Dave Rubin Blames Politically Correct Liberals For California Wildfires

Dave Rubin Blames Politically Correct Liberals For California Wildfires

Right now, there are seven active wildfires
in the state of California covering an area of nearly 100,000 acres. So yesterday evening, Fox news host Tucker
Carlson decided to have on conservative talker, Dave Ruben to help explain what exactly is
happening and why these fires started in the first place. So take it away. Tucker and Dave, [Most beautiful part of the United States. The problem right now is that everything,
everything from academia to public utilities to politics, everything that goes woke that
that buys into this ridiculous progressive ideology that cares about what contractors
are LGBT or how many black firemen we have or white this or Asian that everything that
goes that road eventually breaks down. It is not how freedom is supposed to operate. What is supposed to happen. Tucker. Imagine if your house was on fire, would you
care what the public utility or what the fire company, what contractor they brought in,
what gender or sexuality or any of those things he or she was, I mean, it’s just absolutely
ridiculous. And right now,] yes, folks that that’s correct. It’s not because of catastrophic climate change. It’s not because we’ve cut budgets for forest
management and can’t clear out the undergrowth that spreads these fires. It’s not because of the negligence of power
companies like PG & E. Nope. It’s the PC liberals out there in California
who’s hatred of non-PC I guess ignited the spark that lit up the state because firefighters
didn’t have black people because firefighters weren’t hiring anybody from the LGBTQ community
and somehow now there’s lots of fires there. Ruben didn’t exactly complete the link there. I mean he didn’t say specifically how that
was related to the fires, but trust him folks, he is the intellectual dark web, right? He’s one of the brightest minds, the biggest
brains on the right. So surely he wouldn’t just be saying stupid
things because that’s all he knows how to do, except that’s exactly what he did because
that is all he knows how to do. There is there substance in that debate, there
is no substance in that argument. Just like there isn’t in anything Dave Rubin
or anyone on the right has to say, and that’s why this kind of gets frustrating a little
bit, right. Nobody talks about PC culture more than angry
conservatives. They’re more obsessed with people being PC
or not being PC than anybody on the left is what’s happening right now in California is
a tragedy and this is not because anybody told the fire department, you have to go and
hire more black people. I don’t even understand how somebody can be
stupid enough to think that that’s what that is. Let alone stupid enough to write an article
a year or so ago calling Dave Reuben, part of the intellectual dark web. There is nothing intellectual about Dave Rubin
or Ben Shapiro or Charlie Kirk or Candace Owens or Tomi Lahren or any of these people,
Jordan Peterson, none of them folks. There is no intelligence there to speak of. There are crazy right wing talking points
that they cannot deviate from. They just say the same stupid thing over and
over regardless of the question they’re asked. Ruben is supposed to be talking about fires
and instead he’s talking about affirmative action causing fires somehow. Again, he never exactly made the link because
I don’t even think Ruben thought that he was making any sense at that point, but Tucker
Carlson, as you saw in the clip at one point, butted in and said, Oh yeah, I agree. Oh, that’s totally right. Yeah. No, you’re all idiots. Every single one of you, along with anybody
who thinks that any of these people are part of any kind of intellectual web dark
or not.

100 thoughts on “Dave Rubin Blames Politically Correct Liberals For California Wildfires

  1. Today we all should say Snow Person. Please
    keep it gender neutral if you can, so
    try to be aware it's, gonna
    need a pair of carrots to, be
    properly referred to as a "man."

  2. Californian here.

    Power lines near tall trees while winds are blowing, idiots in vehicles throwing out their cigarettes in the forest somewhere; people not knowing how to dispose of their hazardous garbage. That's why we're having forest fires.

    Blame mainly goes to PG&E. AND Climate Change. But emphasis was placed on making sure shit like this doesn't happen again. Yet here we go again.

  3. Lol! You know damn well tucker Carlson would care if a gay or lesbian firefighter showed up at his house.

  4. Why blame this on any political view? How about just HELP. How about just show some empathy. Rubin made a beyond stupid point.

  5. I think you missed the real problem with this argument. To me what he is trying to say is that the fire departments have to hire a certain number of races and can’t, which is a lie. And not putting the blame on budget cuts from the top 1% paying their fair share. To me, that makes this argument even dumber!

  6. California 55 electoral votes ! ?
    Why would the so called liberals want to lose that ?

    MR. RUBIN ..In whose best interest, that the population in California be reduced ?
    Sounds like mr. RUBIN is preempting a blame game …
    Just sayin!

    Nero blamed Christians for his political objectives!

  7. Does anyone know dave rubin's home address? I want to send him some nice almond cookies that are totally not laced with cyanide as thanks for telling us the reason for the wildfires.

  8. Y'know Dave Rubin is right. My electricity company here started screaming the other day to me about the 'patriarchy' and then this morning, BAM, no electricity. That definitely had to be the reason, and not because a drunk idiot last night ran into a pole knocking out the power for my neighborhood.

  9. Look there is an argument that money is being diverted to force pc ideals onto policy that does put risk people who might be more qualified.

  10. Got a problem? Literally any problem? Just blame them 'SJW's! The all-purpose boogeymen are DEFINITELY behind everything that ever went wrong on earth, and getting rid of them (by which I of course mean murdering them with your very big, impressive, and not-at-all-compensatory firearm) will magically fix it all overnight!

    It's supposed to be a joke, but I'm increasingly convinced that this is what right-wingers genuinely believe.

  11. What a fucking moron!!!!😂🤣
    It's the dry weather and high winds,…………
    Oh, and PG&E starts these fires. Fuck PG&E, and the two rat faced lying idiots on Faux News.🙄🖕🏻

  12. The idea that California is “liberal” is ridiculous. Rubin is just pandering to a stereotype. The state has been run by conservatives for the majority of the past century and progressives have only recently become more prominent; and they aren’t really progressive, more like blue dog centrist democrats. People who are just as capitalist as the Republicans; progressives are still the minority.

  13. No, Dave Rubin. Instead of these idiotic talking points. Blame your republican party for not believing in climate change. Blame your republican party for not supporting the Sunrise Movement and other organizations that are designed to fight climate change. And blame your leader for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Then blame everyone who voted for him.

  14. Actually, it sounds more like he's saying that minority and LGBTQ firefighters are worse than Cisgendered Straight White firefighters, which is what caused the fires to get so bad.

  15. As someone who actually had to evacuate those fires, I can safely say it’s PG&E’s fault for valuing profit over safety.

  16. Gee, that's odd, I remember in the late 70's early 80's, before Political Correctness even existed, my dad (A Forest Ranger in Wisconsin) going to California, year after year, after year to fight wild fires.

  17. Jesus Christ, if these fucking idiots got any more stupid they'd both choke on their own dicks and die. That's not such a bad thing, now that I think about it. Seriously, why does ANYONE think these white supremacist assholes are "intellectuals"?

  18. If Calif. has its own animal farms, no budget? get the farmers to get their animals to graze. They eat the underbrush , get a good feed and farmers save $ on feed. Would you believe this common sense is illegal in Australia which is why summer is dreaded there? All the so-called corrupt "leaders" are going out of their way to kill us all.

  19. What a steaming load of horseshit this Dave Rubin was spouting to Fucker Carlson, what on earth does this "Woke" bullshit have to do with the California wildfires?

  20. Classic misquote click bait title here. They didn't say that woke culture directly causes fires, they said hiring by diversity over merit has consequences and this fire could very well be one of those consequences. Quite frankly I agree with them, I'd rather have the most qualified person to do ant given job.

  21. Isn't rave dubin the affirmative action hire at whatever shitshow he works at??? I mean, as much as I hate to say it being in the lgbtq community myself, so is he, they gotta fill a quota that he himself will go and complain abou- oh, right right, kick down, I remember now, gotcha

  22. What the hell those that have to do with it? O my god I had heard about this guy Rubin was dense but this is ridiculous. I am glad that Maryanne Williamson put him in his place and asked him if he had read a book lately.

  23. That's all the right wing says, all the right wing does, and all the right wing knows. Every time our country has any sort of problem, they'll undoubtedly blame it on liberals, progressives, feminists, atheists, LGBTQ, etc.

  24. Rube Davin, is a cogwheel, in the Intellectual Dork Web? By Oden, the American educational system, must be, really lousy!?

  25. Sure thing. PG&E is a hotbed of liberals. Only stupid people would believe that. Oh, wait. We're talking trump synchophants.

  26. Right wingers complain about everything except for the actual problem. These people are the worst of the worst.

  27. Everyone else is waiting for the "competition to start kicking in" but Rubin is still around, talking utter shit. 😄

  28. Its clearly financial mismanagement to an extreme degree, other states with less taxation quickly get wildfires under control.

  29. scraping the bottom of the barrel..
    of course if Rubin is your interviewee then you can expect anything else..
    Rubin is the slime and the bottom of the barrel..

  30. If I was allowed on ingraham's show, I guarantee some of the expletives I'd throw at her would have the right clutching their pearls.

  31. Stupidity and ignorance along with greed and jealousy are more to blame for the fires. Perhaps California should have raked the hills to prevent fire. Or call Russia with advise on how to put them out.

  32. Republicans know their party is going up in flames (no pun intended.) So they're trying to distract/play up that the Left are the true bad guys. Surprising for them, it's not working.

  33. Dave Rubin, Tucker "Silly Fucker" Carlson, Ben Shapiro and members of the aforementioned "Intellectual Dark Web" are as of much use as a perforated Condom!!! They make as much sense as sandpaper toilet roll!!! I've seen vomit on the pavement outside pubs that have more depth and substance than these twats!!!

  34. An ongoing, never-ending prejudice that is truly the curse of this country, deeply entrenched racism. How the huge losses suffered in these climate-induced fires, enabled by utility companies who refuse to pay labor to upkeep their own equipment is the fault of black people!? It's despicable.

  35. You are absolutely correct on all your talking points,
    Except 1.
    It's not "climate change",
    It's The "Grand Solar Minimum"!
    It Happens Every 400 to 600 yrs. On Planet Earth!
    Don't Believe Me?
    Look It Up For Yourself!
    Get The Facts!
    Then And Only Then,
    Can You Argue,
    The "Climate Change" Issue!
    I Absolutely Love Facts!

  36. I hope Rave Dubin goes to bed every night, with the thought of him losing his integrity for right-wing checks eating away at what’s barely left of his humanity. He is a cold, greedy, sad, sad man.

  37. HAVE BIG MOUTH TRUMP RAKE CALIFORNIA!!😂🤣😅🖕👻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  38. @The Ring of Fire, Have you noticed all your videos have significantly more Likes then dislikes? Amazing work If only you were mainstream media this world would be a better place.

  39. Wounded antelope Rave Dubin put himself into recovery mode with that high level important idea before speaking. He should toe the line of dear leader by saying California need to rake their forest.
    The Dark Web entraps the stupid.

  40. Burning and flooding is the new normal with bigger Hurricanes .  Trump say no climate change and CA can not have cars with better gas mileage .  TRUMP SUCKS

  41. I live in California at least 13 fires were set by Trumptards from out of state on purpose. They arrested one that set 13 himself https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/missouri-man-charged-with-starting-13-forest-fires-in-california. Those are just the ones we know for sure.

  42. The point that Rubin is making is that PG&E are quite capable of tracking/highlighting how inclusive they are in their employment and enhancement of shareholder value yet rather unable to improve upon decades old infrastructure in order to protect its customers.

    The comment is designed to highlight the ridiculousness of the company’s misaligned focus. He is NOT saying that “woke” inclusion is to blame.

  43. You are gaslighting, or intellectually challenged. He actually did explain the correlation. Let me sum it up for you: making hiring decisions based on anything other than one's capacity to do that particular job (based on merit), will foster the creation of an underqualified workforce. This will make it harder to manage very complex problems that occur in that workspace. California is claimed to be particularly bad for this because they necessitate "diversity hiring" and want quotas for the number of each ethnicity, gender, etc. This is diametrically opposed to merit based systems and competence. I hope this helps.

  44. I don't know who the hell Dave Rubin is and I don't give a crap, but he's evidently another typical clueless right whiner Trumpanzee. Farron mentioned the reasons we have fires, mental midget f*ckwits like Davey Rubin are just parroting Trumpublican talking points. The Government Of Putin liars club party is EXACTLY what is wrong w America. We can't afford NOT to fire as many of these MORONS in 2020 as possible!

  45. Peter Boghossian, err, I mean DOCTOR Peter Boghossian, PhD, was clarifying this on Twitter for us simple, naive little SJWs while defending Dave Rubin this morning. Apparently in their minds, what's wrong is that the utilities companies and fire departments are so overwhelmed with having to deal with "pc culture" that they're unable to focus on any other priorities, such as fixing the electric grid or fighting fires.

  46. Praying for rain, my country are sending firefighters. Be safe California.
    Government: stop denying reality. Climate charge is affecting everything. Fires, floods, tornados…

  47. Wha…? Has there been any case of firefighters refusing to go put out a fire because the request came from an anti LGBT dude or something? Or is this just Rubin spewing nonsense as usual?

  48. I swear, I can feel my IQ points draining away every time I listen to RethuglieKKKlan talking points. No wonder Faux Propaganda viewers are so unbelievably stupid.

  49. Yeah tucker…. Who would care what personel is stopping your house from burning down? Uhhh…. I know…. YOU. Because you as a right wing, does not see everyone as equal. That is why there need to be laws, saying that you can not treat other people inferiour. And yes. You would not care when your house is on fire, who it is that are stopping the fire. But honestly… We dont even care if your house burned down. You do have insurance dont you? Like. You can afford it with your paycheck. So why care at all if your house was on fire.

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