42 thoughts on “Crenshaw warns of dangers of identity politics in America

  1. When white Americans decry race-baiting and “identity politics,” I have
    to chuckle. White people have played the race card and engaged in
    race-based identity politics throughout our entire political history.
    White people are the ones who created racist laws. White people are the
    ones who segregated schools and pools and drinking fountains. Racial
    inequalities exist because of how white people used their power since
    America began.

  2. The irony is PALPABILE in this clip. "Interviewer: Why do we have identity politics?" (says the news media creating identity politics)

  3. If the right path by God IS indeed eternal tribal identity politics as is the case in the underdeveloped world instead of assimilation into super power states that are defined by competing and cooperating individuals, then all of our incredible institutions that keep our society stable and functioning are for naught? The post offices, public transport systems, safety regulatory committees, election processes, townships, social services etc etc all of which require individual professionalism and are absent in God-conscious countries…all of these are simply not sanctioned by God?

    Is evil defined simply by assimilation and is good defined simply by being caged in your ancestral identity?

  4. Soyboys and feminist need not apply. Only the ones that are 100% sure they’re AMERICANS!! 🇺🇸💪🏼💪🏼🇺🇸

  5. God bless you Shipmate, Congressman Crenshaw, Navy boys stick together says this Ole Navy Cook. You're a great Man my friend!

  6. Identity Politics is becoming a "Plague" in America and it must stop as it will tear this country apart……

  7. I can think of much worse crimes than killing an ISIS fighter. Like jaywalking for example. The president should pardon him.

  8. People vote for presidents like they vote for home-coming queens. It’s all about the person, not the policies. It’s a problem on both sides of the aisle.

  9. we’re busy crying about our gender identity, isolating ourselves and seeing who can fool/scare the most people with fake concerns like dangerous immigrants or white nationalists…meanwhile china’s landing on the other side of the moon, creating the largest ‘modern silk road’ network in history for trillions of dollars and India’s on their way to passing us on the world economic ranking?
    Most important thing one realizes in Basic is how much more we accomplish, how much better and faster we accomplish it and how much stronger we are when we simply working as a single unit. One team. No BS just grow up and work together. Team America

  10. When it comes to Identity politics… The Democrats have always loved adding things in front or behind the word Democrat.
    They're even playing identity politics with the Front Runners in their own party.
    The Democrats are a danger to themselves!

  11. One party can not survive without identity politics. I agree though I could not stand with someone calling themselves Mexican before American.

  12. Intersectionality is being pushed as a way to break up the USA. Wake up America. The communist left want nothing less.

  13. The U.S. military IS NOT and should not bring "freedom around the world" as you say!
    Our military is to defend our country!
    ENOUGH nation building of other countries!
    Mind our shores!!

  14. You compete on outcome…not opportunity. Ppl who are homeless, starving, uneducated, cannot compete. As a whole it damages societies and communities and families. Over time it leads to predatory corporations and lenders etc. That is not freedom and it is not what the US was founded upon. Do not make excuses for corruption of your norms in ANY regard. That starts with food, shelter, healthcare and ends with justice , morality…equality of opportunity.

    They want to live, not get handouts. They want to believe in the things the US was supposed to be, not be given excuses for why it cannot be that. Do not make bad compromises. No one can guarantee outcome, but they know they're working 3 jobs and have nothing left to give and somehow it's still not enough. That's wrong. You can put in place structures to ensure basic rights. Your society will be stronger as a result and ppl won't suffer needlessly. Healthy, driven, smart ppl don't give a crap about identity politics. They're busy living life. The BS doesn't take root. It's like telling them to care about the color of apples…no one's cares, they all taste fine. It's not something to March on! It's a non-issue.

    Govern with intelligence. Instead of allowing the biggest bullies to trample everyone else and calling it competition. It's not. They didn't choose where to be born or to whom. It's soul crushing to ignore this and it's UnAmerican. And it can be fixed via common sense policies and practices, and organization.

    To put it in military terms: how well is your unit going to do if they're starving, diseased, not trained and someone tells them if they start fighting each other they'll feed the winner. Is that a winning strategy? or chaos?

  15. The Republican party has gotten so racist and bigoted that they even elected a pirate. When will the hatred stop????????

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