David Icke – Mass Immigration And The Rise Of Nationalism

David Icke – Mass Immigration And The Rise Of Nationalism

[Applause] well obviously the the movement of people continues it doesn't seem to be as big as it once was but we shouldn't read too much into that because it does actually happen in tends to happen in waves at different different times but the point of the whole thing is that the indigenous European population and those coming in as a result of this what is called the migrant crisis are both having their strings pulled by the same force it's a long-planned operation to destabilize Europe in this way and to have massive divide and rule between the indigenous population and the incoming population and if you look around places like Sweden and Germany that it and others that is clearly happening I went many times to Sweden before this all began and I've been since and Sweden is not the same country and it's no good people screaming bigoted racist and all these tags that are put on people but the fact is I mean you know it may be the plan to move as we are into a post vaccine is being absolutely transformed well I mean the point is you know it's it's it's a simple rule of thumb for my point of view if you want to know what the agenda is then look at those things that you are not allowed to discuss you're not allowed to debate and you're not allowed to have an alternative opinion on that and you look around look at the whole transcript and explosion look at the subject we're talking about now you're not allowed to have an alternative opinion on it even if that alternative opinion is based on facts and you know we need to ask why it's happening we need to ask all the time that that simple question why why is it happening who benefits from it and again you mentioned George Soros well George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are fundamentally involved in this manipulation of the movement of people and the manipulation of European governments to allow it to happen this is why he's faced such opposition in the country he was born in Hungary from from the prime minister there because they have understood what Soros is doing and when you've got a situation Jeff where George Soros is reported now to have over the years including a more recent donation of eighteen billion dollars to have contributed thirty two billion dollars to this open society foundation network with that sort of money you're not talking about peripheral manipulation you're talking about fundamental manipulation and the same of course is happening in the United States through particularly the southern borders you you you have to ask why it's happening and why there is this transformation of societies and countries going on and you know it's it's easy to to blame those coming in and and some of them will be very unpleasant people but a lot of them are simply looking for a better life a like your political points exactly that you see if you if you start bombing countries across the Middle East and devastating those countries then populations affected by that I want to get are going to want to get the hell out of the place and you know although that you be the the the great majority of those migrants coming into Europe are economic migrants the the whole thing started if you remember on the basis of people fleeing conflict that that's how the whole thing was sold and that's that's that how the emotional whole thing started because the manipulation of emotion is the bottom line of how it's done so for instance you had people initially in Germany if you remember German people were on the platform's at the railway stations as the the great flow of migrants came in after a merkel opened the door there and they were clapping the migrants into Germany because of the emotional but feeling of the terrible situation they perceived themselves to be in but of course you you cannot bring in that level of numbers into a country people particularly of a different culture which which have to be somehow be integrated into the indigenous culture people who can't speak the language therefore find it very difficult get employment you cannot do that without creating enormous problems in enormous upheavals um and of course this was predictable and it was predictable but people yeah that was the intent people like Angela Merkel you know people asked the question in the tickling in Germany of what was she doing well what she was doing was serving the agenda that that's the whole what the whole thing is about and so you see if you if you can get your target population divided and ruled in at war with itself then it's much easier to change society as you want to change and of course the the agenda for Europe through the european union is to break up countries ultimately into regions and the end of sovereign nations a regional Europe under the in effect totalitarian control but yeah this totalitarian control by the bureaucrats in Brussels that control the European Union that that's the whole that's the whole game and you know this is a whole interesting area I did a video of it recently about fascism coming in under another name and you mentioned nationalism there and you know there's this suggestion this claim that we're having the rise of fascism and the far-right in Europe as as a result of this great immigration migrant crisis where people obviously are looking for many people are looking for a party's that's gonna say well we're gonna we're going to stop these numbers coming in but the real fascism actually is unfolding under the banner of anti-fascism this is how it's being being done so for instance you have this so-called progressive mentality which is completely hijacked the the liberal left and and this hijack the traditional working-class left in in Britain and elsewhere as well and it's a a progressive mentality as they call it I call it regressive that is increasingly taken over the university is taken over the colleges etc and it is railing against the rise of what it calls far-right nationalist parties in Europe while actually acting in exactly the way the Nazis did in Germany which is destroying the ability of people with an alternative opinion to them from actually communicating that opinion so we're seeing all the censorship of the free flow of information on Facebook on Google and YouTube etc under the banner of this progressive mentality this is where so-called hate speeches has come from through this progressive mentality which is being played like a stringed instrument by the the powers that are really behind it and so you have this whole wave and Tifa another one this whole wave of people who claim to be anti-fascist who are operating in ways that fascists work and so you there is this claim about the the rise of nationalist parties in Europe and that's the focus see the fascists and if you turn around and look at look in the other direction you see this anti-fascist fascism that's becoming more and more influential and more and more dominant in shutting down alternatives to the prevailing narrative and you know it's been pointed out many many times that the old traditional if you like liberal left in America but I remember as a kid you used to rail against the disruption of freedom of speech students at Berkeley used to go on marches demanding freedom of speech now they protest against it and it's this fantastic upturn or it is an incredible inversion of what the the so-called liberal left used to be because it's been hijacked by this progressive mentality you

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  1. what the hell is up with your stuttering David? its fucking hidous to listen to lol.. You havent sniffed your line of coke today? Otherwise good stuff.

  2. In Spain the exact same shit is going on. Political correctness has taken univesities, schools, media, the vast majority of young people´s minds, etc, etc. But I´m so confused because the only political party (called VOX) that exalts nationalism, that is against all this political correctness, all this extreme feminism, all this mass migration , this same political party supports Israel and wants to impose vaccines to everyone. I´m so confused…

  3. The fact that you view the threat to be pertaining to only the white race is part of the problem. Remember we are all this planet for a short space of time. How we think and feel about the various lands we live in will not be how future generations feel. Hence the Brexit dilemma.

  4. Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi had a vision and the like of Peter Sutherland are desperate to fulfill; that dream before their demise. "EU should undermine national homogeneity says UN migration chief" {BBC News 21 June 2012}.

  5. Ya the New Nationalist "non social conservative in nature" is the only chance Europe has to save its self from being taken over by REAL FASCIST!

  6. We know who is behind the mass immigration. Her's a very short video, in case you don't know. https://youtu.be/-7ldT3YL2Kw Also, here's a bonus video on what the Israeli lobby (Zionists) does to those that dare cross them. https://youtu.be/Xcd0b-55lfg Israel's immigration policy is – 'Get out, or go to prison, INDEFINITELY!' Israel's immigration policy for the rest of the world is – Open Borders, Everyone is Welcome! The world has one common enemy! All of this 'terrorism,' mass immigration, and perpetual war has been planned for many, many years…even 9/11. Just like the Oded Yinon Plan.

  7. Immigrants are moving because they have too. Doing a great job moving ppl around. It won't stop in Europe or the states. Not gonna change so we better get use to it !! It is what it is !! Why ? It's a drag down to the Europeans and to the united states !! Not getting any better either !! Hate to break it to you it's not ever going to stop !! Until islamisation of Europe !!

  8. Just wait until the Sudanese go on their rampage. Europe haven't seen anything yet. The Swedish people have no idea what they are getting into.

  9. Sounds like Mr Icke in his apologetic for the fascists is getting ready to be a defender, even, of them. All in search of more popularity and revenue for himself I would say.

  10. When any nation becomes so deeply degenerate that it will first vote to legalise, and then willingly permit the State orchestrated murder of it's own children by the millions; isn't that evidence that such a nation no longer deserves to enjoy Life on God's Good Earth ??

    58,586,256 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 …
    14/01/2016 · 58,586,256 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973. 58,586,256 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973. … information gives us reason …

    Abortion in the United Kingdom – Wikipedia
    Since approval of abortion in the UK in 1967 to 2014, 8,745,508 abortions have been performed.
    Attitudes to abortion
    Great Britain · Northern Ireland · Crown dependencies · History · Statistics

  11. Destabilize is the plan. So the crackdown can begin. The nationalist cannot win. It’s biblical. Mass kill is coming soon. Muslims included.

  12. It sounds about right. Divide and rule. Nationlism with enlightemnet is not a bad thing. Nationalism that is regressive is bad. George Sorrors should be in jail he has caused such turmoil in peoples lives and tried to alter the face of Europe.

  13. Juncker is the worst rat in europe
    Look at his hypocrite, false face
    That what their education tells them.
    Lie to the people, so the will vote for you
    Merkel and juncker, the perfekt diabolic couple to destroy free europe.
    The want a african-slave low- intelligent slave country. .
    Merkel the sick witch

  14. You won't find any far left views among the working class, it's all sons and daughters of politicians, judges, police commissioners, multinationals and liberal "professors", they all get their indoctrination at bastions of indoctrination disguised as institutes of education.

  15. This guy refuses to denounce Flat Earth for the Lying scam that it is.
    Until he does so he has absolutely no credibility.
    In fact i suspect that he's nothing but an opportunist; hanging his opportunist coat along with its sad delusion, on any controversy which is current…relevant or not.

  16. have you checked the marrakesh declaration signed may 2, africa and eu, 12 million africans on the way. with extra requirements for xenophobia..phrased FIGHT not address so more police state

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