Courts Force California To Repay Stolen Mortgage Money — The Political Vigilante

Courts Force California To Repay Stolen Mortgage Money — The Political Vigilante

hello everybody my name is grandma when you were watching the political vigilante I have talked a lot on this show and on the Jimmy Dore show about losing my home to foreclosure back in 2010 and what happened briefly the mortgage companies took taxpayer money stimulus money that was given by George Bush and by Obama each gave around seven hundred billion dollars so we're talking about one point four trillion dollars of your and my taxpayer money was given to the mortgage companies the banks the banks who created the financial crisis to quote bail us out right I was not bailed out I they basically said we're gonna cut your mortgage payment in half and restructure your loan with stimulus money for three months at the end of the three months we're gonna you know restructure your lonesome so cut we you're gonna pay half payments for three months just to help you get but all great after the three months they said oh you don't qualify now you owe us three months back mortgage they did that to me two more times once under Bush twice under Obama right so I tell you that because that's what this is about so the states were given some of the stimulus money California must repay national mortgage settlement cash used to balance the state budget what does that mean well the federal government gave the state of California money five hundred million dollars to help people stay in their homes or get their homes back or get some kind of financial compensation well Governor Jerry Brown the state was having all these financial troubles and took 331 million of that away from homeowners that needed it people such as myself and put it into pay for state services what so you could argue what wait a minute Graham the the state was really strapped at the time so they did that at the time knowing they eventually were gonna pay it back well the more horrifying thing is okay III could even listen to that argument and go okay that's fair Jerry Brown was trying to keep a state afloat he did that but then since that time this state under Brown and even Gavin Newsom have tried to prevent the state from have they've gone to court for the last five years to try to prevent having to pay the money back I saw this article because Dave Dane who wrote the book chain of title Dave Dana's comic he's a friend of mine he also volunteered pretty heavily in 2008 for the Obama campaign recruited me to volunteer for Obama I say that so people owe you Dave Danes probably just some Obama hater you know some Fox News guy no no no Dave Dave worked with the Democratic Party so I believe what Dave work has done is is very accurate and honest he talks extensively in that book chain of title but all the scams that happened during the foreclosure foreclosure crisis and puts a lot of the blame rightfully so on Obama so Dave Dayne pointed out the Jerry Brown former governor of California was stole this money and then refused to pay it back well the California State Supreme Court said no you got to pay this back and Gavin nuisance Administration said Friday we begin work on transferring the 331 million back into a special fund designed to help California homeowners hit hard do I get my money back do I did I better do I get how do I get this will you help me get a home will you buy me a three-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath condo walking distance to the beach because that's what you all took from me so if there's money in there for this I'd like to get some of it I don't want listen to Kamala Harris is nonsense about all we help no you didn't know you helped Steve minuchin get off scot free you could have Pross this is the government let me let's make this real clear Governor Jerry Brown Democrat big Democrat Jerry Brown is also the guy that ran in 92 to be President ran against Bill Clinton in the primaries he's also the guy that helped block single-payer for California residents two years ago along with Anthony Rendon and people like Pelosi and Feinstein the California Supreme Court refused earlier this week to hear an appeal by the administration disputing so Gavin Newsom is still was still disputing it he's no hero disputing lower court rulings that found the state mistakenly used a portion of the money the decision to use the money was championed by Newsom's predecessor former Governor Jerry Brown they took the money that was designated for people who were either had lost their homes that were trying to stay in them during the foreclosure crisis which affected millions of people's lives it really hurt me really hurt me a lot but I was just I was married at the time we had no kids can you imagine the families that had kids an older parent you know a senior citizen parent or something like that you had a whole families when you hear about millions of homes that's millions of families which is the tens of millions of people whose lives were affected I lost my that was my retirement was tied up in that so they stole the money and then have been fighting to have to not pay it back that's how detestable the Democrats are that is the California Democratic Party that is detestable people who claim that there's so much better than the Republicans really tell me explain me how are you're so much better than the Republicans I'm so sick to death of this any blue will do any glue will do stole my home any blue will do stole my home so shut your stupid neoliberal faces because you've been sucking on MSNBC for so long you can't even a street you think Obama was so great yeah it was so awesome so awesome when he came into office there was two wars when he left there was seven so he started five he jailed Chelsea Manning and had her tortured that's your that's your beloved Obama Democratic Party in the 90s Chuck Schumer was getting donations from Jeffrey Epstein you know Bill Clinton was writing on the Lolita Express without the Secret Service so it was Trump the Republicans who report were any Trump supporters who think your Republican Party so great you're just a bunch of cheating lying filthy corporate warmongers just like the Democrats these two parties are despicable and they are the worst things the big Fingal greatest threat to Americans way of life is the two-party system this is good old Democrats in big blue california they passed legislation seeking to block a court ruling to repay more than 331 million to a fund originally designed for statewide homeowner assistance efforts and just just in case anyone's like wow still defending when when regular people defend the ruling class I'm always like man you've been drinking so much of their bullshit kool-aid it's unreal California was struggling they're not struggling anymore budgets signed by Newsom less wheeze includes nineteen point two billion in cash reserves they got a 19 billion dollar surplus and these greedy sons of bitches are fighting and thankfully they lost to keep 331 million dollars that was designated for people like you and me that lost our homes this is who they are so I tell me how greedy and awful the Republicans are okay yeah the Republicans are greedy and awful and filthy and wrong got it got it got it and how are these guys better 19 billion dollar 19 billion dollars in reserves the state of California which has an economy larger than Russia we have the fifth largest economy in the world Russia is like six or seven you see this California share of the state payments was four hundred and ten million to be used for a variety of services directed by then Attorney General Kamala Harris Wow four hundred and ten million was allocated three hundred and thirty one they took an attorney General Kamala Harris who Steve minuchin donated or Attorney General campaign before that she was District Attorney in San Francisco where she protected pedophile priests oh yay diversity the diversity of the ruling class see a black woman can help the banks and governments steal your money yeah it's not just the white patriarchs oh I feel so much better now we understand it was a desperate time for the state when this happened this is a man from a organization that's representing homeowners but once we return to surplus the idea that they would just keep fighting this has been breathtaking we got to a surplus and then they just kept fighting in courts that's who the ruling class is I'm taking your money I have more than I need and I'm still gonna fight you to give you back your money that's what they've just done but they lost thankfully they lost if you think local politics doesn't matter this is what I'm talking about this is why getting actual progressives not fake Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris progressives but real progressives this is why getting independence and Green Party and movement for a People's Party and candidates that are endorsed by the DSA getting them in your local governments in your state governments thank God the California State Supreme Court isn't bought and paid for it away they let this happen and you got to put pressure on them you've got a let them know you got to let them know they can't get away with this you absolutely have to so I'm gonna see if there's any money in there for me to get my home back that's what I'm gonna do because I loathe these detestable people they stole my home stole money to help me get my home back and then fought to give the money back that they stole what what I have more respect for a kid that's dealing drugs than these soulless bags of shit because this kid selling drugs in the street probably didn't have a lot of options I don't condone that I'm not excusing it nineteen point two billion dollar surplus and they still fought to give the money back thank God they lost and thank you Dave Dan for tweeting out this story in the LA Times I want to see Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow who go talk they should be talking about this the single greatest theft of American homes and money no she's talking about Russia I think I said I should read it so I don't give a damn about Russia I don't care don't care they stole my home Russia didn't steal my home Putin didn't steal my home Isis didn't steal my home North Korea didn't steal my home then as a whele didn't steal my home Iran didn't steal my home the United States government the two-party system stole my home the Democrats and the Republicans Obama stole my home Bush stole my home Kamala Harris stole my home Jerry Brown stole my home Hillary Clinton stole my home Joe Biden stole my home that's who stole my home there's not one single Iranian who stole my home not one thanks for watching the show like share and subscribe don't let the corporate media win so when you support this show you are telling them suck it your propaganda is useless and we don't anymore you really want to stick it to them go to rock fin comm and subscribe for $10 a month its blockchain and it's cryptocurrency so Google can't buy it go to because I've said Iran in the damn video oh it's unsuitable for for sponsors yeah because advertisers like to support filthy godless propaganda progressive Comedy Tour Ron and I September we're going to Omaha Sioux Falls Madison Wisconsin Minneapolis and Iowa City I'm going to Russia in September that happen thank you everybody who supported the IndieGoGo and then we are setting up a progressive comedy tour in Australia roughly between November 14th and 22nd I'll be releasing tour dates on that very soon go to grand mellow calm for all my tour dates thanks for watching you

46 thoughts on “Courts Force California To Repay Stolen Mortgage Money — The Political Vigilante

  1. Arrest the bankers, the government put hedge funds in charge of your pension funds. They gambled it away and that's why your state is nearly bankrupt. That's why police, firefighters and teachers may not get their pension.

  2. Just get rid of all the illegals and there will be millions of houses sitting empty, ripe for the picking. The prices of these homes will drop substantially.

  3. Used up my life savings to try to save my California home I designed and built myself. Finally lost it in a short sale. Then California emptied all of my bank accounts because they said I did not pay taxes on the sale, though I realized no cash for it. I had to jump through hoops to get my money back. These folks are despicable.

    I was in complete despair until I discovered Q. There is a reason the corporate owned MSM doesn’t want you paying attention to Q. QAnon tells you up front about the Deep State running BOTH the DNC and RNC. Nothing is as it seems.

  4. Except that trump gave evidence against Epstein… California is still f'd…. The reserve they claim. To have its borrowed money

  5. You're wrong about Trump and Epstein. He never flew with him. He caught a ride with his son one time. He banned him from his club over ten years ago. Trump is not a Republican. Trump is the reason the "courts force California" – that is all Trump dude. Drain the fucking swamp. Got wax in your ears?

  6. Corporate politicians suck. The entire GOP has been sold out for a long long time. Time to elect many many more of the Justice Democrats who vow to take zero corporate funds.

  7. This contains good info. Hudson's books are even more informative.

  8. My property is now covered in million dollar + homes. Of course I'm pissed. The developers were building about 80,000 new houses a year in my area and I happened to have a large property in a prime location.

  9. No neoliberal will do. Red or blue. What difference does it make if you get a damn neoliberal. Another party won't really make a difference because the plutocrats will buy it out too the moment a few greedy individuals get in.

  10. and if you think which I know You don't how much of that over 331 million was skimmed !!!!!

  11. $22,000,000,000 a year for illegals, another $3,000,000,000 for their health care. Billions for retirees, some get two, and the gas tax is not for roads, it is for illegals,. Padding their voter base for Liberals to get brides and pay offs.

  12. California is run by the Rothschild-Warburg-Rockefeller cabal. PG&E is run by the Rothschilds, who have used smart meters and directed energy weapons to burn down areas like Paradise and Santa Rosa, leaving thousands homeless and many barred from rebuilding. There was one local news report where a TV reporter noted a big circular hole in a burning home's fireproof terra cotta roof in the Los Angeles firestorm area, a hole that could only have been made by a classified satellite microwave beam weapon. Both Nancy Pelosi and her nephew, Gavin Newsom, got their political starts in special circumstances: Pelosi in an election to fill a seat in Congress when the incumbent died, Newsom by appointment to a vacated seat in the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Neither had even run for elected office before. California is a modern day version of Dresden during WWII, where civilians are targeted individuals for fire bombing. Sorry about your getting ripped off but Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen had a choice to make, use $800 billion in TARP funds to rescue American homeowners as originally intended in the legislation or bail out Deep State owned financial entities like Goldman Sachs, where Paulson formerly was the CEO. A no brainer, right?

  13. Same thing has done the central banks, car companys like Ford, American Motors and many others, but since money was given to the rich, now the slaves, don't get any revenues, money talen out from Medicare, social security, well they have privatisized allmoust all, there don't exist federal money anymore. We are all private owned. Even our self, as a slave period. That black woman will be the one to be blamed, same as Obama. They can take punches for money.

  14. "Any blue will do" kneecapped Sanders, rigged the primaries for HRC–they are felons, this is who they are

  15. If anybody want to write a a book with the title "The quick way to get rich famous and corrupt join the USA politics "….is very easy…You have all the material you need in the public arena..!!!!!….The American people are asleep at the wheel..!!…I m sure that they will weak up when they'll be starving and will see no light at the end of the tunnel…..and then will be too late unfortunately..!!!!!!!!

  16. Well apparantly my state did same thing . We lost our home after they sold our loans to 5different companies in one year .
    Every company charged us more interest every time .
    We had fixtd rate and the banks decided to change terms of a bank loan .
    So without our knowledge..
    We got evicted from home we paid five tears on faithfully and was behind one pymt. Tell me how that happens . Then the bank that had loan ..came to our house and threatened my 3children they were going to get booted .
    My husband literally threw him out the door .
    This is bank taking our taxes to bail us out and kept it and appropiated somewhere else and people still lost homes .

  17. You made a mistake by blaming the banks for the housing crash . Bill Clinton started the nation on the path to the housing crisis by executive directive forcing banks to allow minority's and the poor to have relaxed qualifications for home loans . By his executive directive he had every government agency even remotely connected to anything involving banks or mortgage lenders to ensure they complied with his orders . Thus establishing the subprime mortgage market as a way for banks to comply yet not have to deal with the obvious risks of loaning money to unqualified borrowers .

  18. President trump was not accessing the Lolita express!he had nothing to do with your loss!Focus on Harris!

  19. This charade of a Democracy is such a farce it makes it all the more intolerable, it's absolutely insulting!

  20. Again the governors of California have hijacked the people to put the money into their sanctuary cities?

  21. millions of families so what is 331 million dollars going to do? thats a drop in the bucket that maybe buys 500-1000 homes in california. I dont get it. My family lost our house too. But yea f the Corporate Dems in Cali Pretending to be liberals just blue veiled neo-cons

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