18 thoughts on “Day In The Life Of Kibbutz Volunteer

  1. Please can I volunteer for free to work for one year on a Kibbutz farm. I am just forced into retirement at 61 in South Africa.

  2. Well, dirty indoor unskilled work such as kitchen porter /assistant are done by the Volunteers. Outdoor hard physical work are sometimes done by Palestinian and Druze labourers. Some Kibbutznicks (kibbutz members) are just lazy the majority which are not, and work hard at being in charge or in skilled work sometimes outside the Kibbutz. As a Volunteer you have no rights and get no money, but the food is nice though and sometimes the accommodation is too.

  3. There's two very important aspects of a volunteers day that's missing from this video:
    Vodka, and sex with Scandinavians.

  4. Half a year as a volunteer, an experience, that changed my life . Maybe the best time ever…i'll never forget.

  5. Dear Israel hello and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share your life on a kibbltz good way to live don't worry Jerusulum wil be ok let russia and usa help get that sorted very good people and don't hate muslims jews or catholics at all yes I am a kidnapped russian baby victim of the national hitler service but am ok will keep my silly english name but prefered to be called chloe have my greyhound here and a good portugease friend love to you all get uk out of your country they are bad news but good people here as well take care Charlotte Roberta Forbes Lewisham London

  6. I don't want to sound disrespectful but why are there Asian people in the Kibbutz? Are they jewish?

  7. Hi !! 🙂 I want to ask, if there is a possibility to travel with my girlfriend and stay in the same kibbutz ? Beforehands thanks

  8. I'm 45, I live a comfortable life in a great city in a G7 country…and 20 years later I still look up videos of kibbutz life and wonder if I should move back. :).

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