CRISIS: Trump Won’t Stop Creating Domestic Terrorists

CRISIS: Trump Won’t Stop Creating Domestic Terrorists

Later on on the show today, I’m going to tell
you that I believe the left is losing the soul called battle of ideas, but before we can even have
that conversation, we should go over the details of the multiple mass shootings that took place
this weekend with countless casualties carried out, uh, once again by people, at least in
one case, inspired by the ideology that underlies support for Donald Trump and which in fact
Donald Trump himself has been fomenting, uh, and then also a mass shooting carried out
by an apparent pro LGBT rights anti-Trump leftist. So yes, I’m not going to sugarcoat
at one of the shooting incidents this weekend was by an apparent left this, but we will
talk about the degree to which we can say their ideology inspired the actual violence.
This is a really important thing to understand. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take it
piece by piece. Let’s go through the CIC details. Now before we even do that, just to be clear,
we’re just, it’s a foregone conclusion that all of today’s show is going to be demonetized
for us on Youtube and other platforms because these are the stories that are not considered
brand safe. So we’re going to earn no money on most of
today’s stories because we’re covering what took place over the weekend. So consider leaving
a tip so to speak, become a [email protected] because everything we’re talking about today,
even tangentially, tens tangentially related to these shootings is going to be demonetized.
So let’s start with El Paso. Donald Trump has been doing everything from threatening
Sweden to release asap rocky and American rapper to encouraging violence at his rallies
by saying he’ll pay the legal fees of people who get arrested for roughing up protesters.
He’s repeated the xenophobic language about immigrants, particularly brown skinned ones
of all types from s whole countries in contrast to people from Norway, who are the people
we should want coming to the United States. And it is all now coming to a head with a
weekend that includes a mass shooting where at least one shooter specifically claimed
that ideology as his inspiration. The first shooting, 11:00 AM on Saturday shooter
walks into El Paso, Texas. Walmart starts shooting around 20 killed a ton injured. We’re
still trying to figure out the exact numbers of four month old baby was killed. The suspect
was captured and not killed. In this particular case, we have both a post from the shooter
on eight Chan, an online hub for extremism and racism and white supremacy and we have
the shooters manifesto and I know you probably are not surprised to hear this, but it was
yet another one of these anti-immigrant who was pushed towards white supremacy wrote that
he agrees with the Christ church shooter’s manifesto, another anti-immigrant, xenophobic
screed. The manifesto is essentially an amalgamation of the exact xenophobic ideas that have been
pushed by Donald Trump and the people around him. A Hispanic invasion of the u s end of
Texas is something we need to be afraid of. White people are being replaced by foreigners.
The great replacement theory or idea or conspiracy theory, the shooter didn’t like race mixing
and it said the manifesto about immigrants. That quote, if we can get rid of enough people,
the a, then our way of life can be more sustainable. It says he was inspired by the same white
supremacist anti-immigrant ideology that the Christchurch New Zealand shooter was inspired
by and the El Paso shooter actually mentioned the Christ church shooter. In the manifesto,
news organizations have identified a Twitter account since taken down appearing to be the
suspect, which includes the build the wall hashtag stuff a picture using guns to spell
out the word Trump as well as posts from a right wing conspiracy theorist who happens
not to like me named Paul Joseph Watson, known for his association with Alex Jones. So in
some cases these domestic terrorists and that’s what they are and that’s what we should call
them if we care about facts and feelings. That is sometimes these domestic terrorists
literally have a vehicle covered in Trump, stuff like that. Mag a bomber who sent pipe
bombs to Democrats. Sometimes it’s simply the end point of stochastic terrorism and
radicalization that starts with sometimes as high as the president of the United States
and the White House and the rhetoric that we see there. Now there’s a very specific
element from the manifesto that Trumpists are pointing to in order to defend Trump,
which is that the shooter says his ideas predate Donald Trump. Trump didn’t give him these
ideas and this is super interesting. They say that Trump has say this vindicates Donald
Trump, this is not a vindication of Trump. This is an indictment of Trump and I’ll explain
what I mean by that. I’ve said all along, Donald Trump hasn’t so much radicalized people.
He’s in bold and and coalesced and inspired the radicals to become more active, to be
more public and to take action around this ideology. This el Paso shoot or just like many others
already held most of these anti-immigrant Zena phobic Hispanic invasion, great replacement
ideas before Donald Trump. What Donald Trump’s presidency did is number one, gave them solidarity.
As Richard Spencer told me himself, this is a president that is as close to what they
want as they are getting and who is saying this is the time to do your stuff, if there
was any time to do it. So number one, Trump gave them solidarity and number two, Trump
made them much more willing to go public with their ideas. And then third, Trump escalated
their fear that this stuff was happening and ultimately has inspired them to take action
through that mechanism called stochastic terrorism. That I’ve talked about before. The argument
for me was never that Trump is radicalizing people who otherwise didn’t hold any of these
beliefs. It’s that Trump has created an environment where the radicals become much more willing
to do things in the real world and we’re seeing it every week, month. I mean, I dunno, it depends how you want to
categorize it. They’re not creating the radicals. They’re turning the radicals into actual domestic
terrorists by emboldening them and legitimizing their hate ideologies. Now 13 hours later
in Dayton, Ohio, another mass shooting again, we’re still getting numbers. Seems like nine
or 10 people killed around 25 injured. Those numbers may increase in a nightclub by someone
that we now believe to be a leftist. Politically, this suspect was killed by police. The suspect
was using a two 23 high capacity gun, had additional magazines with them, was wearing
body armor, and in this one media is making a big deal of how heroic police killed the
shooter so quickly, like within a minute or a couple of minutes. Now that might sound
like a, when they’re touting that as a win and of course it’s good to stop someone who
is actively trying to kill people before they kill more people. But consider that what this means is that
in just one minute the shooter was able to kill nine people and injured 26 or whatever
the exact numbers are. The shooter never should have had firearms that would have let him
kill nine people and injured 26 in one minute. That’s what we need to be understanding when
we hear about the police neutralized them after a minute. Since the shooting, it’s been
reported that the shooter described himself on social media as he him Anamae fan metal
head leftist. I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back. He tweeted that he would vote
for Elizabeth Warren in 2020. He tweeted that he was upset about Trump pointing in 2016
he said, quote, I want socialism and I’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come around
to understanding. He, uh, is believed to have been a registered Democrat and has tweeted
in favor of gun control and gun safety regulations. Okay, so let’s now go through something really
important here. We have a right wing shooter and a left wing shooter and there are elements
of the right that even though we know that the overwhelming majority of political violence
is right wing, they are seizing on this weekend of a right wing shooter and a left wing shooter.
And trying to equate and say, we just have violence from both sides and it’s bad and
let’s work together. I want to be really careful here, but there’s a really important distinction
that has to be made right now. It is abundantly clear that the motivation of the right wing
shooter in El Paso was his right wing beliefs. Specifically, he left a manifesto. He went
to a particular place that is at the center of this battle around the issues which around
which he was radicalized immigration and Hispanic people, et Cetera, and anti-immigrant guy
worried about a white invasion drives hours to El Paso to do this and leaves a manifesto
telling us what radicalized him. We simply don’t know whether left wing beliefs
actually inspired the Dayton, Ohio shooter. There is currently no evidence of that. So
believe me, this is not a show where I sugar coat stuff. If we have terrorism from a a
Muslim radicalization, I tell you that when we have terrorism from these militia types,
I tell you that what we know now is that the Dayton shooter appears to have had left this
politics. We have no evidence that those beliefs are what inspired the shooting. We have no
evidence at this point that that political, uh, orientation was the reason for the shooting
in Dayton, Ohio. As soon as we get that evidence. If we do, I will be right here telling you,
but that is not the information that we currently have as of this taping and it is really important
that we not allow the rightest to say these shootings are equivalent in that you had right
wing beliefs inspire shooting and left wing beliefs inspire a shooting. Unless we know that the Dayton Ohio shooting
was politically motivated violence, we should not say that it was in some already are so
that now this is going to get us to, I believe it is time for the left to realize that we
are losing the battle of ideas in a very disturbing and specific way to talk to people about this
in a serious way. We have to address this issue. We talk jokingly or satirically about
the marketplace of ideas and the battle of ideas, but there is a really concerning and
specific way in which we are losing the battle of ideas. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about

100 thoughts on “CRISIS: Trump Won’t Stop Creating Domestic Terrorists

  1. It's really awful, manipulative, and foolish to blame conservatives or even Trump for the actions of a spree shooter. Spree shooters are not terrorists. They are just mass murderers. They do not belong to a terrorist group. If Trump was not president, the El Paso shooter would have likely had a different fake motive and different targets.
    Possibly, some mass murderers (including Arab ones) need a poltical and racial rationalization, but this doesn't change the fact that they are sociopathic, suicidal, and angry depressives. Was the 2012 Joker killer a white nationalist?
    This country is becoming insane, deluded, extremely hateful, and disgustingly divided.

  2. Trump creates domestic terrorists? Dude, have you read the comments on your videos? Someone from your audience will end up doing something unforgivable to someone on the other side of the political spectrum and it will be YOUR fault for inspiring them and turning your radical fans into domestic terrorists.

  3. Couldn't agree more about that whole, 'these ideas existed prior to Trump' as an exoneration. Yours was my same thought, he just finally gave the latent beliefs permission. Exactly.

  4. Holy crap, I live in Washington state, and in my city (Everett) the cop cars are now painted exactly the same. Is this nation-wide? If so, that's pretty troubling, and should be considered in terms of 'it can't happen here' by Sinclair Lewis, which EVERYBODY should read, from 60 years ago. I would say, 'a nostradamus', but he was writing just the repetition of what has just happened and how it happens again, in the US.

  5. American man: Kills 9 people and injures 26 in one minute.
    Americans: Knives are just as bad.
    Okay, let me break it down. That argument is flawed because it is physically impossible to kill 9 people and injure 26 with a fucking knife, machete, sword, axe or sharp pole . Honestly, the rest of the world laughs at you. Children being murdered is just another week in America. That is not normal. No other first world countries have this.

  6. This is the kind of activity Trump can inspire without even trying. What's going to happen when he's dragged off to prison and demand "true patriots" fight for his freedom? You think this problem is bad now? It's barely even begun.

  7. trump's speech is the most disingenuous to date! he desperately needs Ohio in the 2020 election! ''Praying and Grieving''? trump prays and grieves? ''Crimes against humanity? he is the most guilty of this!!! trump is full of hate and is right ''no place for hate in America'' hate, hate speech, hate tweets, hate statements all promote hate and prompt hateful action by hateful people!

    Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are deliberately committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian or an identifiable part of a civilian population. The first prosecution for crimes against humanity took place at the Nuremberg trials. Crimes against humanity have since been prosecuted by other international courts (for example, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the International Criminal Court) as well as in domestic prosecutions. The law of crimes against humanity has primarily developed through the evolution of customary international law. Crimes against humanity are not codified in an international convention, although there is currently an international effort to establish such a treaty, led by the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative.

    Unlike war crimes, crimes against humanity can be committed during peace or war. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority, i.e. the systematic separation of infants/toddlers/children at the U.S. Mexico border, as a deterrent for seeking asylum, which is an international law for protection of individuals.

    War crimes, murder, massacres, dehumanization, genocide, ethnic cleansing, deportations, unethical human experimentation, extrajudicial punishments including summary executions, use of weapons of mass destruction, state terrorism or state sponsoring of terrorism, death squads, kidnappings and forced disappearances, use of child soldiers, unjust imprisonment, enslavement, cannibalism, torture, rape, political repression, racial discrimination, religious persecution and other human rights abuses may reach the threshold of crimes against humanity if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.


    "I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

    The oath of office of the President of the United States is the oath or affirmation that the President of the United States takes after assuming the presidency but before carrying out any duties of the office!

  8. They want to flood white countries would Brown people because their countries are S holes and they are unable to maintain a state. This is why you left Argentina

  9. Trump is the head of the snake of terrorists in the United States of America. When he has followers for shoot them, Trump response is a big smile, which encourages some of his followers to go out and commit mass shootings on the United States American people.

  10. Domestic terrorist also reside in Detroit and are plaque and kill young white people such as Tyler Wingate who was killed in Detroit to after a car accident this weekend as well and the media has not covered this hate crime murder because white lives don't matter

  11. It's not trump that's creating the radicals it CNN MSNBC and they're so obvious anti-American anti hatred preference for foreigners and open borders you idiot

  12. I'm surprised you lefties n snowflake progressives dont blame president trump for the 1919 race riot in Chicago

  13. 3:46 This picture with guns spelling TRUMP made by shooter is debunked:
    Get your shit together Pakman

  14. It’s funny how the one on the right is because of rhetoric, but the guy on the left is not. But it’s no ones fault but the shooters. Words don’t hurt anyone.

  15. By the term far right radicals, I hope we can include 98% of the republicans who are just about intelligent enough to realise what giving Trump a pass on his racist, bigoted, fascist rhetoric would do but are racist, bigoted, fascist and greedy enough not to give a shit

  16. Packamn, what we do is reform Campaign Finance. As Larry Lessig says, it may not be themost important issue, but it is the first issue at chich we need to succeed in order ti successfully pursue all of the more important issue like Healthcare, Climate Change, etc.

  17. Follow the left, result, we hate the right, the right did it.

    Follow the right, result, we hate the left, the left did it.

    This party game is killing us, what needs to be pushed, will be pushed, whichever narrative is best for it to be pushed. In the mean time there's no unity, we all point at each other instead of pointing at the puppet masters.

    You'll clearly see this if you are open minded enough to pay attention to the other side talking.

  18. Both were racist shootings can we talk about that or nah…gun control etc etc …I’m a black man who’s only protection is a gun …no system or media to help me

  19. David STFU you babbling idiot.This was done by an evil person for reasons we dont know yet,it is not a Republican view in any way or form.IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT FAN THE FLAMES BY GENERALIZING TRUMP SUPPORTERS.Stop fucking doing this,YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.The media pits people against each other on both sides

  20. You're losing the battle of ideas, since you have none. There are no suggested gun- control laws that would have deterred these horrific acts. The only thing that would partially work is confiscating all U.S. firearms, which would cause a war. People are insane, regardless of party affiliation.

  21. David you are such a little cunt,really that is the only word that fits you.How dare you say this evil person shares values that Republicans promote.Its pos hacks like you that cause division and solve nothing.Hollywood should be your next career move.I hope to god someone debates you in the near future from the right

  22. Since David has no ideas or solutions,here is one.PROMOTE gun awareness and safety through ownership and your 2nd amendment RIGHT.PROMOTE conceal carry in every state and county in this country.If someone had been conceal carry at El Paso then maybe 1-2 might be dead instead of 20,or none.FEELING SAFE DOES NOT MAKE YOU SAFE,IT ONLY MAKES YOU AN EASY TARGET.

  23. Sorry Pakman, I think you've lost the plot, I won't be tuning in anymore. I recommend to everyone to go read these manifestos for themselves.

  24. Just being white and conservatives now makes you a Nazi or a white supremacist. Gee I wonder why there is a growing trend in white identity? You have democrats actively trying to destroy our country using identity politics to divide us by race while opening the borders for their new voter base. They are intentionally making every aspect of politics about race and then wonder act like they are the victims of racism while doing everything to stir it up.

  25. I didn't get a notification of this vid, and looking at your page, the same is true of the next 2 vids. WTF, YouTube?

  26. trump claims to not be a racist but trumpists say all the time that migration from latin america is democrats' plot to sway elections, assuming that all migrants would vote for democrats. that's a clear racial stereotype. don't forget about Fox News, especially Carlson and Ingraham. they also deserve some blame for enabling those crazy people

  27. Hmm… maybe this is why i like to listen to Davids clips.. I just said the same thing 15 minutes ago after thinking what makes these two cases different. One is pre-meditated, clear and simple, the other is anything but clear and simple.

  28. If 70% of mass shooters are rightwing loan wolf terrorists and some percentage are just crazy people and 1 shooter happens holds left leaning opinions….. the math says something obvious…. video games are 100% to blame

  29. if he was a "leftist" shooter he would've shot some people at Wall Street, not random people in night club. also one of the victims was his sister which is very important. I guess he was targeting her for some reason and then went on murder-suicide spree, nothing to do with Medicare4All and $15 minimum wage. there is something these two have in common – both young white men in early 20s with easy access to guns. if the legal age for owning a gun was 25 they wouldn't be able to legally obtain a gun and maybe these shootings wouldn't have happened.

  30. The reason why Trump say he's not a racist is simply because he doesn't realize it. Being a narcissist he
    perceive himself as omnipotent and therefore entitled to decide what racism is and also when other people are racists. Trump believe that muslims are bad people, but that's not racism simply because he says that it's not. If someone else say the same thing, that can be racist if Trump says it is. Those Trump accuse being racists are probably everyone that Trump can't get to in any other way, those calling Trump a racist and sometimes just anyone he doesn't like. It doesn't matter how many times he'll be confronted about this. He really believe that he is not a racist because he himself has decided that. In fact he's "the least racist person on Earth". You can't argue with that 🙂

  31. @David Pakman Show what trump is doing david is inciting the extremists in his party that share is radical views,to commit violence now. trump is a bully and the people that follow are most likely bullies as well

  32. White Nazis I guess hate God and dont believe in Heaven, you cant have those racist ideas and expect to have an ALL WHITE AFTERLIFE. It's retarded logic. Unless they're SATANISTS.

  33. The left wing shooter was mentally ill and probably trying to target his sister. The right wing shooter is the one who posted a political manifesto explaining that politics is and racial hate is why he did it. One incident is not like the other the only commonality is the guns are too easy to access.

  34. Not "creating" He's "enabling" them. Abuse, neglect, poor coping skills, and access to firearms is "creating" them. Trump's rhetoric is just giving some of them an excuse. Words matter. You should be more careful.

  35. The leftist terrorist could actually be ME. His description is all the things I listen to, support, and believe in… with only one exception.
    The difference is that I don't believe in violence, and think of guns as tools only for self protection.
    Human beings (as flawed as we are), are the main focus of my attention and good wishes.

  36. I don't trust ideas to be well produced within a marketplace. The idea of course is that the good ideas will be more popular and people will buy into them more than the bad ideas. Problem is, marketing can be used to sell poison to people as a cure. In the same way, the marketplace of ideas can be used to sell vice as virtue, falsehoods as truth, hate as noble, etc. All you have to do is look at how much cheap garbage being sold today to realize the toxic effect it would have on ideas. The best ideas are the ones that are tested, forged in the hottest fires and withstand the onslaught of hard blows that would shatter irrelevancies, drive off falsehoods, and reinforce facts and evidence. A crucible of ideas is better, to burn away that which isn't true and leave the truth behind to be forged into something stronger.

  37. The greatest part is that Trump and fox executives get to go home to their gated communities safe and padded from the violence they spur around them.

  38. God works in mysterious ways – she’s trying to alert us to the fact, that Satan is here..
    And he’s in the White House with the owner of the 666 headquarters on his staff.

    A individual who was not even approved by the Federal Bureau of investgation and Congress has approved with its silence.

    We have a terrorist in the white Home who is surrounded by terrorists.
    It also sheds more light on 911

  39. Trump is the fan to continue the air of hatred, his "invasion" rhetorics are reasons why gun triggers are pulled. He should accept this himself. He should admit he also needs psychiatric intervention and quit the White House for treatment.

  40. So to get this right. YouTube (Google ) demonetyses Videos in which adult people talk about adult topics like mass shootings, sees them as unfit for advertisers who sell cars or finacial products? Is youtube just for gaming and beauty folks. Isn't it the majority of people who are interested in serious political topics who usually have the most money to spend? How can they not want to have those people among their customers?

  41. I hope Mitch McConnell’s wife and children are gunned down 10-15 feet away from him by white extremists. The same goes for Trump and a several very important members of the NRA

  42. How delusional do you have to be to think people from Norway would actually want to immigrate to the USA 😂🤦‍♂️

  43. "White people are being replaced."
    You know, I suspected there was something different about my wife. I didn't say anything 'cuz I wasn't sure what it was; Her hair, new shoes, another ethnicity…?

  44. I don't think they're saying he killed x amount of people in 1 minute if the police killed him and just one minute that means he had to have already started as a tack and given them time to arrive I feel like you're being purposely misleading mr. Pacman

  45. It's the police with their guns killed a piece of s*** who's killing other people with his gun so it's kind of like the person holding the gun determines whether or not it is a good or bad use of said object

  46. i agree with frumpf on one thing.
    Log all the members of 4chan & 8chan & their branches & watch them like a Hawk with CIA.
    also ban PUBG & Fortnite. hahahaha damn those game is over hyped.

  47. Somebody help me here, please. I can't remember where I heard/read about this.
    Wasn't one of the Dayton (not Toledo, you self-centered, uncaring moron) victims the sister of the shooter?
    I'm honestly asking because I only heard/read this once and I don't want to believe a baseless rumor.

  48. I remember you ("Mr. Pakman") very smugly, and seemingly quite arrogantly claiming on a caller episode a couple/few weeks ago that you "weren't white, you were AshkeNAZI." I ignored it but already knew what your AGENDA was. First of all, let me say that you've cleverly started SEVERAL episodes now with (what you Ashkenazis are getting pretty famous for…) STRAIGHT UP LYING TO YOUR VIEWERS ABOUT VIDEOS GETTING "DEMONETIZED" automatically because of the specific topic you will be covering. Quit your lying, nerd. People make money hand over fist covering these shootings…INCLUDING YOU. But I digress….now to the much more important point(s.)

    You have one agenda and to anyone thinking critically and not out of pure emotion, it's becoming abundantly clear. You are only here to sew discord and foment hate between AMERICANS, in the hopes they turn against each other.

    You don't thoroughly fact check a GD thing. This El Paso shooter, for example, WAS NOT A SUPPORTER OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP; which by the way, neither am I. He had SOME views/political opinions that could be aligned with Trump. But as he CLEARLY STATED AT THE END OF THE MANIFESTO (which as of now is STILL NOT CONFIRMED TO 100% HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY HIM…) "HE" clearly stated the following: "My opinions on automation, immigration, and the rest predate Trump and his campaign for president.”

    Next, the El Paso shooter (assuming it was his manifesto) CLEARLY STATED that he was FOR UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME, FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, AGAINST CORPORATIONS, AND on and on and on. These ARE NOT typical conservative values. (Admittedly there are a select group of conservatives who likely hold these views, however, so I have zero problems acknowledging that.)

    Next, you say there HAS NOT YET BEEN ANY PROOF of the Dayton, Ohio shooter's true motivations. Ironic, considering that ALL of the El Paso shooter's motivations, you're taking from a "manifesto" that STILL HAS YET TO ACTUALLY BE CONFIRMED AS HAVING BEEN COMPOSED BY THAT SHOOTER. (I'm sure this sounds/appears to be rambling to some, but for that you can thank "Mr. Pakman" for his endless number of contradictions just in this one video.

    Moving on, the Dayton shooter (you claim) as far as his motivations go, they haven't yet been confirmed. Again ironic, considering that YOU, YOURSELF even said (correctly in this rare instance) he was an admitted believer in the need for socialism, (which by the way, I'm personally not in disagreement with,) a supporter of Elizabeth Warren and also an admitted "Satanist." But, the key to prove his motivation for killing these innocent AMERICANS (quit smiling "Mr. Pakman") IS OBVIOUSLY STATED IN HIS TWEET about desiring the implementation of socialism….AND HIS NO LONGER BEING WILLING TO WAIT FOR IT.

    His motivations are/were clear. Either you're a moron and can't figure it out, or you're just here to sew discord and hate BETWEEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE; OR BOTH (and of those three choices, the "OR BOTH" is clearly the true answer.)


  49. Nice try PackMan
    What 8chan did was prove without a doubt that the shooter didn't upload the fake Manifesto

    The pic used to spell Trump in guns was posted on Imgur in January 2017
    Stop spreading #fakenews

    How CON.venient you want to use Orwellian language to blame Trump for any thing any CRAZY person ever does but don't hold politics as relevant when it's inconvenient sorta like your fast and loose relationship with the truth lol
    Criminals don't follow laws
    They don't care about pieces of paper called legislation
    The citizenry is supposed to be armed in equal measure to the military in order 4 a free people to keep them in check,
    which if you truly understood individual rights and rule of law you would know this.
    Democracy is mob rule and doomed which is why we were given a Republic if we can but keep it.
    The only gun you can control is the one you own!!!!
    There is no legislation for crazy
    When you call 911 you want a good guy WITH A GUN to show up.
    BE that guy instead.

  50. Something else to consider with the “left wing shooter”. Would that person even exist outside of this political climate? I think Trump and right wing extremists are still ultimately responsible for left wing violence. They have created a toxic environment that feeds desperation and anger.

  51. The Vegas shooter was a democrat one of the guys from this weekend was a leftist did Trump inspire them too? What about the guy that shot a republican politician at a baseball game, Trump inspired him? Did Obama inspire the shooters under his presidency?

  52. …this video reflects some faulty thinking. It is wrong to blame President Trump for the actions, of certain people who are obviously sick: spiritually and or mentally. We should each, take responsibility for our OWN actions!

  53. If people are going to call out Trumps rhetoric as stochastic terrorism then they better do the same when someone gets inspired by rhetoric from the left, which has already happened.

  54. By the shooter’s logic, all white Americans should be killed because they’re phasing out the ORIGINAL people that lives here aka Native Americans.

  55. Mental health. Scarcity of jobs /income inequality. Sensationalism in the media. Heck, even alienating conservative teenagers is a better argument than "REE IT'S TRUMP'S FAULT". Trump is a symptom, not the disease.

    Racism is a part of the writing I'm not saying it's not. But you know what is a constant theme: The media will paint me as a racist and that would inspire a backlash from the left on banning guns which would make my "brethren in arms" to rise up and defend the second amendment.

    Covering these news beyond local coverage is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT! at least you don't cover name, but calling them terrorists you also need to give their political motivation in hand too.

  56. very intellectually dishonest! if after what illan omar said about the Benjamins there was a synagogue shooting, would you put it at her door step? would you say she radicalized people? I guess no! you would run for her defense… the glee to straight away go and accuse Donald Trump is disgusting … where's is the proof? the second shooting was lefty so is Ocasio to Blame for this or maybe Tulsi?

  57. I adore your videos, they are concise and rich in facts. They help provide people with a little bit of perspective but please stop pointing out your video are going to be demonetized. Youtube is a video platform. They in no way owe you any money, they just so happen to have advertisers. If you meet the criteria for the advertisers you get paid. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for donations but please don't try and get pity by saying your video was demonetized. I would like to point out that my anger is not towards your content which is really good but merely at your so-called pity cries for money as youtube won't apparently give you what you "deserve".

  58. trump is a domestic terrorist.
    Sense taking office he has been working hard to make our enemies great again, foreign and domestic.

  59. Had a twitter argument with someone whom claims to be Latino (but they have an anime pfp, HUGE trump supporter, retweets white supremacists) about gun control this morning. And they pulled the "Well the Dayton shooter was a lefty so that means the far left is radicalizing people to commit mass shootings too!!" it's really unfortunate because what are you supposed to say to that? Obviously I'm not okay with the mass shootings caused by ANYONE, but a lot harder to explain to someone how white supremacy could still trigger a progressive into killing a bunch of innocent people.

  60. Trump Condemned violence and hate. The Democrat parties stirs up hate and violence which is Terrorism. Maxine Water's is one of the leader's who is supporting Terrorism in her conduct. Basically the Democrat party is the real ones who should be mostly to blame for the shootings. The Dems are the ones who have been steering up hate and violence. Trump condemned hate groups and violent acts. I'm most of the blame should go to the one that pulled the trigger, but you Dems had a contribution to it by the way you push Racism and Violence. Why didn't you just blame Obama when violent acts took place during his administration? Did you blame Obama for Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting? NO. Did you blame Obama for the Pulse Night Club shooting? NO. Did you blame Obama for the Charleston Church Shooting? NO. Not a single person blamed Obama for the 24 mass shootings which happened during his administration. I guess that's the difference between Republican's and Democrat's. Republican's don't point blame all over and start rioting while Corrupting people's minds. But the Socialist Democrats love this. You Dem's have a dark hidden past and the only way you can seem to cover it up is if you try to make the other party look bad. That's seem's to be the only way to get a person to vote Democrat as well. Just keep twisting the truth and maybe you Dem's may end up with may more more un-intelligent immigrants who know nothing about this Country, but any one who've lived in the US long enough with at least half a brain have or will figure it out sooner or later.

  61. David, you're asking for tips, and worrying about being demonetized for talking about dozens of people who were just murdered? You're a sick mother fucker.

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