36 thoughts on “Dan Carlin on Trump, the Military, and Foreign Policy (Pt. 2)

  1. These deushbags none of them use facts just opinions. what are the facts?What are the fukin facts? assbutts.

  2. Scale back the military A LOT, Dave. Our military is a war crimes organization costing us hundreds of billions!!!

  3. Dan Carlin: “who has been helped by the defense budget”. This historical genius forgot about how the military budget maintained his freedom to make that foolish statement by fighting off the Axis Powers and the communists regimes of Russia and China so that he would have freedom of speech in the United States of America. Love Dan Carlin many of his ideas are so tortured in their logic.

  4. It's telling that this Rubin hacks first go to when talking about limiting goverment is lowering taxes… as if we haven't been doing that for 40 goddamned years.

  5. I like Dan Carlin and have listened to his podcast for the last three years. I can usually get along with Dan's points. Rubin is a one sided liberal. Like all good liberals the problems for the last 30 years are all Trumps faults. Rubin is tiring.

  6. Carlin is obviously brilliant, hard to see why he would so intensely dislike krauthammer, aside from that one point about what makes America great

  7. "What would happen if you cut the defense budget in half." Well, last time it was half, we were fighting the Nazis and we had the cold war.

  8. Brilliant breakdown of the current American political situation: Congress being fundraisers, military spend… He could have mentioned the war fund as well as discretionary spend. Every American should watch this. As a western European I don't want nor believe we need the US being the world police… Invest in your infrastructure rather than pretend to protect the west. You will create more jobs that way.

  9. Dan "Rubber meets the road" Carlin is absolutely awesome. His Hardcore history reminds me of an excited history teacher going off on a tangine. If video games weren't a thing, I would've become someone like him.

  10. he is a hyper anti imperialist and ignored the fact that since WW2 (Pax Americana) massive wars (as what were common before WW2) have dissapeared…THAT is what we got for our huge defense budget. The worlds population has grown 4 to 8 times what it was before WW2 because massive genocides are uncommon (Rwanda is one of the few examples otherwise). Carlin is a socialist

  11. Dan Carlin is incorrect that Scandinavian rules & culture wouldn't work in the USA. Leaders can & do change culture & society.
    The Swedes taking turns in traffic, left, right, left,… Works. They used to be vikings.

  12. We have freed over 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan, people want to live free of tyranny and oppression. Nation building is what we are doing abroad, counterinsurgency operations will prove beneficial in the next 10 to 15 years. This guys knows shit about geopolitics. Refer to David Kilcullen, General Petraeus, or General Stanley McChrystal. Fucking civilians don't know shit!

  13. The problem with America is that corruption is build into the system. It's the incentive so what do you expect?

  14. Man any of these "internet sensations" who constantly receive "hidden hand"/due & undue popularity pushes all are so quick to "666" signal and push for absurd narratives and it utterly baffles me that such a large % of the general public either doesn't see it or is so narcicissticly involved with loving themselves and virtue signalling that they utterly ignore what is in front of ALL OF OUR FACES, WTF???

  15. He is exactly right. The US has overextended itself on the Russian border in particular for far too long. It’s done nothing good for the public, and has only lead to worldwide conflict and tension.

  16. Dan love this thinking.  The reason is the economy. Please review Industrial Military complex speech from Eisenhower.  It is a scam and it is all based on being caught off guard in WW2.  All those vets are determined it wont happen again.Its a way to keep the spending up for the GNP. Pres Clinton closed military bases and it was a big deal.

  17. Our democracy runs parallel to other things. As an example, only the printed word existed in 1800. The way we do democracy must adapt: no constitution can tell the future: this should be written in all constitutions.

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