COVID 19 Economics – How America And It’s Politicians Have Dropped The Ball And The Economic Affects

COVID 19 Economics – How America And It’s Politicians Have Dropped The Ball And The Economic Affects

to him right now could you do that
because you know what I’d like to do I’d like to him to go back to the State
Department or as they call it the deep State Department you don’t mind I’d like
to have him go back and do this job so does anybody have any question there are
two people in our country of America that love a good crisis as quoted by one
of these two people a politician named Rahm Emmanuel when there’s a good crisis
you take advantage of it rich people like crisis and politicians love crisis
because that’s when they get to dole out the money they want to whatever causes
they want and in this video we’re gonna talk about the real economic damage of
Kovach night team what you can do to protect yourself and how to get through
this crisis and what America should be doing it should have done we’re done
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background and my professional medical background I am a former respiratory
therapist who started a business that made six figures for a long long time
invest in real estate heavily investing stops heavily and I do run this YouTube
thing that has done well also so I keep up with the Financial Times and the
effects things have on our economy the issue that we’re having in this country
to just start this thing off what we’re currently doing by Quarantine major
cities and telling people not to go to work is very unsustainable for our
economy we have what we call a top down economy where we expect trickle-down to
work which we know in a lot of instances it doesn’t and when people want to talk
about their budgets and all that kind of stuff it goes out the window when
there’s a crisis it’s true that our government fumbled this in the very
beginning so much so that we’re now hearing that politicians on both side of
the aisle do about this way early dumped stocks and what they call a pump and
dump and now we’re looking at them like dude what was you doing you knew about
this early on why you didn’t do something to protect the American people
well check this out Taiwan had this thing wrapped up early on because they
implemented a program that the CDC taught them to do where you test
everyone and if you come out positive you quarantine those people and then you
quarantine the people associated with them so that everybody else can continue
to work so that you don’t stifle their economy America taught Taiwan that in
Italy right now the epicenter you’re always hearing in the media which can be
skewed for entertainment purposes that everything is doom and gloom in Italy
there is one town in Italy in the epicenter of the corona virus that got
everyone the test they use the same method the CDC taught that town and
Taiwan and guess get this ladies and gentlemen zero people over the last 10
days have tested positive for corona virus because they implemented this
program the cdc taught taiwan early on in this whole of kovat 19 now the issue
that we’ve got to face with our country like I said we cannot sustain what
they’re trying to do by quarantine and telling people not to come out and work
now for now because we’ve handled it wrong in the beginning we’re stuck here
but what needs to happen is everybody needs to get this test as quickly as
possible so that we can implement the program to CDC taught other people to do
and in terms of all these it’s been kicked around in politics that they’re
going to do various programs to help the industry and y’all know I have a big
problem with that just simply because I know that capitalism the way we have it
set up can be very unsustainable if every time we have these events you bail
out big industry and you don’t bail out the people on Main Street
I had a problem when Barack Obama bailed out the big businesses but didn’t bail
out the people on Main Street right now they’re talking about bailing out the
people on Main Street by giving everybody twelve hundred dollars and if
we really and truly are caring about the budget which seems like it goes out the
window every time there’s a crisis we can’t really afford to bail out
everybody what I think we should do and the politicians are all getting hung up
because we’re so divided is everyone whose job is affected and it’s been told
to stay home should be getting an extension and unemployment benefits and
if you are independent contractor working in a gig economy such as an uber
driver someone like that who’s not working
whatever you filed on your taxes last year you should be given those benefits
to help get us through this tragedy we’re going through right now which is
cove at 19 i put a post on facebook just the other day because these are the real
Piero’s that are helping out America and just sacrificing tooth and nail to make
sure we get through this it was one of my most popular posts I mentioned not to
forget about the respiratory therapists that are working with the ventilators in
dealing with Kovac 19 because it is such a harsh virus under the airway in the
lung system I myself am a former respiratory therapist but I also said
don’t forget the other medical professionals I mentioned respiratory
therapists in particular because they’re not being getting the airplay that you
hear about doctors and nurses well a lot of them are the ones working directly
with the ventilators and the people who are infected with Kovac 19 some of them
are dying a lot of the doctors are dying some of the nurses are dying because
they’re working double shifts they’re sacrificing it all to make sure that we
can get healthy and keep our commerce going you know this is near and dear to
my heart because my wife is a doctor and she’s currently pregnant with my
firstborn child and I really don’t want to see her get sick nor do I want to get
sick so we’re doing everything we can to empower people to if you have symptoms
get tested and if you feel like you’re sick stay
home this is a real-deal thing ladies and
gentlemen and I want you all to do the best you can to help this country heal
because economically we can’t survive like this and we can’t continue to rely
on the politicians to dole out money to whom they want to dole it out to and
right now they’re fighting over who should get the money and when I say
they’re fighting they are saying we need stimulus but both parties are trying to
put what they call pork barrel spending in the budget so that they can get money
to the people that have backed them from donors I mean people ladies and gentle
for us we need them to do something to make sure everybody can get tested that
should be priority number one continue to retest those people and then get
something out there to the people who are not going to be working who are
affected the most that’s the real deal on Kovach 19 and this affects here in
America and what we can do as human beings to help get this thing under
control we should be calling our politicians cussing them out we can’t
have Democrats right now going to stick gun legislation and bills nor should we
be having politicians run to give extra money to big donors and not have big
companies pay back money that we’re trying to give to them from the
Republican side so ladies and gentlemen leave me all your comments what are you
doing to protect yourself from Kovach 19 has anyone you known been affected and
what do you plan on doing in the future to sustain the health and financial
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  2. Great video.
    I keep my hands clean by washing them and then spray them down with Alcohol. I don't go out very much, I have no fever, no cold or anything like that. I do have a deviated septum but as I stated above no fever, and no cold.
    I put my faith and trust in GOD, and that is what is keeping me going.

  3. Great video Bro!!! I couldn't agree with you more. So tired of all the bullshit in politics! I hope you and the fam are well. Stay safe and healthy! God Bless!!!

  4. Awesome video brother LAMONT. Sorry I missed it was shampooing a carpet since I am home today. Keep the content coming. Hope you stay safe and enjoy your night. Love ya

  5. I don't think everyone is going to get free money. I think it's going to be a loan that the American people are going to have to pay back. Or they're going to take it out of people's future tax refunds. America ain't NEVER gave us free money. Come on now, don't fall for it. 🤨🧐

  6. What up LT! Could you do a review of the new Billions Trailer! You know you’d catch something I missed. Appreciate you!

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