22 thoughts on “DARKSTREAM: Nationalism – Use That Word!

  1. What about the Africans who have been here since 1619? What nation are they? Not trolling, I genuinely want to know. Every black person in the United States is at least 20% white, they have literally nothing in common with African nations with the exception for their skin-tone. They only take up 13% of the country, but by that standard, the only reason they take up so little is because the other 87% is not part of that American "nation." In the 1800's, they were literally half of the population of the south. And a lot of people from the South are not of the American nation either. They're Spanish and French. I'm not saying you aren't making great sense here, I agree with just about everything you said. But what nation are black Americans a part of?

  2. so wait who is American? the people related to the colonists right? the OG's? is that what he's saying? He's saying that the founding fathers did the constitution for their own posterity and so they are the Americans? and those who they represented at the time and their descendants? Which would be English/German/Dutch and whatever else; for the most part . Do I have this right? What if you are a mix of Americans going back to the Mayflower, and euro immigrants from the early 20th century, does that make you an American?

  3. Vox Day is AWESOME!!! Finally, someone has articulated what I’ve always believed and instinctively known all my life!

  4. Our antagonists see everything in terms of socialism. For them there is only International Socialism and National Socialism. Understand this and you will grasp their worldview, vile as it is.

  5. Very interesting and I typically agree with Vox, but not this time. The U.S. is the only country in the world where anyone can become American by embracing our values, customs, culture, and language. Even the founders recognized this in their writings. This is not true in other countries where people are unified not by ideas or beliefs, but by their ethnicity. An American can never become German or French by living there, even if they learn the language and respect the culture. However, in the U.S. this is possible. My grandparents came here in 1900, abandoned their culture and language, fought for the U.S. in wars, and while they may not have been considered fully American, I am today. I have no connection whatsoever to Germany. Please explain to me why Vox would disagree with me, as I want to understand where he is coming from.

  6. intermarriage causes dysgenics, take bone marrow transplants for mixed race people? you're screwed with nearly zero chance of useful donors….inbreeding just as flawed as outbreeding

  7. Germans also were forced to speak English in Pennsylvania for fear they become a state like Quebec. Yet we are admonished to learn Spanish and let them speak Spanish…mostly broken Spanish by my sense of the language when i hear it. Same deal with Amish, media and others from time to time try to demoralize and attack them as not assimilating, but i find them more like the founders than any other group of Americans. The revolutionary war was funded by a Jew, their entire modus operandi is revolt and overthrow all the time. You have to start asking yourself why, E Micheal Jones addressed this in great detail in his book on Jewish Revolutionary spirit.

  8. the nazis were trying not to be overthrown by communists…they were NOT SUPREMACISTS, don't lie to me. The Communists were the international supremacists and still to this day are. the communist supremacist jews were declaring war on them and trying to overthrow them for tossing out the usury internationalist bankers. They were using surrounding nations to operate against German self interest, if someone tries to fuck over the USA would you claim Trump was a supremacist for trying to stop them? If France is sending across your border agents trying to overthrow your govt would you just let them? Just let those migrants in from mexico? Don't invade the failed state of mexico dragging us down to their level?

  9. if one cannot love the self and family and nation one cannot even think of loving an enemy and praying for them, this seems to me the fatal flaw of the democrat party, they are incapable of loving their enemies, they have a far too simplistic NPC worldview…no nuance and deeper thought going on with it

  10. You were doing good until you got caught with the 3rd Reich. Do some more research to "why" Germany went into surrounding countries. And please if you're a good researcher you'll see Hitler wanted to be left alone. Research why he went into Poland. Nationalism means being proud of one's country. It has nothing to do with attacking or "conquering " another country.

  11. Undoing this cultural communism multicultural disaster is like being an Austrian economist in the Soviet Union. Gonna get a barrage of retardation even over every simple definition – identity, Nation etc etc

  12. He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 25 The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said. 26 But Jesus replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.”

  13. Trump is a nationalist alright. Only problem is it's not our nation he's pledged his allegiance too.

  14. Disagree on HItler's Germany,… you still rely on old info, and use the 'Nazi' term which they DID NOT CALL THEMSELVES it was a derogatory term given by Jews. You seem to be demonizing the Germans instead of the German Rothchild Jews who took over most of the worlds financial system. Hitler's German did support Nationalism for Germany. So many lies still persist.

  15. I'm going to take your advice. I am a nationalist. It's time to be out, and proud.

  16. This is extremely odd. After watching your videos youtube autoplay takes me to childrens videos?



    This is the second time this has happened. I have never watched such videos so the algorithm is doing something really fucky.

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