Defining Social Justice | Dr. Voddie Baucham

Defining Social Justice | Dr. Voddie Baucham

20 thoughts on “Defining Social Justice | Dr. Voddie Baucham

  1. He relates John Rawls definition of justice (which he agrees with) as an argument against social justice:

    "Social justice is the principle of rational prudence applied to an aggregative conception of the welfare of the group."

    Then spends the rest of the talk arguing against this definition. At no point (other than reading Rawl's definition) does he talk about if he thinks it's appropriate that justice is applied to any group (minority or otherwise), in any circumstance, ever. He doesn't refer to the Civil Rights movement, the anti-slavery movement, emancipation, the anti-apartheid movement, or give any examples. A masterclass in justice/social justice this talk is not.

    He doesn't like it when he's told by somebody else that "You're in sin" but he will happily do that for anyone else. Isn't that interesting.

    Super classy to make fun of the term LGBTQA+ and to call gay people "sodomites" like it's 1954. And apparently seeing a gay couple on TV is "de-sensitizing" like we're watching gratuitous violence or something.

    It's a real pity he didn't grapple with any of the complexity in front of him. He said the problem with social justice is that when it names an issue as a "social justice issue" it's done as a power play to stop the conversation (I agree, this happens far too much in the context of increasingly polarizing conversations online). Yet, he doesn't enter into conversation with the issues he listed. My assumption is that he sees all of those issues as black and white, as the Bible has already given the definitive word on them and so there's no conversation to be had: the work is simply to attempt to convert the other person to Christianity.

    In other words, he's displaying the exact same arrogance he accuses social justice of. This is a pity, because he's clearly an intelligent man who has the capacity to explain things well. But he took a complex subject and gave a simplistic take. That's intellectual laziness.


  3. Love this brother in Christ. Since I can’t communicate important issues like this good man….(don’t think people could get past my thick country accent if I could anyway 😏) I’ll make mention of him in prayer to finish the long race he has ahead.

  4. Did America not gain her wealth by unjust means?

    "Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by injustice!" -Habakkuk 2:12

    (Injustice: Lack of fairness or justice)

    I think i see what Voddie is trying to break down, but i think giving the people a thoroughly breakdown of what Biblical justice looks like, in context to politics, economics, and social matters, should have come before a lesson like this, or follow a lesson like this.

    Too many so-called followers of Christ are already not moved to do the things The Creator loves, and a message like this can just embolden those who already lack the affection to do right (justice).

    With that being said, i do think it is important that we hear messages like this because if we dont understand and define justice biblically, the world's understanding of "justice" will have us supporting homosexuality and other abominations like oppression!

    So even though i think this teaching was misplaced, its good because it can lead to further dialog.

  5. Notes that there are multiple social injustices then illogically claims this is evidence that one of the efforts to remedy them must be wrong.

    Dismisses sexism since women are a majority.

    Lies that THE social justice movement seeks social and economic equality.

    Dismisses racism citing NBA and track.

    A disgusting regressive swine adored by every regressive Hannityite

  6. According to scripture, we will never have justice in this world. As born again believers we are not of this world.

  7. We are called as a church to deal with sin when and where we can clearly identify it.. yet, where in the New Testament do we find any NT writer calling the church to be concerned with external social considerations?

  8. Actually, female football players aren't really new. As a teen in Central Texas, I can recall a local Middle School fielded a girl. I can't for the life of me remember which position she played, I wanna say linebacker, but there she was. That was when we learned that the UIL didn't technically have a rule against girls playing football.

    P.S. I'm over 40, in case any are wondering.

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