CRISIS: The Left is Losing the Battle of Ideas

CRISIS: The Left is Losing the Battle of Ideas

So now comes the difficult part for the left
to admit. And quite frankly, the sad part, and I’ll get to the conclusion upfront so
you know what we’re talking about. We are losing the battle of ideas. The left
is losing the battle of ideas in the United States right now. And it is not because our
ideas aren’t good. Many of the ideas are good and other countries have already figured out
that not only are the right ideas, are they the right ideas but they work. It’s because
the Wright’s ideas only need to spread a little for them to be quote effective and have an
impact where the ideas of the left often require because they are progressive, uh, uh, Galitary
and ideas, the ideas of the left often require institutional support and legislation and
much more infrastructure. And I hate to admit this, but if we don’t accept this and understand
it, we will never win. Okay. So again, context, just to remind everybody today we are talking
so much about the shootings that took place and related issues. We are going to get fully demonetized for
covering these issues. Now, if we were a weaker, what we would do is just pick stories. For
today that would be monetized. But these issues are so important that we are just doing an
entire show that will be monetized on youtube up. Please help us out with that. Support
us directly, ideally with a [email protected] any discussions of gun safety or whatever
else after an incident are uh, always the monetize by youtube. So we have these shootings
and then immediately the pro gun movement goes into effect. Any discussions about gun
safety after a shooting are called politicized by the pro gun, right? This isn’t the right
time to talk about those things. And then if we wait a little while and they say, uh,
and then we say, let’s talk about them now, let’s now do, now that we’re not right after
a tragedy, let’s do some of this gun safety stuff. Then they say, we don’t even have a problem.
When was the last mass shooting that we had? And usually it’s only like a couple of weeks,
but it doesn’t matter. That’s their argument. And one of the ideas that we have sort of
lost on is the idea that guns shouldn’t be seen as a way to solve problems. There’s the
debate, which I’ll talk about in a second about specific gun safety regulations, but
the left has lost a bigger culture fight. This country has a sickness, which is that
too many people see guns as a way to solve their personal problems. They see guns as
a way to solve societal problems. They see guns as a way to solve cultural and economic
problems. We will win until we root out that malignancy and in the meantime we’re not even
going to reduce the, the mass shootings until we make it more difficult to carry out some
of these ideas by making the guns more difficult to come by. And this is where we have to understand that
even just within gun safety, there are such simple things that we just can’t get done
because ultimately there isn’t enough overwhelming support for them where it matters. Universal
background checks. Okay. We couldn’t pass a universal background checks after the sandy
hook shooting with Democrats controlling the White House, the house. And the Senate. If
we can’t do it, then I don’t know that we can ever do it without some wholesale realignment
of American culture, period. Stricter mental health or psyche valves for all gun sales,
with restrictions based on outcomes, depending on the outcome of those psyche valves, restrictions
on firearm ownership that are stricter and apply to all gun sales period. We just can’t
do it. Focusing bans on certain ammunition types and modifications that make it even
harder for law enforcement to subdue a shooter before they, or really when we talk about
shooters, we’re talking about he before he can do more damage. Our takeaways have to be the goal must be
the total destruction of the political movement known as modern republicanism, which now includes
Trumpism because we can talk about bipartisanship, we can listen to some of the Democratic candidates,
uh, you know, talk, talk about how they’re going to get things done with Republicans.
We will make no progress while these people controlled the White House or the Senate or
the House of Representatives. This is not, by the way, a pat on the back to Democrats.
We still won’t get a ton of stuff if Democrats are in power, but we might get some basic
things, some guns, safety, some more funding and access to mental health treatment, but
now we on the left need to look at ourselves as well as the platforms that we’re on. Okay.
This is a responsibility thing as well. If you look at the manifesto of the El Paso shooter
and you consider that he posted something to the radical right message board eight Chan
before the shooting, you come to realize something. Those calls I get from young people who say,
hey, I was radicalized by the right wing online echo chamber, but then I found the David Pakman
show and then I found Kyle Kalinsky and I found others and it’s so great. You guys do
radicalized me. That is great, but just as it was merely by chance that some of my audience
was deradicalized because they stumbled upon my videos, or Kyle’s or Sam Cedars or someone
else’s, those same people once they were in the rabbit hole could have just as easily
been brought even further down the other side and been pushed from being alt writers who
were not willing to do actual violence. They could have been pushed into the people that
do actual violence and ultimately, uh, end up in the news the way that shooters over
the weekend have. So what I’m saying is there are so many people in society right now whose
ideology is so malleable. I mean, it’s like putty that merely by chance,
by algorithmic coincidence, it could be they go from Ben Shapiro to Stefan Molyneux and
off to the right and committing violence in the real world. Or they could just buy that
same possibility of Algorithmic Echo Chambers, go from Ben Shapiro to David Pacman to Kyle
Kalinsky. And that could actually be the difference between someone committing real-world violence
or not. And I’m not saying that this is now it’s David Pacman and Kyle Kalinsky who will
be the undoing of violence in society. That’s not what I mean. What I’m pointing out is
in the same way that by chance some people get de radicalized by these online echo chambers
and algorithms totally beyond our control. Some will just as easily be radicalized into
violence. Uh, I’m always careful not to say any two extremists are the same or that anything
is like the Nazis or that anyone is Hitler. But we also have to look really specifically
at pre World War II, Germany in the twenties and thirties and the current circumstances
in the United States. There are too many similarities to ignore. That doesn’t mean another holocaust
is coming, but what we need to understand is when we talk about fascism and authoritarianism,
there are too many similarities here that are more evidence that we are losing in a
great way on the left, the use of the propaganda technique of repeating lies until people believe
them, Trump relies on this and it works and we are losing around it. We are merely playing
catch up around it. Hitler like Trump was sort of like an ignorant, uneducated showman
who lacked a lot of basic knowledge about the world but pulled people in with catchphrases
and simple ideas because he at least had a sense of what got people’s attention. That’s
very similar to Donald Trump. Similarly, anti internationalism was a big
thing in post World War One Germany, which mixes with isolationism. Germany had this
in that period before World War II. We’re seeing it again in the u s in Trump with the
idea of separating from Europe and our allies, building walls, keeping Brown people out,
protectionism on trade. We are seeing that as well. Self victimization. Trump is the
victim of everybody, right? The Democratic Party, Trump’s the victim. Journalists trumps
the victim. The fake news media trumps the victim. Everyone is victimizing Trump the
way German propaganda claimed that Germany was being victimized in the period before
World War II and we can’t ignore what we’re talking about here in the context of these
mass shootings. In the same way that we saw it in pre World War II, Germany. Donald Trump
is using the thinly veiled promotion of violence through these coded messages and the suggestive
vocabulary he uses. This is another similarity. So we on the left need a full accounting and
plan here because this needs to stop, but we’re only going to start being able to do
that if we first recognize that yes, we’re losing the battle of ideas because they win
much more easily than we do. Example, we want healthcare for all. We want to reduce income
inequality. We want to stop pointless wars. We want to totally take apart the military
industrial complex. How do we do that? Well, we’ve got to be activists for that for years
working to change public opinion such that we will elect people who will ultimately do
those things, but the other side just needs some radical nuts to on the same weekend go
and open fire because they hate immigrants and it’s a win for them. So when I say we’re
losing the battle, I don’t mean we have the wrong ideas. I don’t mean we aren’t communicating, communicating
them effectively, even though we could probably communicate them in a better way. What I mean
is that the threshold for winning is so much lower for them and I don’t know how we fight
that so that, that’s where my commentary ends. I would love to at this point say, and then
here is what we do. Unfortunately, I don’t know what we do. Uh, and I want to hear from
you about it. We will have a poll about this on our Instagram page at David Pakman show.
Follow me on Instagram while you’re there at David Dot pacman. It will be, um, a very long week of trying to sort out
which a lot of this and I’m glad that you’ll be here with me. In order to do that

100 thoughts on “CRISIS: The Left is Losing the Battle of Ideas

  1. Let’s take a deeper look at the Dayton shooter before you start considering yourself a savior. People can be radicalized on the left just as easy as on the right.

  2. I also notice that electors are much less patient with new progressive measures and programs than they are with old broken conservative ones. If the old conservative law/measure doesn't work, a lot of people blame the "universal" politician incompetence, if the new left law is slow to take effect, a lot of people will blame the idea.

  3. Go on Amazon and search “Progressivism.” When I did that, most of books listed were by the hard right, warning about progressives. There are books from the left with identity as the main focus. But there are not so many that address basic progressive policies and economics. Maybe I just missed them but we progressives are not doing very well promoting core progressive values and ideas to a general audience.

  4. Like others have said: fear and outrage are just easier sells. Humans are lazy and tend to like overly simplistic solutions. Republicans figured out how to exploit this and package it as self-congratulatory "common sense" years ago.
    And there's nothing more simplistic and illusory than the idea that a gun can ensure your personal freedom… and that the sacrifice of public safety is somehow worth it in the grand scheme of things.
    Life is complex and nuanced and getting people on board with ideas that attempt to thread those needles is always going to be an uphill battle.

  5. IMHO, what we need to do is ACTively work to educate people about Progressive issues. I encourage all my fellow Bernie supporters to volunteer to GOTV for him and Us. WE have to be Bernie's media and share and explain his Progressive platforms to fellow Americans by canvassing, tabling, phone banking, texting, in addition to conversation we may have with family/friends/co-workers. It is this one-on-one personal contact that is key to getting people to understand who Bernie Sanders is and why we can count on him to be a President that will fight for the Average American.

  6. We need $ out of our elections. Public funding, no big money to run, no special interest influence. The we can start passing laws that make sense for our society.

  7. Three Arrows has a good video, "How Societies Turn Cruel – feat. Sargon of Akkad", that contrasts today's political climate to Hitler's Germany.

  8. W. T. F is 45 supports problem. Can’t they all 45 do is run company’s in the ground. So guest what folks. He’s doing America the same way.

  9. its almost as if… the neoliberal idea of the free marketplace of ideas…. isn’t a thing… because markets aren’t filled with rational actors….

  10. It's almost scary to hold to certain right wing ideas because people on the left seem to have holier than thou spirit to them. This is not to say people in the right don't also behave this way, but I see this as more of an issue of the left. This idea is further backed by people like Tim Pool who shows how the left is acting very nutty as of late. I'm sure I'll get a lot of flack for saying this, but I think people like David Pakman and others who are further to the left need to take a step back. Spend some time to reflect on how they go about representing those on the opposing side of the political spectrum, and not just view them as intellectual inferiors.

  11. Despite the fact that most Americans want what would be considered left wing ideas.

    Your countries biggest issues are gerrymandering, the electoral college and the senate. If gives too much power to the minority views.

  12. What are your thoughts on the video from Charisma on Command? He seems to have some thoughts on why Trump is so effective at his messaging.

  13. It is weird to see a guy who claims to be intellectually honest and clearly an intelligent person conflate rhetoric with action. By the standard that is being established by the left or Mr. Pakman you have little if any room for due process. Being passionate and kind does not mean you abandon reason. If you watch what Trump says it's clear he is a jerk and a liar but he's very clearly not a racist and to lump in anyone who is a Trump supporter or right leaning with racists and criminals who want to kill innocent people is extremely disingenuous. If you are a conservative or just a republican you are not a killer or encouraging killing just by believing differently. Where is the attempt to bridge the divide? I watch Pakman's videos because I believe him to be intelligent and well meaning but you essentially cast off the entire right by saying "the right must be destroyed" and there is essentially no working with them. That makes you an ideologue and you are speaking with no regard for people who just want different things but are still people. I am terribly disappointed and I hope that David rises from this low with a better perspective.

  14. I think it's got to do with culture wars and the Democratic Party's ineptitude. There's a very good book called, "They Thought They Were Free," by Milton Meyer, and it's about this Jewish reporter who goes to post war Nazi Germany and asks basic questions to common Germans as to why they joined the Nazi Party. And there's a chapter in it that goes over how it all happened in the middle of the night inch by inch, little by little, and how the government was slowly becoming more of an enemy to the people. If people feel that their government is not on their side, then that government/country is going to be vulnerable to authoritarianism.

    In the United States since the Reagan Revolution there has been one major political party openly campaigning on Government being inherently evil and that Government ought to be abolished, and the other political party was/is such a "Big Tent" that the parts of that tent collapse in the face of Reaganism. After Reagan was declared a Saint, Bill Clinton came to power and endorsed Reagan's language claiming, "The era of big government is over." The problem with why "the Left" can't win is b/c there is no left wing party in the United States. There's no cohesive organization and the funding is too limited. There are fragments and pieces here and there but in order for a progressive to get any political power they must have the ability to make a philosophical argument about governing.

    Currently, progressives campaign on a few popular issues and they are currently gaining traction but it's hard to distinguish between those who are really for it and those who are pretending, except for the politically astute and even then.

    I think the left is going to have to invest in candidates other than those running for president in order to have representation, and the presidential candidate needs to make a more philosophical approach in how he/she is to govern. Reagan campaigned as a libertarian (Though he did not necessarily govern as one). Clinton campaigned as a Neo-Liberal. (A Neo-Liberal is somebody who believes there should be more business in government and less government in business. A Libertarian is somebody who only believes the government should only have three basic functions, a military to preserve their property from the mob abroad, a police force to preserve their property from the mob at home, and a system of courts to settle every single dispute involving property. It's important to note their distinction, despite their political compromises and similarities.)

    The Left needs to point out that the opposition's ideas and systems of government are not only intellectually bankrupt and should be discredited at every turn but are bad for the country. The Left needs to run on confidence in government, confidence in the average citizen's ability to take control of their own government, and to campaign on restoring confidence in the government's ability to provide adequate security for all of its citizens. The Left needs to run on Economic Security, National Security, and human rights for all of its citizens. They must hammer away on Republican inability to govern b/c the Republicans do not believe in governing, they do not believe in having a government for the common man and woman. The Republicans create myths such as limited government vs. big government. The Left needs to run on the words of Abraham Lincoln, "That the legitimate object of government is to do for the individual what he cannot do for himself, or what he cannot do so well for himself in his own individual capacities. That, in essence, is the sole purpose of government." But for the Left to do this they must understand that The Clintons, The Obamas, The Pelosi's of the world, and their likeminded friends in Leadership are NOT The Left's friends. They are Trump enablers. The reason those kinds of people are in leadership is b/c Dems of all stripes take money from them. Nancy Pelosi raises the most money out of any Dem, and doles money out to progressives, "moderates", and Blue Dogs, which is why she's never challenged, and placates The Left every single time.

    I don't think you need to despair but I think you need to raise money, not only for the David Pakman Show, but for members of your audience to run for office. Some districts are too poor to give money out to candidates to represent them in office. That can and should be solved by your platform. It should be that every time someone donates to The Pakman Show they are also contributing to X candidate and can directly donate to said candidate by going on to their website at blah, blah, blah .com. I don't like seeing despair so I thought I'd comment. Here's an except from the book. It really showed me how horrible Libertarianism and Neo-Liberalism is for this country, and how Libertarianism in particular is responsible for the ever widening gap between the people and their own government. And it might shed some insight for you on how we can avoid totalitarianism in the country's future. I highly recommend the book. Cheers!

  15. Wrong again. Progressives require big, positive ideas to bring out new voters in greater numbers. Progressives who talk like Republicans will lose. Your defeatism is nauseating.

  16. I would support you with money David. Next month. I gave to Jimmy Dore again. I have been watching you a little more so I will contribute. I pay based on how much I watch of one person.

  17. On the left we also talk about long drawn out solutions for complicated problems, it's not flashy and quick, no end the bad thing and the good thing happens.

  18. Are you gonna cover the Dayton shooter or just the one who supports your narrative? And why is it okay to insinuate that right-wing talkers incite violence, but video games can't? Neither of those things MAKE people violent, and I can't just dismiss one but kind of believe the other. And have you seen CNN recently? "Lying until it's true" is a political strategy employed by both partisan establishments.

  19. ALEC, the Heritage Foundation, GOP control of gubernatorial state houses & legislative bodies, and the grip of Corporate America $$ through Citizens United is how they win. Until you and others cover this AND we attack this rigged system at the heart of this problem, then you are fooling yourselves and find yourself holding back the ocean with a broom.

  20. The problem with the left is that they are scattered brain creative types that instead of just focusing on one message and hammering down on it, they start other projects. And to a country of people that just wants to know whether you have a plan that addresses their day to day, this doesnt bode well. Another issue is, not all of the ideas posited by the left are good which is why you see Destiny constantly shitting on them! Its obvious from your comment section and from the debates i see him have with lefties that they have a very high opinion of themselves and their ideas, but when pressed for details to substantiate those ideas they start sounding as ignorant as those one the right

  21. Itll be a lot easier though not "easy" to star tackling societal problems in america vs going for gun control. The american people are sick, hurting and alone! People dont have connections with their neighbors and families anymore, with this kind of suffering, people are going to get hurt! In japan a man locked the doors of an anime studio and set it on fire

  22. The Left is Losing the Battle of Ideas because they (just like what you did a few days ago) refuse to talk to people with different ideas (and ridicule them instead) – if you think your ideas are so good, why don't you want to talk to them? …. that is really the question you have meditate upon

  23. The left also suffers from dilution because of corruption and the fact that the democratic party is a "big tent" party so ideas and policy discussions get diluted long before Republicans even get their hands on them. The right also has fully embraced a "my way or die" philosophy for politics in this decade and Democrats simply aren't willing to kill yet to protect their beliefs yet. This is why America is just a hop and a skip from full Fascism. Fascist are always willing to die for their beliefs so the fact that they have been slowly empowered for the last 20-50 years has given them the numbers and weak-minded opposition to thrive. If we as a people don't address this soon with non-violence, civil war is inevitable.

  24. Yang is winning the battle of ideas… all others should get out of the way. We don't want the corrupt and we don't want the vapid. The dem debates should be between Yang and Bernie. The rest is kabuki sponsored by corruption.

  25. We've always been losing we can't even be honest about the history of this country not being progressive or free. 80 percent of its history has been apartheid, genocide, or slavery and many ideas from the left as it relates to sexism and racism having a extreme naiveness to them. The political consciousness is pretty low, so low that Obama and Biden seemed good and that idiots from the tea party took over politics when I was in college. It's always been awash it's just progressive like the bathroom stuff on the back with their shity progress an inability to win against maniacs from the right

  26. It all comes down to M-O-N-E-Y. How else do (in places not named California or New York) so-called pro-life "heartbeat" bills pass, the looking down upon of renewable energy, reasonable gun restrictions are a no-no, states that still lack protection for LGBT people against discrimination, and the pay gap is allowed to increase.

  27. I would love if this topic was covered in a multi-channel podcast with Secular Talk, The Majority Report, The Humanist Report, ect. Frankly, the more the merrier since this is something that we should have a serious discussion about. If we don't find a way to get a handle on the escalating radicalization of the right into Fascism, we are looking at a civil war or even WWIII and while I think war is inevitable, I would love to be proven wrong.

  28. One thing that we could do is form a "copy/paste" infantry by which we have 150-200 word paragraphs (ideally vetted by a group of progressives/leftists) refuting particular subjects, and pasting them on right-wing channels. No interaction necessary however it is crucial that these small paragraphs conclude with a link to the source for your argument. In this way, by simply reading the titles of these videos one will know which prescribed paragraph to paste instead of constantly reformulating counter-arguments.

  29. We need to get serious about mass media, propaganda, signal boost all fellow progressives, get organized, we need SOMETHING to get more media! Everything revolves around the propaganda! Where are the PragerU's of the Left?! NOWHERE! You know why? The Right is supported by more money than the Left, because we are the side that wants to raise taxes to help people, whereas the Right gets paid to lead with hate and block progress. Historically, in all societies, the side that is hardest to fight on is the non-moneyed side. As we think about publicly funded elections, we must think about publicly funded media, POLITICAL NEWS MEDIA SHOULD GIVE EQUAL TIME TO THE LEFT. It will all revolve around the propaganda, if we are not up to ALL creating and disseminating propaganda and ORGANIZING IN SOLIDARITY then we might as well give up!

  30. Well compared to the fact that more people are left leaning now than ever before I'd say it's growing. Slowly yes but surely. The right wing ideas are more extreme and inflammatory making it more popular. But anyone who has some semblance of humanity and critical thinking won't take long or a lot of thinking to realize how violent, discriminatory, inhumane or implausible these right wing ideas are. The fact that someone like Bernie can even run let alone get such overwhelming support proves that "left" leaning ideas are being supported more.

  31. No David. You are wrong. The left is not losing the battle of Ideas. It is only losing in the USA. The rest of the westernized world (which the left in America so often points to when it comes to policies like medicare for all etc) is successfully integrating so called 'left' ideas into normality. The world sees what is going on over in the US and feel bad for the people who continue to unknowingly elect ignorant and corrupt politicians. My point is that it's not fair to say hope is lost. Just know that virtually the rest of the world is with you guys and totally understands. It is up to you guys to continue to make the case as people like David, Kyle, Bernie and Elizabeth etc do for the left battle of ideas. Continue to display the success of left ideas to the rest of the world and I am sure that you will eventually succeed too. You got this!

  32. The biggest problem on the left is that they don’t know how to explicitly differentiate themselves from the various forms of extremism on their own side.

  33. The left lies too much. Quit promising things that you just cannot deliver on. The ideas that the left have are a result of "insanity thinking". Most of America has a bit more "even thinking", common sense as well. Democrats will say, do and promise anything just to secure people's votes. Then when they don't deliver what they promise, they blame others and not look at what they promised. Then people lose trust. Democrats are not trustworthy. Bernie has never gained people's trust because he has never brought anything to legislation that actually passed and helped people. So he lies and cons people. Warren smokes so much peyote she will just give the country away for free. Biden gets lost in the parking lot, so he never brings anything he remembers to the table. The rest are just "dirty laundry".

  34. 90% of people in the US support background checks. The Left isn't losing the battle of ideas, it's losing the battle of the ballot box. In the US, this is especially pronounced: When Democrats control the government, left wing policies still aren't passed, even though left wingers voted those representatives into office. The reason is simple: Left wingers are allowing themselves to get engineered into voting for candidates that either aren't actually left wing, or pretend to be left wing, but then do the bidding of their corporate donors, because people felt they had to vote for these frauds.

    Want left wing stuff? Start voting for actual , aggressive left wing representatives, and do so unapologetically. If the Democrats don't have a left wing candidate, ditch them and go Green. Think that's bollocks? Well, congrats, we just found out that you're a part of the problem. Fix it.

  35. The left is losing because for the last twenty years you have only screamed "racist, Nazi, homophobic, etc." at everyone that disagrees with you or questions your ideas. Your party has become so authoritarians that cannot trust their fellow man to see the idiocy for what it is. By your very nature you are not the democrat party. You are something else, but as old as i am I would never refer to you as democrats. As far as the NRA goes they will always wins because all their members have to do is show up to any bill and say "No" to everything. The left has to come up with a better way for gun ownership (this is far far harder).

  36. The right is winning because their messengers are dominant in debates. Watch some Jordan Peterson and Milo Yiannopoulus videos. Even if you hate them, you have to admit that they're able to control the conversation and get the best of their opponents. People respond positively to displays of dominance…even if the dominant party is wrong. This is why it's not enough to be right. You have to be right and win the fight. The left has been losing the fight despite being right for decades. The left has to be rigorous and formidable with facts and information. The left has the right to be adamant about their ideas, because they're the side with the empirical arguments. Facts and reality always lead to progress and prosperity, and that's why the left has a RESPONSIBILITY to persevere. Make it happen, Kyle and David

    -Independent voter

  37. Some people’s minds are malleable yes even to some extent my own…. but I purposefully stopped clicking on Ben shapiros bullshit, I purposefully sought out sound-minded people who I thought sounded reasonable… now being a Hispanic gay man, maybe that had a lot to do with it but… I guess I just don’t understand and am trying to understand how people ARE so malleable… age probably had a lot to do with it. Idk. And it just shocks me that A) people’s brains are so malleable that they can be veered away from the far right just by the ease of a click of a button and that B) that this has actually happened to people (if I’m to take you at your word) period. There’s a lot I don’t understand but radicalization really just throws me for a loop.

  38. Right to bear arms does not mean right to make arms… My proposed solutions: 1.) Optional gun buyback program where if a person wanted to turn guns in they get 2X market value.
    2.) ban the making of semi automatic rifles (if you can’t shoot a deer in one shot man up and become a better hunter or use a bow and arrow)
    3.) Universal background checks

  39. No shit you're losing….
    Guys like you can't even represent a right wing idea without relying on caricature and hyperbole

  40. Normal people, who don't live in a media bubble, can see that the right wants debate and discussion.
    They seek it out constantly.
    You all on the other hand, avoid it desperately. You mute, you block, you dox, you demonize.
    You won't even respond to viewers of yours who have a different opinion than you………
    People can see that. 👀

  41. I disagree with this analysis. 90% of the country wants background checks. 70% want Medicare For All (and/or 55% want it even when it is made clear that they'd lose their private insurance). On taxes, drugs, Entitlements, wars, gun safety, health, abortions, trade, industry regulations, gay rights, etc., the majority of the country DO want what the Left wants. The Left has WON the battle of ideas on almost every front, which is why Republicans are turning to fascism and voter suppression. It is because Republicans CANNOT win any fair political fight anymore, which means that they are not winning the battle of ideas.

    As Cenk says, the problem is CORRUPTION in our politics. Most of the Republican Senators that voted against gun safety in 2013 (BTW, fact check: Republicans had the House then, not Dems) had constituencies that overwhelmingly wanted gun safety. They all voted No because they take bribes from the NRA. A supermajority of Senators right now live in states where Medicare For All polls very well, but they take money from Big Pharma or the health insurance companies, or just from general anti-government oligarchs. As long as that is the case, it doesn't MATTER who has the better ideas, Republicans (and BTW a lot of Democrats) are only listening to the richest 100,000 people in the country. That has nothing to do with the battle of ideas, it has to do with rooting out legalized bribery.

    So the answer, just like the answer to almost everything, is campaign finance reform. As long as weapons manufacturers (and the private prison industry and defense industry and etc.) can give money to politicians to make sure they keep making profits, we're always going to see this outcome, because it is always a successful perverse incentive to arm criminals and crazy people, and then force everyone else to be armed in fear of those people. So it's not the battle of ideas at all.

  42. There is too much of a divide in the left to get anything done. There is the centrist movement that is led by Biden and the Justice Democrats movement that is led by Bernie Sanders. We need a strong leader to unite the base. If that does not happen then I am afraid that the GOP and Trump will win the next election.

  43. But the Dayton shooter was pro-Antifa and an environmentalist. THE LEFT IS MORE DANGEROUS! THE LEFT IS MORE DANGEROUS! (just sarcasm)

  44. Right, then we need to fight harder to face off against these right wing bastards.

    Anyone have any ideas for how we can throw these alt-right brainwashers out of Youtube?

  45. In public support for ideas we are wining, institutionally we are losing and that’s largely because of the corporate dems getting in our way of running party, but we’re getting there

  46. Correction, the universal gun background checks bill was introduced when the Democrats only controlled the White House and the Senate. Republicans still controlled the House, and of course, they filibustered the crap out of everything when they were the minority in the Senate, basically changing the rules of the Senate (unofficially) to require 60 votes to get anything done that's not related to the budget.

    It's POSSIBLE that it could have been a different story if it was introduced during the brief few-month period that the Democrats had a "filibuster proof" majority. But the Democrats are hardly a united party.

  47. I hate to be a blatant partisan, but I think this left/right dichotomy shows us something paradoxical about human nature.

    I'm reminded of "Idiocracy," when they show how poorer/less educated people have more kids, while richer/more educated people are barely repopulating themselves. Therefore, ignorant people are so sure of themselves. The world is so simple to them. Intelligent people are full of doubts and know the world is complicated.

    It takes less time to explain simple ideas, especially when you're mindset is, well…simple. You can spend less time explaining and more time being charismatic. Ronald Reagan himself said, "If you're explaining, you're losing."

    Perhaps in this election cycle, Democrats should do as little explaining as possible, without appearing to dodge questions. I don't have all the answers on HOW to do this. I'm just saying that's what should be done.

  48. I think you made a mistake, didn’t Republicans have control over the House and pulled close in the Senate during Sandy Hook?

  49. Bernie Sanders and Kyle Kulinski both have relatively effective strategies for reaching that higher threshold. Bernie is heavily concerned with organizing and unionizing to fight big money interests. He has publicly stated many times that he cannot get things done alone, even if elected president.

    Kyle is a little more Machiavellian. He seems to give good advice about framing. How can the Left frame its positions in a way that will give the Left a digestible narrative that is simple enough for the dumbest guy/girl in the room to comprehend and worded in a way that doesn't make certain people instantly stop listening to the message.

    There's also antifa's method, which I think can be useful but not on its own. Even the civil rights movement had its revolutionary wing. But other than those approaches, I also have no idea how to win without the Left creating its own charlatans and propaganda machines. You have to remember that this battle between the Left and Right is nothing new. It has existed in every empire and country for centuries. And the Left loses more often than not. I'm of the opinion that the Right has an inherent advantage because human beings are inherently Right-Wing by default.

    Tribalism, traditionalism, blind faith and hostility toward reason/empiricism, skepticism and hostility toward the out-group, etc. I think that these are qualities humans possess, by default.

    If I'm right, I don't know how to fight that. Education is probably the Left's best friend in all of this. But what do you do when people don't want to learn new things or question their current beliefs? The idea that one has spent a significant portion of one's life believing in lies or half-truths is extremely scary for anyone and everyone.

  50. Hard to be effective as Trump, when he defines the conservative party at this point, while liberals are too busy fighting over which shade of blue is the prettiest.

  51. So, what you're saying is you realized democrats have gone too far into crazy-land and you need to swing back to reality to pick up all the common sense democrats like myself. Which is what common sense democrats have been saying… since the beginning… because we will never win by continually pandering to the tiny far left with their insane "ideas".

  52. Although I support Free Speech, it’s getting to the point I can no longer tolerate these dumb fucks, they’re arguments are so stupid it’s impossible to have a intellectual debate with the Right, the only thing I can somewhat agree with Rightists is Gun’s, and even then Rightists make some dumbass arguments they’re too.

  53. The left is afraid of getting into power and being authoritarian. Thats the problem. It doesnt matter how good the ideas are if you can't get anything done.

  54. I feel he kind of strawmaned the right on this video. If you have a balanced diet of media on both sides of the political divide. You will notice two things. Both sides think the other side is stupid. And both sides think they are right on everything. The only thing that can cure this polarisation is discussion between the two sides. That's why I was disappointed that pakeman didn't go on gavin mcinnes show to debate. Regardless of what you think of Gavin, he is incredibly influential. He pretty much invented hipsters with his dos and don't in vice magazine. If you don't battle his ideas, his popularity will only grow if left unchecked.

  55. If the republican is telling lies After lies and propaganda After propaganda then the left should investigate and tell the republicans lies over and over again. The left should use the same tactics as republicans, talk about the truth and their lies, over and over and over again. The left always use experts and unbiased journalism, it’s time to use that against the republicans.

  56. We need to get more progressive people elected we got four people in there right now aoc and the other 3 we need to get even more in

  57. There's a bigger sickness: fatherlessness. This is where the Left's responsibility for this lies, and it's at least equal to the Right's.

  58. All these comments are great, ill just add one last thing i didn’t see: the right is winning because they tap into tribalism. The left’s strength and weakness is our disgust for us-them thinking, for “otherizing”

  59. Problem is sometimes the messaging on the left sucks, especially when people declare to be socialists and play right into republicon narratives. But the reich-wing "halls of intelligentsia" has zero good ideas for the common people.

  60. Hitler was well educated on politics and history, as were many Germans and Austrians. It's just that they looked at it through their ideological glasses and had very twisted interpretations on what they saw around them and read.

  61. So demonize guns and gun ownership? Yeah cool story bro….. God forbid people like guns and are also against homicide.

  62. Please if you want to argue for more fun legislation you really need to make logical arguments. Many leftist arguments fall apart really quickly with a little scrutiny. Find someone that was a huge NRA supporter and fun lover that's looking for better fun laws.

    For example background check wouldn't change anything for the Sandy Hook massacre because the son took his MOTHER'S gun. So that's not helpful. But a gun safe would have definitely prevented this unless the mom left to key out in the open.

  63. We need to start responding with our policy ideas instead of talking about people. The news works against us trying to get us to join the food fight but just because we go to the food fight doesn't mean we have to participate. Instead we use the opportunity to explain our ideas. We just need to get enough people to do than instead of being like John Delaney.

  64. When you look in ben shapiros comment section, you might spot some pepole turning to the right. I wonder what wing turns in more of the other side.

  65. There is a clear quality divide between David and Kyle's shows and Sam's show. David and Kyle are a huge step up!

  66. I used Pac-Man as a step off point to becoming a radical lefty. There must be a bloody revolution. We must eliminate the opposition in Minecraft

  67. I saw someone comment something similar, but we're not losing on ideas. We're losing on implementation, and the explanation is really simple. There aren't enough left-wing people in power. I'm not talking Democrats, being a democrat does not equate to being left wing. I'm talking true progressives. Corporate Democrats smear progressive ideas the same way Republicans do, and often vote WITH Republicans on issues. I think what we need is a dismantling and replacement of the current Democratic party, and the introduction of a proper progressive party. Personally I think DSA should be a party identifier, not just an org.

  68. I don't get how anyone can think that assault rifles and the like can solve any problems. Well, except for murderers. That clip of guns . com really made me feel uneasy just from looking at it and I'm not even remotely near America.

  69. Fear, hatred, and ignorance are intuitive. Entropy ensures that destruction is ever easier than creation.

  70. The far right has been working their agenda for much longer than the left. The left is totally reactionary and caught off guard with Trump. Things will take a while to normalize. Making great progress. We need a radical moderate movement now. Worth a try.

  71. I'm just so sick of the "labeling". Left! Right. Black! White. How about just presenting great ideas? Pakman, your titling or headlines smack of clickbait if not negative affirmation of those on the Left. Great ideas win. This notion that the Right or Left have ownership on winnable ones is simply moronic and counterproductive toward a better society.

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