49 thoughts on “Dave Rubin's Political Awakening

  1. Not a good start when "Reason TV" is out the door disagreeing that it's nothing major to sit down and talk with people of varying political viewpoints.

  2. (((Dave Rubin's Political Awakening))) Remember folks its not about left or right. Its all about Israelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  3. 26:15 totally agree, people should be in control of their own lives…that's the best message here…and also stop giving so much power to the politicians…so many are not using it honorably

  4. No, Mr. Rubin, we're all not the same. "Gay marriage" is not a political issue. It is a moral one. The collective morality of thousands of years of human existence recognizes, not too mention collective religious experiences, that the future of mankind is NOT in relationships outside of the man-woman relationship. Both sexes bring to the building of balance, moral children. NO "gay" relationship or any other could ever do the same.

    Sorry, but you're wrong on this issue.

  5. A teenage girl (well, 20+ something) assassinates Ana's character assassination of Dave Rubin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLR67304XRU

  6. Hope you’re ideological awakening was worth it Dave…
    Couldn’t pay me enough to be in your shoes… Must be ashamed to look at himself in the mirror.

  7. Welcome to the light, Dave! As a former liberal Democrat, I can empathize with your story. Let's be clear: today's Democrats are not liberals. Dave represents what Democrats used to be 20 years ago. Left wing views mostly but reasonable people with common sense.

  8. Cenk is a moron, Kamikaze's first and foremost weren't Buddhists they were Shinto. Shinto developed roughly around 500 BC. It first started out as a clan religion that worshiped the ''Kami''. Kami means divine, but we must not mistake this for meaning one god, as Shinto is a polytheistic religion. The early Japanese found their divine in nature, animals and their ancestors. Each Japanese clan had their own Kami, when two clans would clash in battle, the succeeding clan would impose their Kami on the other clan.  Shinto stresses honor and how important it is. The kamikaze attacks took place because it is honorable to die for an important cause, and when that honor you achieve is witnessed by everyone around you, honor comes upon your family. The Shinto religion is very important to the issue of the kamikazes. Shinto puts forth the values that the Japanese live by, and those values are what prompted many young Japanese to give their lives for the nation.

  9. Go look up some videos and pics of places in the Middle East before Islam took over, it's a lot more happy and normal…. way less controlled.

  10. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.
    – Alexis De Tocqueville

  11. I may not agree with Rubin on everything, but I do respect him because he is not close minded and is open to dialogue while being decent and respectful. Much Props, Dave.

  12. I am so accustomed to Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin's long interviews that this seems shockingly truncated.

  13. It's funny that how cnn build itself on interviewing hardcore terrorists and dictators during the 90s are now banning opposing views.

  14. I personally would never marry another man. Maybe that is because I am not gay. I presume that is important.

  15. Larry Elder made Rubin babble like an idiot when Elder challenged Rubin to provide evidence of "systemic racism". And Elder absolutely REFUSED to let him off the hook, Elder demanded that Rubin provide evidence for his assertion and refused to let Rubin change the subject. The fact that Rubin was obviously trying to change the subject to avoid accountability for what he said and asserted was embarrassing, to say the least. One might even call it dishonorable.

  16. I can see how if I were Jewish, I might see nothing good in Islam as well, since so much of the Islamic world is anti Israel. At least, that is what I have seen portrayed. However, I think many of us have a poor understanding of Islamic culture and thus demonize many of its customs. For instance, we in the west think their women are oppressed because they are required to wear covering clothing or to have a male relative escort them when they leave the house or because they are not allowed to drive on their own.

    What we don't know and understand is that by Islamic law, a man is completely responsible for the actions of his wife and children. If she does harm, it is his fault. Also, if she earns an income, that money is hers to do with as she pleases. She need not contribute it to her husband or children. Her family may starve while she enjoys luxury if she wishes. On the other hand, if her husband fails to provide for she and her kids, he will face criminal penalties. So there is a trade off in their culture that we don't understand. A woman has almost no responsibility for her actions in Sharia law.

  17. If you had a “POLITICAL AWAKENING” and you’re still into politics, or any of “HUMANITIES” BS, you fell back to sleep! When you “AWAKEN” to what politics really is, and you see the BS going on in this world, you will never see anything ever the same again on your way to your own perfection. Religion; Politics; Economics; Education; Science; Entertainment, is all BS! JESUS wasn’t religious, JESUS was TRANSCENDENT! So when I say everything is BS, I mean everything is BS! I “AWAKENED” over time. I slowly awakened out of my sleep, and dream world, and I realized everything is BS. I know what Jesus felt like. Death, Dying, and leaving this world behind after fulfill your mission, and purpose for being in this hell hole, is the greatest thing ever.

  18. Dave Rubin is not being honest. He is a conservative who is also homosexual. Conservatives generally hate homosexuals … Dave has to do mental gymnastics to justify himself.

  19. KOCH MONEY… Rubin is a clueless idiot disguising his lack of intellect by putting on the role of neutral free speech advocate. Classic capitalist. Pick a fucking side faggot…

  20. More like Dave needing an easier market to cater too. He does well only when he has an echo chamber audience that cheers him. Getting intellectually owned happens to all these guys left or right but it happens to this guy the most often.

  21. Mr. Rubin: I am a Constitutional Conservative. I have no problem with gay marriage, color creed etc. I have a problem with the mindset of the Islamic Quran and Shira Law. I have a problem with the Islamic treatment of Gays , Women, Children and their penchant to impose their view on others.

    I do have an interesting Constitutional Question for you. It has nothing to do with my opinion of the freedom of Gay marriage or its legality. It has to do with its position in The Constitution. ( I am not a lawyer)

    If a marriage can be defined as a union between 2 people and their Spiritual leader: would it not follow that a marriage defined by the Federal Government make the Federal Government a Spiritual leader : Consequently. Would it not make sense to create 2 ceremonies. A civil ceremony and a government.
    You would be married according to the State. If the Church agreed, then get married per state.
    Just a thought from a non lawyer.

  22. I believe a 3rd Party is right on the horizon in DC. It is the only way to have a bridge between this 50/50 split currently in America..and is not sustainable for our existence. Coalitions would be forced to be made in Congress. There’s a Party that can be formed which is home for more flexible people from both sides.

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