21 thoughts on “Curious Capital Cities

  1. As a few people have already pointed out, there's an error at 9:40 – Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and one of the 17 state capitals that is also the state's most populous city. Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri. Really sorry for the error!

  2. Malaysia does not have 2 capital cities. Only Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysian capital city. Kuala Lumpur is the most thriving economic city, while Putrajaya is only meant for federal government's administration. It's basically removing federal administration power from Kuala lumpur into newly build city which is not bound to any states thus removes bias. Putrajaya's income is only tourism while kuala lumpur has variety of business income such as industrial, finance, trading, etc. Hope this helps.

  3. China's Capitals

    northern capital – beijing
    southern capital – nanjing
    western capital – xijing
    eastern capital – dongdu

  4. Just a suggestion for future videos, if you add a quick caption like at 0:30, have it stay on the screen longer, or put it somewhere else because the video player blocks it when paused.

  5. Actually North Nicosia is not disputed neither is North Cyprus , they belong to the Greek Republic of Cyprus .

  6. Why does Chile show as two capitals? Is he taking into consideration that congress is in valparaiso while court and president reside in santiago?

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