45 thoughts on “CrossTalk on U.S. foreign policy: Mixed signals

  1. US militarys, aswell all these from other countries, need to understand that new times are coming, wherein peace takes the overhand. Other values come forward.

  2. YouTube seems it's important to keep reminding me that, "RT is funded, in whole or part by the Russian government". As if PBS, NPR and the BBC aren't?

  3. I love POTUS but I dont like whats gonna happen with Venezuela at all. Brian was a GREAT guest. He's fair on issues

  4. John is another PVC manikin shitting up his his arse to please the sick US genocidal degenerate's circus.

  5. Iran is the only true friend of the Palestinian people and that is why Nazi Israel wants to destroy them

  6. A President's or the Pentagon's foreign policy ? The latter always triumphs – and trumps the political front-of-house puppet-show.
    Paul G

  7. Too bad Putin tricked Maduro into granting landing rights to his nuclear attack bombers – that's the equivalent of a Cuban missile crisis – so that's the end of Maduro.
    Putin, Iran, Hezbollah, and all kinds of leftist globalist commie coalitions are eager to fire up S, America into Marxist revolutions, sending waves of refugees and migrants northward – to mirror the evils of the Obama administration in the Middle East, culminating in the 3rd worlders invading Europe without firing a shot.

    The Democrat party has become radicalized, socialism is clearly their stepping stone to a Pol Pot chaos and genocide. Proof of the nazification of the Democrat Party: advocating infanticide.

    Peter here is whining about the foreign policy section of SOTU – well, the WH is bogged down with the crazy radicalized Dems who want open borders, meanwhile, the S. Americans are organizing to invade, not unlike the situation in Europe..

    Iran is stretched all the way to the Meditteranean – Shia Crescent – yes they invade – using proxies! The entire Middle East of Sunni states considers the Persian imperialism to be there #1 problem.

    The US troops in Syria are monitoring the borders, protecting Jordan, where CENTCOM is situated and has aspirations to protect the Kurds from a Turkey genocide.

    The gentlemen here are squabbling based upon the serious misinformation they seem to actually believe.

    Nobody in S. America wants that failed state of Venezuela to continue on its stupid path.

    Did somebody here mention that Bernie Sanders has a chance to run again for President. Totally out of touch these guys.

    Nah, if Venezuela were not a failed state, they would manage around the US sanctions.

  8. Trumps lies to his base but tells truth to aipac. Sounds about right. Thats what he did running for president too . Ring around the rosie we go.

  9. Having a lying shill like Sitilides, who is not interested in truth or facts, on the show is very distracting. We’ve already heard all the bullshit and we need to stop giving these subhumans opportunities to spew any more.

  10. The American working class and middle class are now worse off than we were when we finally got rid of Obama. Different liar, same policies. The fact remains that Trump has done NOTHING his voters were hoping he would do and everything they did not want him do. And we’re now paying way more attention than we were when Obama was screwing us. He squeaked by in 2016, and the people who made that possible just aren’t there anymore, and he knows it. Which is why he is now fully Israel First.

  11. Blocks trade(jobs), gives aid(food stamps). Why is US deliberately spreading it's socialism? Actions contradict what Trump says about no to socialism???

  12. John seems to be ignoring the fact that the people of Venezuela elected Masuro as their president and all in his wishes to defend the criminal yank government

  13. so accoding to this clown it is the warmongering US who keeps the world safe and internsation trade.

  14. good to mention that Ab Baker Albagdadi is being taking good care of the american militay in the Deer Al Zoor/ Syria to produce the final chapter of ISIS show they brought themselves to the region. Trump said within a week we will bring end to ISIS !!!! time is ticking and maybe good to speed up with new program and expose this scenario to the people before it happen.. Thank you Peter !

  15. Please Peter, prepare your next program on the CIA agents who crossed recently Aril in north Iraq heading to Deer Zoor in Syria to finally prepare the Hollywood scenario to capture/ kill Abu Baker Albagdadi to bring the USA and Trump as heros to the american nation exactly as Obama show scenario with Bin Ladin. If media expose Abu Baker Albagdadi earlier this time then we might succeed to stop the bloody jokes the american do everywhere around the globe time after time

  16. All Nations that have backed the U.S Bum boy Guido have exposed themselves as having no reguard for the Rule of law, Democracy or the Sovereignty of Nations. It is those Governments that by their action illegitimate and must be removed, put on your Yellow Vests and drag these criminals out into the streets for the peoples true justice. Rise up brothers and Sisters for our future we must act as one for the greater good of humanity and destroy once and for all the insidious Zionist entity.

  17. At least the odd man out guest, was not so obnoxious as the last one from Dallas. Who was filibustering during the entire extent of the program. That was a hell of a program.

  18. The US Zionazi Corporate and Military Terrorists do not want Peace and will not tolerate Peace, because it intervenes in US warmongering and long term world-wide hegemony, resource theft and enslavement of other countries as well as American Citizens who are losing their rights and freedoms and yet refuse to fight against their corrupt, genocidal government based in Tel Aviv and Wasgington DC.

  19. I kind of gave up on Trump. He should have put his foot down by now, even if that means declaring martial law and getting all the rats out. The conflicts just keep on going. Didnt he promise during his election campagne that the US would once more turn inwards, like it did prior to WW2? So a very low profile world wide, militarily and with 'secret' services/intelligence work (regime changes). I dont see it. Now Venezuela is next?

    The American people need to learn and they need to learn fast that this is not 1960 or 1970, etc anymore. Ppl around the world are informed about what the US is doing. Its not what the US people are doing, or want, but it is happening in their name and with the use of their sons. And the US is not liked anywhere. Often hated even.
    I am Dutch, European, but even here, or in Belgium or anywhere in western Europe, you will not find ppl that love the US foreign actions. It is alwats to their interest, even if they call it help. It is always to install US favoring govs. Trump should think about that next time he says we are protected by the US, through nato, but dont pay enough. We pay plenty by letting the US dictate how we need to vote. More than plenty.

    And that time is ending, either by immigration and the impact that will have on European states decisions, or by Nationalists winning again our struggle for survival and the information we got here by US/Zionist to begin with. You can fool some people sometime, but you cant fool them all the time.

    If the US doesnt change its ways, it will find a war on its own soil. A war it cannot win. I do not wish that, but it will happen.
    There is too much hate in the world for the US for it not to happen.

    So Trump better put his foot down. Get some trusted military to protect him. Replace a buttload of generals to ones that follow his orders and then take real control of the US. Lock up all the rats.
    Its the only way. But he wont do that, bc his own family is partly in the rat club. Right? He still should to it.

  20. Crosstalk needs to be about 50 minutes long, not approximately 25 minutes long. Too much cramming and rushing to express opinions and views.

  21. U.S foreign policy is nearly identical to Russian foreign policy.
    Both nations would have their soldiers fight wars for Israel.
    U.S invaded Iraq for Israel.
    Russia invaded Chechnya for Israel.
    All wars are banker wars.

  22. 'US navy keeps the world shipping lanes open on a 'Rules Based'….BlaH, BlaH, BlaH'. Think Gaza! Think North Korea! Think Gobshite!.

  23. I cannot believe some people like the presenter here are still dumb enough to believe a single word coming out of Trump the AIPAC/Israeli Poodle's sphincter…

  24. Amazing! That John guy’s speaking ability to turn black into white. No wonder some fools believe him.

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