine yeah justify doing it again if you think that their versions sucked in your version and it wasn't even like the same there's many differences but like when I saw that like they used the same kind of thumbnail template I use it like they used the same like font that I use for it and I was like nah shit but then it did seem evident I mean in that case it's somebody who's doing your style I would see them as the copycat yeah but it's still like what let's just say that he literally ripped off my formula which is fine including like thumbnail like title everything is it's very deliberate and like it's you could instantly know if it's like copying me which it kind of was let's just say that he made like the full thing in the way that I would have uh like is that bad should I be like mad should I not make my own if it already exists basically I would think you would do I would definitely say you should do your own because it's your series like yeah I mean the thing about that is like those videos was so big and they were so shareable but they weren't like mate videos they're no they're not about copyable they're it's it's a style that people can copy and what it's that the problem is with that is that people won't realize if they're like casual watches they just saw these smash videos they won't notice that a different person has made them like some people probably don't even realize it's not as good I think it would be evident when you watch it and it sucks like well I mean I'm not even saying this was like horrible but it was not at my level that it easily went on for like 20 minutes doing the the intro before I go to the music or something but a lot of people are dumb they'd see like the like the black background with the Smash Ball they'll see bands with a bleak oh good another one they'll see like the font and it was like wow this guy really dropped off like what happened here I don't know nothing I'm really worried about but but like the point just to get back to Gibbs point cuz I do find that interesting and like it did kind of dampen my spirits a little bit like I shit but then it I got over when I saw that like okay this didn't really like do what I've done but like if you want to like do a review of an anime because you've got something interesting to say and it's an original idea you thought or something then you like happen to click around and you see oh shit this guy talked about the exact thing I was gonna talk about and this video is like nice and stuff and the this is not like you I mean in a small enough community this is more powerful and more potent especially when it comes to each us in the PCP because I came up with this idea like a few weeks ago when digi had been paid to rant about the quick-draw not being advertised enough oh yeah up until that point I'd been thinking I really got to get around to making a video and then digi says it in the rant and then people like yeah what the fuck where's the quick-draw and I'm like damn it now people are gonna think I took in from it like I wouldn't have had the idea if not digi had said it they think I'm kinda G's advice and that it's all his reason that goddamnit I got so mad then I made that like sort of passive aggressive fucking I knew immediately people in the comments would think ah did you save the day I was like it wasn't digi I was thinking about it I already knew I know I hadn't done it I know that's why I mean it's not even that I was angry at you obviously it was the right I was angry that I took so long and now people are gonna think I'm a copycat freak with no brain yeah oh yeah you know this is I can't really speak to that situation but just like to two things like I was saying before about like other ideas this is why for anything that like I want to even like tangentially related to things I want to make videos on I just like don't consume other people's media about it unless I like dude I expect to like quote it in the videos like I know a lot of reviewers do that like Yahtzee has always said you that yeah I don't watch anybody's reviews until I do my own and it's because they usually say they don't want to have like anybody else's opinions color theirs and yeah yeah I feel the total opposite because and this is wrong of me to feel this way because like most people view creators individually it's like I follow you I follow this guy those are the people I consume I always think of it as like this overarching discourse that like anything that's been said already I don't have to say that again you know like if somebody I don't have to say it and so I always been trying to find the one thing nobody said so like rather than you know just like not consume anything else which at this point I don't because I don't like any anime reviewers at all so I don't watch everybody's shit just for that reason but like for instance with mob psycho like I would have made a video about mob psycho season 2 but you had already gotten out your wee Aguila before I got to it and in my video I literally am like hey Nate already talked about the show in broad terms I'm just gonna fixate on this one detail he didn't bring up because like I don't want to just repeat everything you said when you already did a good job I'd rather just send people to your video you know ci that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do to see what other people are talking about and kind of like avoided or even maybe in general terms recap it like to a degree that seems fine to me but III very were I very much worried personally about the guilt of either consciously or unconsciously like ripping off other people's ideas in any way so I I don't know just what did that make sense to like an anime or a video game video that hasn't been covered to death then I think it's fine to make your own video because they will people will think of it as you know your take well even if it's very similar to some other video there's a there's a lower chance that they have seen that all those other videos of the same thing when it comes to something like a review of the last Jedi you cut nobody could do that anymore like that has been done like all like the last episode of Game of Thrones or something like overwhelmingly like what's the word cluttered starched it's just too many too many sadly saturated about that one aspect the only thing about it though is that the audience by and large will just watch all of them like I don't care if they repeat themselves they don't care if they hear the same information sure so no to watch them all like I must have watched 20 videos about that Game of Thrones finale just cuz they were like oh there's like there are people eventually people will stop like us in person yeah only be able to consume so many last Jedi reviews but like the audience doesn't like disappear it tapers off over like a long it's like okay for me it's always difficult for me to understand other people's viewing habits because I only watch my subscribe subscriptions I really do not adventure out of that I don't go and watch things like I'm not the type of person who watches a movie and then searches for what people are saying about it I don't care I really don't care what anybody has to say I only watch people because I like those people and I don't care what they're talking about I'll watch anything they talk about but like that's not how most people are they watch everything pertaining to their interests and like I'll talk to Victor for instance who you know he will do that he'll go and watch every video that's about something he cares about and he just thinks all the videos are shit he'll just he'll tell me like you have to talk about this show because I watched ten videos and they were all garbage and you have to make a video about it and I'll just be like okay well is there anything I can say that they didn't say you know like like is it just those lies or what did what is he unhappy yeah I want to know what he's unhappy about like in a situation like today not discuss the ideas he was interested in or is it a presentation that he thinks they're wrong about it like that they have cake you know sure I'm sure like I think he was pocket every girl log in review before I made mine and my great rage at that it was actually more positive about the final season at Game of Thrones for instance like I think he was like he was upset that everybody had the same negative take but I think he watched them all you know like you said he just gets madder I mean that I watched them all in a quest for like additional details that like most people weren't aware for like nuggets of information like maybe there was like like this was said like Daenerys this thing was like set up in like a really cool way like we weren't aware of it that's not what happened but I mean like maybe someone knows something that I wasn't aware of I'm on a quest for like people who did actual research and like looked it and like behind the scenes info and are gonna present it to me in a way where I don't have to do any work I feel like that's what I'm doing when I like our video after video I'm looking for the more things than just the you know whatever women are gay I said I suppose like if it comes down to like everybody's covering something and like if if it is Game of Thrones I would react a certain way after watching it I wouldn't watch reviews first and then based on my reaction like I didn't like it so I would I would I wanted to see one all the ways in which it sucked because I'm not gonna watch it again and so I would find somebody like detailing everything but then I'd also want to know like how they fucked her ex got us covered well chick – yeah no fuck alt shift X you gotta go with Preston Jacobs also watch both goddamn alt shift X is fucking he's the fucking bargain bin fucking watered down Preston Jacob for the dirty degenerate masses yeah any of those books so perfect for me he only talks about the show true he made the fuck he made a fascinating video about like the extended like lands that video you know what old you know what you're right yeah thank you it actually does rule alright there we go I have a vlog that's gonna come out soon where I talk about this but one of the most important things that's extremely difficult for you as a content creator to put yourself in the mindset of is the fact that the audience has not seen your video yet like I'm sure like when you when you title it like I have this problem where I always try to give my videos like a title that makes the most sense for the video which doesn't matter to the audience because they're they haven't seen it yet like when they read the title they will not know what the video is so I can make the title basically anything and then once you click the video then you'll understand what it is and you'll go oh okay now I see how the title pertains to this but like you know and so I think that when people are looking for information on a show they don't no before they click if your video has any original or unique information they're going to watch it to find that out and so even if it has no original Union or unique information it's gonna get watched because people are looking for that and they can't know if you have it or not until they watch the video which is why you end up watching 25 fucking videos and you think half of them suck because there's so many people who are just spamming every single everything that is popular anything that their SEO manager tells them this is the thing to talk about they're gonna make a video regardless of what information they have and you just have to be the guy who had the most unique take or just the best made video so that people will actually say wow this guy was actually good I'm gonna subscribe to him but like if you concern yourself about it like if you're too hung up on everything I say has to be unique you're missing out that there's only two kinds of audience members who are gonna see your video it's either somebody who's watching everything that has to do with the show you're talking about or they only watch you anyways which means that they're not gonna hear any of that other shit so if you only have like the most unique take and you don't focus on any of the outer details then you know maybe those people who are watching absolutely every review will watch yours and think okay this one had something unique to say but they would have watched it anyways and if they're not then they only are watching your channel and they don't hear any of that other shit so so what's your suggestion what's the way to operate then turn is captures just say whatever you want to say and don't worry about what anybody else is saying like just you mean in like the title and thumbnail no in in your video just don't think about what anybody else is saying because it won't okay okay it won't matter to your audience at all it only matters to you because you want to feel original and you want to feel like you're copying people but your audience won't perceive it at all they're only going to perceive like what the video is in and of itself and if the video is good regardless of if it repeats points from other people then that will be what's recognized I suppose the most important audience to capture on YouTube and as it maybe is specifically that demographic that isn't just watching everything about the show nor your own core audience cuz you've already got those people just by making the bit it's that other demographic that like you just aren't reaching that you need to in some way like clickbait into the video or I don't know like convinced to watch where they otherwise wouldn't have that through making the video really good or yet like click baby stuff or whatever I suppose thinking cynically from like a business perspective that's like the most important demographic to appeal to however you can I don't think to me is like my brother Vic he watches he watches Geoff mother's basement yeah pretty regularly and hates it but he watches it okay as Jeff talks about every relevant cultural thing that's his ride Ryan gig and Victor just wants to hear about those things so anytime Jeff talks about anything Victor's consumed he's gonna watch it and just get mad like that's what he wants to know what's going on I care if the video is even good they watch it just because it's about the thing like who's the there's I don't know like a guys like Tim pool or whatever who I'm actually pretty bored with cuz I'm sick I knew his fuck news news is shit like but he'll make a video about any event that happens politically speaking like in the world and he'll give us take I mean who cares I'm over it like who's doing that for anime Jeff and I guess that's it like just Jeff maybe geek a little bit with his like wrapping up things really I mean Jeff even beyond anime the anime man he covers in everything that's relevant at the moment yeah that's true because that's what I mean what SEO is search engine optimization is essentially you just look at whatever everybody's talking about and you talk about that and it always works it will always be the most successful the nature new is just talked about the thing we're all talking about and I think that Jeff is somebody who's really good at getting interested in that thing I mean you could just say his basic bitch tastes but like anything that everybody's talking about he will legitimately form an interest and find something to say about it because that is what he's passionate about is being on the you know and I think for you and I we have a much stronger like I have to really legitimately give a shit and I don't about most things you know yeah yeah it's like it's like the Paul this this Tim pool guy mm-hmm seems like he really sucks or not get into it cuz my point was I don't care so let's just keep it at that level okay all right yeah well anyway a big I guess I was just gonna say that you didn't win something I care about is also popular it feels like the planets are aligning it's like the most beautiful sensation it's like oh my god everyone's talking about it and I have something to say about it yes it's gonna I'm gonna ride this race all the way like I have to put all of my focus onto this because nothing else is gonna be my meal ticket for the next however many months this is relevant for or indeed indeed in some cases I mean not to not to make a cynical transition but there was a tragedy recently that happens to appeal to you oh not appeal obviously but in your wheelhouse of interest things which is of course the key Oh Annie and I'm there yeah but that's not a good thing I'm not saying it's good I'm saying it's relevant to digi because he's a big kill any fan and well you know in the in the sense that like being relevant is like good for money but like well it literally is yeah I can't I can't really deny what Nate's saying because like as much as it it really is like I don't want to say an opportunity but like I have gotten a lot of views from talking about it like I mean my initial one was just kind of breaking the news story which I'm like I made international news did you get yeah I was always news in like supporting some Mexico or Latin American countries something yeah what money because I brink because of my video on a oh yeah I should get the link it's on Twitter I was like the first person on YouTube to report on the Kio any fire and my video yes my there's a clip of my video in the news for it from some other country so it's like it's so crazy that like I mean I guess it makes sense it's just it's just funny that like they'd make it be like a news report and like they would include footage of like a youtuber talking about it just like a news person talking about the thing basically that's sort of like them like including a clip of like another news network talking about I mean I know it's not yeah they don't like play a clip it's just like like running in the background as this guy's talking like he's basically talking about the fan reaction on the internet like how people are okay how people are reacting to it and I come up in that but it's like so yeah I can't deny that like even if my goal is just to you know break the news to as many play the only reason my point is of course not to call you out or anybody I understand this is the no I said absolutely like yeah the fact that I feel something about something that everybody else is feeling something about and I'm able to put it into words is is to my benefit in the long run I mean like yeah um you know there were some people who criticized me for that because the second video I did the the one the video you will experience hurt or whatever yeah the damage is coming Ryan that video I monetized and which I had not done for the original news breaking cuz I thought you know obviously this is this is not this is not about me but the second video is a creation I made it is it is in the vein of every other video I've done it is my creative output and my ability to connect with your emotions is my job so it's like on the one hand it is there were some people who said like I can't believe you monetized this video you know what it's about this tragedy and it's like well this is this is like me writing a book about a tragedy that happened you know what you would pay for a book about 9/11 you know what I mean like we have complicated relationships with tragedies as a society I think I mean I don't know I don't blame you it's I whatever I mean I don't know I mean you know it just my take on it was like I considered even tweeting about it but I was like you know I I did I was like I don't know what to say frankly I was like I don't know what charity to trust maybe they're literally embezzling like I don't know any of these people what am I gonna do I just don't want to get involved cuz it seems weird to like a tweet about Etica and I kind of felt bad because I'm like I don't even want to be part of the conversation all energy should go to focus on like Etica and other people I entered this is like like maybe I could amplify like helpful voices in subway I don't know it just made me a little uncomfortable and then like this happens and it's funny well ordinarily I am and like in a case like Attica I mean I didn't know about him but I wouldn't you have probably said anything other than maybe just like oh I miss the guy because there's nothing you can do he's dead here I do for him in the case of Kyo any it was like this is an ongoing scenario where there's not only is there gonna be the families affected but like the studio is gonna have to rebuild a bunch of people are out of jobs you know like it's not just about the people who died it's everybody surrounding of course need help so like that was why I felt like I had to do you had to say something like oh if there's I wasn't gonna say anything until there was some kind of action that could be taken you know right like there's no just making a video to cry about it it's like okay well there's there's a GoFundMe it's being done by Sentai Filmworks who basically licenses all of Keo and his shit so I would trust them too you know it seems pretty fair yeah yeah so it was just kind of any any new information on like the person who did it we know why he did it yeah you know had an article from the AP well I just like I think his motivation is relevant just in terms like why he did it so we can understand well he seems to think that they had plagiarized his book or something yeah stole his novel or some insane shit I mean that's the only doesn't sound legit I'd I mean I'd be I would like someone to investigate this to some extent to find out of his Aunt Ruth obviously even if it's a hundred inaccurate disproportionate back I'm just curious whatever the case is the guy clearly had meditated this for a long time because the amount of like it just so happens that that day because the studio only has one fire I say because it's like an older building and they had unlocked the it that day because the news was coming to do interviews with them so he would have had known that yeah so like he was definitely like stalking them trial he was planning for it you know and I mean he's fucking insanely ruthless he was dumping fire on people as they ran out of the building and shit like it's fucking crazy but the reason for something like that could only be something insane like fucking believe this happened to Kyoto Animation of all fucking Studios like Jesus Christ what the fuck I mean yeah it seems no point like the least bad one they're like the one studio that like really takes care of their employees and like yeah like has good hours good management everyone there is extremely and this doesn't really matter but it's like mostly women too and it's like ah what the fuck mostly women they had a daycare in that building Oh God I don't think it each other yeah I heard yeah well alright it keeps getting brought up but it's still like each like like to walk through that yeah you know even even in this moment I feel a little guilty about even expressing any sentiment because I feel like I might be playing it up for an audience and it makes me feel uncomfy know that I'm doing that don't don't you don't got to worry about feeling that way I don't everybody is feeling something you know I guess there's a so early into this happening because I was following everybody who was tweeting it like a dragon made director is that is he is there any news on that guy he's heard anything there's Jesus Christ I mean if they're labeled as the reason that they're considered missing is that they haven't they it's like a weird Japanese thing they don't pronounce him yeah until the doctors pronounced a dead so was he working on season 2 like right now yes I think that's probably why he was in the studio is holy yeah I mean it's it's fucked but like there was people saying you know everybody grieves in their own way and I I was like yeah that's it's always important to keep that in mind cuz like a lot of the ways that people react to it I look at and I think what the fuck you know like why is that what you're focusing on why are you reacting this way what and then I just have to stop and say okay well look you know not everybody thinks like I do everybody's emotional just let him you know what I let him do what I said I think they have to do you know I saw I saw a great interaction which was just demo tweeted like oh this is horrible and then he his follow-up was like um like it's something something this would horrific event and like what a blow to the industry and then someone said like really bro you're gonna focus on like the industry instead of the people and of course this is him following his first tweet about like what a nightmare for the people and demos like we really gonna nitpick my specific word choices bruh and like not like he respond in such a comma way and was like c'mon bruh we really can't do and the guys like oh shit you're right sorry like it's fine I mean it's it's been way to keep it you should comment in my discord yesterday Wade yeah 13-year old Annie Fred newest member of the teen CP was running around screaming about how he doesn't actually think that we that like everyone's emotions are legitimate because they're worried about their you only care cuz it's kill to animation not because it's people and it's just like yeah alright well yeah I mean really kind of true I'm not really overly could be but as you should I think that people should only be concerned about things that concern you because if you try to concern yourself with every single human life on earth you will just be I mean to pray all the time if it had been any if it had been like the building next door that was burned down and the people in ya building had died like none of us would have heard about it no I mean we have a personal connection you that obviously many of us are big fans like people take this line about like yeah you only care because you're personally involved like other thing no she had even a real argument that's not like I mean it's I guess you're correct but what should I not care I don't know you're only sad because you care specifically by the way nobody nobody attacked and afraid he's like 13 he's young we had a lot there was a long discussion right okay so he has not admitted to being wrong or anything but uh anyway the the the thing is that like yes obviously it would be nice if we cared about every human life but there are billions of people and you cannot do something for everyone you can you don't you have a limited amount of self and like the first priority of everybody should be taking care of yourself make sure you are in the right place you are mentally okay you're physically okay take care of yourself if something's wrong with yourself don't worry about other people unless it helps you to take care of yourself it hits the hints that put your mask on on the airport before helping those next to you exactly and then once you are taken care of you should worry about other people but like think about like how much can I give like do if I have to give money for instance like how much money do I have who needs it and like what causes am I like what do I care about you know fix the stuff that you care about because nobody else is gonna fix it everybody should be fixing the problems that are relevant to them and that way you know every problems getting worked on at the same time by the people who should be working on it you know if you know we yeah like if when if Kyo any burns down like I was on Twitter and there's a lot of people who weren't talking about it who don't know anything about it who don't care him you know I follow plenty of people who aren't anime people and like I just kind of I didn't want to read those tweets I was like I only really care about this thing that's happening so I'm not reading all these other tweets by other people and I don't blame them at all why would I like why we know they care that 33 people they've never heard of died like yeah you know all the time people die of every second of every day you carry but heard of it and when it's relevant to you I I almost worry even more about I mean I know whatever there's no point in comparing but like imagine being like not one of the people who died one of the employees there who's now permanently burned and scarred for life you watched your co-workers burn and died around you and you and now you're like your job is gone your life is for end maybe you're like permanently crippled as a result of this one guy who you saw shouting die died in the building and killing people on a fucking piece of shit I mean obviously but you know you know that wait did that happen and yes that's yeah this what happened wait the the the arsonist he was in there screaming diets like a very odd arson he was like in there dumping gas on people he lit the exit on fire and then was throwing gas on people as they left the building like makes me feel legitimately sick to think yeah okay you know you know what the heaviest episode of the PCP ever my browser it is terrific okay I was just gonna say you know what on this subject it kind of even relates to politics we were talking before and it's just that like I mean the specifically I heard about kill my knee fucked me up then that I it's fucked up to even think about this way but when I heard about like the director of Dragon made like that he probably dead like that's when it was like it that's when it kind of became real and I'm like something that I was looking forward to was really excited about I'm like I will like I'll probably never get and even if I get it like it won't be what it was they everything that was in the building all their work gone even if they rebuild it they're starting from scratch and it was I was like I thought to myself like I want a tweet I want to like share the information but you know what I ultimately decided for various reasons I already talked about I was like you know what I think I want my online presence to be like other people can talk about politics totally understandable totally fair other people can talk about tragedies I get it I kind of want my little bubble to be like an oasis of just like positivity and like a little bit of like you know just light-hearted like talking about video games talking about anime things that we like I was like there's a time and a place for these things I I think I will kind of crafts my online experience to just be a place where people can like chill and like get away from her instructor notwithstanding not counting this you know I don't know this is this is a shared group this isn't just my stuff like this is maybe that's me being like a coward I mean that we talked about I think did we know stuff like that there needs to be applying to that I mean I put out because I almost didn't put out the newest whirling dervish episode because like yeah I personally like that episode was done before the fire happened all right I felt really weird about like saying anything other than about it I was like this is the only thing I can talk about right now and it wasn't until I had out my tribute video that I felt I could post anything else it was like I said it'll come out first then we can do but I was like there was a part of me that was like all right do I want to post this podcast this is still on my mind but then I was like well what about all the people who would like rather think about anything else right now you know like I posted my wig well like the next day and people were like oh I was really hoping he'd like make a video about you know the key Oh Annie I'm first of all I don't have time to get that out before this I but I mean that's just the sentiment I get it I get it that's what's on everybody's mind I think I saw one person like criticizing you for like talking about something else like me yeah like they wouldn't have imagined that you could have you would have recorded this before you heard that news or something well I don't worry I saw that it was it was a comment in a disco it's another case of like everybody grieving differently like there are some people who I totally get why you're just gonna be upset that anybody cares about anything else because that's always how it feels it's like when you're like parent dies like you are not going to be interested in hearing about anything that anyone has to say because you're going to be completely focused on this thing that nobody but you has a reason to really care about you know right it's just like you have to face the fact that we all have to reserve our grief for when we need it you know like basically think about there was a there was a mass shooting ten minutes from my house a month ago and when I heard about it my reaction was like wow that sucks the world's a shitty place even though it happened right near my house because I don't know the people involved mass shootings happen all the time if I'm just the press every time there's a mass shooting I'll never not be depressed but like when something that's really relevant to me like this happens it's like okay the walls are coming down like I can't control this emotion this is it's HAP that's what you know kind of the point of my video is like sometimes it's gonna happen directly to you and that's when you're gonna feel it and you know a fascinating thing happened to me recently which was just me and Michelle went to Kings Island a big roller coaster water park place in Ohio pretty fun pretty pretty good time did you make a vlog I I should have no I took the pictures I had and I didn't post my Instagram maybe I will at some point but um it was it was just that like the first thing that we did was Michelle and I went on like the first it was like a wooden roller coaster and it was like I don't know it was like the first one to go on or something Thunder I don't know that might be the wrong name but like I swear getting on it like Michelle hates roller coasters and I'm saying into her oh this is oh this is a wooden roller coaster like these aren't as bad like we can see oh no no no wooden ones are the worst well we okay at the time I wasn't the shaking you get on a wooden roller coaster feels far worse than this the sleek experience of a metal at the time I was not thinking about that have not been in a while so we're in line Michelle's very nervous I'm like no it's fine like this isn't that big of a row it's gonna be fine we get up in the front of the line Michelle's still nervous we asked the guy there it's like we asked the guy like in the line hey dude is um is this like she's a little nervous is this roller coaster bad of course we are thinking this is a jaded man who works at an amusement park and he says to us like how were you I'd have done that specifically because like yeah I'm gonna ask this guy obviously this guy doesn't give a shit was he like he's gonna be like yeah it's fine don't worry about don't be a pussy I was kinda thinking that at the time yeah and then and then you know it's gonna put her mind at ease and then she's gonna do the thing yeah I'll be fine well he'll be fine ultimately it was fine but when we get on there's a moment or as we're we're on the ride the guy said like ya know this is the first roller coaster you're supposed to do that's what he said now he meant of the serious roller coasters there because there are kiddie ones that you can do too but anyway we're going on it we're going up and up and up on the thing for the first drop and as we're like halfway Michelle just leans over she's like wow we're really still going up huh we're still going up and it just feels like an eternity as we climb and the realization Dawn's on both of our faces as we look at each other that this was more than we had bargained for as we go down that first that first hill and I see any any anticipation any you know feelings of possible trepidation anticipate earn-in to sheer pain any feeling or a gimme any dealings of possible resolution now this relationship dissolves well that the dreams and you know and at first I'm like yeah this is fun my stomach was was like holding it together at first for the first dip or two but then I turn over and I see just the the actual agony the actual not a joke pain pure pain this is not a joke with like wanting anything but to be doing what's doing there on Michelle's face and my I first I lost my nerve and then I felt sick and I was like this is not fun this is not fun anymore and and then I I actually felt deeply emasculated that my girl is in such pain and there's nothing I can do to help her and we just have to endure until we get to the end of this ride it was a very negative experience for that like 30 seconds at the end of that ride and we get a bunch of pussy shit I just all right we get off and Michelle was very unhappy about look she recovered like real fast but in that moment of being on that right it was like if you could crystallize her emotion you have pure crystallized auntie fun in in some sort of gem and that I would sell it to the highest somebody hates rollercoasters as much as I do clear that she is she is she's your girl she's your girl now I went on to go on the metal roller coasters and had a grand time I was too scared to go on the biggest one Diamondback or whatever it is but the others like the loop-de-loop it was easy what difference does it make to go on the not as bad one versus two super bad one they all are the same it's I disagree I think wouldn't Rock a wooden one is a bad choice choice because we have waste you get way sicker I think Michelle would have actually been much better on like the metal one I went on like either it was even bigger because the shaking on a wooden one is so much worse okay but this was my point like the helpless feeling I felt looking at Michelle was like similar to how I felt when I heard the news about Q Annie I just felt like such I kind of forget the point I was making it first but I think this was a strange strange comparison you think so you know I forget exactly what I was trying to link up which to ideas I was trying to connect here because that story was too long but uh oh you know what I've got I've got another story I wanted to report here to the ladies and gentlemen on the PCP which this one's shorter and much more fun so me and Michelle are just we're going into the sit word by a University of Cincinnati I forget we're doing they're picking up some stuff or whatever we park next to a famous landmark in Cincinnati toppers pizza where you know grace was here we ordered some yesterday just for a little snack was fun it's it's your dog I know I tracked my calories I was a little bit over but it's fine but it's um it's like the staple of drunk college kids at 4:00 a.m. you go to toppers pizza and you get their breadsticks and you dunk that shit in marinara sauce that's what you do in Cincinnati if you're a college kid so that's the that's the vibe so we have a good I just I just got a break in oh yeah yesterday I made my best I made my masterpiece keto pizza oh really I made the ultimate keto pizza the secret was I use Arlo's recipe less egg more xanthan gum ultimate crust shit was crispy too legitimately crispy and I couldn't be more pleased these are low key dough no but one time he posted up he posted like a low car he was doing like he was dabbling in low carb and he was like right hey guys like store-bought like cauliflower pizza crust they just don't do it for me anymore I just can't get off finish any the hard stuff yeah right made on my own so here's the best recipe I found yeah almond flour and fucking coconut and whatever and he was right it was ghost Arlo knocks it out of the park once again all right listen this is what happened so we pull up we're parked in front of toppers we're getting in the car to leave we went who didn't go to top if we just have to be in front of it however next to us a car pulls up and blocks us in so we can't leave at the moment okay we gotta wait for this guy to go he gets out of his car walks into toppers he's wearing a hat and sunglasses and we're like well dude I mean we're like what the hell we're trying to leave here um well you know a few seconds pass were like hopefully he'll be back soon he looks like his car's still running out of the store he comes back he's kind of hustling he gets in his car and he drives off and we're like okay we can go okay out of the toppers bursts a woman who comes running looking back and forth and it's like where did it go where did it go I I leaned out of the car window and I say uh ma'am he drove off why what like what happened what's the deal she says that man robbed the store last week and just came back now and through a roll of toilet paper at us and then ran away and sped off in his fucking car this man had robbed this store the week before and came back a week later specifically to throw a roll of toilet paper and prank them in some way before speeding off to adventures unknown at toppers fucking pizza in Cincinnati what's the deal with that why did he do that that's bleep um any any thoughts Roper vet he robbed them he robbed them me what he thought they were unsporting about it I think that's probably true just one of the strangest things I've seen then we just drove off and that was the end of that but fascinating event I I don't know just like at all well I lied on a middle-aged white guy hats I'm like looking to be incognito just came back and pranks her storia to rob the week before and off he went I wonder about his motivation I wonder about what he did later that day he probably put it on his YouTube channel she's probably streaming the whole time he probably was he occupies a lot of my thoughts these days but that's I have a I have a story I have a story is something that happened to me this week alright so um this is gonna be stupid um so I'm so I'm going to Aldi right cuz they got the best deals they got the best fucking deals of Aldi have you know where can you buy heavy cream for less per quart great then at Aldi and you know that's where you get that's where you get my ultimate energy drink a gridlock extreme red ninety nine cents a can can't you can't beat it you just can't be it mmm-hmm so so you know I'm like okay so I leave the house right I'm alright I'm gonna go catch the bus there's like I take a bus and I catch another bus and it brings me there and then I take it back that's the route right so again so we get on the first bus and I realized as I'm going like oh shit I didn't charge my phone my phone's dead if I won't have Google Maps whatever I know how to get there right so I'm like okay I know how to get to Aldi so I take the first bus to you know the place and I stop and I'm waiting and I'm waiting for like half an hour it's taken forever it's bullshit and finally I'm waiting for one bus but another bus comes on like this buses go on the same way and it's not that far I bet it'll take me to like the same place right so I get on that and I go for a while and it drops me off at does Sullivan square or whatever the some mart-mart whatever the just stop still stay solvent for sure and so I'm there and I'm like shit this isn't where we're supposed to go and that so I'm just like but you know what I I have a keen sense of direction I know generally where I am this has worked out for me before this strategy has has yield has borne fruit so I'm just like I'm just gonna start walking in the general direction that I'm pretty sure all these in and I'll probably recognize some landmarks on the way they're just little Magda right pretty might mean yeah I mean this you know I'm prone to this kind of thing so so I just start walking and I just start going vapors three available now saint comics calm so and i just start walking and and i'm going for probably like i'm going for a while and i'm like i don't recognize anything so we duck into a vape shop right of all places a haven from the heat the world right it's like a pocus PokeMart no I fucking Pokemon Center you dive in recharge your batteries yeah right yeah so I asked the guy like the guy on the counter I'm like hey you know where the Aldi is and he does not know what I'm talking about I'm like you know the grocery store and he's like oh stop and shop and I'm like yeah so I pretend to be interested in him telling me the directions to the Stop and Shop of course I pretend that I'm going to take any of this and the right thing to do mmm-hmm sorry it's like so I I hear him for a minute I'm okay thanks and I'm like I turn around and I walk back to the station I'm just gonna go back and wait for the bus I'm gonna wait for that bus to go the other way I'm just gonna go back to the first stop so I get on I wait for a while I get on what I think is that bus turns out it's going the other way I'm going I'm going I'm actually going the wrong way I'm like okay whatever little turn around right I'll get back to where I started eventually so it's going and then I think that wait I do recognize this landmark I have seen that Bank of America kiosk huh I have seen that CVS before I know where I am so I'm like I hit the fucking strip on the side right so I get off the bus and I'm like sweet and then I walk to where I think the bus stop is at this place and then I realized no I have no idea what this place is this is not what I thought it is I'm lost and my phone is dead so I'm like okay cool so I just I'm just like you know what I'm just gonna start walking so I just I just start walking in one two right I might I'll find another bus stop eventually I I go like I go up and down like a couple of times I pass a bus stop like now that that bus stop looks bad look it's it doesn't look like it's what does it stop from an Express line I don't want that but then I finally settle on it so I wait and the Express line comes and I'm like hey are you going to such-and-such square and he's like no you're gonna want that bus and he points to a bus that is one stop down it is they're like I must run to the stop runs across the street I must beat the bus to it I barely do I jump on that and I'm like are you going to such as a square this is the bus that I just got off right it's the same one that I just jumped off figured so I'm back on the original bus which is whatever anyway turns out somehow this does in fact get me back to where I started and then I wait at the original place I wait for the first place that was supposed to be in the first place I get there it takes me to sort of near the all the kind of I get off in like I'm within like a couple blocks of it I have to like go through a chain-link fence there's luckily someone tore a hole in it so I'm able to so I'm able to dive through this is like been fucking Odyssey when is it I have to ask a guy like a mailman I'm like hey do you know where all the isn't he like looked up on his phone he's like yeah it's that way so they're like okay so I go and and and I find the Aldi okay great it's closed doesn't mean it's temporary closed for repairs so I have to go to the stop and shop instead you should that is the stop and shop that this guy was telling me oh my right next to the Aldi I was trying to get to I should have just taken his advice and followed his directions it would have got me there so I fucked it all up um so I do my shopping right I buy my heavy cream cheapest you can find anywhere except all mushrooms oh that's right no there's a terrible deal is it actually was a terrible deal cuz I gotta stop the show so I get my shit and I go and I walk and I like again I missed the bus stop and I have to walk around several blocks to find the place I was looking for I sit down I'm waiting for the bus and then and who do I see right who do I see coming down the street but some but some young thug right some like criminal mmm some thought-criminal okay wearing a Trump make America great again shirt so I pull out my stiletto my my blade I slip it between his ribs Yeah right and I make like a quick sideways cut no so I have I'm I'm wearing my I'm wearing my yang shirt I just happened where I'm wearing my yang shirt and I'm like I'm gonna kill this guy I'm gonna kill this guy with with facts and logic so he's walking by this is he he gets close and he's like he's like a teenager he's like an Asian kid he might have been like could an 18 could have been like 15 I don't know the high school college and I'm just so I just kind of turned to him I just kind of grabbed my shirt at the corner and I just kind of like sort of like you know you know you can kind of like tug it up a little just sort of like and basically just kind of like make a gesture that it like draw his eyes to like the logo shirt and I just look and I like ah and he looks at me he's on his phone he looks at me and he says like something in Chinese and I'm like okay um all you people back and what's going on here and now I don't know what to say I'm like a yang like kids like here's your way you're wearing a and he's like cuz like you're wearing and then and then the bus that I'm waiting for it starts to pull up and and he's like just staring at me and I'm like left I have like an a moment I have but a moment to explain what I was trying to do yeah I'm like and I'm just like cuz you know or sure it's got two different guys and he's like in like a super thick accent he's like oh I'm like alright what I got I gotta take this job oh he was like oh okay or something I gotta take this see it the ballet for life right so having having owned the cuck Cerveny I jumped on the bus and headed home victorious I wonder if he even knew like I mean surely he knew and this is exactly the story of the like that meme of like the two guys walking by each other once it's like howdy the other guy like cries to himself and then he like goes back home and blogs about how he owned the lib tart or whatever you know in that exchange it's just like you to just be muddled by your attempt at communication and then here you are claiming victory the moral victory if nothing else I see he went oh yeah I'm sure he had a long hard think that night about what he really believes yeah what is priorities I've no doubt no dad and what really makes a great nation when you really get right down to em yeah so that was my adventure fast now um yeah anyone else you know you know I'm just gonna say I've heard that Chinese people have a hive mind and I think that your attempt to convert one of the drones was unsuccessful in this particular exchange but also explains you know why why he was uncommunicative a'queen wasn't there that's my understanding I mean I wonder I mean I wonder what just you know I wondered like why was he wearing that trump shirt does he know what it he probably knows that it's a trump sure like he's probably knows like hearing that theory here's just a theory maybe he's wearing it not because he like loves Trump but because like maybe he just acquired it in some way and yeah it was like the president and so may toes maybe like maybe maybe he just maybe he just had the shirt right maybe he ran errands like Trump or something and he just had this shirt maybe does know what it is and he sincerely likes him maybe he like thinks it's funny maybe he's hard to say maybe he's like a big meme stirrer but I I think it's highly likely that he probably didn't recognize my vapor wave yang probably probably because I you know it's that it's that something's not pulling too well these days I mean this is a kid he's probably not that politically engaged right as well as like his English I mean maybe his English is better than I he would have let up and he led on in his like one and a half words that he said to me you know she really really makes you think mm-hmm it really makes you think about what's going on in the world you know there's a whole hour of political science course ladies you know I just think that there's a lot of things going on in the world like there's always something going on and like you know the world leaders are real they're keyed into like they're always paying attention like what's going on in the world and this is something that went on in the world certainly went on and not much else but yeah right Ben's right there is an Aldi near my my house that man she visited yeah and he was been used to find an Aldi specific energy drink called dark thunder okay he told me about that he told me about dark thunder and okay so I wonder right because the thing about Aldi is that all the one company that branched off of a parent company that split into two and in Europe they're like all the East and all the West but in America like I might be getting this little my stuff but like in Europe they're like all the East all the West in America like all the East is just Aldi and all the West is drumroll Trader Joe's oh yes that's true Aldi they yeah they are split off from the same they're nothing alike at all that's why they split they had a fundamental philosophical difference I guess I'm silent they couldn't reconcile II that's interesting yeah and yeah so you know and like one of ojos you know one of them one of them will eat one brother lean left and the other leaned right and they couldn't reconcile the differences which is win it and I don't know the deploy sound familiar names sound like a tail as all this time indeed oh yeah yeah yeah so you know which way is Trader Joe's left or I don't know the difference between the like which is which I don't know the difference right Oh Joe more like yes yeah okay but now I wonder okay this is so your story matters roles in it according to Wikipedia I was thinking okay I might details don't matter right right so I was going if they all D had been open I would have gone in there and immediately looked for dark Thunder but didn't get the chance but now I wonder hmm if this was that a European Aldi maybe then if this all he doesn't have it maybe if I went to a Trader Joe's they would have dark thunder so that'll be my second intricate lab yeah might be yeah might be yeah keep us posted I mean I'm in it I'm in it what are the holes in my story well that Trader Joe's was originally a Californian grocery store that opened in 1967 in 79 it was bought by Theo Albrecht who owns Aldi norm until his death and his adopted brother when the ownership passed to his heirs maybe those heirs were the two brothers that like no there's there are two the two brothers do own the two different all DS like it was founded by a pair of brothers and they did split it into Aldi Nord and Aldi sued but the guy who owns Aldi Nord just happens to also have owned Trader Joe's but it's not that well same that's enough of that okay okay you guys have a little-little in America little Lidl it's very similar your own thing soon no no wait it's it's basically the same as Aldi but spelled slightly differently we have BJ's we have BJ's and that's sick I okay so as I was as I when after I went under the chain-link fence to get to Aldi or stop and shop or whatever I walked by not even an ocean State job line oh yeah right the thing about this ocean seat job it was completely boarded up and I shit you not right okay imagine an open state job law like you know what they look like like they got a big fucking front wall and there's like a big like sort of opening with like what I probably like some fucking automatic doors right some sliding automatic doors you can imagine the entranceway to an open ocean State job lot this one it was like it was a brick wall like there was no there was no recession just the entire thing that would have been like the entranceway leading to the sliding automatic doors that would enter into the store have been entirely covered someone had just brick and morter Dover them into a solid brick wall dude that is a basic bitch minecraft build you have to switch up your blocks you can't just be using bricks like that I mean it would have been probably would've been more energy efficient just use grabbed indeed well cobblestone been I'm reading about Aldi and I want to know how you feel about the fact that while Aldi is the cheapest grocery store with the best prices the guy karl albrecht – who owns a ali Sood is the richest man in Germany and the 21st richest man in the world while the brother was the 31st richest man before he died hey what can you do I mean we all use a membrane yeah you know it's it's bad but there's no such thing there's no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism so you know I'm Dan it's damned if you do damned if you don't fair enough and they're just I mean that have a deals on the heavy cream forget about it it's like it's like a it's like a dime less per tablespoon that's not true that's an exaggeration one might say that the low low prices are able to be so low because of the strengths of the competitive market any thoughts um I mean it's a little reductive I mean probably I mean you could say that I mean but this this is uh this company was formed in the you know the market yeah like uh it's the way it yeah it's the way it is I mean you could say that about any company like any company however good or bad whatever strengths and weaknesses it has you could attribute those things to you know the competitive market remember when Nate was like I don't want to do politics on the show I say I say one thing guys make one mild point give me a fucking break that is a question that has huge ramifications it could lead to a massive discussion I know I know but then I I wonder is it best to just you know let everything go unchallenged I guess I guess iron shall it's what I think I mean I fundamentally disagree with much of what you just said but I guess I just won't say anything because I don't want to argue about it well well Nate well if your goal is to not talk about politics then I would say that that is the only thing you can do in pursuit of that goal I got me what are you what are your prayer what are your priorities but what's to be done when one hears political discussion that they disagree with but they also don't want to talk about politics do what I said there's no anything I just think yeah you write it right contended every single thing I disagreed with all this podcast there would be nothing but that which you know did you you're right you're better than that you're better than me at that absolutely true I need to get on your level well I also just feel that way all the time about every interaction I have with anybody it's like if I stopped this to nitpick everything they said I would there would be no end this is although I do that a lot and I want to stop I want to not do it anymore this is a personal issue I'll work on it you're right guys you're right do we want do we want to transition topics what to be nice well I have one okay well kinda I don't know how much you want to talk about this but speaking of politics kind kind of not really I was gonna say that I fell down the the destiny well and I watched like a million destiny debates i I really he's good I think he's really good and I'd all agree with him on a lot of things but boy I sure do hate a lot more people oh I've got it I've got a juicy one this isn't really this isn't political this I suppose a cultural issue but it's one thing I see destiny get attacked for all the time and I could not be more with him on this subject and it is that everyone shits on destiny for being ostensibly in the sense that he has no moral objection to the consensual adult incest and I I lift you know what I mean to the video I listen to the video yeah where he debates that the guy he's debating it with is so stupid nobody you know what is Emma raised to me why like like morally like like okay okay if you're looking for like a really robust argument for why it's not wrong you're not gonna find two here because the guy he's debating is in cave he's barely even capable of stringing a cent he will literally say a thing destiny will quote it back to him word for word and say is that what you're saying and he'll say no I didn't say that and he does it over and over over I don't know about any specific video but I see this that specific video is really frustrating but it's also really just okay people cannot understand the concept of like like he can't understand like the cod the process by which an argument is made people have so much bubble with this issue and they whatever they get all mixed up let me just state my case because I think me and destiny we're totally in agreement on this it does involving yourself an incest in my opinion like pretty much fuck up your family life in a major way permanently absolutely absolutely that being said does a person who's an adult have a right to fuck whoever they want or not I say yes therefore it's not my business whether people choose to engage in consensual adult inside I have no moral objection to it and I cannot find any reason to where people who say people get so on his case about this I was like a fucking idiot is this a contentious issue I feel like probably people are just trying to mess with yeah it seems like it's me I see people use this like it's kind of like the way people just throw at pedo they say that like Oh – please like Pro incest for you know I can imagine I could imagine the people are just scorned by the fact that destiny is really annoying and so anything they could potentially I – extremely annoying much of the time nonetheless I don't understand why people find him annoying I really I really don't get it yeah I really don't get it though the reason they find him annoying is that hey the constant just barrage of insults that he throws at people he doesn't really really he will slip some in like if someone if the person he's argue slipping them in is being like really I find him very patronizing to listen to he's who the people he's amazing he also cries okay contextualized what you're saying and and like just changes it he changes what you're saying into something else now on the fly constantly I don't I don't did you watch our debate yeah you didn't feel that he was literally proving my point as we were arguing you're retarded you are fucking retard so I'm sorry I don't think so but you're fucking retarded I don't think most people think that you came out on top in that particular debate and you know those people are stupid and they didn't understand the point of the debate because he changed it to be about something else the famous well yeah I thought that the whole point of the debate and what it turned into was like sort of I didn't understand why it needed okay I have to understand I know you went on there to talk about dick no I did not that's the whole point he made it that way it was not about dick at all the okay can you can you stay at the point of the debate then yes okay what happened was that I had made a video criticizing the debate he had with dick where I said that I thought dick was correct in kiss dicks argument had been you put words in people's mouths and you argue like an asshole destiny continually deflected this and made the conversation about all this other shit and he put dick in a position where he's arguing with him about like stuff that destiny has clearly done a lot of research in his very particular points about and forcing him into an argument he wasn't prepared for because he's not showing up to argue about this we're just moving the point he had no fucking idea it doesn't matter because that's not what the point was the point of the argument was just that destiny argues like an asshole and makes it about other things which is what we could have an argument what kind of an argument is that to even have like what do you mean it the argument is that he argues like an asshole what what's the point of going on his show to debate him about whether but who cares what oh who cares what the point is okay the argument is you argue like an ass and you make the cut the conversation about other things you constantly divert what the person is saying and you put words in people's mouths and that's exactly what he did so I accused him of the same thing and then on Twitter he he wanted to bring me on the show and he wanted to argue with me about dick I told him I'm not interested in having that argument however okay I will argue with you that you put words in people's mouths on the basis of this train where you did exactly that where he took what I had said and he reframed it in a way that was not at all what I was trying to say and so I said let's argue about this tweet so I went on his show to argue about wait what was it what was the tweet I don't fuckin remember this is ages ago but it was said I I had said something where I chose my words very care fully and he found an interpretation of it that was not what I meant look I do think that that as a man who debates a lot my biggest criticism and this is a common thread for me I say all the time is I find destiny he engages in the kind of debate that is kind of like who can win with the information that you bring to the table and look that's fine I don't I don't care but I do it's the kind of it's the kind of debate yes we're like he's trying to triumph over the other person in that particular debate and like I get it what I like is when people try to be as charitable as possible to the other person and he definitely does not do that don't use it he drives to line he makes your argument into the worst version of it that it could be and most people don't catch it like why are you saying you say something he's a man he's factually wrong it's just the particularly well you mean that he's factually wrong like when in the case of my tweets he literally reframed it as something that was not what I was saying like I said one particular thing and I only meant what I was saying he responded by extrapolating from that something that he wants me to be saying and set it back and I said that's not what I said that's just literally not what I was saying you have just reframed it into something else and so I went on the show to argue just that point and in service of arguing that point he was trying to break down the exact semantics of what the words I said could potentially mean what interpretations there could possibly be of those words and to say that oh it's it's I'm not misrepresenting you if it could potentially mean this and in order to do that we had to get down to the bedrock of what each of us thinks winning a debate means and because we had a disagreement about that then you know basically in order for me to prove that he was misrepresenting me I had to present that winning a debate can mean more than one thing and he disagreed with that and a lot of people disagree with my idea of what winning a debate could mean but that had nothing to do with the Arg I came therefore I came there just to say that he's putting words in my mouth which he was doing demonstrably but the debate becomes about something else because of him using exactly the tactics I'm talking about which is to divert the conversation to be about something else ever watch thank you for smoking because the whole point of thank you smoking is that the idea is to win debates by framing things the way that you want them to be presented cuz if you are right about the facts you got to change the conversation to something that you can win and I think I think that does basically throw debate and it's so obvious what he's doing because he will constantly drilled down through anything you say until you call him out on something he can't respond to and he immediately changes the subject like he'll instantly make it about something else he'll ask you a different question he won't he'll divert and it's like when you see it happening you just go oh okay so you're a piece of shit and you're not worth talking to like that's oh I get it like you just want to you just want to be able to say you want an argument you don't actually care about having a conversation I mean that must be the currency you try mind.i I mean all right I'm gonna I'm just I'm gonna open myself up to criticism I don't know I don't know what the like popular take on destiny is my I like him I think his arguments are generally pretty good and I feel like what he's mostly doing is taking another person's argument and just like poking holes in it and like dismantling it so a lot of the people who destiny argues with are retarded and so yes he's gonna come off as just being right most of the time because he's arguing with fucking retarded people like he's arguing with people who are just wrong about who don't have any facts whose position is completely unsubstantiated who really don't know how to argue and he's blowing those people out of the water and that's obviously going to happen and the reason he's got popularity is because of when he blew out jontron who I was gonna sound like a fucking idiot cuz he didn't know what he was talking about and like people want I mean people want also they want it from destiny because they want to be able to talk about how he bodied this celebrity how he's oh he's he's fun taking names he's you know he's taking people to task and like yes if you agree with his politics in general it's going to be gratifying to watch him make a bunch of dumb people look even dumber but like the tactics he's using for that are just inherently obnoxious and faulty and it's like I don't care to watch somebody beat up on dumb people like I probably agree with destiny on most things he believes because he's pretty well researched like he's trying to be correct but like he also says things like you know I think conservatives are such a problem that I would endorse violence against them and it's just like okay well now you're done you're fucking crazy you know that's that's really not that's really unknown I mean he said I would yeah I know yeah or the actual vial there are yeah well there are arguments for violence sometimes I disagree ever not well not necessarily never but he was literally just talking about I think that conservatives are just such a problem that we should have violence against them like there was no there was no circumstance he was describing it under he just said that I mean yeah well if yeah there are sometimes it's appropriate that's ridiculous a to to make it's ridiculous to frame is what he was saying well I all right well I mean I'd have to hear it the quote it's pretty damning the way he said it I mean look even if he literally said that he is a live streamer who streams 24 like would he'd today like agree even with the words that he said at that time I mean that's the sort of thing that you know sure at the time maybe he said something bad but does he even to like that's why you should ask people it's okay you said this Thank You legality is toxic it's that he himself is about being an asshole to people I mean he would agree with that I think and it's pretty funny cuz like he's it's funny to listen to people who knew about him before he became like a famous debater cuz apparently he was basically driven out of the Starcraft community for just being a piece of shit like people just I can see why he would have trouble in like team sports and whatnot he was like a private hate the guy Starcraft player but he didn't last long it was it wasn't very good and also everybody hated him but uh but I I was gonna say this this morning I did finally get around to listening to the jontron one I'd never I'd never heard it before have you guys heard it all apart it is fucking rough it is a fucking shite it is it is kind of dude is fucking kinda comes off as a white nationalist uh yeah I mean he had I mean look if someone presented you facts that you thought advocate or that you know that that showed the racial demographics skew in a certain way and like they were true I haven't listened the whole thing so I don't really know what else I mean yeah I mean there's there's the facts right and then there's the the way you argue them right like show them like you I mean some things he said are just factually untrue like that he said that you know like rich black people commit more crime than poor white that's the one thing that I know he said in the in the describe there's that if that was true then like fair enough but if it's not it's not okay I mean if that were a fact it would be a remarkable thing yeah that would be really be cause for like what's going on here but that's no it's made up man and then there's a part there's a part where he draws he's like oh yeah crime rates among black people are really high in America oh you're trying to say that's just because of socio-economic reasons we'll look at the crime in Africa and it's like I mean what what what's that supposed to mean making a racial point there right I mean I don't think what is yeah is the crime rate we had in Africa I don't actually know what the what that is implying I mean I don't know either but like even if it were high yeah what would be that'll be anything there that there would be more of like a poverty thing there's there a couple other things but like oh there's okay there's one part where he talks about global elites but like I'm gonna give him that I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt on that and assume that he wasn't thinking like Jews he was just thinking like super rich people though he he brings it he like just kind of throws this like global elites term out there it's like a weird as he says and this one I'm gonna kind of just assume as weird wording – there's a part where he talks about like like it wouldn't he said like he destiny asked him like would it be would you be okay with like a hundred million like Mexicans like suddenly emigrating to the United States all at once assuming they all like perfectly integrated into our culture like perfectly and jontron has he goes like yeah I guess that would be okay just it doesn't usually happen like that usually they have to like they come in slowly over a long period of time and integrate into the gene pool I'm sorry what is like just kind of them they'll mix in with the white people and like they'll become way I don't know that was I mean I don't know people people are weird about this but like Mexican culture is not identical to American culture if you like American culture and don't want it to just disappear it's not crazy to be like you know I like things if they are it's just the phrasing of gene pool that is like hmm you know like are we concerned about their genes or just their culture I don't know I don't necessarily want to have a destiny versus jontron debate right now later American I'm American culture right like people that moved to the United States they become Americans like I mean are we gonna act like American culture is just purely you know doesn't it because it does exist it's definitely real and it's not identical to outside countries well sure but like no culture no where is culture identical to culture anywhere else and cultures shift I I don't see Asian its whole existence I I generally don't I don't I mean I understand the the emotional reasoning for like caring about the culture UK you grew up in or whatever but like preserving culture is not that important like in Inked Mayan culture is completely gone we just have a bunch of ruins it's and if mines were around today they might be bummed about that the the introduction of like new people into an area doesn't like erase the call that exhibited changes well.alright the culture always changes that doesn't make an extreme exam at ur if you like the way something is why would you want it to change well it will change no matter what for why add to that if you like how it is now well you can't avoid it but you cannot do it as fast as possible you can do it slower than that well but why because you like how things are that's it no no no like a people who like the way things are don't decide to change it it's just that things change around them and they have to change with it otherwise they have to cordon themselves off and build walls and all that and and and segregate themselves from from everyone else but I mean but this is this is the question it's this idea of magically adding a hundred million Mexicans to the American population like if what I don't know like what would happen in this example if like we are am I gonna genocide those people if they don't come in I mean maybe then that'd be different but wait what what are you talking at the example that you said like in the discussion where they said like would you just like assuming that they integrated perfectly would you accept you know 100 million Mexican immigrants just into American culture I mean that would affect so many different things that who can say like well let's say we pull not well no cuz like the the question is like what if they just integrated perfectly and do they're not like a Mexican culture they're American culture just with the genes of Mexican people is that the question yeah like that that's a purely racial question not about culture right that's why John Shaw no cancer came off is so weird that he's talking about them entering the gene pool as if that matters like it's like he's not saying oh it's the culture that's the problem he's implying that just having the genetics is the problem which is what makes it racist you know I don't know I mean we know everything about every racial group they're not identical they're pretty close I agree Nate just because they're not identical it's it's if you are not okay with one of them that is what racism is like it doesn't matter that it like the fact that you're not accepting something though is we're saying the word not okay in in a pretty loaded way I mean – I don't know like nobody wants to be have like the environment around them like could be radically different no no environment we're talking about the jeans he specifically said they're entering the gene pool so his concern is that like the white the white race like your blood like your linen will be polluted by other races like integrating in and marrying like he's not talking about culturally he's talking about literally the genes of non-white people he's talking about like genetic he's talking about like genetic like like intermarriage and into intermix intermixed implication there is that genes like non-white genes are inferior to white jeans and to believe that is what racism is you're you're adding the word inferior that I don't think is necessarily necessarily implied if you like that you're even even if you don't think it's inferior just he didn't say and to think that that you for any reason do not want other races genes to be mixed in with the white people in your country no no is what that's I don't think that's not even true I mean he what he was winning it's not true it's look if it takes take Sicily Sicily has an identity let's say that we add the population of Sicily only in Chinese people to Sicily that we just do that ok Sicily has now changed is it okay to be like Tim you know I mean I thought the people of Sicily like they were pretty cool the way they were I mean knate knate knate and I'm talking about genes I'm talking about genetically that's what I think so even though these Chinese people act the exact same way as the people in Sicily yeah the only difference is that they now have Chinese genes um if you're not okay with that that is what racism is the idea that you're you're adding this this not okay as in like think they're inferior or worth one can prefer a racial group okay to prefer one race over another is what racism is that's what I'm I'm doing I'm doing a TV commercial I'm filming in front of like a very dark oak paneled panel yes a person with black skin would we'd be muddled into their said you know a white person that's not what we're talking like yeah in in one specific context is different from like yeah in that context a white person will just pop off the background better that's an aesthetic consideration it's nothing to do with them as is the population of Sicily looking like Sicilians as opposed to half Chinese how is that how is that a pragmatic consideration it's not pragmatic at all it's purely aesthetic okay well the example you were giving there was a big mess inside there's a difference between aesthetic like okay in the case yeah I mean the private ism is the only dim you don't think bottles are chosen for a static reasons when they're doing different shoots Nate what the fuck that's not even if there's not between the pragmatism and the non private ISM of the aesthetic consideration in this case like in the case of the wooden door like it's an it's not your fault that a black person would not would blend in with the door like that's just the way that nature is and you can't help it so you it would you know there's no there's nothing racist about not doing something that doesn't make sense in the case of like I'm wanting the population to look a certain way if you want them to look like a certain race that is what racism is if there was a button I could push to convert the race of every Chinese person to Mexican I just wouldn't push it because like they seem to be you I mean why would I mean why would you push exactly games like if you'd be but if you did push it like I mean I mean this is like pretty pretty stoked and like like this the sense of like you've grown up knowing that Chinese people from China look like Chinese people if they were to change and then like I don't know like a plague hit China all the Chinese people did and then Mexicans came in and now Mexicans are Chinese people well okay I mean that that loads back in culturally it's weird and strange and different you you don't have like a you don't have like a like a like a you know a preference for one of the other but it's just sort of like weeds you there's no need to get this I'm not making a case that any race is better than any other but I don't know I'm just saying like there are visual differences and there's probably some genetic differences on some level here about that is what racism is like I'm not saying I want you to understand they because I know that when we say racism it sounds like I'm basically accusing you of baby murder like I don't think racism is as bad as people make it out to be if it's not something you're actioning on if it's just your feelings are racist if you can keep that to yourself go ahead and have racist thoughts just don't act on them but like that is a racist thought to think like oh I liked it better when everyone around me was white now that there's a bunch of brown people I don't like it as much that is racist like regardless of what the consequences of that may be whether you really think of that it's like a heinous thing to think you know I was trying to say earlier like that this this this message about that necessarily implies inferiority that you prefer one over the other you just prefer it and if you have a preference that is I think what you're describing is the experience of every human being who's grown up in a particular candidate most people are racist everyone's a little bit latest haven't you seen Avenue Q like so okay so we're just taking the word racism and we're just expanding it to just like the average human like feels that their particular everybody has some racism yes like everybody has so that's the definition of fairness it's not like you blaming crimes when you use the word racism that's a very loaded word that doesn't mean that it's not bad though like it's not like I think it's neither necessarily bad nor good it simply is well it is if somebody moves into a neighborhood where everybody else is a different race they're gonna feel a little you know they're gonna feel a little naturally and understandably unsure about stuff it doesn't matter what like race it is in any in this situation and the person you're people who live there who are having like they see this new person different race they're gonna think I don't know about this then it's unusual that is just what I agreed but like over time both of them will get used to it one another and he would just be a different race in a place and it'll be frie agree that the thing that like I was trying to like pose a question is like if like a lot of people in the UK a very very scared of like Muslims taking over the entire country and it's gonna be a big old brown land and it's gonna suck now I mean some terror attacks related to Muslim immigration though Nate you gotta get off the intellectual dark web it's fuckin a love I swear to them that's literally true though yeah yeah that's its way overblown it's way overblown okay that's what I mean if you can't have it's it's a demographic doesn't have any it's not it it's not that it doesn't happen it's just that it like I mean you know immigration immigrant status is not that highly correlated with crime like it's it's it's not really except that's just probably true so like so like the immigrations not necessarily I mean well if you get if you would snapped her fingers and every person who would emigrate it was Christian instead of Muslim does that mean those attacks wouldn't have happened well I mean maybe not like the specific things the specific things that happen might not have happened specifically in that way uh-huh maybe other bad things would have happened or something maybe well fair enough I lost my train of thought and I'm really annoyed I haven't been able to say anything so fuck it let's move on no shit I want to hear I can't remember what my take is it's just sort of like I I think deep down people is the same this is my world worldview philosophy people like saying people is the same and like stripped away from like like the unsureness of like mixing with a culture that you don't understand given enough time everybody can get along and it's just it seems it's well everybody who I mean races to really not coming into like yeah it's just I don't know no yeah I don't know I don't know what from what was like angle I'm supposed to be going at this for just me think that thing's stupid I mean I think my take is that all right so you got you got like immigration you got like I think this is this is the thing we got like immigration from a lot of like Middle Eastern and Muslim countries you know into America but especially into Europe into parts of Europe I think that like there have been yet there's been crime like there's been crime committed by immigrants and refugees but I think that like by and large immigrants and refugees are like the victim of a lot more crime than they are the perpetrators of like per capita so well that's not really I mean to the citizen who lives there currently that's not you know particularly relevant to their interests it's worth considering from a humanitarian perspective of course but that doesn't really impact the question of like should they you know emigrate more people or whatever I mean what are you saying I I'm saying that from the perspective if you've got a country if they're deciding to like allow more people into the country the question of like the suffering of those people when they get there isn't the concern of those people deciding where the immigration shouldn't happen or not their concern is does this make the country better or worse for me yes I mean that's I mean that's like the whole that's kind of the whole point of like allowing refugees into your country right is that you want to alleviate their suffering um well yeah that's true the debate is whether you care about that more I mean destiny would also destiny also argues that from an economic perspective like he's he I I don't think he was always like this but I think like at some point he became like fully like full open borders guy on the basis that like immigration is just like immigration is like just increasing little labor resource that's available to like industry and it's like a neck like ended like immigration is like an economic yeah I mean frankly I think that the I think most problems would be solved with changes in the education system because like the the biggest thing that people fear with immigrant needs a lot of changes they're coming in and taking the jobs of people who are already here because they'll do it for cheaper and the bottom line is like that's that should be a good thing it just should be that you can do jobs that they can't like you should Beach if you are a naturalized citizen who's gone through the education system you should be trained for something that an illegal immigrant wouldn't be able to do because they haven't gone through that training you know or else why wouldn't the corporation's just use their labor if it's cheaper and they can do it just as well well here's the thing that's like all those these like low-skilled jobs they're all gonna get automated away that's – and that's why that's why we're gonna need that Gang Gang universal basic and yeah dog but that's not right now though it's not right now but like it's coming sooner or later at some point you know whether it's like 10 years or 50 years or a hundred years down the line I mean even even I see a change makes a huge difference you know like even just automating one thing is gonna have yeah millions of people coming and it's like the first ones to go are gonna be like the unskilled you know kind of jobs that like you know less educated immigrants that the kind of people they like oh they're taking our jobs like those kind of people the kind of jobs that they're supposedly taking are gonna get taken by the robots this is this is route arrow hence hence the bag MacDonald oughta maizing and whatnot doing them you know all that business yeah and like self-driving car okay I am okay uber uber right uber is a nightmare right uber is like is like the uber is like the capitalist boogeyman it is it is like it is like there's no better example of a company that like simply exists off the back of an exploitation of Labor like that's all it is it's like they don't do anything they just have a fucking app and then they have this whole fucking network of people that work for like bullshit rates they make shit like they don't be so bad because fucking the economy sucks made and people are poor because we have a huge it wealth gap in America well okay so you know they do it well they do it's also an ignorance is how bad it is like I don't think the average I think most people are just viewing it as oh I can make some extra money without realizing the actual tall it takes cause like the real problems with doing uber is that like it will destroy your car and like the amount you paying gas and mileage and shit is gonna you know it's good I'm just a balanced wait like like ubers bad now but just wait until self-driving cars show up and then suddenly suddenly they won't have to pay anyone they won't even have employees right they won't or not even employees contractors right independent contractors like they're currently considered so they don't have to give benefits to any of the people that make their money for them they'll just felt like no they won't have it they won't have any fucking costs I mean I guess they'll still have to pay for gas I'm gonna buy this car this automation revolution and if you be I was included would would would probably solve illegal immigration as a problem if you couldn't get that universal basic income without being documented because there would be no reason to come to America there's no uncie there's no work if you were undocked there's no way right so it would just be like hey if you come to this country you really don't have any opportunities except unless you are like able to you know either become a naturalized citizen or have a more skilled job I think that in itself would probably be a huge fix maybe I'll have to say I guess they might still I mean they might still want to come just because like yeah maybe they're not getting the bag but there would just you know people a lot of how like so much disposable income that maybe I mean they'd still just be a lot more going around like probably more people who are just more charity I mean I'm you know I'm I believe in the whole I believe in the trickle-up economics thing right so I think like if people had more money no people have more money to spend there's gonna be more spending therefore there's more money to be made by bought by like an enterprising lovitz parson who what it's meant to be called is the opposite of trickle-down is pump up that's how I learned it in middle school anyway but lately I've heard it called trickle up that's what every right okay but you're pumping the tire up yeah feeling like you pumping up the jam I asked to piss and shit we should go to voicemails yeah okay yeah I'm down uh right so I can piss and shit while listening mm-hm okay well I've got it right here let me see okay this one is from I swear this message will give Ben a boner that's the that's the one okay let's see what he's got to say go okay so my mother told me something that she was going to be doing with her current boyfriend that really made me think of Ben mmm the both Letham are going to do what I would say is the peak boomer thing this Wednesday they're going to go to a new Costco that's opening – so like opening but they're going to go the day before it is actually possible to purchase anything like they're literally going to browse the store and celebrate Jesus gross Jesus right like why I don't know made me really think like wow we truly do live in a society just kind of made me think of like traditionalists and the plight that they're in Givens I don't recall it any rituals or anything – particularly hold on – oh okay this kid's got fucking brain problems all right forget everything did you all right you and me we're talking I think yesterday about how kids these days don't understand they think that we're the boomers we're only the meme oh yeah these people he's talking about these are the real enemies these are the real boomer we have to keep like you got it guys you gotta stay focus stay focus on the rail boomers don't yell some stinking smokescreen into thinking it's us we're not your enemies they're your enemy fun of us Millennials once the boomers are dead and gone but for now we have to focus on the fact that the axe boomers are still around and are still the problem in spite of everything they're still here don't lose sight of the real enemy where your know you can tell her undertale reference on the sly in the middle of his thing what could be more Zoomer than an undertale reference come on guys we're pandering to the kids there were Pokemon going to the polls did did you watch the the teensy P episode where the baby-boomers they read this news article this tweet where baby boomers were being given like university courses for like five but yeah yeah yeah they could just they could just wander around campus and learn and then die immediately afterwards and they fussed no no it's just it's just like Oh wouldn't it be nice if these old people could you know have the thing that all the young people actually need could just fucking occupy themselves with some shit I see that's pretty much what it is so okay so I'm assuming that on the T and CP they read this article and thought they were like talking about us talking about like 20 30 30 years dollars a little video and they're like very old very sleepy men well that's how Zoomers be surprised if they didn't make the distinction like I I can I can imagine them reading that and like maybe if they weren't watching the video if they maybe if they just read it in text form like they would picture me like it would meet me on that campus yeah yeah I'd imagine I'm dead on death on death's door alright well alright let's go to our next one here we've only got three by the way cuz all but there were actually very few submissions and most of them were bad but there's a couple that are funny um oh and I'll just say now before I forget that we got one voicemail from quality women quality women called in buddy you rambled too long the some of the details were interesting but like you bored me to tears so work on it but the gist was that he did fuck the milf but he deeply regretted it and it got like weirdly relationship II I and it was like wait how old did he say she was I think he's 70 40 I think okay but maybe 50 I don't know might have been older than that I remember feeling like that was like little too old to be a cool anymore he said it like she was a very weird person to be around and she would just like stare off into the distance it makes me like a personal my god that she had fucking dementia maybe fuckin boomers I feel like she someone I'm not trying to judge anybody but like if you're like 40 to 50 you're only kanesha just like you should try five you're like a sweetheart or a 25 year old I'm not trying to say you're a like you're you're bad you can't do that it's just like I think that speaks to like what you've been able to accomplish with your life like fucking like some young stud if you're like a MILF I get it that's fine hey man who can judge do whatever you want okay it's like is this like it sound like she's pursuing a relationship with the sky shouldn't you be pursuing like some like you know self-made millionaire who's like spinning all these plates and as his shit together and we'll you know no because a capitalist dog and who would want he's a dog he's a dog yeah a damn dog thanks grace Thanks okay well whatever yeah quality women just Reyes I'm just I'm just gonna shit on you again there's these guys who call in who think that we're like so fascinated with their story that will definitely play their voicemail it still has to be entertaining or I'm not gonna play it yeah fucking stupid but I want to do it anyway that's just right okay there was one there's one destiny debate it is debate with a female trump supporter right okay it is so incredible it's like it's like three hours long and mm-hmm she she again she what if he grabs you by the pussy hahahaha yeah no good one day that's right so so like okay she's a she's like a junior professor or something she has a PhD in like some kind of like social psychology or something and she doesn't understand like the difference between anecdotal evidence in statistical evidence despite supposedly like doing this for a living whatever I say so so she's really dumb but like she for all kinds of reasons I won't go into it but she comes in and like she's looking at the chat she's getting real nervous in the chat she's saying like uh-oh no like oh your chat says they're gonna Docs me oh I knew this was gonna happen I knew I was gonna get dr. Chad says he's gonna Docs me but she keeps going and then over the course of the whole thing she keeps fucking ball she volunteers like what school she teaches that she says like yeah she says like she and she's like oh yeah when I was a kid you know I knew a girl um I won't say her name right but she raped a boy the boy's name was Trevor the girl's name was Mary Ann right she raped his boy and then he had to pay for her kid or something like this is her anecdote story that's supposed to prove that like that like men aren't like females aren't oppressed in society or something okay and it's just really fucking great it's really great and she's awful okay that's alright that's it I just wanted to tell I guess we really did make donald drumpf again okay let's move on god I'm mad I'm mad thinking about this person okay well let's calm that with a nice soothing voice from our friend I'm English okay go yes they don't believe it was such a good time yes – crumpets and buttered toast and France so so I don't know if this is a hot take or not but like clear like this is this we've come to is this is this the call this this is the quality of the e of the voicemail that makes it onto the show I thought that was do we not we were skimming the by society I guess we don't fucking anything who is the agree who was the guy who said we live in a society just a minute ago like oh that was uh that was a long name I swear this message will give been about yeah well I guess I guess he was wrong I guess okay yeah well the good news is we've only got one more bottom-of-the-barrel cast this is from Koji sama apparently okay 46 seconds maybe I'll let people know the time so they know how long we have to endure it but okay here you go go Koji what do you got I'm a pretty hydrated guy so around the Brie yeah mess up sleeping I wake up I have to go pee and the other night I did so I went down and I went to the restroom by the clutter go ahead on mm-hmm just see em eyes would be disturbed by a my dad you know the doorknob to the bathroom you can you can pick it with a clothes hanger so he did that and he got in there he saw me next day he bullied me for it and I just wanna know do you guys think that's an important part of being a man being standing up you know I still do it but sometimes I'm just too mu sit down what do you guys think um that is a vital part of being a man and you are not a man for sitting down the man you ever sit down to pee I would advise you to once you're done turn around dunk your head into the toilet and hold it there until you don't breathe anymore yeah as my partner II I mean I feel like it generates a certain imagery of what he's like if the sitting down is worth the time that it takes to pee because you never peeing for that long like sit with the light yeah light was off the dad came in picked the lock and turned on the light he was peeing in the dark because he feels shame he feels shame for what the light was on that he was sitting down as cuz the light was off because he wouldn't be able to aim so he's thinking I'll just sit I understand the logic of doing but I wouldn't do it look it's its way it's way funnier to just stumble around in the dark and pee on something through my bleary damaged eyes try to aim my fucking flat yeah I mean you know thank blinded with light when it's you're used to the dark is like is a unique feeling that I don't feel that often there yet when I have an opportunity and may as well you know maze won't blind mice' a night light in your bathroom that's a good idea that's why I mean that would that would have taken pre-planning alright like if the ship is the ship is sails on that right like we've got a future if you just put a night light in that that's okay but there were the real question yeah maybe he can he can take something valuable away from this experience but true okay but the real question is is it a vital part of being a man to stand while you pee and what's the answer to that one of the advantages is that you get the option so you know you don't necessarily have to close yourself off to either one however I do think it is vital part being a man that you do get to stand while you pee and like I just can't imagine wanting to sit because it's so much more convenient and cool to stand I like the edge of this we don't make noise if you want you know like I think you have just alien soul to feel weird you have insulted and alienated are diverse and expansive female-to-male transits by making this amazing stand a P if they want they can let it float get a funnel I've seen I've seen illustrations of girls standing to pee and I can extrapolate on that that it can be done problem probably there's some technique and I mean I've seen the girls probably true and just stand in pee well it's about controlling the stream I mean are you're gonna turn down like I would think it'd be easier for them actually because all they have to do is just spread their legs over the toilet and go as a guy so there's a straight edge just cuz what if what if what if all right let me just hypothetical all right look I'm not trying to trigger anyone here I'm just I'm just thinking out I'm just got asking questions what if right they kind of reach down to their pubis Mons right and apply some pressure onto the skin and just kind of like pull up so that like the the sort of general to direct this yeah the sort of do all the skin in that area sort of pulled up and yeah with that like direct the stream I don't with a directed straight down that's what I mean you can you pull the skin up to direct the stream forward so you can P forward into the toilet from your girl from Shirley one familial the rimmel girl urethra aka the girl really needs you angle it forward because you can just spread your legs a little farther and go now you tell me you're gonna tell me you're gonna stand with your legs fucking spread eagled standing directly over the ball yeah yeah what are you eight you might as well just say that yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that stand over the toilet and pee directly thank you here's why no you'd have to fucking okay to do this dizzy I'm gonna tell you why you're fucking moron you would have to you would have to pull your pants all the way down right like to your ankles to do it eight and then you you you you could you and then you're couldn't move over the toilet because they don't take advanced legal hands stretch between your ankles would catch on the toilet and you yeah you would have to take your pants completely off wait wait okay I'm gonna do some sort of squatting position where you angle your butt back well in front of the twelve what would you be what would you be looking what would you be loved my dad look right through your legs behind take off your shoe though you have to take off this looking through your legs behind you like come on that's just not real okay okay we're never we're never gonna get to a like a conclusion here we need evidence we need people in the PCPD never the fewer base photographic evidence we use try this document the results and get back to us leave a comment boys may love you peeing unless you're underage in which case just make sure you don't say it and then we won't and then we're not legally liable if ideally one who when I take a shit removes all of my clothes completely yes well I do that I do that well I will if it's like a hot and like I'm sweaty or something but not just like as a matter of course like as well out of the shitting process okay if it's like usually I like to squat on the toilet bowl so I need to take my pants trousers shoes socks off and but also I I definitely do not do this in public because the floor in a public bathroom is just gross and I don't want any of my clothes on it so or the nightmare of someone opening the stall somehow while you're in there and like I mean that's you know here's it be over here's a question I've been called out on this like people have bullied me for this lately and I'm and I need validation all right so you're taking a shit right you're done it's time it's time to wipe right at the time the time has come do you wipe still sitting on the bowl like are you still on the boat or do you like snow your stance and obviously yeah yeah yeah it's literally 50/50 it's like one of those things well then abort all of us like I don't stand all the way up but like I stand up like enough like I'm off the bow like my knees are still bent like I'm not like for basely yeah but like okay how could you what are you gonna reach into the fucking Bowl next year half of everybody knows that literally people like that's insane people have been telling me that I'm weird because I stand and like I think that's insane well look we all seem to wait is it like fat people who come people maybe there's a physiologic I don't know first they have a stander alright let's go full dick show now and ask you the other question over the waistband or through the fly for pissing the paint's on the browser so mostly through the fly why because I always always yeah no matter what well I think isn't that because you wear pajamas well they don't wear pants that no fly except for these ninja pants I'm okay right now but but no I mean yeah going over the waistband it's definitely easier in pajama pants but even in just regular short so I'll just undo the top button and go over the go over the waist do the top button well I mean do you unzip no no you have to yeah earlier I'm doing the top button anyway what about with jeans so you're saying that you undo the top button and then you don't unset the fly you just pull it down why boundary my jeans which are my shorts well if the fabric is stretchy then it doesn't matter I mean any because to me if you go through the fly you have to hold your cock while you pee if you go over the waistband you just let it rest on the waistband and you don't have to touch your cock I mean if I suppose I mean I hold my my think I can hold it every time just to make sure I'm used like the waistband of the underwear to like prop up my dick so that it you know not like like none of none of the pants or shorts that I own our light would be comfortable to like pull down and go over yeah yeah I basically don't have a choice and then so even if I'm wearing like pajama pants like I still go through the fly maybe that's just out of habit because I do it every other pants that I wear I never really like going through the fly mostly because when I do it's because there's a well a lot of pens have zips and the zips usually get me and I just it's not second of all I don't want to have to like reach through the dark and steamy jungle of my salty nuts to fucking get my dick out you know why do you wait why do you have to reach why do we organize or not to get to you what the fuck is with me the flag your underwear where it's like the multiple you know her I don't wear boxers over boxer briefs multiple doors oh wait I feel like you gotta go through the first fly and then the but the boxers have like the double yeah you know it's like two layers over your cock and like that area is right and maybe and maybe your boxers have kind of twisted so like if you got to go through like a fucking zig zag right like you got to go through they lie and then like reach over and to find the other one and you wear pajama pants a lot okay you wear boxer briefs you probably don't have this I wear boxers mostly there have been incidents where I like I rarely go out wearing like pajama pants but I have done it before and they have like the open fly like without even a button there have been instances I'm out in public my dick finds its way from both my boxers I don't wear boxers right up out because of the fact that yes I wear that's fair wearing pajama pants and yeah if I was wearing boxers my dick would slip out all the fucking time like it would be constant likes happening where pictures nice underwear underneath your dick will just be out there is yeah 100% 100% okay wait that's fair it what is the difference between boxes and then like book sirs that are not as big as other is that like briefs and in my crease are they they have they don't have like a button-up fly like boxers have a button-up fly just like regular like like pajama pants true true okay and they're much more loose yeah okay I have I don't have those I have like an in-between of boxer briefs are impossible to get your debts through the I like to be snug that's fair that's fair I don't know I've always worn boxers and I just feel like I always will I mean I think it really turned out of what you grew up wearing like my dad wore boxer briefs yeah I think so what we had you know like I shared in my family like every all the boys just kind of shared like a pool of boxer briefs like you know there was nothing dominated like whose are which it's just like everybody's wearing them because we're all the same size you know at some point I was doing a load of laundry I don't know if they were mine or like a band somehow it absorbed into my collection or if it's just someone else's my parents house well I I don't even remember when it at some point in my history and I feel like it could have been from a complete stranger one pair of boxer briefs entered my rotation of underwear and I do occasionally where that came from but it was like freshly from a laundry I don't think so I don't before that so I have one pair of boxer briefs I will wear on occasion and I'm not a fan not a fan speed digi do you have my slime Corp to you by any chance okay I don't know it's like gone I can't find it I have no idea where it could have been and I thought like maybe did I wear it to your house one time and leave it there I probably would have found your packing I would say no yeah okay well this discussion has run its course and we are out of things to say clearly so let's wrap it up lads PCP thanks for the money patron calm slash the procrastinators one dollar patroness chord five dollars bonus episodes I think bonus episode 28 will be out shortly after you hear this we need to record it soon what else we got FTP crass inators fucking Twitter follow us speakpipe leave us more voicemails we need more voicemails keep them coming people or slim pickins like yeah link below to the speakpipe very soon the most of us will be at BroNYCon oh is first to oldest for a couple days after you hear this will be at BroNYCon before the next PCB episode comes out before this yeah when this episode comes out so I will be at Otakon so if you're here at Otakon for some reason I'm there too hey quick question how fun wait a minute this will be yeah is it like this Thursday no no no it's the next Thursday next Thursday oh okay oh god whew okay well the whole week in a bit the PCP we're all gonna be at BroNYCon except digi well a couple people won't but like a bunch of us will be there a lot of the the regulars here will be at BroNYCon how do we do a PCP episode if we're all at BroNYCon I'm not gonna have my computer we could like live stream it from a phone like on Friday well but but that's like the next because it happened is this like a delay you know so we have to like livestream ride a surely one of you is bringing a laptop right I mean I wasn't planning on it I I don't know I will have to think about this at least a little bit we could just live stream it from a phone but that doesn't work because we film on just we just save that release that parties bringing a laptop give and take um I should be I I probably will have space I don't know whether I'm gonna use it that much but yeah but it sounds like we need to lock this down if in some capacity just can't imagine traveling without a laptop I don't know why anybody well who would have laptop I got my phone what do I need well there's anyone I mean nobody's gonna be bringing like a digital camera right like the only camera we're gonna have available as a phone camera unless you have a laptop with a problem camera or just like a webcam I don't know every time I would no work on my hand I had all of my mic equipment my computer like the the the full set up like I would come with everything and never use any of it because we never had time low yeah yeah I remember that all right like let's let meeting place the BroNYCon orgy will wide open from there none of y'all bringing like cameras for vlogging like couldn't you just film it on that I'm bringing a camera for vlogging the smaller we've got the GoPros we can wear GoPros on our heads during the orgy I mean true I bring in my phone what do I need to go pro for do my bonus all the video camera fucking dude we said okay we all got to bring our fucking go I mean I'm gonna bring I mean look okay we can talk about this and discuss right whatever god I even I forgot I even have it okay okay I got I got mine kicking around alright but that's it everybody thanks for being here we'll see you later speak pipe patron appreciate it Twitter you know what to do links below thanks for being here see you next week bye yeah I'm supposed to be working myself I'm sorry [Applause]

26 thoughts on “Definitely Not Politics – The Pro Crastinators Podcast, Episode 169

  1. Define American culture and tell me if you believe that cultures are the same in New York City and Montgomery, Alabama.

  2. The problem with when politics comes up on this podcast is not that you are talking about it but that the discussion rarely goes anywhere imo.

  3. Haha wow Digi is totally gonna hold a grudge against Ben for thinking (rightfully so) that he came out poorly in the debate with destiny

    Like, the assertion that arguments dont need to be substantiated for them to be good points is a very misinformed take

  4. Please go back to the topic shows. Also, nate please either defend a position or move the conversation on please. Otherwise it just becomes a ben rant and nobody wants that. This was a good ep in terms of politics though. Also digi should be on more often

  5. I believe i have reached the highest level of resonance with Nate possible. Thank you Nate. Thank you so much.

  6. It was reported yesterday that Yasuhiro Takemoto, the director BGE mentions, was confirmed dead by his relatives.

  7. With Ben's dive into leftie peeps, I was expecting him to become a HasanAbi fan before a Destiny one.
    On a side note, its super fun to be a fan of both Digi and Destiny at the same time in these arguments.
    I love watching Destiny be a toxic asshole to everyone who is a "political youtuber" since most of them are just full of shit.
    And I also fucking love Digi ranting about Destiny being a toxic asshole to everyone.

  8. With Digi's point on Contra I think what he's talking has to do with the difference in the nihilistic contra before transition and the Natalie as we know her now.
    Now the topics she's in are far more personal to her and she seems to feel a larger responsibility as THE leftist trans video creator, rather than that edgy philosophy drop out ex 4Channr.
    And she's right she does have a responsibility, but even now she does sometimes create a tension in those circles

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