22 thoughts on “Davos elites debate: Is inequality causing populist anger?

  1. These conferences should be held in the communities of the demographic that they're speaking on. Everybody on that panel and everybody in that audience looks to be highly educated and doing well. The setting of this conference is held in a posh setting far away from the middle class and the impoverished. If you're surrounding yourself and the spaces you exist within with the fortunate, how can you possibly understand the condition of the less fortunate? There's no city or community leaders on that panel, no people of color, only two female's and most of their remarks seems to indicate that they really do not understand what's going on, on the ground. Everything they're saying is "uh, I think, uh,uh, uuuh". Talk to the people… the social workers, the judges, school counselors, city representatives, community activists, single parents, the less fortunate. Stop going off of data driven analyses and work directly with the world's community leader's..

  2. Slowly start torturing their families to death in front of them and I'm sure they'll be happy to smooth the wheels of undoing this financially siphoning system before anyone they care about loses to many of their important pieces.

  3. She hopes people will listen?? This old hag's only interest in life is her idiotic 10-year-outdated tan and where to have lunch next after interviews. Lying hypocrite bitches who appear publicly to display her expensive clothes, don't impress me. Just another elitist bourgeoise Macy's catwalker.

  4. LaGarde & Summers are "Insider members" of the so called "Global Elites"…In 2015 when Varoufakis was Greece's finance minister for 6 months, he had important discussions with them both which illustrated in stark terms the disconnect of "Global Elites" from the real pain & suffering felt by the majority of the "Demos"…

  5. Christine Lagarde has the liberal view of envy and redistribution (theft of one group to give to another group). People just want jobs and a fair chance. They don't want to be thrown aside for globalism. Raising millions of Chinese out of poverty partly on the back of American middle class isn't a fair trade for the US. Multi-national corporations not sending jobs and industry overseas is more important than socialistic redistribution tax code. — Hillary was just an awful candidate to run too.

    Yes, partly an anti-establishment / anti-globalist elites. The corporate controlled media propaganda isn't working anymore. Lots of people have awakened. Yes, they are fed up.

  6. "The problem is the economist's pie-chart. There is no pie, just a bunch of damned little tarts." Kenneth Boulding

  7. One thing is for sure, Right works very well on crisis and stabilization phases and left works wonders on recovering economies from crisis.

    Credit available? CAPITALISM is the answer. Too much debt? Socialism redistribution of wealth is the answer to redistribute a bit of wealth temporarily from the haves to the have-nots.

  8. Inequality isn't an important issue, it's a made up issue by you leftist, socialist, elitists. Stop trashing Trump.

  9. The clock is running out on the globalist Davos set. Legard should be in prison. Larry (((Samuelson))) can sneer condescendingly all he likes. Trump and Bannon have these rats in their sights. America first! God bless America!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Larry Summers *tisk *tisk humor is good, not as an opening to kick like its right. I dislike this bad way of humor to say something like its acceptable.

  11. These Global elites are downright diabolical. They have been unmasked and the people are now well aware of who they are and what they want. The people of the world are saying "NO!" to their plans for mass migration and "repopulation" and "redistribution" in their efforts to destroy national identities to maximize total control and enslavement. Their days are numbered. #Globalism Is A Dead Meme

  12. Yeah, I think it's the redistributing money from the not quite poor to the poor, which is what socialism does, that is directly contrary to meritocracy which causes the problems. These people are often generous anyway, but need to, and deserve to have control of their own money, and not have it used to subsidize the feeling of the wealthy and their wallets. Often the people who have jobs you wish didn't exist, you think to blame technology for replacing them as cause, but it was the people with jobs you lost. People who must necessarily pay into a tax scheme based on income to pay for everything you think poor people should have.

    ALSO, the left is losing the poor, about a quarter in the US don't believe in redistribution, half because they think it doesn't work, and the other half because they don't think the government could or would even do it if it knew how, lol.

    Also, the identity politics are really wearing thin on the electorate. Are Catholics killing Jews based on ideology? No. Is it homophobic to not understand gay marriage? Ah ha, you noted the wording there, that's a typical answer from a gay person who doesn't agree with gay marriage, because marriage is for babies. You'd think this would be more accessible to Europeans, but, whatever, this isn't a huge winner for conservatives, but hardly the vote cow, apparently, that liberals try to force down our throats. Wait, who is ideologically opposed to the common populace… It's almost like they're in a diabolical alliance with groups that harbor those that would also do them harm physically and pretend it wasn't happening.

  13. arrogant crony inbred tyrants. The pie doesn't need to be bigger. The pie of fraudulent debt created by private central banks needs to be thrown in the trash and national debts restructured. Reinstate regulation like glass Steagall. Set capital limits on how much an individual can make. If we have a minimum wage, we should have a maximum wage. Say, 5 million a year. Any profits after that go to bonuses to lower level employees and shareholders etc. If you can't live on 5 million a year, there is a serious,problem.

  14. damn academics and bureaucrats be they don't know anything why do people and the media follow this secular priest's talking about inequality like it some evil that needs to be eradicated., they should just let ray dalio talk, wright down notes and go home and do that.

  15. Financial inequality in America is a straw man that Democrats have successfully created for years. Sad to see so many Americans including Republicans fall for this ploy.

  16. But when Daniel Dingel had a car running from water the president of the Philippines said they couldn't support him or else the IMF and World Bank would stop funding their whole country. Fuck this bitch

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