49 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society (Laserdisc Deleted Scenes)

  1. Why did they deleted the scene with Todd and Neil😞. It's the scene where you can see Neil and Todd's friendship growing and the reason why Todd was so devastated after hearing the passing of Neil. It's only around Neil where Todd can actually be so carefree. 😞😞😞

  2. I can see that they had to limit the time to some degree, but it all of these scenes all add valuable things to the overall narrative. There had better be an extended cut released soon, or I’ll have to edit it together myself.

  3. the scene where todd is helping neil with his lines should have been kept in. it really shows how deep their friendship was, and why todd was so greatly affected by neil's death. also, we haven't really seen todd like that in the movie — loud & carefree. seems as though he could only truly be himself around neil.

  4. This movie was ass. At least they recognized how ridiculous it is for extracurricular activities to be assigned to students by the headmaster.

  5. i watch the scene at 7:10 eight times per day because its the only thing that makes me enjoy film or living

  6. They should have put in the scene where they are reading lines and the one with the extra curriculars

  7. I wish there was a cut with all of the scenes filmed, including these, the scene with Keating joining them in the cave, the scene at Neil's funeral… Etc

  8. 2018 and still not over this.
    "To be or not to be, that's the question!"- completely loved that part.

  9. Could someone tell me what Mr Nolan is saying to Cameron after 'Service club' at 2:11? I'm not a native English-speaker:(

  10. If you were asked to write a scene in the dead poets society what would your scene be? It has to a scene not in the movie completely made up using one of the characters in the movie?

  11. I had a poster of Neal against the window at 7:05 and always wondered which scene it was from. Too bad it didn't make the final cut. And Tood's scenes should have remained too.

  12. Funny thing about the deleted scene where they are all eating left handed. In the earlier scene where we see them eating, Neil is there and we see him eating left handed!!!!!!!

  13. Eat with your correct hand? What a bunch of stiffs. No wonder the 1960's happened. The 1950's were so repressive.

  14. thanks for this digital !    was watching the original Robocop  and was like where the smeg have I seen that villain before > Neil's dad, K Smith ( always remember his reaction when he finds Neil dead body)

  15. Is the deleted scene of Neil's funeral anywhere online that has Williams tried to console his parents but his father just said he held him personally responsible for death. It was shown briefly on DVD documentary.

  16. Wow. The guy playing Chet's father might be the worst actor in history. It's like he's a cartoon character.

  17. The DVD featured showed Neil's funeral where Keating tried to come up to the Perrys but the father said he was going to hold him personally responsible for Neil's death! Too bad they don't show the entire scene anywhere whether on here or anywhere! Does anybody know where to find the scene i refer to?!

  18. In  that last deleted scene, we now know that Keating was there. We just do not see him in what they showed in the theatrical version.

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