Data on hate crimes is terrible. Here’s why.

Data on hate crimes is terrible. Here’s why.

I report on hate crimes for ProPublica.
You can think of a hate crime as a crime committed against somebody because of
who they are. Congress forced the Department of Justice to collect information on hate crimes starting in 1990. One of the greatest obligations
of this administration and of the Department of Justice is the guarantee
of civil rights for all Americans. Hate crimes cannot be tolerated in a free
society. but many police departments don’t actually report their hate crimes to the FBI, assuming they even mark them down at all. We called every state agency charged with setting police academy training
standards and we asked if they provide training on hate crimes. And we sent more than 350 public records requests to law enforcement agencies across the country to see how they tracked hate crimes. From talking to experts we knew that hate
crime reporting was spotty at best, but the results of our investigation were
surprising even to me. Of the more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies that report hate crimes to the FBI, 88 percent of those just simply say they have none. Law enforcement agencies in seven of the 20 largest cities in the United
States either severely under report or don’t report hate crimes at all. In the South, hate crimes are rarely reported. So, why is law enforcement failing to report hate crimes? Well, part of it is that officers get little to no training. What we found is that only 12 states have statutes that require police academies
to train on hate crimes. Another problem? Just… not doing it. Like at the Miami-Dade County Police Department, where officers said they just didn’t fill out hate crime report forms. And a third problem: officials confuse state laws with
federal laws. Like in Alabama, where the state hate crime law doesn’t cover homosexuality. and police officers there told us they wouldn’t mark down a crime
with anti-gay bias as a hate crime. This is in spite of the fact that the federal
law asked them to. The problem is that people are being attacked. They’re being attacked for who they are and our law enforcement agencies by and large don’t appear to understand how to handle these crimes. The FBI is required to track this information for the rest of the country, but they
can’t do it without support from local law enforcement

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  1. 0:06 Religion and gender identity are not "who you are", like race and the other items, they are "what you do/believe/feel". Actions instead of real states of being.

  2. So you want use the federal government to force local police to report hate crimes, but are ok with local police not enforcing immigration law?

  3. I think they just don't care to tell u the truth , but from what I've seen on tv they always call any problem a black person had a hate crime but never when it's a man from india or of south asian ancestry despite the fact that those are the most ruthlessly brutal of all the crimes and also most racist , in almost all of those attacks there were always lots of proof and in many cases even witnesses , I don't need to be a expert I my self have faced many racially motivated hate crimes and I see on you tube every day when we get our heads bashed in everyone laughs and the cops always claim it's never a hate crime , crimes against a man's racial identity should not be considered hate crime but race crimes instead since it sounds better and is quite accurate .

  4. To many random people claim hate crime against others to quickly for not anywhere close to REAL hate crimes. Its hard to take most seriously.
    Its like the boy who cried wolf to many times.

  5. For those interested in knowing more about hate crime laws in the United States, here's the FBI's page on hate crimes:

  6. I have been starting to experience racism, and hate from strangers. ive been called racist names more times this year then ever in my life. I've also experinced discrimination based on my race, and gender and sexual identity. But if I ever point these things out, or complain about any if it I am laughed at (at best), no one cares because I am white, a male, and am attracted to women.

  7. I was a victim of a hate crime while living in Las Vegas I am a transgender person. I remember so much

  8. WHAT ABOUT music like "Meet The Flockers" now that song screams stay away from sjw colleges. meme_america is another reason. Those tweets scar whites because they highlight white hate. Professors like Ciccariello-Mahes. Professor Ekow Yenka, Professor Johnny E Williams and Professor Kamau Kombon are just a few that lower the grades of whites. Preach white genocide in their classes, tell their students to not render aid if you see a white person in trouble.

  9. Hate crimes accept when you’re white and experiencing them right? Your organization is a group of whites pushing anti white laws. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  10. every crime is worse than crimes against blacks huh? crimes against blacks is just bullshit and lies huh? and we should be ignored

  11. the best way to limit hate crimes is fire govt. govt promotes all hate crimes especially racial. for yrs race blending has been practiced by govt thinking non whites can be improved by blending them with white people. yrs back govt decided to import non whites under t.p.s. and never make them leave. while in office obama gave part of mich to allah. now all white people were moved out of their houses to get away from the come to allah loud speakers that shake your house 4 times a day, or the group that calls your wife a slut because the bank dress code requires a skirt. or you visit the morgue to i.d. your 11 yr old daughter killed and gang raped by muslim men. all these very bad people were imported by govt. all humans are raciest and forcing anger is all because of govt. without govt when mohamed calls your wife a slut you beat his brains out and it ends, but now their are a million mohameds tks to obama. from civil rights to the democratic party importing paid mexican voters 95%of all hate crimes are started by govt and race blending.

  12. Blacks lead in hate crime also vandalism against churches. Also 4% of population black men 18 to 35 commit 52% of murder and 30% of rape.

  13. Hate crime Black on White murders, assaults, rape, crimes aganist white elderly by blacks under reported. The ZOG is not reporting it. The FBI stat the same FBI who used fake MI6 agents to put Trump in a russian hotel room peeing on a bed obama used. You may call yourself a reporter my parrot is a reporter it repeats what other's say either it is True or False, however you not a journalist. How do you explain video's like Colin Flaherty and many others

  14. People are being attacked. Go look at Colin Flaghertys work on youtube, or check his book out don't make the black kids angry.

  15. They rarely ever get enforced equally though, if a "hate crime" happens to a straight white male then it's apparently fine in comparison to any other characteristic. This creates a two tier legal system.

  16. Hate crimes are serious, but you sound like a wussie – What a wimp! Lose the lisp man, you sound as weak as water! I say this to help you.

  17. This dude looks like and avocado… or a pear? If someone attacked him strictly for that reason, would it be a hate crime? It must be, right? A crime against someone due strictly to prejudice against the victim's physical appearance? What if a girl attacks a girl that's prettier than her who got the man she wanted, solely out of jealousy of appearance? That's prejudice against physical appearance…

  18. So the data means almost nothing. The correlation between hate crimes and population seems to be a big factor. Obviously a certain number of individuals will be criminals with intolerance for others. So when you have a state or city with millions of more people than average, Then you will have a reflected increased hate crimes number.

    Also the data does not show exact race, religion, sexual orientation, gender. Of the victim or the attacker. That could possibly narrow down what types of hate crimes are "on the rise" So in conclusion this is a very politically correct study with no actual facts.

    Which goes to show that the leftist media has no evidence that "white sepremists" are the number one leader in hate crimes in America. In reality white racists are almost dead, and white racism is on the rise.

    Thanks for waking us up Jessie Smollet.

  19. Where can I find the stats on hate crimes that were proven to be hoaxes? You guys are tracking that data right? You should, that in and of itself is a hate crime.

  20. Love people for who they are. Black White or other. Gender. Gay or Straight, Christian or Jewish or If they're disabled. Hating wears down your soul and you'll become empty and broken from hatred.

  21. I am looking forward for your investigations on Antifa and black hate groups. Or do you just do white hate groups???????

  22. hate crime stats are busted because they use unconfirmed reports of hate "incidents" from agenda driven agencies, many of whom that have been utterly discredited, such as the ADL and the SPLC.

    when the SPLC said that over 700 hate crimes occured between nov 2015 and january 2016, 70% of them were reported phone calls directly to the SPLC. 40% of them took place in elementary and high school.

    one example they gave was a woman called the SPLC told them that 4 white kids told her son to go back to mexico. no police report. no arrests. no confirmation. they counted it as a hate "incident," which journalists report as hate crimes to get clicks.

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