Culture and sports sectors join efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19

Culture and sports sectors join efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19

crews culture and sports sectors are
doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus PT has held a major press
conference online instead and the local professional football league is
postponing its opening matches conn-young who tells us more after
dropping their new album map of the sole seven last Friday kpop star speakers
held their album launch press conference on Monday afternoon but instead of
holding a normal press conference in central Seoul as previously planned be
aired it live on their YouTube channel content TV the band’s agency big HIT
Entertainment said that this was to prevent large groups of people coming
together in an enclosed space in light of the kovat 19 outbreak kpop girl been
twice have also called off their world tour finale concerts that were due to
take place in Seoul on March 7th and 8th the band’s agency JYP entertainment said
the decision was to protect the health and safety of the fans and cooperate
with the Korean government’s policies to counter the virus and it’s not just
global k-pop artists who are joining the effort to prevent the further spread of
the virus street performers are taking their own precautionary measures here in
Hongdae the streets are usually packed with singers bands and dancers but they
have now mostly emptied out the hope to prevent crowds large or small from
gathering starting on the South Korea’s Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism
is shutting down its 24 national museums and libraries across the country the
Seoul Arts Center has put a temporary hold on this week’s special exhibitions
and postponed its music and art classes and Korea’s professional football league
the k-league has delayed the start of the new season the 2020 campaign was set
to begin this weekend the league is expected to announce an
updated season schedule once the corona virus outbreak dies down Busan is also
considering postponing the World Team Table Tennis Championships scheduled
from March 22nd to 29th cáñamo arirang news

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