36 thoughts on “Death Note – L's Ideology

  1. Just feeling cold like a leaf in winter.So alone but covered with the sound and it reproduces like all the cells that is even not existing but still keep recovering as much as it showes the absence. Every song makes different senses but this just reminds me that I'm mixed and confused with feelings which is even not existing but a waste of mind on my perspective It will be forgotten but these lines will keep existing as much as it gets realised.

  2. go and watch knives and pens of black veil brides you will get L alive! don't believe me? just go and watch it then!

  3. L: Hey kira, can you make some coffee for me?
    Light: Sure! Wait did you just call me kira?
    L: Oh my apologys,
    Light: It's okay
    L: So kira, what recent guy did u kill?
    Light: Well.. wait–
    L: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. God damn, I look back to this anime and soundtrack and I get so nostalgic it almost makes me feel sad and empty for some stupid reason. Haha I would always have my headphones on playing this track when I was out late with my friends. Good times..

  5. Remember a year and three months ago I watched this, hard to believe how fast time flies.
    Can't believe how I forgot this boss BGM, it was completely out of my mind. Glad I found it again.

    I once had this on my phone, I used to listen to this BGM every day back in those days on YouTube too.
    When school started, I'd do homework and listen to this, I'd browse the internet and listen to this.

    Times have changed and I don't feel as much as I used to for this.

    Childhood = gone.

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