Cutest Lion Attack Ever

Cutest Lion Attack Ever

guys excited to get your food hey what's up guys so this is part two of my experience at the living with lions program in part one I told you about the daily activities like cleaning the enclosures and making food for the animals in the nursery I also told the guys about playing with the bigger Cubs feeding time and touring the schoolchildren who come on field trips so you have an idea about what life inside the lion park was like but now I want to tell you about some of the other animals and a little bit about the things that we did outside of the lion park life at the lion park could get pretty hectic so it was nice sometimes to be able to get out and just relax one of the nights they took us out to this really cool South African restaurant it's in this really trendy upscale area called Nelson Mandela Square there are people banging on drums there is face painting but the most interesting thing of all was definitely the menu selection they had the normal traditional things like chicken and steak but they also had exotic stuff like ostrich and alligator and I figured you can't go all the way to Africa to a place like this and not try something exotic me and Jackie both ended up ordering the same thing I thought the ostrich tasted kind of weird but the Springbok and the other animal and basically just tasted like a good steak another night we went on to this place called Monte Cassino which is this big Venetian inspired shopping mall with a casino in the middle we went out to a reptile park called croc City where we got up close and personal with some wildlife I don't know if the guy was telling us this just to scare us but right before he passed around tarantula he starts telling us about how anything from a level 3 to level 5 guarantee it's gonna bite you if you get bitten by level 5 it's kind of like somebody having a red-hot NH nail straight in the middle and the other guy's the one guy said imagine if you held a tennis ball-sized red-hot coal in your hand for three days you also throw well there's a lot of vomiting there's a lot of headaches but you're not gonna die the girls were all braver than me because there was no way I was doing that we went to an elephant sanctuary where we got to walk with elephants we learned a lot about them and you can even get a kiss on the cheek from the elephant's trunk one of the other really cool things we got to do – was the cheetah experience this is Masai he is the youngest of the two brothers they used to be in winding trails together but masa is very confident so he beats up Felix's virgin together they want to kill each other but when they're opposed they call each other Messiah was very playful I wanted to lick us you stood up on the table you got a lot more pictures got to pet him and scary face to face they have to see his eyes which are so cool it's one thing to get to work with the little lion cubs because they're cute and little but to handle an adult kita that's kind of insane it was really awesome and we'll never forget it it was amazing it was amazing how much they've heard and they're so friendly the cheetahs are also as soon as I walked into I think his name was massage is that right he just started licking my leg and it was like rough as like it's kind of like felt like I was gonna bleed so pairing and won me out and it just sounded like that domestic cat we also got to do a ride-along themed tour with Alex that guy's a boss today is Sunday so we had this big feeding with the live and I was with Alex and he got out of the car and he was just playing with like the adult lines he was like grabbing their bowls and stuff I'm brushing the hair and sprang them and I would just bite as cuddly as the Cubs it was pure awesome Hawaiian's already coming to eat you you should have seen it ten minutes before too late once he's coming towards us too late then got a deal with a different situation [Applause] you so this concludes part two of my recap next week I'm gonna show you even more of the awesome stuff that we did plus I'm gonna give you guys some vital information about this program everyone should know before getting involved so if you think that this project is something you'd be interested in you definitely don't want to miss next week I hope you enjoyed this video go ahead and hit the like button if you did leave comments down below and I'll see you next weekend

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  1. God blessed us all with life, why do humans think they deserve the right to kill animals for sport or for selling. Animals only kill to survive and so did we a long, long time ago

  2. I know your trying to help the lions except the place ur volunteering at is canned so basically they are all going to be shot

  3. My friend you are doing an excellent job, God bless you and your family and all the best for your team, lots of love from India. Jai hind, vande Mataram 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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