Darkstream 445: The core of Christian Nationalism

Darkstream 445: The core of Christian Nationalism

welcome to the dark stream box day box day dot blog spot.com and unauthorized TV thanks for tuning in tonight welcome to all the numbers to the reprehensible x' to the Bears the dread ilk and as always the vfm tonight i want to talk about the core of Christian nationalism and at the risk of boring pretty much all of you I want to also discuss how back how far back this core goes and how integral it is to Western civilization so as you can see on the picture here we've got the works of one of my favorite philosophers Thomas Aquinas and his Summa Theologica so Christian nationalism why we talked last night about why people are beginning to target it why they're beginning to call it out and identify it but a lot of people don't know what it actually is what it stands for and what it means because they have the ability to understand that the adjective modifies the noun so when you look at Christian nationalism what's the first thing there's two components Christianity you know we fundamentally accept the idea that God created the world that the world and humanity are fallen that evil is integral and woven into the very fabric of both the world and humanity that Jesus Christ came he died he was resurrected and he alone has the ability to defeat that evil that ruling evil that controls the world and so that is the first part the second part is nationalism the idea that nations exist the idea that nations are groups of people who are connected by blood and language and religion and culture and tradition those people have the sovereign right to rule themselves to live how they want to to not be caught up in not to not be told how to live by other peoples by other nations and so now just to address a question that came up on the on the darksome last night well does a nation have to be blood yes it does because the very root of nation stems from the word meaning birth so you are born into a nation you cannot be born into a different nation than the nation into which you are born a squirrel cannot be born into the species of wolf you know in the same way you know even if I was born in Japan that does not make me Japanese welcome Templar bear you know people of some nationalists have pointed out to the the birthright status –tz– that the fact that Jesus was born in the manger did not make him a cow Wolffe 3,500 said doesn't the Bible say all nations were made of one blood yes initially they were made from one blood initially and then they went their separate ways you know the power of evil wants to bring them all back wants to make all of humanity one blood again it wants I'm right I'm four I'm pure but it wants the rule of man under the devil that's what they are focused on can I be a Christian nationalist and evangelize absolutely you should that is not Christian globalism what is the difference if any to go and make disciples of all nations does not mean to go and make a single citizen you have to go and make citizens of all nations you are confusing the spiritual identity with the national identity you're confusing the spiritual identity with the physical identity man has multiple identities you have your you have your national identity you have your spiritual identity you also have your blood type you also have the color of your eyes etc etc but Seth Smith says the local churches in the u.s. today generally teach that being born in the state makes you one with a nation correct and that's what we call amphibole amphibole is a form of self of sophistry it was defined by Aristotle in rhetoric and it involves let me read this here because I don't have the definition memorized and fitly means it is a fallacy of relevance that relies on an ambiguous ambiguous word or grammatical structure to confuse or mislead an audience so what your church is engaging in your church is engaging in sophist tree attempting to confuse the two different concepts of nation and state in order to mislead you and so now let's get into the Aquinas because this makes it very clear that this has always been the case from the Christian perspective remember Thomas Aquinas is one of the greatest Christian thinkers of all time one of the greatest philosophers of all time and his thinking is absolute orthodoxy with regards to the cat the Roman Catholic Church so this is not this is not something that is the least bit controversial from a Christian point of view and the the relevant question that shows that the nation is separate from the state from a Christian perspective is from Summa Theologica question 95 article for the the title of the question is human law if you want to follow along you can go to box data blog spot.com I've got the entire argument there so article 4 where there eisah doors division of human law is appropriate now Aquinas uses the same methodology over and over again you know throughout his works he likes to make a statement and then come up with multiple objections to it and then address those objections and so since and through the act of successfully addressing those objections he is proving the case in the affirmative for the original point and so you know this is not a ironclad logical proof but when it is done properly and what properly means is that you actually throw the strongest arguments against it that you can it's very very effective so so let's go here objection okay objection one it would seem that Isador wrongly divided human statutes or human law for under this law he includes the law of nations so-called because as he says nearly all nations use it but as he says natural law is that which is common to all nations therefore the law of nations is not contained under positive human law but rather under natural law now one of the readers helpfully wanted to point out that when he says law of nations it's a technical term that comes from the Roman legal tradition it doesn't mean the laws of individual all as all nations establish certain laws they tend to deal with with war buying and selling private ownership etc etc so that's just putting it in context so he said but as he says natural law is that which is common to all nations therefore the law of nations is not contained under positive law but rather under natural law objection to further those laws which have the same force seem to differ not formally but only materially but statutes decrees of the commonality senatorial decrees and the lack of which he mentions all have the same force therefore they do not differ except materially but art takes no notice of such a distinction since it may go on to infinity therefore this division of human laws is not appropriate so what they're trying to say here is that there's no distinction between human law or between the law of nations and the civil law that is what the Universalist today would say they would agree with with the second objection objection three further just as in the state there are princes priests and soldiers so there are other human offices therefore it seems that this as this division includes military law and public law referring to priests and magistrates so it also should include other laws per turn it pertaining to other offices of state so what he's saying there is that because there's civil law that affects these various employees of the state therefore the law of nations which affects other offices of the state must be part of civil law again this is he is writing about what would be a globalist perspective centuries in advance of the globalists themselves objection for further those things that are accidental should be passed over but it is accidental to law that it be framed by this or that man therefore it is unreasonable to divide laws according to the names of law givers so that one be called the cornelian law and other the fell city in law etc on the contrary rarity of Isador suffices I don't really regard that as an accurate objection I mean it's literally an appeal to Authority but he has a better answer he says I answer that a thing can of itself be divided in respect to something contained in the notion of that thing in fact that's exactly what we're talking to with regards to identity the sasol either rational or irrational is contained in the notion of animal and therefore animal is divided properly and of itself and respect of its being rational or irrational but not in the point of its being white or black which are entirely beside the notion of animal he's talking about proper categories one thing that you'll find about the great philosophers the ones who are actually worthwhile they tend to be very very focused on categories yeah Aristotle practically got a meaning for them now in the notion of human law many things are contained in respective any of which human law can be divided properly in of itself for in the first place it divides to the notion of human law to be derived from the law of nature as explained in Article two in this respect positive law is divided into the law of Nations on the one hand and civil law according to the two ways in which something may be derived from the law of nature has stated above an article two because to the law of nations belongs those things which are derived from the law of nature as conclusions from premises example given just binds and sellings and the like without which men cannot live together which is a point of law of nature since man is by nature a social animal but those things which are derived from the law of nature by way of particular determination being belonged to the civil law according as each state decides on what is best for itself so Nations and the law of nations are derived from the law of nature civil law is simply each state deciding on how it wants to arrange itself they're two separate things secondly it belongs to the notion of human law to be ordained to the common good of the state in this respect human law may be divided according to the different kinds of men who work in a special way for the common good example given priests by praying to God for the people princes by governing the people soldiers by fighting for the safety of the people wherefore special kinds of law are adapted to these men thirdly it belongs the notion of human law to be framed that one who governs the community of this state is shown above in this respect there are various human laws according to the various kinds of government one of these according to the philosopher that means Aristotle one is monarchy in other words when the state is governed by one and then we have royal ordinances another form is aristocracy government by the best men are men of the highest rank and then we have the authoritative legal opinions and decrees of the Senate another form is oligarchy government by a few rich and powerful men and then we have Praetorian also called honorary law another form of government is that of the people which is called democracy and there we have decrees of the commonality there's also tyrannical government which is altogether corrupt which therefore has no corresponding law finally there's a government made up of all these and which is the best and then this respect we have lost sanctioned by the lords and Commons as stated by Isador fourthly it belongs to the nation of human law to direct human actions in this respect according to the various law matters of which the law treats there are various kinds of laws which are sometimes named after their authors thus we have the Lux Lux Julia about adultery the lex cornelia concerning assassins and so forth differentiated way not only kind of the authors but an account of the matters to which they refer we're just about done here just hold on reply to objection one the law of nations is indeed in some way natural to man insofar as he is a reasonable being because of his derive from the natural law but we have a conclusion that is not very remote from its premises wherefore men easily agreed thereto nevertheless is distinct from the natural law especially it is distinct from the natural law which is common to all animals the replies to the other objections are evident from what has been said so the point here is that since the law of nations is not and cannot be contained under the category of civil law the national should never be confused with the citizen there can be overlap but the two identities are clearly distinct and the false coral of false conflation of national was citizen the false conflation of nation was state is philosophically false so so the point that we're that I'm making here and why this it relates to the core of Christian nationalism is the idea that the nation is separate from the civil state is embedded intrinsically into Christian theology and Christian philosophy and you you don't need I mean you can you can reason this out for yourself I have reasoned it out for myself you can you can read about that in all around the world versus the domestic product of the geographical area of the state strip Mullen says thanks for talking about this topic it's much-needed god bless you're welcome what do you think of the free folk and Davis arena I don't it's generally a bad idea to say what do you think about this or that person I don't really I'm not interested in people I'm interested in ideas yesterday you said the Orthodox Church is the original Church so why aren't you Orthodox because I don't attend churches on the basis of what was the original Church I would think that's fairly obvious I'm not one of those people who is obsessed with historical theological arguments I'm not inclined to get worked up over the Filioque controversy nor do I care about the Pope's will you do a stream on why you became Christian I don't intend to talk about myself but I'm happy to talk about the reasoning involved my personal experience is not relevant you can't share my personal experience you can't even necessarily you you wouldn't necessarily believe my personal experience all I can do is share with you my current reasoning and why I am absolutely convinced of the truth of the the essential truth and the core truth of the Christian perspective and worldview any thoughts on the idea that the Tower of Babel story can be interpreted at least on some level as God's rejection of globalism that's what it is I mean I don't have thoughts on that that's that's literally what it is and what the European Union and what the architects of the current architects of Satan them are attempting to do is they are tempting to rebuild the Tower of Babel I mean they don't even hide it you can see it on the the EU posters they literally have I mean the the EU headquarters is a representation of the Tower of Babel it's even got the unfinished top there's another question that I liked here that I don't think I can answer off the top of my head the masked menace if you could change the victorious side in one historical battle which battles outcome would you change I choose the battle of coning Graz 1866 – a decisive victory for Austria / Prussia interesting I think I don't know I think I think what I won then I'd be very interested to see given the way that the post-world War two period has turned out it would have been very interesting to see what would if the United Kingdom had lost the Battle of Britain and been you know invaded and forced to surrender to Germany yeah that we don't the thing is we don't know it could have been worse you know the Nazis were not the good guys but as somebody said all they can think about whenever they see the soldiers starving at the Beast that storming the beaches at Normandy all they can see is little boys in makeup dancing for dollars distributed by gay men I don't think I mean frankly if any American soldier in 1941 or 1944 had known that would be the outcome I'm pretty sure they would have laid down their arms so you know that's my thoughts at the moment which do you think is more of an ally to the West China or Japan Japan splitter traces what's the video game industry stance on Christine I enjoy them and learn much from them I always said that Bush going into Iraq has something to do with capturing battle spearmen Melton says good evening Vox regarding religion and nationalism so many all trite folk I've met in California 10 towards Asatru these pagan movements appear to be largely female Ladd very odd because it's another attempt to distract it's another attempt to get keep the globalist do not fear in the slightest these you know role-playing fake pagans they they're not concerned about that they're not part of Western civilization it's literally a pre civilized savagery and it's not a viable competitor you know I think any I mean I applaud those people for seeing through globalism but they're failing to understand that Christianity needs to be purified it's not itself part of the problem it really kind of drives me crazy when people say Christianity is is is why Europe's being invaded no it's not Christianity Europe has never been this not Christian this post Christian for hundreds of years the invasion required the weakening of Christianity first and the European countries that are most strongly Christian still like Hungary are the ones that are standing strongest against both globalism and migration and invasion so the the the position of those people is is nonsensical Talib and Claire Lehman have been arguing over IQ in populations he's been dismissing bogus racist science and antagonizing hbd is he correct he's probably technically correct about a few things but he overall I think that he's just triggered so let's see Japan's propaganda machine is targeting it's neat population to basically get off their asses and join the military or serve the state in some fashion is this an example of propaganda doing good yes how do new nations form they form from heterogeneous empires is it because of geographical isolation from the motherland or a combination of many factors it's usually a combination of human movement and war Vox to here inspector says Talib is just upset he will never make Lebanon great again I do think he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder that way he's brilliant I admire him much more than just about any active thinker today but we all have our weak spots we all have our blind spots how much power do these globalist elites have over me as much as you give them could these major US cities turn away from their heresy yes what will it take probably a lot more than we imagined should they take tools advice and learn to swim haha I don't think that rising water is gonna be the problem how important is language for a nation very I think that that's one reason why the Eastern European nations are standing stronger is because their languages are a bit more difficult to learn how could your uh proclaim Christianity by Christians standing up and convincing other Europeans to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after the American age passes do you think Christianity will flourish in Africa or China like it originally did in Europe I think it will flourish in China what country still holds Christianity and healthy regardin would be willing to protect its institutions from Satanism and globalism got hungry is the best example I think South Korea is also doing a good job you have no science without Christian faith and this is the rest of it is Shintoism the least satanic paganism seems like it you know that I mean there are virtuous pagans you know being somebody who's genuinely a pagan it's not necessarily a bad it's not necessarily a bad person but that doesn't mean that it works Jake Wilson asks do you think Wellington was a superior tactician strategist no to Napoleon in effect yes he's a superior strategist but no they faced different problems Napoleon knew what he was doing in Spain was not right but he wasn't willing to create a unified command with 300,000 troops at that generals command because he was afraid that that general might just decide to make himself King and he was right to do so because the best candidate for it actually tried to make himself King of Portugal you know early in the campaign do you think an example of a famous Delta general would be Robert Ely well to a certain extent I mean you're not a general you're not an aristocrat and in general and just a regular Delta but he does appear to have some Delta strains to him that that really limited him a Spearman Milton Vox was there anything positive to take from the Reich's National Socialist ideology that could be adopted by other nations to support and care for their people not that isn't you know just generic you know the fact that they were focused on the benefit to their people first and foremost but there's nothing specific that's to their ideology that is useful as far as I can tell as a national socialist intrinsically anti-christian again German National Socialism was intrinsically anti-christian Chinese National Socialism is not necessarily anti-christian I mean it is right now but it isn't necessarily the world and man are fallen why should we permit the multitudes any form of political power well that's a good question the Enlightenment argued that we should because that would not be to the common good I think that we are I think that we have learned better our janus virtuous I don't know the the only Jane I knew was pretty good Thomas said hey box just ordered Jordan annex two days ago I am super stoked I think that's what you mean good I'm glad box how would you advise the laymen to get to the Battlefront start supporting start supporting those who are engaged you know start by you know subscribing to unauthorized whatever see what's going on and then see where you can get involved I mean you become an editor at info galactic we fixed the problem with people signing up you know get active get get involved start doing something you know go to your go to your local prison and and and evangelize and talk to people there's many many many things that you can do are orcs and goblins two different names for the same race no totally different what books by Ian Fletcher do you recommend free trade doesn't work is the Baha'i faith an ecumenical front for a satanic one-world religion probably if Christianity the Bible didn't exist what would be the best religion I don't think that the question is a category error I think the zero strain ISM because of the similar conception of good and evil but if it didn't exist then the good and evil wouldn't matter so ty Richards said he read sjw's always lie says it was great and mirrored perfectly what he experienced in Austin when he was blacklisted from all radio and clubs there yeah they always do the same thing it's not I didn't write it about just about what happened to me I was I was writing it about the common elements that I saw and what happened in a large number of black listings across a large number of industries did you ever see my email about all here Q I think so I've been busy I'll get to them are you concerned about the usage of deep fake for literally putting words in people's mouths not really although I can see that it will probably be used just for show trials all for this Edmund Burke Institute it's just a bunch of neo clouds his atheism Satan's trick to hide his own existence I don't think he really cares about it do you believe a strictly Christian nation ideal happy society no I think I think that you can have a lot of problems with Christians running things you know thoughts on people saying abortion is okay because a fetus is not sentient that's ridiculous you know you're not sentient on your sleep either you know there's absolutely no scientific argument that justifies it you're literally killing a human there's no way around that yeah Cup has a good video game what are you reading this week well right now I'm what am i reading right now I'm reading uh in English I'm reading a door ooh by William Gibson and in Italian I'm reading numero 0 by Umberto Eco and I've also been dipping in and out of the Gutenberg galaxy the making of typographic man by Marshall McLuhan I think that Australia will be taken over by the Chinese will you be in charge of econ talk unauthorized I don't know probably not I would rather get Steve keen to do it what is the second best fantasy novel novel series well the first best obviously is junior Tolkien's Lord of the Rings the second best I would say I would say the dark is rising Susan Cooper great stuff this Christianity require reviled sinners to remain cohesive among the commoners no because we're all sinners did William Gibson really coined the term Generation X no he didn't he didn't pretend to coin it I mean Generation X was the name of Billy Idol's band Nicholas Copeland didn't coin it either is it even possible to convince left-wing cat ladies that they're wrong on immigration no don't bother wasting your time is Eckhart Tolle beneficial I'm guessing not but I don't know who you're talking about it I've heard the name but I don't know much about him alderman says I was baptized Catholic and fell from the faith as a child you know helped me come back home to the church and I want to be confirmed God willing any advice before I begin our CIA soon know just just be honest with yourself you know don't you you're still gonna be you and you know don't beat yourself up over your failings and just focus on being the best man and the best Christian that you can be going forward can we get Rachel Fulton Brown to teach a Tolkien course on unauthorized TV this fall I've actually talked her about that I would like her to not only teach a course but also write a book on it Vox what is your argument for the existence of free will I never actually put together a formal argument on it so I can't tell you the magical feline says Eckhart Tolle is brazenly satanic doesn't surprise me our modern women's sacrificing their peak fertile years establishing a career too many of them are Jonathan hate is an interesting guy I've actually interviewed him once if I recall correctly smart guy observant guy he's one of those people whose observation he doesn't like his own conclusions so so that's interesting what do you prefer to stick start sharp objects in your eyes then answer any more questions tonight no that's okay we got we got another at least 10 minutes I can handle I'm just a little tired had a I had a pretty good workout today actually had an extremely intense workout today and so I'm tired and we've also been meeting with working on the legal stuff so it's it's been a busy evening did you create any racers in your fantasy writings yes – you can read about them in the last witch King and you can read about them in khalaby dawn box you still pumping iron yes although I don't go I don't go particularly heavy anymore where should I start with Susan Cooper don't read the first book in the series read the second book first read the darkest rising first and then go back and read over see under stoned thoughts on David Duke irrelevant media whore how many pull-ups actually that's going well thank you I hit 14 1010 last week so open for 15 this week we'll see will you share the PowerPoint slides you use to teach your kid phonetics yes what is a good age to start 3 did you know Varg says he agrees with 90% of Christian morality he just absurdly says 90% was stolen from paganism he also listens not murdering disabled babies as an example of the 10% poisoned look you know Varg is not somebody that I take particularly seriously I mean I think he's on more or less on the right side with regards to the nationalism but you know he's he's he's very confused when it comes to Christianity and his his grasp of history is is not the greatest I mean he's obviously a interesting guy Pierrot seems to like him but we've never talked about it when just I saw the interview with him but you know paganism is not going to help you what's the best order for reading your fantasy books well I would I would just read a throne of Bones a scene of skulls and then go back and read some L veticon other stories did you like the movie avatar never saw it I'm not a big movie guy are there any updates on the rebels run movie yeah we're wrapping up the script here soon and if you backed it but haven't actually funded yet get to it it now is the time to actually deliver and you know we're going to then move into production relatively soon start casting and all that sort of thing we're moving to pre-production let's see here you've mentioned things stretching back decades or more as being part of the plan well depends what I'm talking about there's a number of different plans there's many many different plans it seems to me that many Scandinavian nationalists struggle with accepting Christ yeah they do that's that's a problem do you think Stephen King can write very fast with help from Satan no I think he just writes very fast I know a number of authors who write very fast it's not a big deal in fact it's really not a big deal to write that badly that quickly is there a future for a throne of Bones film if rebels run is successful there's a very good chance of it do you think about doing a box set not for a while Brazil bear says currently loving your masterpiece a throne of Bones and he plans to adopt the world into other mediums we've talked about a role-playing game possibly any ETA and the final draft of skulls no I'm working on it but not very much because right now I'm much more busy with the legal stuff and with rebels run should a Scottish man with an Australian family return home New Zealand is also an option well if you're concerned about China New Zealand doesn't make any sense you know when Scotland may be very very different than you remember it because it's pretty hardcore left-wing globalist now you know it it depends what what your family and your values are you know if Australia is genuinely home then you should then you should you should stay there and defend it I just realize what time it is there do you sleep or you immortal oh I definitely sleep I mean you can probably tell that I'm pretty tired right now Westside bear throws in a dollar Thanks juvenile form preferred form of government not particularly and west side bear does it again you know I'm planning to address that someday but I haven't do I play tennis I actually used to play JV tennis for the team that my senior year one state unfortunately for me I'd switched over to to run track two years before so I used to be a very good tennis player it'll be I think it's gonna be an absolute abomination we thrown a bones we better I'm not a legend I'm just I'm just a game designer you know sharing what I think did you ever beat any black guys running track I beat almost all of them it was kind of funny my my mother said that at the regional five championships and just say understand Region five is where all the Minneapolis schools are so Minneapolis North Minneapolis south Minneapolis Southwest etc etc and so I think I was the only not black guy in the hundred and in the 200 finals and I did pretty well in both so and then I also won the conference championship and there's a I don't know how many were other not blacks were in in the finals there but but you know we were running against like Brooklyn Center in Brooklyn Park where all the all the athletes were black and so didn't have any problem beating them pics or it didn't happen actually let me see here it might actually have this is kind of random but for some reason I just ended up you can look it up though I was the I was a tri Metro Conference championship or champion in the 100 the 200 and I was a member of the East Coast Athletic Conference winning track team indoor and outdoor in 1987 and 1988 so did you ever have long Rockstar here I had I had moderately long Duran Duran here see do you buy into Marian apparitions at all not really but I don't I don't pretend yes did you see the kid in Texas run a nine eight I did that was astonishing I honestly didn't believe that was possible unbelievable no I didn't have a mullet so what makes you think all of Australia and New Zealand will be run by China rather than just the most Chinese cities regions because there's a lot of valuable space in Australia and New Zealand and there are 1.6 billion Chinese they need a lot of space so and you know there's there's a lot of nice already developed infrastructure that is there for the taking I mean do you realize that 18 percent of the Canadian population I heard this I don't know sir I'd have to look it up but I read that somebody said there's that 18 percent of the Canadian population is now Chinese amazing what do you think of power creep in video games not a fan any theory on why so many Christians take the civic nationalism route instead of ascribing to good old nationalism because they've been indoctrinated in it their entire life I was a civic nationalist you know Trump loves to say things like Patriots all bleed red and that sort of thing you know so it's natural you know what else would they do after the globalist elites have experiment so much failure and backlash from nationalism one might think they would be waving the white flag now but in their astonishing Pratt pride they still fight because that's what their demonic masters tell them to do you know the elite lived terrible lives I mean they're literally being driven by demons they are a demon hunted elite so the lollipops and fancy pants don't get you anything they just yeah you get some nice stuff but remember what's the lesson of oh I don't know every single deal with the devil story that you've ever been told as a kid you know it's that the devil is gonna screw you over the deal that you think is gonna be worth it isn't gonna be worth it and then you know and this has going back to the Greeks people have known that's gone back to the Greeks you know that whole thing about how the guy wishes for eternal life but he gets screwed over because he just keeps getting older and older and older I forgot to ask for eternal youth you know it's it's a bad deal it's a very bad deal is socialism a deal with the devil no all right well I am running out of steam here so I'm going to let you go thanks for tuning in thanks for the support subscribe to unauthorized TV we've added a new regular feature that Owen is going to be doing it's called life on the farm let me show you just in case you haven't seen it and he's already done a first sort of taste of it um and I think it's gonna be hilarious over time he was he was kickin the idea around so this is this is going this is a new category it replaces the Owen shorts category life on the farm and other bits and the first one you've probably seen if you haven't seen it you can see it on the unauthorized now Owens also got it up on YouTube life on the farm red pill rooster so anyhow it's gonna be funny it's gonna be awesome and we're gonna be you know just continuing to add more stuff and we will talk to you soon so on that note I will take my leave have a good evening this is the dark stream unbox day

23 thoughts on “Darkstream 445: The core of Christian Nationalism

  1. Because God doesn’t like it is not a justifiable argument against anything. Got any logically consistent, reasonably justifiable axioms in which to base any arguments against globalism?

    Also what justifiable arguments do you have that conclude that people ought stay in their own countries?

    I am guessing none…

  2. Battle of the boyne was the most important battle of the past 500 years , the whole western world was effected by it , imagine if the out come was changed

  3. In christ there is neither jew or greek. IN HIM we are unified.
    Meaning there are still jews and greeks. But they can be Christian jews (ethnic) and Christian greeks. Logically this applies to other nationalities as well.
    Christian nationalism is the way to go. I am not "white". I will stand to be called Scandinavian, or norse. I am a swede. Not a European. Not "a colour". You lose by playing their games. Make them play yours or dont/not play at all.

  4. Keep it going! This Christian Nationalism is interesting. I think Church’s are going off the rails by preaching on a topics they like. They fill their sermons with Facebook and Google information and my pastor even recommended a Ted talk. The Bible quotes always come after there own life depictions and parallels from the pastor’s life. Thanks Vox!

  5. Christian nationalism is basing national unity on a shared Christian religion. Within a christian nation there can be areas where different ethnicities live amongst each other, but those ethnicities all share the unity of the christian faith even if they choose to live in separate neighborhoods.

  6. I'd challenge that Australia has existing infrastructure. Melbourne in particular is decades behind with infrastructure. The city can accommodate about 2 million, but the population is 5 million. Sydney is a gigantic mess of a city because just about everything was decided on the spot, not planned. One of the main reasons China is taking over Australia is for the uranium. There's a lot of uranium there for the taking.

  7. I am very grateful for intellectual people with a calmness and ease in teaching. Thank you Vox for what you bring here. Much appreciated.

  8. Would you be against an objectively-verifiable admirer of a nation grafting himself in by marriage as well? This would then transmit his wife’s genes to their children. The Nuremberg Laws seemed to have been rather flexible with their various grades of Mischling, many of which were considered German with full rights. Not sure how this worked with blacks, but quarter Jews were totally unmolested…

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