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  1. When they automatically define nationalism as white nationalism it's hard to take anything they say as a critique of nationalism seriously.
    I consider myself a nationalist & I'm neither white nor do I live in any of the western countries.

  2. You guys need to read Orwell's essay on nationalism. He makes a useful distinction between nationalism, which identifies as a version of tribalism, like the toxic the identitarianism sweeping societies. Patriotism he posits, is a different and healthier phenomenon. "…Patriotism is the devotion to a particular place and a way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force upon other people. Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality." So, it's not a rejection of the nation state in itself, it's the mentality that can represent or entail, which in it's negative expression, is a violent, power mongering, mind set. Whatever you think of Orwell, he had more intellectual capacity than all of this panel put together.

  3. do you really think its the jews of today? no its the jews of the old… Israel today is trying to stay afloat , do you think the old care about the new? it's the super rich at play, it's money it's trying not to lose power.. let them old men go already.. nationalism is true and it's alive

  4. Nationalism vs (Raelian Movement) – Soros Leaks Refer To UN Chief As ‘Elite, Behind The Scenes’ Soros Advocate
    Peter Sutherland (America) migrant crisis

    20 Aug 2016
    By Chris Tomlinson

    George Soros’ Open Society Foundation admits influence and incredibly close links with UN migration representative and former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland in leaked document.
    The paper, which told of how the migrant crisis presented an “opportunity” for the foundation to extend its global influence and attract more money, mentions Sutherland’s pro-migrant work. The foundation notes that through Sutherland they have been able to advocate at an “elite level” behind the scenes.
    Open Society are one of the contributors to the Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI) which hosts Mr. Sutherland and claim that through Sutherland they are able to influence international migration policy due to the current migrant crisis. On the United Nations website Sutherland is described as a “strong advocate for promoting practical action to increase the benefits of migration” and has routinely made comments against national borders and national sovereignty in Europe. Sutherland has even called for the European Union to “undermine the homogeneity” of member states.
    Sutherland has even gone as far as defending all migrants regardless of whether or not they are legitimate refugees saying, “We’re not just talking, either, about refugees. We’re talking about economic migrants, many of whom could be the future, and some at the present… are survival fighters. They’re not to be dismissed as an irrelevance.”
    Last Year Sutherland argued that Britain was “xenophobic” because of border controls that stop the flow of migrants from Calais reaching Britain and earlier this year claimed that Brexit was an “act of insanity” and saying, “every independent voice in the world is saying it would be an act of insanity to leave the EU.”
    The Open Society International Migration Initiative (IMI) program claims that Sutherland and his team are very closely linked saying, ” IMI’s access to the Sutherland team’s discussions has allowed us to keep civil society partners up-to-date on the latest developments, in order to inform advocacy and campaigning strategies prior to the events and to plan follow up actions.”
    IMI also funded the “Sutherland Report” which they claim will, “set the stage for institutional reforms to global migration governance, and to break new ground on protections for migrants outside the asylum system,” or protection for migrants regardless if they qualify for asylum in Europe.
    “CGPI’s elite-level behind the scenes advocacy through Peter Sutherland, has positioned its team of experts to influence policy and practical follow-up to global events,” the author writes. They note that their funding of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) allows the foundation to have influence over actively pro-migrant organizations like Sutherland’s team and MPI who they say are a “neutral voice” though MPI received over half of the 2015 budget of the IMI, some 2.2 million dollars.

    CNN Reporter Forgot She Was Live On TV And Exposed Obama – CNN is taking bribes from foreign countries.

     May 15, 2017 

    Admin CNN

    CNN is maybe the biggest liberal media outlet. They have been doing nothing but making Hillary Clinton look like an innocent victim. And now even one of their own journalist has found that CNN is also taking bribes from foreign countries.
    The CNN reporter who blew the lid on this issue was none other than Amber Lyon, formerly employed by CNN and an “award-winning reporter.” Yesterday, Lyon “blew the cover” on the network’s suspicious business practices.
    Lyon claims that CNN “is paid by the U.S. government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.” Lyon also told us that the network is a tool for the Obama Administration to manipulate the information the American Public gets to see.
    Lyon claims that Obama has been controlling what we know through CNN, her former employer.
    During Lyon’s interview with Joe Rogan, she explained that she and another female colleague were part of a 4 person team sent by CNN to Bahrain in 2011. Arriving in Bahrain, Lyon noticed something very odd- the United States government had been supplying over $1 billion worth in weaponry- including tear gas- to the oppressive Bahraini regime looking to suppress popular protests in the country.
    Lyon was threatened by United States government personnel while staying on a U.S. Navy base in Bahrain. She was told not to report the incident, or face grave consequences.
    But instead of this, CNN officials told her to shut her mouth and not report anything of the Bahraini government’s oppressive acts.

  5. The globalist ( Macron ) want to tell us , that snow is black. ! (quote by Bertrand Russell to sell us this lie) planting seeds in peoples minds, especially the young people are left in confusion ! What Macron is saying and knowing very well , that it is a lie ! I am sure , the French are outraged ! Germans were never asked , if there wanted to join the Euro . Most Germans would like to be out, like the Brexit ( U.K. ) German Caunceler Kohl wrote in his book , that he was forced with threats and blackmail to join the Euro ! With the EWG , we all had sovereignty, shared products and we all lived better ! Even countries, like Bulgaria, lived better , before there joined the Euro. What for the mess now ! Evil plan, by the globalist !

  6. In order to preserve national cultures, stop destabilizing the world and creating masses of refugees.

  7. In rejecting globalism the central banks must be opposed. The globalists are the central bankers. They want a global central bank to tie together all the central banks. Control the currency and debt and you control the world.

  8. The enemies of nationalist germans fins good targets in the patriots of othe nations ! Macarone likes this cheese is called melted shvwiter, where the holes are dissappear ing …?..good for others and twisted mind ! The son king of the EU delusional globalists schitzo Angeles swimming in the power of the new empire comonatzi facisto empire of the world where hitlary got lost …!

  9. At least you don't have to worry about the USA Globalist control because the current invasion of the 3rd world will throw the USA/ Canada into a 3rd World. The joke is on the Globalist Elite because they think with corrupting Nationalism with invasions will give them more advantage to take control. There's a surprise waiting for them because the masses always wins and the Muslims and Hispanic's are much more stronger nationalists than the others even with their corruptions and dictatorial believes or tolerance that has been keeping them 3rd world up to now.

  10. Socialism is not welfare – why do people think this? It's ridiculous. The whole point of socialism is to have every able-bodied person to work and be rewarded for their labour – not to hand out free money for lazy, irresponsible people. It is about removing the parasitic exploiters from the economic system, which allows the collective wealth of the working people to be spent on medical care and education for everyone. The whole social welfare system was actually a tactic for CAPITALIST countries to avoid the "threat of socialism" – because capitalism requires a large amount of unemployed people to keep wages low, plus the welfare money contributes to the consumer economy. With 100% employment, the only people supported by the state (which is just the administrator of the people's will) are the sick, the elderly or the disabled. Welfare payments for people who can work is anathema to socialism. I'm not saying that socialism is a perfect system – no human system is perfect – but this is a ridiculous argument. All of these welfare systems are being paid for by debts carried by the taxpayers, because the tax base keeps decreasing and the economy cannot survive with constant consumer spending. Eventually, the debts will be un-payable and the whole system will collapse. It is so ridiculous to hear intelligent people comparing the EU – a globalist capitalist imperialist project – to the USSR. It is literally a by-product of NATO and global financial capital, which was overjoyed when the USSR ended because that meant that there was no "threat of a good example" or even just the "threat of an alternative" – why do you think they used that phrase "There Is No Alternative"? Still, I'm not holding my breath – I expect to continue to hear about Marxists and Communists and Socialism when discussing the global order of capitalist imperialism…

  11. Macron only got elected because of successful fearmongering against LePen – and by foolishly touting this globalist nonsense and revealing himself to be an enemy of the true Europe, he will only make LePen into the natural choice for France. Just like with Trump and Brexit – the more you restrict the choices of the people, and then try to punish them for making the best choice out of two bad ones, the more you bring the whole democratic project in Europe and the West to a crisis point where social revolt will be the only option left. It doesn't help that all the real left-wing parties in Europe were crushed during the Cold War out of fear of Communism, which has moved the entire political spectrum to the right. It shouldn't be surprising to see socialism becoming a popular option again – nobody except the elites, the privileged or the ignorant wants the current neoliberal/neoconservative/banker/warmonger system to continue. The problem is that the elites restrict the options for the electorate by destroying any "dangerous" candidates long before any elections – which makes it very easy for rich populist types to present themselves as "man of the people", which the desperate people vote for because they seem to be the only hope for change.

  12. At 11:40:
    The US occupies Europe, it's not defending Europe. This is all a fraud. And Trump wants more money from the Europeans to be occupied by the US. I hope they don't give it to us. ~ Lew Rockwell

  13. The only way to tackle these leftist idiots is to double down. reassert who you are and what you believe and make no excuses. I am a Nationalist. I despise Globalists. I am a patriot. I am a Conservative and I am proud of who I am.

  14. Like corporations that have no accountability, Globalism seeks to increase the labarynths of divisions to the detriment of individual autonomy.

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