Corruption is Legal in America

Corruption is Legal in America

34 thoughts on “Corruption is Legal in America

  1. Something most Americans don't seem to know, is how stupid their systems look from a civilized country

    Cough cough death penalty cough

  2. Man at this point I’m just gonna move to Finland they got more of their shit together than we do

  3. Still they believe that America is the best country in the world

    Because they also think about money. I'm from 3rd world country but even we don't have the money we are happier and care about everyone

  4. Sorry got to rant a bit. I'm reading well trying to read the wit law book….I went to court asked clerk where the courtroom was for driving citation. She asked what's your name I told her and she said your not on the docket…I am now told 1800$ to file motion for default. I was there and would have paid to reduce the ticket if I had the money. Anyways I was there and was told I wasnt to be in court so I made it known to some strangers and yt video explaining this has got to be a setup. Always something a good some say. Well a good is my life I'm not sure if I can go on knowing what you just pointed to in this video. Will to live and all hope is gone in the American system. The language we use and the church are suspect to me. Anyways I'm just venting I see I will not get help and just another time I've been wronged by 13 judicial Colorado courts. So to be me its obvious that I'm a target. Yes I'm not that smooth of a talker and a dick. But I spent time money to get there and now my fine is higher. I wont be able to travel to have my time with my son and have no desire to even try to fight and lose and be ridiculed about my ignorance. So ya please shoot me. A msg if you care or how to succeed with this again happening to me. This is one of many things I feel is a way to show I'm enemy of state or something. I dont care about politics it's not like we make a difference and church is now a thing I will never believe in. If there was a Devine source why would he allow this.

  5. 4:27 Im sure that the number is much higher than 5.8 Billion because the real transactions aren‘t public.

  6. “Congress we want corruption to be illegal!”
    >French Americans “The job is done.”

  7. leave then lol, every hates the United States but no one wants to get citizenship to another country I wonder why

  8. Am I the only one that sees through this socialist bullshit? Some of the cited sources such as the poverty 1/5 children one are clearly misrepresented. All I’m saying is that this is not 100% truthful.

  9. Oh no, the government doesn’t 100% follow the people. It’s not like the USA is still one of the most free counties ever. You wanna talk about corruption? Lets go with basically the continent of Africa, (some exceptions) Middle East, Jesus Christ on a bike we’re still free! Sure wealth is misbalanced and muh corruption, but its the best we got. You have no idea how many times I wanted to say commie during this rant.

  10. Ever here if the Watergate Scandal.
    But honestly there is some corruption in America at the moment.

  11. In Communism Government rules. In capitalism Money rules. In the mixed Economy, both Government and money rules. So, conclusion is that most of us are born to be slaves.

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