100 thoughts on “Coronavirus Updates: Americans Evacuated From Cruise Ship Head To 14-Day Quarantine | Sunday TODAY

  1. Watch "Prominent Virologist Again Speaks Out on Coronavirus – EXCLUSIVE Its worse than we know! LIVE NOW" on YouTube
    Move to about 10 minutes into the video that's when the information comes out with this virologist

  2. Andry Hernandez There is no buffet they bring your meals to your room he looks pretty shady anyway he’s probably wanted by the law. He has no idea of the red tape he’s going to have to go through to get out of Japan and back to the US on his own. He doesn’t realize that from this point on if he gets infected and sick because of the decision he made he doesn’t have to be treated by anybody just quarantined in his room. In fact he can’t even file a lawsuit against anybody now. He looks like a guy that would play some kind of angle but his options are zero.

  3. Can't believe the dude choosing to stay behind what if he gets it on the ship? Then What. At least at a military base even if the digs are somewhat Spartan food and clean water is assured as well as what ever treatment is needed. Kind of dumb to stay on the ship just because it may be a more comfortable Room? Oh well

  4. When I was young and getting out of hand my Dad would say "you're cruising for a bruising. " …That sounds like a bargain compared to this

  5. That crazy american staying is a genius. He'd rather be exposed and get treatment while the hospitals are empty then wait tell the doctors are all dead and the hospitals full.

  6. “In 2016, Carnival Corporation’s revenue totaled $16.4 billion (U.S. dollars), which would put the company in the top 200 on the Fortune 500 list. “

    Diamond Princess will you set up hospital within the ship for your crew quarantine, please?
    More than 1000 non Japanese crews.
    Will you go back your country England after all guest off the ship?
    You have billions $ 💰
    Japan is running out hospital beds.
    Can you hire doctors & nurses more??

  7. I think you guys should be worried more about Westerdam passengers because 1 was tested positive and the rest are now flying all over the world.



  9. Doctor: I will not stay on this ship. Then the titanic song starts playing: 🎶🎵Every night in my dreams🎵🎶
    I see you, 🎶I feel you,🎶
    That is how I know you go on🎶
    Far across the distance
    And spaces between us🎶🎵
    You have come to show you go on🎶
    Near, far, 🎶🎵wherever you are
    I believe that the heart does go on🎶🎵🎶

  10. the filipinos warned you a long time ago. you are fools who did not listen. foreign pride. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0PS13JLOybM

  11. Passengers Princess:..''the end of the earth is upon us

    ..pretty soon it'll all turn to dust
    ..so get up
    ..forget the past
    ..get off this ship.. and have a blast''

  12. Hey guy who decided to stay… You would rather risk getting infected and infecting the rest of us or even die on a cruise ship full of sick people than get checked out for 2 weeks and go back home???????? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT.

  13. What a hard situation. Even if the individuals don’t show symptoms their chances of becoming infected are high additionally the 2 week quarantine isn’t long enough – then they will be cleared. That is not good because they will then scatter across the country infecting more people.

  14. Matthew Smith,
    Let's see.
    The ships air system circulates and shares the same air system.
    The virus is rapidly spreading.
    America has the best doctors and treatment.
    Your family would be a lot closer to you and what?
    You like the accommodations there and you just might not—- get the luxury of dying on a cruise ship?
    I think the virus has already infected your brain!

  15. What a perfect time to enact marshal law and deplete half the population at random and effectively. I don’t see a cure made public any time soon because the virus seems perfect

  16. Does the Coronavirus make you stupid…if so…the guy staying onboard is already infected.
    "American lawyer, wife refuses to leave coronavirus cruise ship"

  17. My comment is not about this ship.. it is about what i think happened in wuhan.. the bio weapons lab was conducting human testing of this virus..note this not their 1st time… they had done it so many times.. but this time 1of its subjects got away into the general population.. and you know what happens next..

  18. Could not believe the realtor from Utah complaining about having to be quarantined 2 weeks on US military base.

    That selfishness is just stunning to me given the gravity of what could happen letting an infected person loose out of quarantine considering the damage the spread of the virus has done, in China wreaking havoc on their economy, severe straining their entire health care sector to bear breaking point, hyperinflation on food prices and shortages due to hoarding, etc., and also considering how extremely contagious the virus is even to those taking extreme precautions.

    Do the complaining passengers think the 2 weeks of inconvenience is jyst too great a cost for them vs. a real potential for them to risk spreading the virus themselves if the turn out to be carriers, including presumably to their family, friends, and co-workers?


  19. Japan did the right thing. Quarantine proved Diamond Princess is heavily infected. Public is protected by keeping them on the ship. Japan should not risk public health for whiney selfish people who don’t understand Quarantine. Look what happened to the Westerdam. Cambodia said they are OK, and in a propaganda move, let them free. But Malaysia found a Westerdam passenger really is infected when she stopped there. Now Westerdam’s unknown hundreds of infected are roaming around the world’s airports and airplanes, heading to your countries!

  20. old dude watched to many movies where the military would turn on you. its the real world bub, i think thats the last thing any military member would want to do.

  21. There is nothing clear about how this Infection is being Transmitted. Its not just about someone sneezing and coughing. The people on the ship were locked down and checked on a regular bases well beyond 14 days.. Now 70 people are being told they have What ? and have no clue that they were even infected. We need to understand when the test are being done what is being found to say yes your infected. If someone is Coughing ,Sneezing , with a Fever, most individuals would recognize this. Is there something in the Nasal, Throat, Mouth, Teeth, Ears their finding, Skin test I mean what is it? What is the Test Kit , Complete Miss information all around. The CDC should be on hand to start gathering Data on all the returnees. They need Data to work with that we have not gotten from China. Just saying someone Tested Positive gives the Public nothing to go about whats positive. We are all watching here lets get on the ball.

  22. January 28th 2020, the confirmed cases were
    5,974 infected w/ Coronavirus
    132 confirmed dead.
    February 17th 70,500 confirmed Coronavirus cases
    1,770 confirmed deaths.

  23. When this crisis is over who will ever want to go on this boat or any cruise ship again, these huge ships are home to all kinds of diseases, never will I board one of these monsters!

  24. If I had some sort of power role and could choose want to do in situations like this, all of the infected would be reduced to ash.

  25. https://youtu.be/HoqBIID05Y8 Virus originated from Chinese "research lab" Yuhan is the center for Chinese bio-weapons. Rebel News from Canada mentioned this weeks ago, and that Canada had sent bio samples to China (Ezra Levant). The Chinese bio-weapons labs is only 280 yards away from the wet market the virus was supposed to have originated from. Please download this and Rebel News report before they disappear. Please report on this

  26. While #WonderfullyHungry, I am reminded of the need to #MakeAmericaSuperHealthy (#MASH) in order to end the on-going and ever-worsening U.S. healthcare crisis which includes these new virus outbreaks.

  27. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & Others Predicted Up To 65 Million Deaths Via Coronavirus – In Simulation Ran 3 Months Ago!


  28. People getting refunded only half their money is garbage! Our cruise was more than ruined, REFUND ALL MONEY PAID! I would never go with this cruise company, when taking my next cruise!

  29. They all know that the incubation period is 24 plus days yet they will only be quarantined for 14 days in America. Where is the logic in this? Why are they putting Americans lives in danger now?

  30. Here's the obvious

    Two options
    1. Stay on the ship
    2. Leave the ship
    Ship initially had 3711 passengers

    It's now confirmed that 454 have been infected (12.23% of total passengers and out of 1,723 that actually were tested the figure is 26.34%).

    There are 1,988 who have not been tested.

    About 32-60 passengers are confirmed to have new cases of coronavirus daily.

    Infection can happen 2 ways. By touching infected areas and bringing hand to mouth, which allows the virus to penetrate natural skin protection.

    Or through the closed air conditioning system on board, which means the droplets in infected persons' cough was enough to continue the spread of the infection.

    Either way there are way too many variables to account for in order to determine the reasoning for the infection rate.

    However at the rate people are becoming infected, in another 33 -45 days the entire ship would have became infected. That's assuming that the rate remains steady.

    The ship have not been confirmed to have adequate medical equipment to treat the virus hence the reasoning for taking infected people off to be treated.
    If the ship have had adequate health equipment that has a certainty of keeping the remaining passengers safely quarantine than there would be no reason to remove the infected patients.

    Averaging 1.61% of the overall passengers on board are being infected daily.

    If quarantine was actually successful. The rate of infection would have slowed down after a certain period of time assuming that the by initial first date of quarantine, passengers stop engaging with each other.

    Instead the rate of infection seems to be speeding up. Which give creedence to my droplet/aerosolize speculations. (Air condition system is aerosolizing the virus).

    The question becomes.

    Do you take the chance of expediting your infection rate by leaving by plane with highly likely infected persons?

    Or do you draw out the nearly certain chance of infection?

    Keep in mind the the adequateness in proper treatment after initial infection in America versus Japan who currently may not feel responsible to care for newly infected Americans at the expense of keeping safe their own people, especially when the Americans who will get infected obviously turn down an opportunity to be treated by their own country and went on national television to explain themselves and their reasoning🤦

    It's obvious taking into account all known knowns that leaving poses the least amount of threat to oneself.

  31. ☠☠A chemical virus Bio weapons people made to destroying contagious humanity, and they ruined the world 💀⚰☠😱😷😢

  32. After these victims are all off, i can think of no better place for Xi jinping and his corrupt gang to stay along with the worlds worst criminals anchored about 25 miles offshore permanently !.

  33. This virus will be a boost for collecting and analysing more data which will lead to a more precise monitoring in the future. Question is, who owns, who collects and who analyses the data …

  34. In North Korea they have a great drug against the Corona desease, its called Kumdang 2 and Royal Blood fresh: North Korea has an excellent drug against the corona virus, these injections and pills are called Kumdang 2 and Royal bloodfresh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kURx8aGSQsQ&t

  35. Al parecer el Coronavirus es un arma biológica
    Puede ser una estrategia para que china no tome el primer lugar como potencia mundial
    Una guerra comercial que puede repercutir en los demás países

  36. Yay – After 14 days on a death boat waiting to get CoV….guess what you WIN….another trip to quarantine in a death pod military base waiting to catch CoV all over. OMG
    Maybe this base has an store where you can buy NBC gas masks. lol

  37. https://youtu.be/vtHYZkLuKcI this is an infectious disease doctor who boarded the Diamond Princess and found staff were not practicing infection control. He was then kicked off the ship

  38. That's a death ship and someone pulled a lot of strings to get you off. And you didn't take it. They have to be democrats

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