47 thoughts on “Debt bomb: Are we on the brink of another global financial crisis?

  1. Any serious impact on India during this upcoming recession ? Or India again will face it easily and overcome like 2008 crisis.

  2. The next big recession is coming in 2020-2021! Maybe even at the end of 2019! But its almost here, get ready for it. Its going to be bad. 🙁

  3. scammy bankers! stop doing fractional banking, stop currency that isn't backed by gold! We work our butts off while you pull money out of thin air everyone couldn't withdraw what they are owed if they wanted to! scam artists!!!

  4. Thank you to economy stimulus from China, Australia did not have recession last decade but I don't think it will happen this time around

  5. All developed nations have abandoned free market economics. We have all given our trust to Central Banks. The FED for example is NOT a government agency yet they have the power to try to steer the economy. That hasn't worked. But our debts are so friggin high as to guarantee a bigger bust. One that will happen when the center of debt gravity will become too unwieldy for the FED to balance. And the forces which might tip it beyond control are also growing in power. Invest in ammo.

  6. 10 years of savings just vanished? No it didn’t. It got transferred to the Uber wealthy. The next transfer of wealth will be even bigger so please protect yourself.

  7. It's going to happen again only this time it will be worse due to the debt bubble being even larger. Protect yourselves while you can.

  8. Yes our world is on the brimk. Economic collapse is coming and this time we won t be able to handle it.

  9. I'm pissed about the whole thing, but the most agitating part of the video is the guy throwing financial documents into the recycling bin without shredding them first.

  10. Buy top 20 crypto. It is a new kind of asset class. Please get yourself introduced or it will be too late for you in 2020.

  11. We are about to see a rerun of 2008 , but much worse. It doesn't take an econ degree to see that. Quantitative easing into eternity is not a plan, it is the road to ruin

  12. I LAUGHED SO HARD when they said in this video that banks have learned their lessons because of the downfall, hahahaha, wake up!! They run the markets up artificially, then cry wolf, economy will collapse, GET TRILLIONS FROM THE MINT, then do it all over again, 1980's in US they bankrupted the savings and loans, 2008 housing, on and on, they are a bunch of sophisticated criminals of the highest order protected by bribed politicians, that's why they don't want to talk about it EVER!! Get rid of the banks altogether, use precious metals and bitcoin without regulation.

  13. Your ideas are very convincing regarding past events and statistics but they can't be used to predict the near future. There are too many things that will affect our future that didn't exist before now. For instance: The Democrat/liberals have spent the last two years looking for an excuse to impeach President Trump. Has that ever happened before? We are in the middle of a Global Currency Reset (GCR) where 209 nations are going to a gold (or equal value) standard. The Chinese are dumping US Bonds which will bankrupt the Federal Reserve Bank. Last April the IRS was ordered to shut down. An official announcement will happen 1 August, along with the introduction of the new US Treasury Note. The US Treasury will absorb the Fed. Next month (June) there will be a DOW crash which will recover and then another crash before July. A disaster of some sort (Natural or man-made) will happen which will result in a Stock Market crash worse than the 1929 crash. Sometime during all of this Martial Law will be declared. There are already close to 100,000 deep state arrests that have been started. Most of them are child traffickers. 1 January, 2020 marks the beginning of the Value Added Tax (VAT) which will replace the Income Tax (and maybe a couple of other taxes). During all of these events, Conservatives will succeed at every task. Liberals will eventually resort to violence when they're convinced that they can't win and their communist utopia will never happen in America. So our future is going to be reshaped by events that are unprecedented. Without a doubt, Trump will be reelected for another four years. Liberals will be totally discredited by the revelations from Atty Gen. Barr when the crimes of the past administrations have been revealed. Don't believe me? Just watch events unfold!

  14. The world debt in $244 trillion. The US has about $22 trillion; and China has about $30 trillion. When I hear talk of 'helicopter' money being dropped onto people to bring about a recovery, that's laughable. They don't have money; they have debt. Dropping debt onto people with a helicopter is another deception. People need to understand that massive printing of legal tender is not real 'money'. Printing it and dropping it onto the people is only providing them with toilet paper. The real outcome of the crisis that is already visible has been provided in Scripture; and something of this is included in my further comment.

  15. We must call bankers for what they are
    Gangsters that murder and steal from the people of the world.
    Politicians should be made to conduct their campaigns under a banner with their sponsors names on it'
    You would be shocked and they wouldn't get 1 single vote.

  16. the next economic collapse is playing out in our democratically run cities, detroit, LA, SanFranciso, Philadephia, PA and Seattle.. our people are getting poorer because they cannot afford the 2500.00 month rents.. even in my area the rents are 1500.00 a month.. we are beginning to see a fractured society here in the US.. with the trade tariffs, its going to get worse..our supply chain networks the world over about to crumble like rocks..

  17. 2 Timothy 3:1-5….
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    ….” thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven “….Daniel 2:44…
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  18. ANYONE WILLING to find the TRUTH look up dollar milkshake theory on real vision, harry dent jrs hour long talk, life after google by george gilder AND you will know what's really going on here!!! A twist in the plot.

    Also enlightenment now by steven pinker… its painful to listen to BUT worth it when it's all said and done 🙂

    Upvote this comment when you are done with those. You will understand what I'm saying when you are through those.

  19. There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One method is the sword. The other method is with debt.- John Adams

  20. Is your sovereign nation drowning in debt? Call 1-300 FED PRINT today! we 'PUMP' money into the economy so you don't have to! trust us! it works! You never have to worry about all that 'geeky' economics mumbo-jumbo again!

    Would be funny if it weren't true.

  21. We need the Federal Auditor General to do an audit on the banks to see what their actual exposure is in the derivative market….they have hidden these figures and are not included in their balance sheets anymore, I wonder why.

  22. Central banks are a communist invention to manipulate and control the general population.
    Capitalism is based on physical gold & silver, which cannot be printed by political whim.

  23. This is possibly the best move the Australian Govt made during this extremely volatile situation in the world.

  24. Of course. It is the ultimate capitalist catastrophe. It will be a game changer. We will suffer for it, but at the same time we can use the opportunity to build a decent society and a humane world order. USA is among the furthest behind.

  25. Stop taking dept and start paying them back….but guess what nobody would be able to…..leads to??? War???…………..

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