Darkstream 444: The attack on Christian Nationalism

Darkstream 444: The attack on Christian Nationalism

welcome to the dark stream box day box day dot blog spot.com and unauthorized TV tonight we're going to talk about the growing attack on Christian nationalism so very interesting to see how Christian nationalism appears to be directly over the target suddenly they're not so interested in talking about all right and mayo Nazis and so forth suddenly they're going directly after nationalism and Christian nationalism which I find very interesting being a outspoken Christian nationalist the reason that I decided to address us tonight is that we now have a new organization called Christians against Christian nationalism now of course these people are not are almost certainly not actual Christians they're churchians they're globalists they are in service to the god of this world whether they recognize it or not well we know they bugged everybody's houses you know everybody who's got a smart TV or a smartphone or a Alexa device or whatever then that's you know that's all you need you know but the main thing is is exactly what Karen took the kids just said they see danger in the truth and so they're trying to attack nationalism from the right and the left they are trying to you know we've already seen the gatekeepers we've already seen the first wave has failed the the Jordan Petersons and the Piper individual lists you know they're basically a variant of the an R and Objectivists an R and objectivism we're gonna get rid of this narrow guy because all he wants to do is talk about himself so you know the the Edmund Burke Institute is the Neo clown attempt to take over or is to get keep actual nationalism Jordan Peterson and the individualist s– were attempts to keep people away from group identity okay so you have this pseudo right attempt to foster libertarianism and individualism and that and and to keep people away from what they call identity politics but that's already failed that's already a non-starter and so then they realize that and so now you have people like eurozone II and the the various Mayo clowns associated with the with the Edmund Burke Institute and which is essentially an attempt to recreate the situation in the 80s with the American Enterprise Institute and so so this is is the next step and of course they have a direct attack on Christian nationalism because the you know the nail clowns are also attempting to now attack they've successfully attacked America they successfully redefined America and so when you look at what Leo Strauss was originally doing and Ben Shapiro has picked up the mantle they are now attempting to redefine both Western civilization as well as Christianity and so now Christianity of course has been under attack for 2,000 years this is not new but it's interesting to see how they're attempting to attack the very concept of Western civilization I mean it's totally insane to Judaism is literally an Eastern civilization it's from the Middle East and it's not and has never been a part of Western civilization welcome Michelle oh and Western civilization as I have pointed out and observed many many times it is the combination of Christianity the European nations and the greco-roman philosophic and legal legacy not difficult but that's now undermine okay you're banned he says more specifically the Catholic Church I am NOT gonna tolerate Catholics who try to pull that nonsense I know more about the history of the Catholic Church then virtually any Catholic here okay the Catholic Church is not the original Church the Catholic Church is a schismatic Church itself the Catholic Church broke away from what we now know as the Orthodox Church so if you want to play that game you don't get to play that game I know the history of your church better than you do and no Christian nationalism is not an oxymoron in the slightest that's like saying that's like saying English nationalism is a oxymoron in fact Christian nationalism remember if you say that it's an oxime Oh that means that you don't understand English grammar the adjective modifies okay so some of the so when you look at the losing a saying I mean I personally prefer to describe myself as a nationalist Christian a nationalist Christian but you know sometimes you sometimes you change a phrase because it sounds better one way it flows better one way than another the point about Christian nationalism is that it's not that it's not about a nation of Christ now there is there are verses in the Bible that talk about Christians being a holy nation they talk about being in the world but not of it and so forth that's that's correct okay you can use it in that context but crit because Christianity is not of the world it is not a Empire it is not a worldly nation of in and of itself a nation is a group of people related by blood bonded by language religion and culture and so I mean again if you're gonna like try to distract me with this Catholic stuff you're just getting banned so don't don't give me the whole can you explain Peters don't rule all that kind of nonsense we're not talking about that today if you're gonna be obsessed with your cat Catholicism go away and never come back clear so so let me hell when you look when you look at the situation you can be unlike the only true form of dual citizenship is if you happen to be a member of a nation which you are you know you are a member of a nation you are a member of a species no matter what you think no matter what you do no matter where you are and then you are also a Christian I think of it this way it's like the mind it's like the body soul duality your body is a member of a physical worldly nation the your soul is a member of the Christian nation and so that's that's how that's why Christian nationalism is not and cannot be an oxymoron because there are two different things you know whether you're a Christian or not you are always going to be a member of a worldly nation becoming a Christian does not transform your genetics remember look at the look at the verse in Galatians where they say there is neither Jew nor Gentile there's neither man nor woman there is neither free man or slave in Christ so you cannot say that the absence of Jew or Gentile in Christ means that your nation no longer matters because if that were true then your sex and your freedom also doesn't matter that becoming a Christian magically transforms you into some sort of post-gender individual of indeterminate state with regards to freedom and slavery that makes no sense whatsoever so yeah also if you're gonna bash kaathal I'm not interested in bashing Catholicism mean if you're gonna bash Catholicism the moderators are gonna ban you to the point is you don't talk about that stuff when we're talking about something else I see it you know I see it on the blog every day every time it comes up there's always some Catholic jackass who starts babbling about Catholicism and then there's always some Protestant jackasses who jump in and start talking about the flaws and the Catholic Church and so forth we don't do that here okay if we're talking specifically about those things then we'll talk about them if we're not then shut the hell up not difficult and no I'm not triggered I have been doing this since 2001 not always on video but I know how this goes I also know the type of people who can't keep their mouths or their fingers under control and so the minute that I detect them the minute that I see them doing their little routine I shut them down so JG Phoenix says I can see why that would get annoying that's happening more it's not that it's happening in more than one place it's that it always happens everywhere in every medium so we don't we don't play with that we don't permit it on the blog we don't permit it here end of story now I want to read you something that is from a speech by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and it's absolutely phenomenal it's one of the best speeches that I've ever read it just makes you envious of a country that has a man like this for a leader so and this is this is what the fake Christians against Christian nationalism are pushing this is a global thing they're all pushing it everywhere they're trying to do they're not just trying to destroy America they're trying to destroy every nation they're trying to destroy Germany they're trying to destroy Hungary etc etc so they think that Humanity is now moving beyond the nationalists or nation centered and Christian centered era and that humanity must be led into a post nationalist and post Christian era therefore they think that a new universal model of humanity is needed the model that is found in liberal democracy this is what I call the neoliberal World Order and we know that it's already failed the problem is that in politics any such theory promoting universal salvation is only strong and valid if it is absolute the universal will cannot tolerate a single people that is unyielding or a single nation no matter how small that people or nation might be there for when the ideology of universal salvation and peace encounters resistance it responds to this conflict not with argument but with hatred because in its way of thinking the model offered to humanity is valid and true only if it is true without exception and this is a problem that really did arise in part because of the way that the United States was founded in part on enlightenment values the universal claims that were made and implied by the founders which were not actually intended to be for everyone I've pointed out many times the the US Constitution is not for everyone and is not even intended to benefit everyone it is only intended to benefit the genetic the direct genetic descendants of the people who lived in the United States at that time in 1789 not intended it has nothing to do whatsoever with people living in the geography and even the naturalization and granting of citizenship to the free white Europeans of good character that were permitted to become citizens as part of the 1797 Naturalization Act even those people are not that didn't make them Americans it just meant having them as Co citizens was considered to be beneficial to the actual Americans all right citizenship is a relationship to the state nationality is a relationship to the people to the blood etc etc and so it's it's not a the conflation of nation with state in the in the post Westphalian conception of the nation-state has led to a lot of this confusion but you know there is a is still and there always will be a difference between the nation in the state between the national and the citizen so let me continue where with Orban liberal democracy can only exist in a world in which christian culture existed before it this is correct this can be demonstrated both geographically and historically and also logically so the propositions that all democracy is necessary liberal and that christian democracy must be liberal are simply not true liberal democracy was viable up until the point when it departed from his Christian foundations for as long as it protected personal liberty and property it had a beneficial effect on humanity but the content of liberal democracy changed radically when it began to break the bonds that bind people to real life when it questioned the vet identity of a person sex devalued people's religious identity and deemed people's national affiliations superfluous so that gorban points out precisely why the the situation with the the European Union with the United States etc will inevitably turn tyrannical because even though their very name is liberal democracy they will not remain either liberal or democratic because they cannot their Universal claims permit that prevent them from allowing the very freedoms that they claim justify their entire ideology you know so it's and and because of that implicit contradiction the system must fail will fail and is already failing and that's why they're so terrified about Christian nationalism because Christian nationalism is the most viable competitor to it they can't compete against it and they know it and so that's why you're seeing these attacks and you're going to see these attacks increase significantly you know I mean they they were all the stuff that you saw about the alt-right all the nonsense that you heard about the alright is gonna be like nothing compared to the way that they're going to attack Christian nationalism because they don't give a damn about an alternative right but they hate Christianity and they're terrified of nationalism and so what what I think is is really positive about this is this is actually a very positive development because they are finally having to expose themselves and allow people a choice between the two and so you're going to see a lot of Christians so core self professed Christians turning away from the faith the great fallen away we thought were already starting to see it look at that that little twink who was trying to tell Christian homeschool kids that they shouldn't ever kiss anybody until they get married well now he's divorced he's now announced that he's no longer a Christian and it's probably you know a matter of a month or three before he comes out of the closet you're gonna see a lot more of those most of the people that you see pushing this neoliberal World Order most of the people that you see pushing this churchianity are going to come out and admit that they're not Christians relatively soon and and that's why it's so important to get off the damn fence you will be forced to choose you know Jesus makes it very clear I don't come to unite I come to divide think about how many times in the Bible they talk about wheat and chaff sheep and goats you know deny him he will deny you and so it's a it's very very important to understand that you need to be forthright and fearless in your Christianity you also need to be forthright and fearless in your nationality in your nation your blood nation and there is absolutely nothing Contra nationalism in Christianity in the Bible read Aquinas read Augustine read Tertullian read the New Testament you will not find anything against it remember neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ compare that to the number of references the dozens of references actually in the entire Bible I think there's 537 references to nations but this is the important one in Revelation it says he threw him into the abyss and locked and sealed it over him to keep him from deceiving the nation's any more until the thousand years were ended so the nations are being deceived to keep him from deceiving the nation's any more so the nations are going to survive the nations are going to exist they're not going to all blend together into one mocha let me let's all do a super few super chats here you know I welcome you as a potential defender of Christendom we are here to stand up for argue for and defend Christendom John Rampton Vox do you believe in an ex nihilo creation yes Corbin and salvini are legends absolutely how can nationalism rise if more people are mixed that more than ever I'm only half white because new nations will get created new nations will come about that's how it happens I wish salvini or Orban was the president of the u.s. absolutely yeah don't play the what about me game I don't care if you're mixed-race I don't care if you're ethnically pure I don't care if you have no idea what you are because your ad nationalized US citizen I don't care and it's not up to me read what happens in empires that fall apart if you're not living in a nation that is largely contiguous with the state if you're living in a state of many different nations then you are living in an empire and all you need to note how that's gonna play out is how what normally happened what has happened when previous empires have fallen let's see here yet we're told that there's going to mean you know Christianity has always abs and flowed you know it's it's a variant of the whole easy times create weak men which then lead to hard times which then creates strong men it's the same thing about faith when things are too easy people's faith is people's faith as weak as things get harder the weak fall away and only the strong remain and so that is what other empires have fallen Reed Reed start with the fall of the offending Empire then you can go into the Roman Empire the Persian Empire the British Empire yeah let's see here yeah and in fact somebody noted that irony the fact that that Merkel's party is the Christian Democratic Union Christian the the whole relationship between politics and religion is very very different now than it was even you know fifty years ago and so the the notion that oh well we've got it right now not – not through likely especially when we see the consequences in the way that everything is falling apart all over the place anyhow let's get to the Super chats thoughts on the Sex Pistols 70s punk I think it's terrible no interest in it whatsoever did even didn't like it at the time mister T Co 75 says keep up the good work thank you tonisha workman says Thank You Baxter always recommending books for young and developing children my son is – would you consider writing a blog on a reading list of books I've already done so just look them up you can even find a list of the various books I recommend in fantasy science fiction history literature if you go to the Castelli a direct store you can even order the books directly from there grime Knight has a public service announcement don't get box angry we need the parents to remain calm yeah this is just kind of humorous I'll read this to those of you who haven't visited the blog I got an email from a dark stream viewer who said I have two parrots that live in my living room usually by around 7:00 they are still being a bit Rochas and noisy however I've been playing your podcast at that time and I've noticed something strange the birds are mesmerized by the sound of your voice both birds get very calm and remain well-behaved and quiet it's really freakin weird lots of exclamation points this is highly out of character for both of them at that time of the day my cake cake ooh who's a very high-energy bird sat quietly on my chest tonight listening to your voice with her eyes half open my brown head parrot also sat quietly through an entire podcast and into the second one so he he claims I'm a parrot whisperer I I think that you could conclude it okay I bore even parrots but that's okay anyhow that was that was the story behind crime notes public service announcement directs alex has let them try they will fail and the tree of liberty will be replenished Sic Semper Tyrannis exactly the dashing rogue says so Christian nationalism the same as us nationalism because no it's not the same it's not the same at all I honestly want clarification maybe you do but know it to compare Christian nationalism to civic nationalism like like the u.s. it makes no sense again Christianity is a nation of the soul nationalism is the nationalism of the body you have to you have to nationalities of the soul you either belong to Jesus Christ or you belong to Satan you might think you belong to yourself or whatever or you might think that you belong to Quetzalcoatl or whatever or you you might believe that the soul doesn't exist it doesn't matter those are the two spiritual nationalities and so you you know it's like it's like a blood type in a way you know it doesn't matter what your nationality is you're either you know o+ or you know a negative whatever the the the two things are separate Christopher G says God often implies a nation's pride is a negative yeah I mean pride he he directly states that an individual's pride is a negative how do Christian nations maintain a healthy amount of patriotism without fear of God's wrath by obeying God I imagine romanticizing the past is a major problem I don't think so I don't think so at all especially not if the past is any was was inhabited by men who were more godly than the present you know that's exactly what we're seeing in the USA and what we're seeing in a lot of other places yeah do you think Germany is better off being ruled over by Merkel I mean talk about a curse P Schreiber just wants to say thanks thank you Karen took the kids thank you for the Bob books recommendation got sets one through five two months ago for four-year-old son now on way of the warrior kid by Jocko willing age eight to twelve to know how to read the Bob books are fantastic by the way if you want to teach a kid how to read get the Bob books ether zero and the u.s. is going to be one of the most short-lived empires in history you know we're already seeing the signs of of its collapse and it it's barely been a Empire for 150 years and Dean Papke throws in $2 thank you John Rampton throws in 20 very generously thank you and Mike requests lead us in a prayer please Vox no I don't I don't pray publicly as per the direct instructions in the Bible you have to click flying close to the flat Sun that's funny yeah it took eight hundred years for London to become a comment exactly Vox do you think a formal national caucus or posterity caucus should be set up in the US would that be a bad idea I think it'd be a pointless idea smug levels then master doesn't understand my problem with Christianity is it welcomes all races I think religion needs to be racial in nature or it fails well you're completely wrong the only race-based religion is Judaism and you know Judaism is barely surviving for all of its influence again your your first of all religion is about the truth the truth affects everyone it affects every one of every nation every one of every nation either belongs to Jesus Christ or to the god of this world and so you know your your nose your your notion of a problem is a complete category er it's totally irrelevant scott ballard said it well for some reason I don't know why um White Rabbit has it correctly and when you pray do not be like the hypocrites for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others and when they'll pray us enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy door pray to thy father which is in secret what are your thoughts on peaceful parenting no spanking I don't talk about that sort of thing so are we left with convert or die Christians are not telling you to convert or die but it's quite possible that the Universalist neoliberal Democrats will tell you that they're certainly happy to kill everybody that doesn't go along with their program Sigma bear says vox you've done a priceless job of pointing out the great deceptions in our society you're doing great kid the tides are turning now and smart people should get into how a 21st i think he's gonna continue that because he had a 1 in front of it let's see the other okay 21st century founding documents should look like what new language comes to mind we must have I think current wording is too ambiguous and up the change barrier to four to five eighty five eighty percent is all I have for now no I I I would eventually one day like to write a response to Plato's Republic and or Cicero's Republic so I mean I've even written a little bit on that but I need to learn more I need to understand more you know I've probably learned with regards to nationalism and empires and and the relationships between people's I probably learned more in the last five years than in the previous 45 Hans laga says could the reason why so many conservatives in America are so cooked is because movies television shows and the media at large train them to be so subversively yes absolutely can you have a libertarian society within a strong Christian nation without it going satanic no libertarianism is intrinsically satanic which is kind of painful to me always having been a small L libertarian you know I describe myself as a Christian libertarian and then I gradually decided that no I was a Christian nationalist once the economic side of it made it clear to me that libertarian was a total non-starter libertarian is the political variant of do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law we should have known this by looking at a brand and her hatred for Christianity yeah China is not the communist at all I would I would describe describe China as social nationalism and you know national socialism actual self-described national socialism began in China it did not begin in Germany this is something that I pointed out in my baits with with great definitely with Greg Johnson I don't know if remember if I did with Andrea Anglin or not but there is nothing German intrinsically German about the core concept of national socialism and it the first national socialist party was in China in it so it shouldn't be surprised that although the Communist Party remains paramount there the purpose the core ideology of the party is no longer Marxian and you know that's why you see them talk a lot about communism with Chinese characteristics and so forth let's see I don't think that's why the Chinese went with it why the Nazis went with it tibetan symbol ether no sis's and the gay disco not sure about that but yeah Seneca the younger said I started going to church and last past three months it's not perfect but I'm getting a lot from it so far thanks for the suggestion box you're welcome and remember read read the Bible read some of the great Christian thinkers it will open your eyes and it will particularly open your eyes to the deceivers to the fake Christians to the churchians to the wolves in sheep's clothing what are your thoughts on Christian nationalism leading to natural segregation well I think that I think nationalism of any kind leads to natural segregation you know there's room for nations to adopt people there absolutely is but it has to be a small and readily absorbable number of people who are actually committed to their new nation who who cut all the ties to their old one and that's always been the problem that's been the core problem of the states is this not Biblical prophecy the collapse of nations and the forming of a world government likely in a homogeneous fashioned no the nations will not entirely collapse but there will be a world government formed to rule over them I'm not a big Kierkegaard fan yeah Binx web off is correct the converged churchians are setting up a fake Church which the state will use to punish the faithful exactly they do this every time this is not new Adolf Hitler was setting up a rice kheer which was going to replace the Protestant and Catholic churches the the French revolutionaries set up a temple to reason and if they had had more time they would have created a religion of reason you know this is this is absolutely normal standard procedures what the it's what the servitors of satan them do every single time what is your favorite book of the Bible probably John but I also like proverbs always nice to hear from the gammas John McClellan says very few churches now represent true Christianity the Catholic Church is a corrupt wreck so as Southern Baptist Convention so is the Episcopalian Church the Anglican Church I mean honestly the only church that I've been impressed with in any way shape or form recently is the Methodists the Methodists are trying very very hard to get to D converge themselves I haven't seen that anyone elses I think actually there might be one splinter group of Lutheran's that are doing it to is any ideology that is based on a lie equate to satanic I would say that it is it is influenced I mean that it falls in it's a subset of the set let's see us person said Hitler just new Christianity would not stand up to communism and just thought it weakened useless well he was wrong who are we talking about tonight we're talking about Viktor Orban they were occupied by communism for decades they lasted a hell of a lot longer than Hitler's National Socialism did they lasted a lot longer than the Third Reich did hey there was a moron yeah see this is this is where we this is how we know he got a serious secret King here smug levels and master says your definition of Hitler as the Satanist is laughable I never said he was a Satanist he wasn't he was a pagan and he was an occultist but I don't think that he was a an overt Satanist far greater man than you make him out to be he wasn't great at all he was a tool he was an absolute moron who was a gambler that got lucky you know his his military strategy was laughably bad he had no conception of what he was up against you know first he declares war on the Jewish nation then he goes and attacks Poland then he promptly gets himself into a two-front war against the advice of all of his generals and then manages to completely destroy Germany you know he didn't he didn't have to do most of that stuff you know he was he was a horrific ly bad leader as bad as she is at least Angela Merkel hasn't you know destroyed the German nation the way that Hitler did and Hitler wasn't even German it was Austrian so anyhow you know take your if you think that Hitler was a great man then you're retarded you're literally retarded yeah let's see here well I think that pretty much covers it unless we have a few more questions Bucks have you read Hitler in Hell by martin van crebbil yes I published it is it still accurate to describe America as a historically Christian nation yes even though many of its members work precisely with Christian they were you have no idea what you're talking about almost all of the founders were absolutely Christians you know they talk about the deist that's because some of the big names were deists but there were more Christians who had personally translated the Bible than were deists look it up you need to learn to stop parroting false history that people who hate America and hate Christianity have taught you you're just parroting that Howard Zinn nonsense it's ridiculous I don't have any thoughts on the Amish and the Mennonites other than they clearly have what what they do clearly works for them and I respect that do you agree with me that fake conservatives such as Jordan Peterson and ben shapiro are far bigger threat to nationalism than sjw's yes except for the fact that Jordan Peterson is not a fake conservative he's never pretended to be a conservative he is a man of the left he's always been a man of the left and you know it's it's very strange to me that people perceive him he he actually says that's the one thing that people get most wrong about him and so they think that he's a conservative he's not he's never been Israeli nationalists you know I am Omni nationalist I support all nations and their right to live as sovereign peoples the way that they prefer without excessive influence from outsiders yet yes sorry and is correct Jordan B Peterson virtue signals to conservatives and conservatives are gullible morons that's correct yeah you're banned here a moron he says first Christians were not European yes we know Christianity came from the desert no it didn't in two year it didn't come from the desert completely foreign to the Europeans yeah we've got to alt retard here these are the morons to think that we that the pagan LARPers are a solution to anything it's laughably dumb seriously you can't you cannot be that level of stupid and participate in this discourse you know it's just it's just nonsense you know I'm much more intelligent much more educated and much better read than these morons and they come in here spouting this nonsense they don't even know what they're talking about you know I know more about the European pagan religion see historical pagan religious I can even tell you about how the Viking really the Viking religion and the way that their funerals went and the truth is that most pagan religions heavily involve human sacrifice that's why we're seeing the revival of human sacrifice as the Christian influence retreats around the world because people have always believed in that pagan LARPing is much preferable to real paganism but as somebody said there flirting with demons do you think Jordan Peterson understands that a Christian nation must come before a liberal democracy no he doesn't he is a fundamentally incoherent thinker the jg Phoenix says I really hope those parrots start quoting you eventually that would be amusing I agree in Catholic Church yesterday prayer for the faithful is that the church needs to be reformed no it needs to be purged damn straight you know I mean what we need is Christian Inquisition every single Christian denomination and church needs Inquisition you know they've all been infiltrated they've all been converged and they're all being led by people that do not worship Jesus Christ is Canada lost just returned from Greece and CLG BP LGBT propaganda everywhere and can't help but think has become a genetic dumping ground Canada isn't even a true nation so it's it's not going to survive as it is should we only pray in private if you have any doubt about why you're praying I mean I think it's fine to you know say grace at the table with your family I think it's good to pray with your family and so forth but if you're praying for a fact if you're praying to preach if you're praying the way those incredibly annoying evangelicals pray when when they just want to they just want to say this they just wanna say that they just want to talk about how they know someone in this room you know needs a lecture so they're gonna lecture that person while they're pretending to pray I mean no so box you look more symmetric than actual European so it makes sense that you're heavily anti everything that is European in essence what you call paganism nice try banning for a different opinion I'm not Semitic at all I'm American Indian I'm English Irish and American Indian so and I didn't ban for a different opinion I banned because he was excessively stupid and he was saying things that were objectively and provably and conclusively false if you're going to come on to this channel and lie I will ban you instantly no question everybody knows it jillybear says I took a look at those who endorsed Christians against nationalists I stopped looking when I saw all the women pastors nope that is not biblical exactly exactly it's it's uh it's a bunch of fake Christians no question my gamble meter just blew a fuse fantastic point box I've grown up in the Southern Baptist Convention you hit the head up nail in the head for many things have crawled under my skin over many years thank God it always bothered me yeah I mean I attended in fact the only church that I ever joined as an adult was actually a Southern Baptist Church it's a good Church and it's a very decentralized organization but you know Russell Moore is a cocks cock Russ Russell Moore is absolutely a wolf in sheep's clothing you know he should be if Baptist burned people at the stake Russell Moore should be the first one they should begin with him he's an evil narcissistic little creep and you know there's a friend of mine occasionally keeps me updated he's a Southern Baptist and he pays attention to that and it's just hilarious to see what kind of stuff thing that moron gets up to raw theory says J Dyer destroyed all challenges in debate he's the reason I'm no Orthodox yet I was great I liked it there let's see all right well I think that covers it for tonight so thanks for tuning in remember churchians and fake Christians are anti-nationalist because they serve Satan them God says that he has a plan for the nation's and God is the one who originally set up the nations so any attempt to bring the nations together is just rebuilding the Tower of Babel if you're a new member be sure to send me your email if you want notifications and be sure to check out unauthorized TV where there's more content everyday if you're not subscribed to unauthorized TV yet I'd encourage you to do so we've got some great stuff in the works and it's the best way for you to support what we're doing we'll see you the next time this is the dark stream unbox day

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  1. Vox,
    BB and his bannings might be tied to his rise, because, when the gamma gripes, others take notice. Everyone loves to see how n where their local gamma was shut the fv<k down.
    Long live BB and the Dark Lord

  2. “I know more about the history of the Catholic Church than virtually any Catholic.”

    I know Vox is arrogant, but that is pretty pathetic.

  3. That "evangelical prayer" almost made me spit my pop out hahahah. That alone would get a thumbs up on a video let alone all the great info you talked about. I left a church that had a pastor like that, now 5 years on and he is a prosperity teacher.

  4. Hey Vox, I'm sure you've answered this before but… (referencing 8:05) why must a nation be predicated on blood? I understand that the bonding of language, culture and religion has historically been based on blood, because people were literally separated by geography and information didn't flow freely at all. Today we have the opportunity to fly virtually anywhere and learn virtually anything with enough resources.. that is to say that that (most) geography, culture, language, and religion are all available (now) for anyone to consume and/or assimilate into.

    I can catch a plane to Japan, learn Japanese, practice whatever religion they got, and become a citizen. Say I renounce my American citizenship, and place Japanese values at the forefront, why wouldn't I be Japanese?

    How does this work in America? At what point did the immigrants from all the various European countries become Americans? Is there a certain amount of 'interbreeding' required before an American pops out? or did they become American when they hopped on Ellis Island? How to slaves fit into this mix? Are 'African-Americans' just as American as their white neighbors?

  5. Vox, your evangelical impression was spot on but also reminded me a little of the church I go to. Now I’m wondering if I should seek a new church. I’m not experienced enough to be a churchian moron so any flaw in my reasoning here is pure ignorance, unless you are already familiar with my genetic composition.

  6. Canada's prospects of becoming a nation looked good right up until around 1967, at which point our leaders turned on us and began embracing secular proto-globalism. A few million non-Christian immigrants later and young Canadian couples can no longer afford to start families, thus perpetuating the globalist myth that we need immigrants 'cuz we're not having enough kids.

  7. Hitler was as intelligent as any democratic official, throughout history and up to the present day. So yes, in that sense he was indeed retarded.

  8. It's exactly what Owen addressed on his stream, yesterday. Globalism isolates everyone on an individual level. Totally spot on! They believe that the isolation of Religions will work in the same manner. They have another thing coming, because Christ is King!

  9. I have a catholic friend who days the catholic church was the original church. Is there any credible sources I can research that proves this incorrect?

  10. Isn't pooling Greco-Roman the same as pooling Judeo-Christian, weren't these rivaling civilizations? Not trying to be confrontational just trying to understand the logic.

  11. there's danger in the truth
    (but still worth pursuing)

    i think about Fullmetal Alchemist often,
    it tells an intertwining story with very minute details, dare i say, hints / clues about our very own world. i find parallels along my journey seeking Truth

  12. It's amazing to see on display so plainly that most people are too stupid to understand what vox is talking about.

    All the people in here proclaiming their version of Christianity is best are showing that off for all to see.

    If you think you are part of the one true church you will need to explain your vanity to Jesus when you sit to be judged. Think long and hard about how many people you have turned away from him with your elitist way of thinking.

    Vox would clearly prefer 7 billion Catholics who in their heart of hearts know that Jesus is Lord than than a single orthodox or Protestant who thinks their way is the only way to salvation. His argument only seems anti Catholic when a Catholic secret king makes Catholicism the only true church.

  13. Excellent topic and talk. It fit in perfectly with my studies. Passion with knowledge, is amazingly exciting to witness. Thank you so much!

  14. He's right about the Catholic church drifting away from the original teachings. Thing is, there are more Catholics then orthodox Christians so they give the illusion of their church being the true one. Also, since the power is concentrated in Vatican they got immensely rich and influential thus again giving the illusion they are the ones who represent god. That'se not the case with Orthodoxy as there's no concentration of power and it shouldn't be.

    I can imagine how hard it must be for a god loving Catholic to accept the fact he's been following the schismatic church.

    No, I'm not an orthodox Christian. I'm am atheist but I understand the importance of Christianity. If we don't have our religion someone else's religion will rule over us. Simple as that.

  15. Someone in the live chat asked if Australia was a real nation. The answer is yes, but it has been dissolving for several decades. Australia was a combination of English and Irish settlers who became their own nation over time. Similar to the how the Americans were of English descent. However, there have always been foreigners eroding the nation. The Gold Rush brought in many different races, most importantly the Chinese, who left once the gold dried up but have been slowly invading for the past 30 years. The Italians and the Greeks were another addition that eroded the Australian nationality. Australia is a skeleton of what it was and that's not reversing any time soon.

  16. Christianity is racial, racist and nationalist to the very core and thank God for that.
    – Miscegenation is a death sin.

  17. Please take the political Christianity elsewhere and don't pollute this channel. You're distracting the viewers from Vox's message of Christian Nationalism. If Germany can be a productive and unified nation with a near even Catholic-Protestant split, you viewers can, at the very least, shut up about your One True Church.

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