Dangerous nationalist patrols leftist thot at political rally in Stockholm [w/ Eng subs]

Dangerous nationalist patrols leftist thot at political rally in Stockholm [w/ Eng subs]

[Journalist]: The way I see it, this is a man who has everything to lose and then nothing to lose [Journalist]: Hate is not a problem according to Christoffer Dulny (blue shirt) [Christoffer Dulny]: Is hate not a legitimate feeling? Man feels hate Man feels love Man feels joy Man feels sorrow We have a broad spectrum of emotions [Journalist]: They would rather fight over people’s ideas than people’s votes. Emelie Rosén (name of journalist) Sits like a good little school teacher So it is a Sweden with white people [that you want] ? Yes, it is a Sweden with Swedes [that I want] And Swedes, according to you, are white? Swedes are white. A clear right-wing extremist opinion Hateful, racist, and anti-semitic statements Race and ethnicity The hero The Hero, Dulny

61 thoughts on “Dangerous nationalist patrols leftist thot at political rally in Stockholm [w/ Eng subs]

  1. And family, according to the right wing extremist, are those who are related by blood? Clearly a hateful, racist, antisemitic opinion.

  2. This wouldn't have happened to her had she been at home raising her children and cooking dinner for her husband like she's supposed to be.

  3. Go forth and save your nation from the insanity, deadly peril and unbridled evil that has consumed it. Go forth, young men of Sweden!

  4. History will redeem us and our world view, brothers. And history will paint those shirkers who took a dismissive attitude regarding the primacy of race in all things, those small souls who could not or would not see, in these years of deep crisis and doubt – "uncharitably", to put it mildly. Keep your powder dry.

  5. She had it coming, for sure Karma really is a bitch when your´re reborn as someone oppressing their own people. Horrific fate, wonder what horrific thing she did in her previous life?

  6. Omg how brave ! Fucking faggot should patrol and go after the rapefugees! You're not doing much by taking a sign from a blond woman and ripping it ! Is that the best you can do tough guy ? Such a pussy

  7. Kick these filthy Muslims out of Sweden! Scandinavians have been way too nice to Illegal Aliens! At their Peril!

  8. I love how all he did was break her sign and everybody in the comment section is like, “OMG YES WAT A MAN SAVIOR OF SWEDEN HES A MODERN VIKING!!!” Lol

  9. This is just a guy standing up for what he believes in, he believes in his heritage and what generations of his ancestors sacrificed their time, money and lives for. The disgustingly weak little snowflakes who are willing to sell out their nation and throw all that aside like garbage just so that they can make it appear to others that they are more holy and more virtuous than anyone else should crawl back into their mommies basement, come out into the real world when you've grown a pair.

  10. That gril in the Che Guevara shirt was later holding a LGBT flag later on.. We told her how ironic it was, she also thought that Che was from Cuba… Stupid little thot

  11. Haha så jävla rolig video. Jeff Ahl kan inte hålla sig för skratt och DALLNY visar att han är hjälten!

  12. This one who puts on sunglasses and wears a blue T-shirt … I was hoping to do this with me … ???? I will make him go to say to himself .. If I go home and sat down. I had the best ….

  13. The EU UN all Zionist media,tech companies, NGOs, and borderless charities must be disbanded for Europe to keep it's European cultural, heritage identity, and have a peaceful future for all our indo European children.

  14. Now people may understand what the word "NATIONALIST" means. Not let those people who have a different opinion talk or write what you think. The same idiots existed in Germany in the 1920s and 40s. Then they called themselves a Nazi. Today they call themselves "Alternatives for Sweden" Same old nationalists. Who wants to create dictatorship.

  15. Nu kanske svenska folket förstår vad ordet "NATIONALIST" står för. Att inte låta de som har en anna åsikt få prata eller skriva vad man tycker. Samma idioter som fanns i Tyskland på 1920-40 talet. Då kallade man sig nazist. Idag kallar man sig för "Alternativ för Sverige" Samma gamla nationalister. Som vill skapa diktatur.

    Hur många röster fick dessa påskägg i riksdagsvalet? 0,31 %, grattis alla nazister.

  16. Crazy, how the Jew has turned 2 people like that, a perfect pairing (who should be struggling together and making babies) into mortal enemies. It's unbelievable, how insidious the brainwashing of White women has become.

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