24 thoughts on “Cultural Capital

  1. I am from the future and apple products are not good any more, only white girls have them, while mac books are just there to annoy us because of their slow mouse speed… seriously why are they so slow.

  2. Studying this highlights exactly what I personally hate about the world. Tribalism is what sociology teaches. It's something all humans evolved an understanding of long ago and something we should abandon as the world becomes more homogenous in the future. I feel like only a sociopath would study this today.

  3. I think most people tend to label that someone belongs to middle class, for example, according to his/her capacity to buy things, but this criterion is based on economic capital which I think is not a good criterion. In this case we would have economic classes instead of social ones. Cultural capital could be a good criterion for identifying a given position in society because knowledge means power and a power that no economic crisis can take it away from you. Well, that's what my grandma used to tell me.

  4. 3:24 The narrator says "the way society measures CULTURAL capital" but the graphic shows written "the way society measures SOCIAL capital", so is there a difference?

  5. this is too limiting. It only focuses on education. The best part is the definition as it's not restrictive.

  6. I think the entertainment industry is one newer type of cultural capital. If you are sexy and popular, then you have a lot of potential to gain cultural capital. These videos are awesome.

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