Defenders of the Faith: Why Right-wing Populists are Embracing Religion!!!

Defenders of the Faith: Why Right-wing Populists are Embracing Religion!!!

are there every one why right-wing populist are embracing religion that's would be talking about on today's video but first I want to make sure that you knew that for a limited time you can get my book the triumph of tradition for only 99 cents as an e-book download on the link below if you're a conservative this book will show you why there's just simply no longer any excuse or any reason for you to be pessimistic you'll discover how resurgent worldwide nationalism is fueling resurgence of traditional religion and what such a resurgence means for the end of globalism and the triumphant return to a conservative vision of life it's got tons of citations and footnotes and sources that show have the confidence that a new conservative age is indeed rising my one humble request as always is that you leave a review on the Amazon page of the book that will really help with Amazon promoting the book it's normally 14.95 but for a limited time you can get it for only 99 cents at the link below all right Tobias Kramer over at the New Statesman as a very interesting article on the observable growing presence of Christian symbols and themes in right-wing populist rallies and movements throughout Europe in the United States whether we're talking about the patriotic europeans demonstrating against the islamization of the continent or a campaign speech by the one and only italian league's matteo Savini holding up a rosary or a Donald Trump rally with tons of signs thanking God for president Trump we're seeing two very noticeable phenomena coming together here one we're seeing of course the clear rise in nationalist right-wing populism but two were also seeing mass expressions of a resurgent religiosity that to philosophers like Nietzsche were supposed to have died off a century though and the combination of these two dynamics are fundamentally reshaping the political order now this author rightly sees these two dynamics as inter related responses to the effects of secularized globalization nationalist populism is a cultural backlash against unfettered immigration but your from North Africa in the Middle East and Europe and from south of the border here in the United States and this resurgent religiosity is a cultural backlash against the hyper social liberalisation and cultural Marxism that actively attempts to destroy a populations culture customs and traditions now for most of the 20th century the two political concerns have actually often been at different sides of the political spectrum so you know on one side you had the concerns of workers as overt against a capitalist owners right to suppose that proletariat versus the bush wagon this is a 20th century on the other side of the spectrum you had a cultural struggle between social conservatism in this rising social liberalism right between the traditionalists and the progressives advocates of religion versus advocates of the Enlightenment and so the politics of the 20th century were largely dominated by issues of economic redistribution and taxation and a shrinking middle class on one side but also issues of abortion sexual liberation and gender and church-state relations and the like on the other these were generally represented by different parties what makes the politics of the 21st century so unique is that these two sides of the political spectrum have actually begun to come together around an even bigger issue and that's the issue of cultural and national identity what we're finding from the data that's coming out over the last two or three years now is that concerns of over immigration have become the single greatest concerns for the most amount of people throughout Europe and the United States the most cited motive for pro brexit voters was unfettered immigration exit polls found that refugees and foreigners were the chief concerns for the 2017 German election which saw the rise of the nationalist Pacha's alternative for Germany storming Parliament for the first time with 13 percent of the votes and studies of Trump's voting base in the 2016 election found that it was not their personal economic situation or even social issues like a portion that concern most voters it was immigration and particularly illegal immigration and so what we're seeing is that these twin concerns about say workers rights on the one hand and social issues on the other they're actually coming together into a new alliance that's begun to reshape the political landscape across Western democracies and that is one where national identity is now being pitted against the globalists ideals of universalism and diversity rights now a politics of what some are calling civilization 'list versus globalists are those advocating a closed society versus those advocating an open society or communitarians versus Cosmopolitan's populist s' versus elites and what's so interesting what this fellow creamer notes is that the traditional party systems the center left and center right there totally ill-equipped to deal with this new political fault line you know the centrist politics of like Tony Blair or Bill Clinton or Gerhard schröder back in the 90s more recently ongal America or Mitt Romney or even Nancy Pelosi they simply lack the frames of reference to make any sense of this political paradigm shift they want to talk about you know workers rights in purely economic terms in the case of globalist conservatives they want to address abortion and same-sex marriage in terms of sort of this universalistic notion of family values and these centrist globalist approaches are more and more ringing hollow in the ears of an increasingly nationalist populist electorate instead Western populist leaders are beginning to talk about the working-class and traditional Christian sentiments indistinctly identity terms as as markers between us versus them we are for the workers they are for corporations transnational corporations of that we're for traditional rural values they're for liberal progressive cosmopolitan lifestyle values we're here to protect your way of life they actually want to destroy it an interesting development in all this is that immigration itself is being recast in thoroughly religious terms whereas Europeans a few years ago decades ago whatever they would have been concerned about the amount of Turks coming into their nations or the population from Pakistan growing in the UK but today the concern throughout Europe has moved from culture to more the Islamization of Europe right you see the the immigrants are more and more being seen in terms of their religious and cultural identity rather than their country of origin and so the concern about immigration has turned into a concern over a rising number of Muslims in Europe then the counter to that must be a resurgent defense of Christian identity which is of course what we're seeing particularly in nations like Hungary and Poland now the article goes on in my opinion to frankly really disappoint the author sees this is populist right-wingers hijacking Christianity seems to be utterly oblivious to the counter-argument that it was actually the Marxist globalist left that up until now has hijacked the churches particularly the mainline churches and that populist are really trying to rescue the church as part of their attempt to rescue their nations cultures customs and traditions from globalist assaults globalist analysts have to denigrate the nationalist pop goes right if they're going to get their articles published and this author clearly fulfils such requirements but I do think he did a good job at showing the political the changing political paradigm in Europe in the United States around the issue of national identity and as such he's echoing other scholars who've recognized that the politics of the 21st century are being more and more defined around what we're calling here post security politics post security politics is driven by three major forms of insecurity that have arisen over the last few decades as a result of the anti national anti cultural dynamics inherent in globalization in many respects these three forms in security they all actually intertwine and reinforce one another so globalism causes border and security economic and security and culture and security so because globalism is transnational renders borders irrelevant both in terms of electronic money as well as unprecedented immigration rates globalism destroys economic security by virtue of what's called a global division of labor we're manufacturing an industry our relocated to third world nations all the while finance is reallocated around first world urban centers leaving sorry metropolitan centers leaving the urban areas highly unemployed and finally globalism is infamous for killing off distinctive cultures customs and traditions with a consumer-based culture that pushes progressive lifestyle values at the expense of tradition and culture and custom all the while the culture is being eradicated by massive immigration levels and so you could see that the post security politics forms sort of a self-contained loop where each insecurity feeds into the other and so it's no surprise to see the two political issues that dominated 20th century politics economic issues and social issues begin to come together in a new nationalist populist coalition of civilizations that are together standing up for both workers rights and Christian identity in the face of globalists assaults the rise of the nationalist populist and traditionalist right is the politics of the 21st century and in many ways we ain't seen nothing yet as always please like comment and subscribe check out some of our new merchandise in the link below we have some awesome coffee mugs and t-shirts but celebrate all things nationalist populist and traditionalists that you're gonna love make sure to get my book to triumph a tradition for only $9.99 cents the link below and please click on either our patron subscribes to our PayPal links below and become a supporter of this channel and opposite continually analyze current events and lies some awesome conservative trends so that you can personally and professionally flourish god bless

22 thoughts on “Defenders of the Faith: Why Right-wing Populists are Embracing Religion!!!

  1. Thank you for mentioning Hungary and Poland, they've been out there on the front lines, fighting a lonely fight against the marxists, the satanists and the globalists with very little or no recognition from the west for years now, and it's time to remember the heros who fight for us while we were asleep.

  2. The Elites are always steeling the peoples ideas weather it be clothes design art music they are their waiting to pour money into the peoples ideas with more expensive materials and renovate the design to hide it from the real people that designed them . And one more thing we are a lot more street Savvy than the Liberal Left take us for and Christianity is making a come back even Muslims are starting to convert to Christianity MSM cant keep up with their own lies and they cant back down so the hole gets bigger .Now we have DJT POTUS Mr Christianity himself great stuff going to Britain shortly, Maybe to talk about the roll UK played in the Skirpal Poison case and Christopher Steel Dossier and why they are not Americas Friend s . This is how desperate the Elite's are to stay in the high paying and generous pay outs while they still abuse it and they get away with it , Really is time for a top clean out of Westminster for the Good of Great Britain .

  3. The original issue in Eden was universal sovereignty…Gods right to rule or mans. Man has had 6000 yrs to prove basically he's made a mess of it all. Gods rule is and always has been at the center of ultimate truth. Now in 2019 it all comes down again to religious truth.

  4. Ten years of war mongering Neo Conservatives and ten years war mongering of Neo Marxist liberals has created entropy, riots, and chaos. It has resulted in the mentally ill running rough shot in the streets with lunatics and terrorists. The Neo Conservatives work and protect the Marxist liberals in tandem. No more we need law and order and we need a center a firm bedrock to keep society from ripping at the stiches.

  5. The elites motives behind mass immigration and why they hate Brexit and Trump

  6. If Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture, does that mean becoming a Christian is the New Rebellion. Almost seems that way, the more the Globalist Secular Leftest attack Christianity and make it taboo, the more people are wanting it back. The more they trash Christians but defend Islam. The more they promote and push perverted ideas onto children, the more angry people are getting about all of it.

  7. People are starting to appreciate what built our Western countries, the traditions, the values and the religion, especially after Merkel unleashed the Globalist's cultural enrichment onto the European people. Look at all of South America trying to get into North America now. And at what Trudeau has done to Canada. Demographic changes so fast it can make your head spin. Look at the Notre-Damn on fire. We don't appreciate what we have until it's gone.

  8. We still need to abandon all of the globalist, Marxist, anti-European, and Zionist, churches, and that is most of them.

    Christian leadership is what is mostly responsible for the decline of the West. Why in the world have we gone half way around the world to fight wars for The Tribe, with Taqfirs as allies? Why are we then bringing the chaos home via the so called refugee program?

    None of this is in the interest of gays, Feminists, leftists or nones. We all know who is behind these disgusting and insane policies.

  9. it is important to realize that the left despise the working class and especially the white working class. the values of the working class stand in direct opposition the values of the left. the working class, in the eyes of the left must be destroyed.

  10. Dear Steve, always fascinating and horizon expanding. The clear presentation about the three insecurity issues was illuminating and reflects reality here in Germany sharply. Thanks for your elevated work and please keep it up.

  11. Its a sad day for the catholic church when a politician is more of a Christian than the so-called pope. The catholic church cannot carry on with that marxist pervert in charge of it.

  12. They talk about the Donald colluding with Russia with no evidence, fuhrer zuckerburg is openly planning to collude with the EU in their elections

  13. I believe we are at least in the 2nd yr of Tribulations. It’s already too late for most walking the earth. The third Temple is under construction and there are 3 red heifers waiting to be sacrificed. This is incredibly exciting. We all knew it would happen but didn’t realize we would be blessed enough to experience it. Glory of God is all around and protecting Us.

  14. We have to be careful not to let religion distract from the populist movement, I have total respect for religious people but they need to allow the populist message to spread on its own merits.

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