Crowd groans as Matt Gaetz humiliates himself at impeachment hearing

Crowd groans as Matt Gaetz humiliates himself at impeachment hearing

Throughout all the majority’s theatrics,
they have failed to move the needle at all when it comes to the people in this country. In fact, it was a Monmouth University poll
on August 23rd that found that only 35% of Americans support impeachment and 59% of Americans
oppose impeachment. So if we just check the scoreboard, my friends,
we’ll find that you’re losing and you’re not making up and ground despite the fact
that over and over again you try to smear the president of the United States with false
accusations. I don’t know quite what to call this. The Chairman mentioned that we wouldn’t
be debating the lexicon as to whether or not this was an impeachment inquiry or an impeachment
investigation. I’ve called it impeachment in drag—because
we’ve sort of dressed up impeachment like an oversight hearing. Perhaps it’s low-T impeachment or low-energy
impeachment. But I would suggest that—I would hope at
least that these proceedings are not more about the Chairman’s upcoming primary challenge
than about the important work of the committee and about the country, because if we look
at– Well, moan and groan all you want because look, we’ve got circumstances were where
you guys can’t move the country, right? You don’t have any support for this endeavor
and so we kind of lurch along. But there are legitimate investigations that
we should be conducting. We should be determining what corrupt entities
within the Obama White House fanned the flames of the lies that president Trump was engaged
in a criminal conspiracy. We should investigate how someone like Josheph
Mifsud can make things up, can launch us into this bizarre fact pattern and then disappear,
like, out of thin air without any desire to find out what that happened. And we most certainly should be investigating
the FISA abuses where Jim Comey and the other actors within a very corrupt deep state perpetrated
a fraud on the FISA court. They went before a judge with no defense attorney
and they didn’t present all the evidence. And they did that so that they could shoehorn
a secret court into giving them authorities that no government should have to weaponize
political opposition research within the confines of our really important investigative work. What Brennan and Comey and Clapper and McCabe
have done to our country is deeply damaging. And it was my hope that as members of the
Judiciary Committee, we could come together, we could root out this corruption and we could
ensure that this never happens again to another president. Now, I’m not saying that Republican lawmaker
Matt Gaetz is performing for an audience of one, I’m just—yeah no that’s exactly
what I’m saying. I mean, over the course of one minute, the
guy literally ticked off every single Republican strawman argument and conspiracy theory and
diversionary tactic and whataboutism that the right has concocted since Trump took office. He brings up FISA warrants and James Comey
and John Brennan and Andrew McCabe and the deep state. Moments earlier, he even managed to attack
CNN by claiming that allowing staff members to question witnesses in committee hearings
was akin to a CNN takeover— This is kind of a paradigm of hiring CNN contributors
onto the staff andt hen trying to turn our committee hearings into some sort of a reenactment
of a CNN show is probably less producting than allowed our members to ask pointed and
substantive questions. But these are all just made up scandals to
distract everyone from Trump’s actual, legitimate scandals that are all out in the open. It is basic, tired Republican distractionism. From where ever she was watching this, Kellyanne
Conway must’ve been proud. Gaetz goes on to reference a Monmouth University
poll showing support for impeachment at 35%, but first of all, this country’s justice
system isn’t run by polling. We don’t need to defer to polls to know
whether or not Trump has committed an impeachable offense. We already have all of that information. We just had a two-year investigation that
revealed ALL OF IT to us. We KNOW that Trump obstructed justice on 10
separate occasions, from pressuring Comey to end his investigation into Mike Flynn,
to trying to get then attorney general Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself, to firing FBI
director James Comey before telling the Russians that the pressure is now taken off, to trying
on multiple occasions to have Mueller removed after the special counsel probe was started
to trying to get Sessions to limit its scope, to editing Don Jr’s statement about the
Trump Tower meeting, to his demand that White House Counsel Don McGahn lie about Trump trying
to get him to fire Mueller which McGahn refused to do, to dangling pardons for Flynn and Manafort,
to trying to intimidate Michael Cohen when he cooperated with prosecutors. And just to be clear, one instance of obstruction
of justice is already impeachable. And you don’t even need to be successful
in obstruction; the mere act of attempting to obstruct justice is a crime and was literally
included in Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment. So to pretend that because we’ve grown numb
to the fact that Trump is doing it on a constant basis somehow absolves him is a laughable
strategy. And it’s not JUST what was contained in
the Mueller report. We KNOW that Trump committed campaign finance
law violations when he paid hush money to 2 women with whom he’d had affairs. Corporate contributions over $2,700 are illegal,
so when Trump paid $150,000 to Karen McDougal and $130,000 to Stormy Daniels from Michael
Cohen on behalf of the Trump Organization for the explicit purpose of not harming him
in the 2016 election, he implicated himself in a felony and was actually named as an unindicted
co-conspirator in the same felony that Michael Cohen is currently in prison for. We KNOW that Trump has used his position to
enrich himself at the properties he still owns and profits from. Just in the last week, we learned that Mike
Pence stayed at Trump’s Doonbeg resort in Ireland, 150 miles away from his official
meetings, which is the equivalent of booking a room in Philly for a meeting in DC. We learned that the Trump Organization made
a deal with a Scottish airport to refuel American military planes so that service members could
stay at Trump’s flailing Turnberry resort, despite the fact that refueling there would
be more expensive than doing so at a military base. Turnberry, by the way, lost $4.5 million in
2017, and miraculously were up $3 million in 2018. And we can go on and on but the fact is that
a poll might not signal support for impeachment, but the law and precedent does. And frankly, that’s all the information
we need to refute Gaetz’s argument. BUT just for good measure, there’s also
the fact that IF the Florida Republican wants to point to polling as a mandate for legislation,
why don’t we have universal background checks, which 90% of Americans support and yet strangely
Matt Gaetz voted against when he voted no on HR8, the bipartisan Universal Background
Checks Act of 2019. Why don’t we have red flag laws or an assault
weapons ban, both of which the large majority of Americans support? If 90% of Republicans think voting is an act
of patriotism, why don’t they pass HR1, which would make Election Day a federal holiday? Why hasn’t Matt Gaetz sponsored any bills
for paid maternity leave or government funding for childcare or boosting the minimum wage
or free public college or even Medicare for All, all of which polling shows a majority
of this country supports? It’s because Gaetz is happy to cherry pick
polls when – and only when – he thinks they support his agenda. It’s because he doesn’t actually care
about what the majority of this country wants, he’s only concerned about performing so
the president of the United States can see what a good lapdog he’s being …and I don’t
want to get ahead of myself, but if he plays his cards right, he MIGHT just earn himself
a tweet in the rambling stream of consciousness that is the president’s twitter feed. And one final note about polls. If we look at Nixon’s polling prior to Watergate,
he came into his second term with a 68% approval rating. When they began polling whether he should
be removed from office in the summer of 1973, his approval was still 48% and only 19% thought
he should be impeached. But once hearings began and Americans learned
of Nixon’s crimes, his popularity plummeted to only 24%, with 57% of Americans supporting
impeachment over the course of just a year, before Nixon ultimately resigned. And it should be noted that Trump’s popularity
has never once come even close to Nixon’s at its highest point. And so while I’m sure Trump very much appreciate
Matt Gaetz being a loyal little soldier, having some sycophant on the committee crying out
about FISA warrants and James Comey and the deep state isn’t going to have ANY impact
beyond some very well deserved groans from the crowd—

100 thoughts on “Crowd groans as Matt Gaetz humiliates himself at impeachment hearing

  1. I am a Floridian, not in his district and am totally embarrassed by this fool. He has to be gotten rid of. He truly is an idiot.

  2. This guy makes my eyes water whenever he opens his mouth, just like when I'm peeling an onion(except onions have a purpose)

  3. I like the “deep state” accusations. Deep State is when some unelected people are running the country behind the scenes.
    Exactly how a certain party is getting massive amount of money from Russia and NRA and numerous other corporations so that those elected people make decisions that the unelected people pay them to make.

  4. The most pathetic thing is he doesn’t even buy his own bullshit. This is just disingenuous dribble. Just bend your knee to your queen already Gaetz and open….well I guess wide for the oddly shaped mushroom dick.

  5. This is what the republican party has devolved into, a pathetic, ignorant and treasonous guy like Matt Gaetz representing it. From Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump and his worms defending him in the most ridiculous way. It is a grotesque show of ignorance, corruption, greed and stupidity, all for defending a cartoonish, incompetent fool like Trump, the new fat golden cow of the far right that the GOP now embodies and represents, their new clown-fuhrer in chief.

  6. red flag word "deep state". signals conspiracy thinking patterns. conclusion, matt gaetz is an elected 4chan troll or a person suffering from schizophrenia. you should be ashamed of yourselves. he needs treatment, not power.

  7. If ‘only’ 40% of a population want their leader impeached, that’s about 40% more than the average stable population in a free, functioning democracy does. That’s like saying there’s Only a 40% chance that I broke into the bank last night, so how Dare you ask how I could afford this brand-new leopard skin coat and shiny new gold crown that I’m wearing right now. Why do Americans vote for such lunatics?

  8. Matt arse licker Gaetz strikes again – his main point is that there should never have been an investigation. So – criminals there you go, lock yourselves up if you're guilty because no-ones investigating suspicious stuff anymore.

  9. Was this man dropped on his head as a child? He is more stupid and more misinformed than trump.
    He looks like an aging frat boy that just wondered into Congress.

  10. I remember a time when a president got impeached for a scummy, but not illegal extra marital affair. At this point, I would like us to adopt Indian style procedures so the next time he mouths off someone can legally throw a chair at him.

  11. It would be nice if someone with some visibility would bring up Gaetz’s deeply criminal past.

    It seems in Florida, money buys you out of anything. How has he never had to address the suspicious death of his roommate in college? How does he even have a drivers license after 4 dui’s? If you or I had that rap sheet, we’d be given 3 strike rule 25 year suspensions and prison time, and would face a murder trial. Matt Gaetz got to be the President’s lackey. But that’s the worldpeople with money have made – they fail upwards, we pay the price.

  12. NORTH CAROLINA..we're not going to have a voting sessions due to the 911 memorial event..all dems went to the memorial while the trumpublicans didn't but instead lied and had a secret session VOTING not to monetize teachers raises. infrastructure and Medicare..evil VINDICTIVE ANTICHRIST LIARS..learn from the best..prince of lies trump

  13. Most religious conservatives are shameless hypocrites.
    They call themselves pro life yet they have no problem destroying environments like their idol Bolsonaro did to Amazon,also after baby is born,those religious conservatives will call you freeloaders when you're in serious risks.

  14. Bryan Love your channel it is very informative and also you funny..thank you so much for your work! I don’t understand why we are not on street to demand impeachment! We should!

  15. I'm pretty surprised how few subs this channel has atm, since seems one of the, if not the, most accurate US based news sources with the least amount of spin and unfounded rage/ridicule

  16. Oh Matt Gaetz….. reminding everyone what happens when your mom is also your aunt and a meth- head, you unfortunate goat/failed- abortion hybrid.

  17. Gaetz, another failed attempt to get the toilet paper off the bottom of 45's shoes. He's just like a fly, eating shit and f#@king with people

  18. Gaetz described a point of view you may disagree with, but in what way did he humiliate himself? I've a strong suspicion that neither his constituents nor his President felt he humiliated himself, and that's what matters to Gaetz. I expect he'll be invited onto Fox again so they can pat him on the back.

  19. I predict that one day it will be too embarrassing to even admit supporting Trump. His criminal ways and mental instability are SO obvious now that I'm amazed all the rats aren't jumping from the sinking ship already.

  20. Yup , Nunes and Gaetz are the best lap dogs ever. It is rumored that they both sleep at the head of trumps bed and get a pat on the head every now and then!. Impeach!.

  21. A lot of these Trump goons are to be and is on the wrong side of history and when they look back you have to answer why to everybody so 😭😭😭😭😭

  22. I don't understand how "normal" people can get sent to prison for lying in/to congress, yet congressmen and women can lie and promote untruths to the american people and face no consequences.

    Let people choose the music of their own – If they want!

  24. Law makers know the articles of  impeachment better than the public. They were elected to represent us, and Trump has violated the law. He must pay for it.

  25. gay-ts is a russian mole and this cnut must account one day for his defence of the most disgraceful Prez the USA has ever experienced.

  26. His Seat, was his Father's Seat. Elected to Congress in a gerrymandered district. His constituancy is a Geriatric Ward by the beach. You could put up a cardboard Billboard of Reagan and Win in a landslide.
    He is a complete and total shill for Corporate Overlords and the GOP leadership. He's a Bootlicking waterboy for Trump

  27. Is this guy really trying to say that we should turn a blind eye to this President criminal activities behind how while this country is do overall? This is supposed to be their law and order President? Laughable!!!=

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