Dan Bongino: There’s no whistle to blow because there was no deal

Dan Bongino: There’s no whistle to blow because there was no deal

100 thoughts on “Dan Bongino: There’s no whistle to blow because there was no deal

  1. Anybody else read the damning transcripts released today? Everybody okay trading national security for political favors?

  2. If the democrats are powerful enough to prosecute trump, even though he is innocent. Doesn't that mean they are stronger than trump? I mean, someone that powerful SHOULD be in charge. Im voting the democrats, and their throbbing investigations. Their thick veiny, public hearings.

  3. I've been saying from the beginning that there is no whistleblower. It seems to me that it's all a hoax made up by Adam "Gollum-face" Schiff.

  4. Adam Schiff’s base is Burbank and surrounding area which represents all of Hollywood residents who live near Studio City, North Hollywood, etc.
    The Burbank Police department was caught up in corruption charges about 12-15 years ago.
    What a joke and embarrassment Schiff is to California.
    The corrupt Politicians have ruined this state. Ignoring the good citizens who voted in Prop 8 and 23. California is to big to be governed properly

  5. That is the message that needs to get out there, there. There Never was anything to blow a whistle over! Put that out there every chance you get!

  6. STFU..!!! Trump is TOTALLY GUILTY of BRIBERY..! 'Lawrence Tribe'.. LEV PARNAS ready to Cooperate..! Paid RUDY $500,000..!!! FOR WHAT..? TRUMPS TAXES ON THE WAY.. FINALLY..!

  7. This was a biased interpretation of an event for which we have the actual transcript… it's not impeachable – but the Dems are so hungry for Trump Blood that they are clutching at straws. Now here is the REAL ISSUE – the undermining of POTUS for political partisanship… shame, shame, shame!

  8. Make an accusation and, then, as people resist the unfairness of the accusation, look for a mistake, expand the accusation to "obstruction" then 'rinse repeat'…


  10. Dude your 1st constitutional rights are being violated and censored by youtube and bookface ! I can not share your vids with my bookface friends and associates ! Violation of pier to pier communications without infringement of confidentiality and discourse .

  11. Obama started this anti police Garbage,Worst president in history.Most divisive president,pitting one group against another

  12. Yellow journalism and the yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

  13. The media, even Fox, shares the ravings of a deluded liar for clicks. If this were a group of 6 year olds, Schiff would have been ignored and chastised until he changed his ways.

  14. You guys aren't getting it.
    It's not about impeaching OR removing the President.
    It's about besmirching the President
    over an extended period of time
    right up to the 2020 elections
    to try to persuade the Middle~Kingdom~Muggles not to vote for Trump.

    Force a vote as soon as possible .. by any means possible .. and force it to the Senate floor as early as you can ..
    … so it can DIE and shrivel up.

    Stop trying to shame democrats .. that won't work. Kick them in their asses and make them vote.

  15. Chill guys don't fall for the old Dem trick, when you're all puckered up they'll take away the whistle!
    And then they'll try to….leak!

  16. The only predicate President Trump conferred about Biden was in one sentence, where he tells Zelensky he can do "whatever." If doing "whatever" communicates the understanding a specific action in mind, then I never learned English properly.

  17. You al forget that the Mueller report made it clear, that Trump had committed acts that he could be charged with as crimes, IF he were not a SITTING President. Mueller simply did not have the power or authority to follow through. How about telling the truth?

  18. Its like calling a history teacher a whistle blower for telling people what is written in the history books? Are people so dumb they din't understand what a whistleblower. Maybe the Dems are acting this way because it is in the script already written a Republican will be President for 8 years. They take money because its one group, not 2. Politicians are as real as the WWE. The outcome is per-planned.

  19. amazing how morons think that Fox viewers are brainwashed, this doesn’t stand up to any level of critical thinking. Brainwashing comes from the main stream otherwise it wouldn’t be affective brainwashing, this is proven by the fact that all of the mainstream media repeats virtually the same verbiage of every story, that’s not by coincidence that’s by George Soros and the deep state. They now admit that the deep state is existing by clapper and comey and Brenan. The president of the Ukraine specifically states there was no quid pro quo yet the brainwashed believe there was in defiance of the fact that there wasn’t, so just who is brainwashed the ones who don’t believe in facts or the ones that believe in fairytales because they don’t like the president and they don’t think that he should be president because they don’t like, they don’t respect the voters that elected the president. They don’t respect the constitution they don’t respect facts because the fax prove that Democrats are brainwashed morons.

  20. You guys are idiots. Who cares about the whistle blower now. The bank was being rob and the cops come and discovered people on the ground, money missing, and people actually saying they were just held at gunpoint. Stop it with this propaganda network. You are all sheep willing to buy anything that will make you feel better. The truth is the truth and nobody can change that. Deal with it.

  21. For all those who are Anti-Police, they need to put up or shut up. There needs to be a "DO-NOT-RESPOND" list for those people. Call the people you think can help you while there is a burglar in your house because your house is on the list police wont go to. The rest of us wont mind paying a few extra bucks to pay for the taxes that the anti-police people will no longer be taxed for.. Oh, and only only the racial police are allowed to answer any calls to properly equalize the demographics of the neighborhood. Im not sure how to figure out a race since the Trump vs Clinton election was called racial, and they both looked white to me. Did the Democrats have and African Americans running for Pesident. I recall Ben Carson on the Republican side. What happens if an African American police man feels he is a white woman. Does that mean he cant go into African American populated cities. I wish this " feelings over science " was around when I went to High School because I would only go to all girl High Schools !

  22. If it's All a farce then answer the question is it right for the president to ask a foreign gov to investigate a political opponent yes or no simple question simple answer

  23. Trump is a mastermind of having people chase fake stories. When it comes time to vote,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they will try and change the election day because they forgot. This is the worst bunch of Presidential candidates I have ever seen. There is no way they are trying to win, all fake. I wonder if Jim McMhaon is writing the script for this election. Even the Main stream hardly pays attention to them. I think a gun buy back was awesome ! Mine are for sale to be bought back. $500K for handguns and $1 million for rifles and $100K per bullet ! Im sick of the extra money I get in my check because its now harder to buy drugs !

  24. Imagine a guy on Network that is recently lost some of their best reporters for literally refusing to tell the truth sayin that someone else "likes to lose you in BS". This Network has ZERO credibility.

  25. The career government workers all need to be let go everytime there is a new president! Clean house! That will stop this b.s.

  26. The thin, blue line flag upsets me because it gives permission to alter the US flag, which we all saw Obama trying to do. I realized then how dangerous it could be to allow alteration of our flag.

  27. I hope the comments I'm seeing were posted by Russian trolls. If not, then we really have a lot of morons in our country. However, Trump did say he loved the poorly educated. Fox News is lying as more American patriots testify about the crimes Trump has committed. Then they smear career diplomats who have served our country for decades under several administrations. They even tried to discredit an Iraq veteran who has spent his entire life protecting our nation and was wounded in battle. Shame on them!

  28. As usual comrade dan your full of crap but then as a communist lover what can be expected, communist lover= comrades Putin and queen trump have the best interest of the US at heart.

  29. Treasonous! A criminal plant to pretend as a whistle blower! Criminal charges for these lies! Adam Schiff needs to be held accountable!

  30. Being a police officer use to be one of the safest jobs a person could have this is redicious dems are for complete kaos vote them out and allow our neighbors Our police to do their jobs

  31. 'They've' trotted out the Trotsky trolls, probably sponsored by the likes of Soros; hate America first and lovers of a bowing Obama; President Trump and American loving law-enforcement, soldiers, airmen, sailors, and YAF types are their enemies; remember: "The cops acted stupidly."

  32. What Dan Bongino said is right… now people are talking about what the whistleblower is saying, but there is NO whistleblower. We should not acknowledge that there is a whistleblower bcoz this guy is shitty shift bs creation.

  33. Bongina keeps ranting he’s intelligence operative. He was thrown out for corruption. Who cares what he thinks about anything. No morality here….

  34. OK!! You Know !! an I Know !,,, Truth IS!! Adam Shiff ,, Heard From the Whistleblower First ? ,, So Called ? But the Dates ! Say He Met ! 18 Days Before That ? ,,, YA,LL Know what it Is!! ?? ,,, I KNOW!! 😉 ,,,, Adam Put a team Of Democrat Lawyers Together! Too Get This Started! ,, an I Know For a FACT!! thats what Happen !!! ,, There No Such Person! Thats why is Closed door ! ,,, Adam Made Up a Person! an His Team Of Lawyers! ,, I know this too Be True! 😉

  35. Wait a minute, his point is like saying a cop can’t arrest a man for solicitation if the undercover cop doesn’t accept his offer to blow him for money. All you have to have for crime is intent. If you plan to rob a bank is enough to get you put in jail. Regardless, if the deal was agreed on or not the plans were made. Doesn’t mean their is no crime because his plans were foiled. Hahaha

  36. Why do cops vote democrat he asked, because democrats perpetuate the cycle of crime of the minorities in those communities which guarantees the police will have jobs, That's why!!!!

  37. Listen FOX. Shiff is going after Obstruction of Justice not quid pro quo. He said as much in that tweet. "lots of evidence of obstruction of justice" . You all need to break that apart. That's why he is saying he doesn't need the whistleblower. He's changing the game . Call him out on it.

  38. all the dems are doing is trying to pile on enough stuff that the white house will refuse to honor so the can impeach him for obstruction. they have no case for impeachment so they are going to make one.

  39. Fabricating a false story….labeling it as "whistle blowing"….DOES NOT make it true….except to CNN and Democrats… In this Case, the phony "whistle blower" is a liar in need of Prosecuting….and Schiff in need of Impeachment.

  40. :57 in and DAM , here we are talking about something that hadn't happen , WHATT , what a weak nut person to be able to just tell a lie about something that a fool ADMITTED that he did , after he was told on , and then say that what he gave out to the public is being read wrong , and now people are lieing to protect stupid , I'm just saying ,

  41. When does this insanity stop? Seriously. At what point will the DNC be held accountable for wasting time instead of doing their goddamn job?
    * No Stormy Daniels.
    * No Russian collusion.
    * No voting fraud.
    * No Ukraine deal.
    All they do and have done is bash this guy. If this would've happened under Obama, heads would've been lobbed off.
    It's getting so obvious that this is either one huge play packed with plenty of phuckery (and Trump is part of the cast) or……these people are scare chitless of Trump and want him out because plain old hatred doesn't go this deep. There's something else happening here.

  42. 1:39 in and WTFH , an ex law enforcement officer speaking on intent is not a crime , and even used a bank job as the example , LET THE FBI KNOW THAT YOU'RE PLANNING TO ROB A BANK , intent , not a crime , REALLY , I'm just saying ,

  43. The people of. Kentucky said it like it is impeachment is a waist of time money and american people time .thank god for people of Kentucky.

  44. Adam Schiff has a track record of lying. Whatever he says must, in the very least, be held in question until proven. This "impeachment" is such a scam on the American people.

  45. Investigate Schiff Pelosi and biden then their house of cards will fall. Follow the money trail and it will expose the rest who are involved. All are tied into this and it's called Rico case.

  46. Anti police has spread throughout the world. It has reached Hongkong. The supporters of violence demonstration instead of a peaceful one constantly accused of police brutality. Fortunately, USA still has the court of law and a president who supports the police and the left in Hongkong encouraged the rioters attacking the law enforcement officers.

  47. There is a CIA double hearsayer. Many miss the Dems changed the Rules a few weeks before to allow this double hearsay BS.

  48. "We do this all the time". Mick Mulvaney.

    Turns out he was telling the truth. It's coming out that Trump previously coerced Ukraine to drop charges against Manafort in exchange for missiles.

  49. The media promotes Adam Bullshiff as if he is just an honest man just doing his job. Only those of us who search for the truth know. Almost everyone around me believes all the hateful propaganda from the extremely devisive MSM.

  50. Once again Dems practicing the art of Joseph Stalin…"..show me a man i will give you a crime"…..these people are Godless bastards who have no moral compass…they are corrupt comi's….they only seek power…they are thugs!!..they dont care about right or wrong…its all calculated takeover tactics…they find anyway to cheat to get an advantage…we need to keep these thugs out if power or they will corrupt the whole country..

  51. There was a whistle-blower…either shitty schiff was blowing the "whistle-blower's" whistle or vice versa…and then you have pelosi either blowing schiffs pecker whistle or schiff is blowing pelosi's granny whistle…just disgusting…get it??

  52. Extortion – the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

    Its worse than a "quid pro quo".  trump extorted the ukraine.  and then admits to it and releases the transcript of the crime.  what more do we need?  put a cherry on top and lets move on from this bozo.

  53. These comments Democrats are making about Law Enforcement is going to lose then a lot more voters.
    Who are they pandering to? Convicted Felons? Convicted Felons can't vote, are they really this stupid?
    There's approximately 1 Million Cops in the U.S., When you account for Retired Cops, Adult family members of Cops (Parents, Children, Brothers, Sisters, Spouses, etc.) Your alienating about 6-8 million voters.

  54. I've just thought of a new game Its find the most ridiculous excuse made by a Democrat. My favourite at present is :-" That wasn't a lie I was answering the wrong question "

  55. Schitt is Blaming POTUS Trump For Schitt's Exact Wrong Doings…..The DemonRat Playbook Is So Worn Out….We Have To Have a Way To Screen These Criminals Before they Get into Office…..!!!!!

  56. Desperate Democrats realizing the election is only a year away and that they don't have a candidate that can whoop Trump.

  57. Dan Bongino is lying to you:
    The whistle blower's complaint lays out a co-ordinated back channel efforts spanning many months by Trump and Team and Ukraine involving many players, that cumulated with the July 25, 2019 phone call. Reading the transcript summary in isolation without all of the background to the call and the relevant context for the call…is fundamental error

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