Conway calls Dems’ latest impeachment antics ’embarrassing’ and ‘desperate’

Conway calls Dems’ latest impeachment antics ’embarrassing’ and ‘desperate’

100 thoughts on “Conway calls Dems’ latest impeachment antics ’embarrassing’ and ‘desperate’

  1. If this impeachment dont work they will try a JFK or Regan pls Protect our President they seem obsessed with hatred but i call it the deepstate owners ..

  2. No one knows all their own teenagers moves much less President Trump does NOT know all of his own families, every move! Trump surely does NOT know all of Parnas moves! Be realistic! Trump 2020!

  3. NANCY PELOSI have proven herself to be nothing more than an OLD, DEMENTED, DESPERATE woman who should have retired years ago

  4. It must be a pathetic sight to see K. Conway go home to her husband and fess up all the assinine lies she's had to told during the day to protect the Criminal in Chief Trump.
    It's obvious Trump knew and Conway is just trying to cover up, she could never simply answer yes or no. Pretty bad when you're hosed on fox.

  5. The only thing that is embarrassing is you. I'm surprised that George just doesn't say, enough, and put a pillow over your face and end it. The ultimate divorce.

  6. Democrats are told to lie and deny…it's the same everywhere..they think that if they keep pushing the lie it will become the truth…. for them it's all about power and keeping their salary benefits and pensions forever…it's time to DRAIN THE SWAMP..

  7. this is how US impeach President if they don't like him……easy & simple…..don't need any witnesses…….simple……great country….we respect you bogus US

  8. she can be the first woman President of the United States of America, Kellyanne Conway very CAlm, Cool and Collective.

  9. WE WANT WITNESSES TO COME TO THE CONGRESS. WE WANT THE CRIMINALS REMOVED FROM GOVERNMENT. AND IF IT CONTINUES TO BE THAT WE HAVE TO SEE OR HEAR THE LIKES OF TREASON TRUMP PASSED THE ELECTION OF 2020, with the support of FOX NEWS, the RED REPUBLICANS – playing to the communist party of Putin – then it will be the end of Democracy. And the blame will be fully on TREASON TRUMP, Moscow-Mitch, FOX NEWS, & the GOP.

  10. Thin evidence. Oh boy, Kellyanne had her own actual thought. A great defense is a great offense. Oh boy, what a thought. Whew. Listen to her go. Whew. Listen to her brain just fire away. Whewww. I can't keep up. Failures in the house and rushed through. I mean can you believe what she's saying. I'm convinced now. Trump never lies. It really is a witch Hunt. Oh my gosh. I can't believe. Kellyanne quit trying to convince adults how to think. We will watch the hearing as citizens and formulate our own conclusions. Something you should do. Sit down and be quiet. The Trump strategy and big word usage and persuasion never did and isn't working. We're GROWN!!! Jeez. I mean, you wake up and actually tell people this stuff. This will get them. They'll believe this. When actually you look like a jackass on here rambling on. You're wasting your time. Be quiet!!!! Thank you!!

  11. As she continued to filibuster, Hemmer interrupted her. “But back on Parnas, cut through it: Is he lying or not, Kellyanne?”

    “He’s a proven liar, he’s been indicted,” she answered, again without addressing the specific claims about Trump.

  12. Humpty trumpty sat on a wall, Humpty trumpty had a great fall.
    when did Americans get so gullible, your boy is dirty, always been dirty, always will be dirty.
    wait for the Deutsche details, seize assets like any other criminal organization.

  13. PATRIOTS: this trial was planned by Democrats with the help of Ukraine NEW Liberal President and few older GOP, Mitch, Lindsay, and yes PENCE.Those who like wars.
    I LOVE TRUMP BEST EVER PRESIDENT but is going to this trial like a Lamb for Easter. CIA, FBI CHINA all are involved.ALL.


  14. First and I am not a democrat. I was very hopeful about Trump because Obama disappointed me in some areas but did well in others. Some much corruption with Trump as the United States Seated Active President is involved in are coming to light and being revealed.

    America lost its so-called glory under Trump’s leadership. The Republican party House and Senate need to be fired by replacing them in the next election. It’s so clear as day the Republicans are not there for the people and the Constitution but for their self-gratification. I agree, let’s “Make America Great Again” with morally, honest leaders who respect the people and the Constitution.

    "Many politicians will walk in and out of your life, but only true respectful of the people for the people politicians will leave positive footprints in your heart/mind.


  16. PATHOLOGICAL LYING, is the chronic behavior of compulsive or habitual
    lying. Unlike telling the occasional white lie to avoid hurting
    someone's feelings or getting in trouble, a pathological liar seems to
    lie for no apparent reason…………

  17. Yes or No? Blah blah blah blah blah…. Is it a True or False question Did the President know? True or False? Blah blah blah blah blah.
    KellyAnn Conn is worst than a Nigerian professional scammer.

  18. Even some of FOX changed the speech. Like Bill said: Good to be fast better to be RIGHT. This tell me something is changing.

  19. When does Pence's impeachment start..will it be in time for Nancy to be first lady president(if only for a minute)…ha! Eat that Hillary and Warren!!!

  20. I just started being interested in politics when Trump ran for president… I voted for Trump… So I don’t know how a lot of things work… Can anyone tell me if Trump is found innocent by the Senate does that erase that he was impeached by Congress?Or what happens after that? 🇺🇸❤️TRUMP2020❤️🇺🇸

  21. I just laugh at how weak desperate and pathetic the media and demomobsters are!Gonna be so easy to win now in November!
    TRUMP 2020 KAG!

  22. Your President Adolf Trump preaches hate to the hearts of his voters ,the consequences are always delusion and a brutal brutalization.Greetings from Germany
    I will be ashamed of myself, for a lifetime for German history

  23. All the money Kellyanne is getting for helping criminal Trump is making her Beavis and Butthead face look younger! Botox doesn't come cheap.

  24. Those Democrats who took America for years all the way to the bogus impeachment – PAY BACK ALL THAT MONEY/TIME YOU TOOK AND WASTED FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – WE WANT THAT MONEY BACK AND WE WANT YOU ALL REMOVED FROM RUNNING OUR COUNTRY – WE NEED TO HAVE PELOSI, NADLER AND SCHIFF "THE MANAGERS" BE REQUIRED TO HAVE A MENTAL EVALUATION THEY ARE NOT ACTING FOR US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S INTEREST. This is all personal hate for the president this is what the American people see from the start years ago till now. you cannot fool us!!!!!! Russians, Quid-Pro-Quo, Obstruction of Congress, Abuse of Power, Witch Hunt.

  25. Haha, even if it works, it won't make Hillary the replacement President. That job will go to Mr. Pence, who by all reports is a lot farther to he Right that Trump. And good for Kelly Anne for reminding everybody that the Democrats' top candidate is a dementia patient.

  26. It’s disturbing our tax dollars are paying the salaries of these incompetent, corrupt, swamp democratic loons. If pelosi is the best leadership the Dems have … it’s a true embarrassment for America.

  27. I'm so sick of hearing about all of the accusations against Trump that end up being false. The media knows it's all garbage but they go on and on about it. Quit wasting so much time on this gossipy, adolescent nonsense. Just let the President take care of business and shut up about the rest!

  28. Like a mortally wounded animal flailing helplessly on the White House lawn. Come on George, you have the power to put her out of her misery, don't you? And, by that I mean, make her shut up.

  29. Why do these two ALWAYS ask whomever to answer a question yes or no. No one has or ever will give that kind of answer. They appear to look stupid when they KNOW that no one will give them one or the other. And they continue to do it…..This guy is trying to hard to be the HARD HITTING mouth piece.

  30. Justice Roberts has already betrayed us with his Obamacare vote.
    He's compromised, and if he's not, it surely APPEARS that he's been compromised.
    Watch him closely as this farce continues.

  31. if a cop take you in for questioning they ask where were you? what were you doing? and is there anything or anybody that can collaborate your story? the innocent will look for who can help prove the truth not just say fake fake fake hoping it goes away

  32. Does anyone actually still believe anything Kellyanne says?

    Oh.. that's right…Trump supporters do believe everything he and his minions say. And why not? It shouldn't matter that the president has lied to us, to, you, to everyone, 15,000 times since taking office.

    She is one of the reasons the president is still in office and not behind bars – I feel sorry for you if you don't understand that.

    And you're even more pathetic if you do understand that and still support him.

  33. Not gonna lie, that was impressive how she dodged a simple yes or no question 4 times in a row and never ran out of things to say.

  34. If Pelosi's head started sparking and her face melted off and she just kept saying Trump is bad , Trump is bad , Trump is bad. I wouldn't be surprised just finally understand why there trying to stop the amazing progress America is having .

  35. Fox News remind me of me when my cousin was caught selling cannabis. I almost tried to stop the Police that came to arrest him saying that he was innocent, When he got in jail, he widened his cannabis business. I was 16 years and stupid.

  36. Have you seen this man when he tries to put a sentence together on the debate stage or in front of voters? No one needs any help to beat Joe Biden. (7:34)
    😂 😂 😂 😂

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