45 thoughts on “Cops vs Politicians

  1. 0:01 Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Greggs traffic stop

    14:11 Denver mayor's son and Aurora officer captured on body camera video

    21:00 Port Authority commissioner confronts police during NJ traffic stop

    29:00 School Board member calls police chief a skinhead over a speeding ticket
    29:39 "I'm scared of cops because you guys hurt black people"

    33:10 Ulster town officials release video of county Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky's traffic stop
    38:23 Jesus lady hahaha
    52:29 Miami-Dade Commissioner Pepe Diaz DUI Arrest
    53:17 I am Commissioner Diaz! COP: ok Stop Right there!

    53:31 Call Rick He knows me! COP: who? The sheriff
    1:01:20 Jose Pepe Diaz acquitted of DUI charges

    1:02:40 State Rep. Cary Pigman DUI arrest video

    Cops arresting Cops


    Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED (with machine-gun and tactical gear)


  2. Why is it I always know immediately that when a chick has two last names she's an out-of-her-mind left wing nutcase?

  3. Ah yes that dumb ignorant Mayors son little disrespectful bitch, then they wonder why are they brutalized haha

  4. Cops tactics are ridiculous I smell marijuana can I search ur car straight bullshit”ur eyes are glossy lol” bs. Straight games on innocent people and what happenes when they turn ur car upside down and damage ur car trying to find something that’s not there ur stuck with all the damage and they wonder why ppl hate them. We have no rights anymore

  5. Everyone saying something about maria, but damn jennifer lady!!! You are mentally unstable lady, that officer handled that situation so well, he was patient!!!

  6. its disgusting , that they believe they are not accountable to the same law we are , there treated kindly , normal people , with no cameras get treated terribly ,

  7. disrespect privilege sexism how can't anyone call the sexism when she asked for a "female" police officer ?

  8. The first video, I’m on her side. Those cops didn’t do shit except look for a reason to take her to jail. She obviously got slammed into super hard. Look at the mustang that hit her!!

  9. The assembly woman .. entitled much? ) She sounds like a horrid person .. almost wants to be above the law

  10. We as a society really have to do a better job in making sure our representatives are more competent human beings. It's really pretty simple. It's hard to complain about a lot of this when we know that our ignorance is allowing this to happen. For everyone that encourages every person in this country to vote- please don't. You should NEVER vote if you don't know what you're voting for. You could in reality be doing yourself a severe injustice.

  11. if maria just went along with the stop and let them search and do the field test she would have been okay

  12. lots of respect for police men/women. they have the same patients. ik they have been getting a lot of shit. but much respect👍🏼👍🏼

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