Cornel West's Brilliant Insight On This Moment In History & America's Choice In 2020 ft. Joshua Kahn

Cornel West's Brilliant Insight On This Moment In History & America's Choice In 2020 ft. Joshua Kahn

yeah all right um let's let's start you know what guys I want to start with do we have all right we can do this first but just make sure the system is uh the sounds call down so I can call into the system okay let's start with this this is a Cornel West clip from July 19th couple of days ago and I think it's really important we get into the pedantry of this conversation and some of it is actually in this case I would say useful pedantry what are we gonna call it if you call it fascism does that negate the fact that America is always for most of its history in fact been an authoritarian non democracy for most people for many people at the very least do we call it barbarism what what is the best way to frame this moment and I wanted to take this Cornel West clip on Anderson Cooper because I think once again his clarity here he the way of presenting and the urgency of this argument is clarifying and the type of energy we need moving forward so let's play some of that tonight by dr. Cornel West professor of the practice and public policy at Harvard University and professor amortus at Princeton professor West I wanted to talk to you because I I just find that chant so depressing and you know I mean look we've all seen this kind of thing done before you know send send them back was said to you know the Irish it was said to these two Italians the turn of the century who came in waves it was says said to Chinese it was said to every wave of immigrants who have come to these shores who are now embraced as Americans and their descendants now are saying send her back to to this congresswoman when you heard that chant what I mean how do you how do you explain that yeah I'm like you don't brother I'm very grim and down and out but I said to myself I've got to be more fortified in the name of moral consistency spiritual witness and political courage and I said to myself I'll make sure I will not stoop so low that when Fred Trump and when Mary Ann Trump and when Melania Trump came as German as scotch and that Slovenian that I would not want to say to them you need to go back I've been here nine generations as a black man enslaved Jim Crow Jane crow at the center of the America well I got a bit of a second experiment at the center of the democratic experiment I'm not going to stoop so low the beat in the gutter with Trump we had to be very clear though this is not just a matter of Trump as racist and I was I was sad to see the Democratic Party couldn't just call him a racist as opposed to say his words or races that was a bit bit weak for me but Donald Trump brother Trump is at this moment becoming the American version of a Hitler and Mussolini we have created a fascist Frankenstein and I say we it's not just a decrepit Republican Party with all of the collaborationists and the facilitators I mean you know brother Lindsey Graham is just something Donald Duck version of Joseph McCarthy is sad to see him stoop so low but Kevin Murphy the same way you see Republicans across the board they have adjusted themselves to a profoundly unjust proto-fascist way of being and in the world in terms of being lawless hiding and concealing rationalizing this kind of unadulterated raw hatred and I come from a tradition of a people who have to be hated for 400 years Coltrane just died fifty-two years ago we teach the world about love and justice so the question becomes how do I become fortified to say to Trump that you're gonna have to create a fascist America over our dead bodies we're gonna go down fighting but we're not gonna get in the gutter and hatred for you but out of love of democracy in this country we're gonna make sure you do not allow for this kind of expansion of fascism you reduced off on the bones book on the crowd and you see the ways in which you can you late the crowd you know Madison grant Yale graduate 1887 the passing of the Great Race the major pseudo scientific rationalization of the subordination of black people read people's yellow peoples Brown people's Donald Trump is as American as apple pie just like Martin Luther King jr. is as American as apple pie and the question is what apple pie is going win so in that sense we just got to be fortified see that yeah I have nothing yeah I mean please go ahead I mean well just as always Cornel West's clarity is just such a treasure but that last piece at the end is him finding a way to have like plenty of plain spoken way to talk about hegemony which is yeah there are there's a lot America is a lot of things and we're in a battle right now – it's a definitional battle and what way it's gonna go is going to depend on how we fight and it's it's also a signal to the left that's so quick to sort of give up the tropes of American ISM right to give those away to the right and to and to acknowledge both yeah Donald Trump is apple pie so is dr. King it's almost I think I think it was Cornel West who at one point I think was after Kaepernick said that racism is so America that was so American that when we protest it people think were protesting America right and and then to position it as as there's there's this counter hegemonic opportunity to define America differently and that is so key that's what I've been saying again and again that's what we talked about with Harvey Kay a lot that's I was of course I mean Harvey Kay is an incredible mentor and it's such an important voice with that and I also think in addition to that that's why it is so important and I keep saying this this is where again it's very important to not narrow into moralistic subculture and then on the other hand have a completely ruthless and clear solidarity internationalism cosmopolitanism and your definition of what the melting pot is here because I think that the frame of we have a 100% equal stake here a mistake that we have is that this is the country that embraces Ilan Omar as an example this is a country that says that Donald Trump is not a grotesque aberration it's a grotesque continuity but one that we have to defeat but we're not gonna sit back here and and and and give that up and of course I do have to say that one of the kind of double ironies of it is that if you want to go to spaces and I hate that word but if you want to go to spaces where there is an incredibly sophisticated analysis that synthesizes in fact in fact a very deep a treat ISM and recognition of this paradox and contradiction and understanding that you want to lock on to one part of the tradition and defeat the other it's in immigrant communities you know hang out with people and I'll speak very broadly anecdotally here you don't hang out with people from Haiti from Trinidad from Mexico from Serbia who are like well I did every type of gargantuan effort to get here I'm dealing with all of the inequities racism's and horrific 'no sup this country I also know probably part of the reason I had to get here was because of this country's foreign policies and by the way at the same time man am I so happy to be here and oh my god you have no idea the potentials that are here I mean I've talked about this what Waze is an example so many times you have to embrace that paradox and go through it and of course it's Cornel West so no one's gonna put it better than him you've just watched a Michael Brooks show video and you can watch all of our full main live shows every Tuesday night at around 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and subscribe to get all of the clips you want we're covering the globe we're focusing on international relations the intellectual darkweb we're having fun we're doing deep dives with a lot of amazing guests of course become a patron for the whole thing at slash t MBS or subscribe to this youtube channel and help us keep growing and get that content out there subscribe below

46 thoughts on “Cornel West's Brilliant Insight On This Moment In History & America's Choice In 2020 ft. Joshua Kahn

  1. drump who had to lift himself up by his bootstraps is a fine example of the American dream and we all should follow him to the promised land.

  2. 3:22…"Lindsay Graham is the DONALD DUCK version of Joseph McCarthy"…There is soooo much truth in comedy 😂🤣😂

  3. You know when I saw the guy with the glass on I said to myself that's a good look, very manly looking stud and then he opened his mouth – Oh dear, what a waste 😉

  4. It's not about how we fight. That's the way we got here in the first place. It's about how we love. Same as how darkness can't beat darkness. Here come the anti trump crazies as bad as the Trump maga crap. MATH! Love the ballot box! But all you Yanks do is fight OH & loose. Accept ww2 where you had an each way bet….

  5. Dr. West mistakenly calls Kevin McCarthy MURPHY, that's okay. I think it's interesting that Kevin shares the same last name as the more famous McCarthy from our history; and that Kevin is using the term 'socialism' as scaremongering word, devoid of the actual meaning of the word (i'm fairly sure a lot of the GOP does not know what socialism or communism is, esp trump supporters) … i like that dr west goes ahead and bucks Godwin's law. there's no denying it now, trump wants to be dictator/king. he doesn't care about the law, or others… if i weren't an atheist i'd say he is satan, incarnate

  6. 3:55, Coltrane died..still sad about that!! Trump probably would hate 'Trane. The Tenor Titan Trane was truly a great man!! Thanks for mentioning him , Cornel!

  7. every day we choose the america and in broader terms, humanity, to support. either the one that fights against injustice, or the one that abets it

  8. People are late on Dr. West he spoke at my university in 1991 I knew he was brilliant way back then and a fan of his lectures and work every since .

  9. Anderson called him Mr. West. He knows better. He was on the show in a professional capacity and should have been referred to as Dr. West.

  10. Freedom did not come with the Europeans or our "Great American Fore-Fathers". The US Constitution was plagiarized. When defining America, this is a good place to start because when we realize that freedom came from the cry of our native populations, we find that none of this is deserved and our laws are only legitimate and sound as a democracy. The land will reclaim its own.

  11. The GOP is unified in getting Behind tRUMP, like in the "Human Centipede!"
    It is just as vile as the analogy.

    *as vile as it is, it is the only description that fits.

  12. Michael:
    Thanks for your clarity. One sometime forget that the perpetrators of racism are as American as the victims of racism.

  13. Why do white liberals only pull out brother West when he reinforces the racist narrative liberals want to push Yet when it comes to economics and how liberal or conservative policies hurt the working class he’s never asked to the table for his opinion. You guys are phony.

  14. One of Cornel West's greatest strengths is that he is American as fuck. No right-winger can accuse him of being anti-American and he does a better job what it actually means to be American. We need more people like him.

  15. I called it fascism from day #1 of this adminstration. Mr. Cooper has no damn clue what Dr. West is saying nor his historical context. We the ADOS community warned ALL of you about this before it started. The very same comrades of Mr. Cooper ( Mainstream Media) gleefully gave this " Con Man" free air leading up to the 2016 elections. All the hidden tabloid scandals and history of racism was already news. They the Mainstream Media refused to call him what he is/was.

    Mr. Cooper and his kind help elect this " Con Man". His business failing, porn star associations, Adultery, alleged rapes and sexual assaults , Trump University, critizing Gloldstar Families, Mentally Disabled Reporters, Disparaging a Prisoner of War, Calling for violence to media and protesters and bragging about assaulting women were all available. Instead the MSM failed to expose this " Con Man" because the " oligarchs" needed those ratings.

    And Mr. Cooper's comrades were the same ones that help Impeach a President for lying about a Blow Job. Yet, you dare Impeach his predecessor for lying about getting us into an almost 20 year War.
    I respect Dr. West but sadly, your talking to someone who doesn't care.

  16. Just more racism from Trump and the republican party! The republican party now, without a doubt, the party of racist and racism! They're not even trying to hide it anymore! Republicans have been marinating in racism for decades now! Racism runs in their veins! It resides in their bones! It's an infestation in their soul! They can't separate themselves from racism! They truly follow Satan! Satan is their new Jesus!

  17. Amerikkka is a joke of a nation. And the rest of the world bends over repeatedly. You Amerikkkans should be thoroughly ashamed in your silence. As for the rest of the world FUCK you and your complicit silence.

  18. This current crop of old white men that are at the top of the political echelon represent the last living connections to the Gilded Age generation. This is a period characterized by racial violence when a bitter nation comes to terms with the social revolution that was the Civil War, when women's place was in the home, and Social Darwinism justified income inequality. This period represents the last bastion of White Anglo Saxon Protestant male domination over all aspects of life in this country and is the America that the GOP currently strives to recreate. They want to restore the social hierarchy back to the antebellum and punish the bottom rail for daring to upend their station. They want to fix what their grandparents saw as a system ultimately broken by Lincoln. This is why we see the rollback of Progressive Era reforms, the attack on labor unions, and the desperate efforts of people like McConnell to control the judicial system so as to prevent the current generation of young people from enacting any meaningful change.

  19. love the brother but when you believe is jesus there is NOTHING you can do to help the original people of this planet. jesus is fake. rome invented him. jesus is just jew+$$ in other words it's white supremacy which was created by jews to make money. when you believe is jesus you believe in the genocide of melanated peoples worldwide. pure satan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Brother West speaking truth to power best believe there's a fight coming. Its here in our face how we respond to it will shape this country for years to come.

  21. This has been a reaction to the Obama Presidency.
    First it was the bogus “Tea Party” movement which you don’t hear about anymore! Now the republicans don’t hide their racism behind the movement,
    they use Trump as the “front”!

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