Critical Examination of the Bush Administration’s Neoconservative Ideology

Critical Examination of the Bush Administration’s Neoconservative Ideology

he sounds like one of those communist or annex obvious like his dad they say hello o homework doesn’t count at the end of the soviet union and misaligned really elegant outside it if china in cuba and vietnam and somebody every other country that applied it having this applied it communism
was well on its way to work %uh you know it’s it’s a marketing people like john mccain and
others refused to evacuate now and the free trial we could’ve won a narrow winding speeches
would have gone on wildlife species part of a failed ideology and he’s not willing to
let go anyone what he wants to do is safe because he knows that if this things continue as they are within as short
period of time and analyst neoconservative buddies will be higher we involved because the people will say iraq didn’t work neocon surviving algae didn’t work now let’s ignore these maniacs and he doesn’t
want to get ignored so his strategy because it doesn’t matter but all if you only publicly
strategies doubled up let sakarov did a good comes up over doubled on his a gambler on
losing streak it was just gonna leave vegas down twenty five thousand dollars and right
and left his aunt elsie as soon lying you know what his motivation still there
you know that’s like it his two possible origins what it is he just he’s lost track of what’s right for
america any only cares about that original vision they had for a
project for a new american century which at this point in almost entirely irrelevant u_s_ global domination it seems comical at this
point have to get there indicate that you know or are pretty sure of the %uh the midnight oil overlord lack and for just where we say a
word world of eisenstein says at the pentagon because that’s what i’m you’re a project for representing what they
were out athletic ram now that that special person of the building itself right so that’s
why i think i mean motivation hopefully lucinda %uh egalitarian ncd talks
about israel’s enemies is that there are enemies t_v_ into one of his second motivation or
stress motivation or whatever number it is one of his motivations is has really care about u_s_ interests or he does have a u_s_ interest but here’s
what is really interesting right now the consequences maybe not as bad as we when they are since
they have no fear intuitive failed or hope with the consulate in honor of the classes
are incentives but he doesn’t pay them his capable had battlefield bill kristol a battlefield hahahahaha didn’t americanizing
the consequences are guys are there for all americans and he doesn’t care about you know
i think i have this road and continue to fail hiring maybe maybe they’re not as bad as we imagine they
could be anything smart guys around the country second maybe they think prepare both a half-hour
modern that’s more of the stairs people the health here with them at all and you cannot
see way science that’s ahead we’re wasting our time worrying about what it means that
i would take them at their face value rethink it will work it doesn’t matter he walks all rational people think it won’t
i don’t need a question that he has some diabolical plan i think civil war he thinks this plot
to sort of democratize iran syria jordan and egypt in every other country lebanon tonight anywhere in the end units of the important
part of the until they think it’ll work they think that iraq
is not enough of a failure should not press for they don’t care to the
detailed analyses perfect double down double down about a thousand on the contents
about four thousand except yeah playing blackjack or playing a game where your chances of winning
or one percent killers all your work and nothing to do it now playing with is therefore
money if you will never it’s not very light ceremonies this is all
a big anything that isn’t the retailer if i do think that group at the bar alternate
dollar pop up well who should we send the war let’s talk
about the impact them unfortunately i won’t be back in france i’ll send you a porsche
boxster divya criteria because it’s not like he’s clearly not working adult address your money intellectual prodi
is by having more of you dot

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  1. what the hell? Cenk hasn't changed in 3 years lol. That fake Robert Deniro type laugh at 2:42 ahahahahhahahahhahahahhhhhaha

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