30 thoughts on “Debra Soh: Science doesn't back up 'Gender is a social construct'

  1. How to vote for in an election. If they say there are many genders, do not vote for them. They are stupid.

  2. Some millennial tries to tell me that bisexual gender is a social construct. Really so when humans were primates it was society that made them men and women? Considering it's your made up genders that never existed before your generation I think it's safe to say that THEY are the social construct

  3. "Sex" is not a social construct. Use the correct word ("sex") and simply don't use the new "gender" word they created. Or if "gender" is just another word that means the same thing as the word "sex", it just confuses people when used, because some people think "gender" means sex, and some people think it means something other than sex. Why don't we just use the word "sex" since that has a meaning most people understand. XX=female, XY=male.

  4. Wait, when does the science part kick in? This was an opinion piece. I thought she was going to present her research 🙄

  5. This is what happens when Christianity is discarded for secularism. Our society is being forced to accept evil ideals. All those who do not conform will be severely punished or should I say destroyed. They will use every means possible to destroy their reputation, their job or business and finances. If that doesn’t work they will throw them in prison. Everyone should realize how dangerous this political correctness is.

  6. WOMEN support this bc the government is giving them loans, basing entire budgets, creating all kinds of programs, forcing companies to put them on boards or into gov positions etc.. when they may have no experience that can put them there honestly.. THIS IS THE WORST KIND OF MISOGYNY IVE SEEN IN MY LIFETIME AND THESE WOMEN DONT EVEN RECOGNIZE IT!! IT IS TELLING WOMEN YOU ARE TOO STUPID AND LAZY TO DO IT YOURSELF SO WE WILL GIVE YOU A HAND UP OVER EVERYONE ELSE TO GET YOU THERE. INSANE

  7. It’s not gender, it’s sexual identity regardless of gender, which will not become gender just because the sexual identity is more at peace believing it is associated with the gender it wishes.

  8. Won't be long before people start demanding to be identified as a particular animal cause they feel like a dog, cat, cow etc… Feelings cannot determine gender or for that matter any other scientifically proven fact.

  9. She had nearly 14 minutes to cite a source. But she didn't for that first study or any. She is using and anecdotal evidence in a room full of like minded individuals. I didn't come here to nod and agree with a YouTube video. I thought she'd at least cite a source for me to read, instead my time was wasted.

  10. I tell every Woman that says its a construct..

    Go to a urinal unzip your pants & pee….

    Thank You & Good Night

  11. I think you mean sex is binary technically
    Gender is somewhat a construct
    Like its anthropological role

    I don't like the whole tumblrified thing,

    But I was just getting techical

  12. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
    ― George Orwell

  13. @2:32 , . . . Intersex is the current term. The old one was hermaphrodites , which is considered offensive.

  14. Dr. Soh is missing the point. I agree (as most people do) there is not a spectrum of gender if you define gender as reproductive organs (remember 1% of 7 billion people is 70 million people who are intersex). What is meant when someone says that gender is a social construct is referring to how we culturally define gender, especially gender roles and rules. Something like whether one stands or sits to urinate. That is not biologically determined, yet society dictates how we urinate in numerous ways. Romantic attraction is complicated, but the evidence is quite clear; it is not a social construct as much as we try to force it into one.

    Dr. Soh is just employing sophomoric debate techniques to try to prove her point, but they make her sound stupid. If what she wants to be is the queen of the debate club, let her do so. But if she wants to be helpful, then she should enter into a dialogue around these subjects she tries to declare herself an expert in. Talk with people. Don't debate.

  15. Not that I don’t like a few of her points

    But she never actually talks about the in-depth science of hormones, reproductive cycles, chromosomal variations in biological “gender,” or even genomic stages.

    She cites her profession, but literally only talks about the social civic issues in today’s media.

  16. I see some arguing that gender identity and gender expression are essentially separate, the latter being EXCLUSIVELY influenced by social factors, to the exclusion of biology (esp, prenatal hormonal exposure). That is exactly the kind of politically induced pedestrian reasoning the good young lady is calling out. And even if your social influence theory is by any means tolerable, is it not why parents and educators should discriminate among competing social influences in ensuring a reasonably controlled socialisation of their children, rather than treat all social influences as though they were equally desirable?

  17. What is so weird about all this is; at 3:45 she said that implying a baby in the uterus decides the gender, then one can say it is in fact a 'human baby' inside the mother and not a clump of cells…therefore abortion is the murder of human babies. A very weird catch 22. On one liberal hand, it's not a 'being', then on the other liberal hand, it's a baby, that's being gender discriminant…???!!!???  How in the hell can you argue against stupid people? I feel her plight.

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