43 thoughts on “Curious case of Indian politics: Where Left, Right & Centre all swear by the same phoney economics

  1. What idiocy. If Modiji started these so called reforms, this ass#ole will be the first one to cry village, poor, farmer, dalit! Basically, no matter what Modiji does these Lutyens mutherfukjers will find a way to bash.

  2. Shekharji , any democracy leaders have to face two things- one is getting elected and second reality of economics.. If you take harsh measures you loose election. On the other hand if you follow populist measures economy goes downslide. You know 'suite boot ki sarkar' comment by someone who is leader of major national party. And media also gives wide publicity. Over a period of time Indian leader mainly of Congress followed socialist policy which has been desastrous. We missed a period when the economy could have made to turn right like far eastern nations. This period is coinciding with that of Mrs Gandhi. Congress forced to take reforms out of sheer compulsion not choice during Narsinha Rao' period. Media,too, are responsible in giving publicity of wrong perception of leaders who wishes to mend the economy. Let Shekharji tell us how much he supported liberal approach as far as economy when he was at the helm of journalism.

  3. Indian had in past ( pre 1990 ) were made to believe that capitalism as a curse . It was so deep rooted that where business was considered inferior and those who were rich were considered a blood sucker , who has made his fortune by some illegal mode. Thanks to our pre 1990 govt policy.
    Yes it was the former prime minister pv. narsshima rao and his finance minister manmohan singh who took the bold decision to reform the economy policy and take india forward.
    I blame the opposition benches to stall any bill which were introduced in first term of this govt
    so that it can not go in next election with any full filled promises , whether GST , Land reform, Labor reform.
    All the bills passed by the lower houses were struck down by upper house

  4. every body wants market economy till such time it does not affect them; usa has inheritance tax but india does not ; you cannot say that america is not developing because of tax

  5. Why does Mr Gupta count only Income tax as tax?
    GST rates have been reducing ever since it was introduced.
    In fact Income tax rate for most of the time have been reducing. Only this time Govt applied super rich tax. and FYI that does not come under corporate tax so he is wrong even there.

  6. As being a film critic easier than making films I feel it's easier being a journalist & talking abt social-economic reforms than being a doer in the political arena & still winning votes in such a vast & complicated country like ours.

  7. His delivery n speech is so boring, he sucks out the interest if any in his journalism, Shekhar Gupta also lacks credibility as he has associated himself with Barkha Dutts ,Sagarika Goses of the world and he swears by the Congress Party.

  8. Sensex is of not relevant. The corporate sector contribution to GDP is not significant enough to screw it up.

  9. With all due respect, things that can be improved: 1). Sound Recording and editing 2). May be a teleprompter for seamless delivery 3). Less coughs/hiccups

  10. I am a modi supporter, and yeah Shekhar you got this right. What we need is a party that is only about free market reform. I will vote for that.

  11. India is not going to be free market as so called poor or leech to our economy vote for freebies. And our leaders are spineless they can't amend voting rights, ideally in india voting rights should be only for the Taxpayers and having less than 2 kids. This will change economics of politicians

  12. Instances of tariff imposed on imports, criticism of globalization etc are instances showing that Trump is anti market. Moreover, his main vote bank, white working class, is those who have borne the brunt of globalization and loss of jobs. Hence I don't think think that we can say that Trump is a economic rightist.

  13. To show the free market economy is not working fine he literally focused on the market index of BSE but he is forgetting one big free market indicator which is credit growth in the private sector, the mess NPAs have created dates back to congress regime when the problem was put under the carpet…even for free markets to properly work we need to have some basic pre requisites – low level of poverty is one of them (otherwise big divide between rich and poor will not be sustainable in the long run) how the poverty can be reduced is one big challenge….sometimes I wonder things being defined as Left or Right..shouldn't we try to find the best solution and it should not matter from which ideology does it come from.

  14. my female friends are less nostalgic and more smarter than me. please provide content that is more intelligent and cogent.

  15. your basic point is well taken, but also please try to not gloss over the over complexity of the problem of american style economics. do you know that just like farmers in india commit suicide unable to bear the burden of loans, scores of ordinary people in america go into bankruptcy, debt and eventually suicide because of healthcare costs? please don't try to make too much of a virtue of the capitalist system.

  16. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2019/mar/07/james-lankford/did-tax-collections-rise-after-gop-law-case-weak/.
    Economy and Job creation expanded during Clinton administration and Obama administration when tax rates went up for higher income brackets.

  17. HNI's have already left. Also women perhaps dont watch or comment because of sexism prevalent on youtube. A large number of male commenters will chase her electronically which nobody wants.

  18. Shekhar Gupta doesn't know that providing basic facilities like gas and toilets one doesn't become socialist economy. The problems created last 70 years have to be rectified. Modi is doing enough for industries by ease of doing business. The business man are habitual of dalali way. It will take a few years for honesty to set in. Modi way is best way.

  19. When stock markets are soaring critics quickly point out that it is jobless growth & superficial ,so if that is the case then why crib now when it is doing badly…?? The welfare schemes need to be funded by the taxes from the super rich which is a way of redistribution of resources ….

  20. You are right about politics, In Norway also, there is left , centre and right and some combination.

  21. if u remember…. respected modi ji said ….. mujhse bhi galtiya ho sakti hain lekin intensions galat nahi honge …. i believe him …. jab tak modi hai paisa italy nahi jaega jaha se urban naxal/librandus ko unka share milta tha

  22. First time an episode that makes sense. You see the real question is why is BJP scared of liberal economics, the answer is because most BJP politicians of today including Modi do not understand liberal economics. They are bred in Swadeshi Jagran Manch or Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh and have a firm belief that Indian Swadeshi production etc was affected by Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao liberalisation of economy. Many might even have relatives and friends who lost jobs when Indian manufacturing closed down in 90s. The RSS nurseries are full of these kind of stories.

  23. Shekar Guptaji Sirji , To invite more women to these sessions!!..

    You need good looking men to present the same message ( I know not everyone can be very good at articulation like you !!) – LOL , I don't know if that works

    All in ALL Well presented Shekar Guptaji

  24. This is a very valid argument that highlights the mixed economy – Old days 2 purist views : Capitalism was law of the Jungle – only fittest survive , Communism – All work for the state – the wealth is supposedly distributed bt that never came to pass as we are seeing in China with the CCP – It seems that @ some point humans saw ourselves as more than animals – we have to take care of the meek & weak , USA is also a mixed economy but there it is largely capitalist & the strength of this can be seen in an example of a man who becomes successful & gives 10% of his annual income to help the needy – so give what is enough for them to get by not enough such that they see it as career choice ! Beggars will dress in Burqas & Hijabs to fool muslims on fridays – they will wait outside mosques – free money , tax free as well ! likewise @ churches & temples – all across India we have these people that use "weakness" as a strength for an easy life & they know what their power is – to sell their vote. You can't have 65 – 70 % living off the effort of 30% ! that's like too many people drawing from pension funds compared to what goes in. Seem's like India needs to sterilize those in the low economic groups – Sorry to say but doing nothing to improve your lot in life is no license to make 9+ babies & depend on charity – these people are a burden on a system that wants to move forward n new sectors of the 4th industrial revolution. Modi surrounds himself with people that pose no threat to him, he is no economist & should acknowledge it, neither is Nirmala Sitharaman noe was Jaitley the one who should be MoF has been sidelined over & over which is Dr. Swamy – this man is total brainiac & has worked with esteemed economists & has accolades to his name – he understands macro & micro system yet the BJP has consistently dropped him – that possibly will lead to their downfall if he gets frustrated & dumps the party – popularist politics lasts only so long just ask Jacob Zuma ! Eventually it will catch up ! In a recent interview he made a very smart suggestion which the Indian economy should be moving towards , after getting muslims to enter the banking system – abolish all taxes except for abase tax from banks for every transaction – get the banks to collect your revenue. systems overseas already have a cash vs card payment & their accounting system reflects this which is then tabled into the tax collected from the vendor.

  25. Shekar I am a woman watcher and follow you every day. Women are equally concerned about politics and economics

  26. Whatever is happening in market, it was already set last month and almost 6 to 8 months back. It was bound to happen and it is happening. Its just aligning it to some reason.

  27. Illustrating the state of voting in my rural constituency (state Assam)
    Me: Why you are voting for this candidate and this party?
    Voter 1: He is good guy, as he gives me a bottle of alcohol.
    Voter 2: He is XYZ party, i believe in him.
    Me: Do you know what his policies are for your constituency?
    Voter 2: I don't care. He seems good.
    Voter 3: This XYZ party is from my caste (or religion).
    Me: But he has criminal allegations?
    Voter 4: So what, not proven? It's a smear campaign only. He is good.
    Voter 5: This party provides freebies like subsidised gas, electricity connection, subsidized house etc.
    Me: Clearly you have benefitted, but you know these freebies can't continue forever, a lot of the stuff puts strain on finances. It is not long term solution, right?
    Voter 6: i don't care about state or central finances. I got my house, gas, electricity. I don't give a shit what happens to others.

    Voter 7: He is charismatic, thinks about us the people. We will vote for him.

    Me: But what about the state of agriculture, state of education, state of primary/ tertiary health in this constituency, jobs etc.? Those things are in a bad shape, right?
    Voter 8: Yeah (casual tone), but i am not worried about that. Those things will be taken care of automatically. (Presumably by god!)

    Me: (losing all hope, silent) Okay. Good luck.

    People only get a government they deserve!

  28. am watching your show daily and its been pleasure listening to you. Please make one episode on Population growth of India and its impact on the economy, job, pollution, nature, water crises, road conjuction

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