Content Strategy Session w/ ONE37pm & Deal Sourcing w/ Harlem Capital | John Henry Vlog

Content Strategy Session w/ ONE37pm & Deal Sourcing w/ Harlem Capital | John Henry Vlog

this is not a I'm nervous kind of meeting but I always do get excited to see like and it's interesting because it initially started as like are we need help like doing all his work and has turned into one of our biggest LPS invested solely for the pipeline partnership so it's ended up being like this really valuable thing that we just kind of underestimated and are now really leaning into so yeah thank you can't take credit for just kind of happen that way yeah cool well I know times tight and I'm super pleased to have all you guys in the room all at once so thank you I know it's normally like us at the VP side and so forth but yeah I initially asked countess to see if you could kind of quarterback it and set this up we wanted to do this some time ago but we felt you know what let's let's get a few reps in let's bang out a few shows this like kind of flex the muscle see what this concept can be see if this even has legs it was an experiment I think Condit's had reached out and from my understanding initially kind of the one the Vayner world is is a bit monologue and that it's scary voice and so there would existed this opportunity to bring in outside voices that felt authentic to the platform and see if you could kind of build microcosms around them to kind of extend the reach and also build out capabilities and see what could be done we we really like that and Brandon I had already been doing chop it up and so we figured why not just roll it into the plat we got going and I think today this morning actually we shot episode 125 and 126 so now it's been going down 26 weeks in a row haven't missed and when when I'm traveling for work we'll get a guest host sir if we're gonna be gone well shoot two will double up and so it's been a fun experience and having canit's is truly invaluable because the TV chops that he brings it's not about the money for us so you know we do it because we really value being part of the Vayner ecosystem and you know you guys trade on that brand and I think you're right to do that and and then also so with that said we'd love to there hasn't been kind of consistent and these are minor tweaks that can be fixed hopefully after this meeting but there hasn't been like consistent rollout of the show that hasn't been consistent delivery of the assets I think initially we started with like pretty streamlined kind of just standard like Google Drive with like you know three static assets and some IG we've noticed that I GTV has worked really well and just kind of synching up on what the distribution strategy might be is we're a hundred percent mindful that you guys are allocating bodies to this and you know we have Julian and Matt and sometimes Elliott and it takes hours to edit and so conscious that there's costs associated here so pretty much just trying to get to like a you know a place where we can all feel great about moving forward awesome cool well and also to end Tyler I know you're looking to lean into 137 ICU is a really instrumental part to this whole thing because you kind of thread kind of team GV into this and I feel like you have a really great pulse for the culture for the brand in a way that is a thing it just brings a fresh perspective so I'd love to hear even you know what you think this could grow into what you feel like our weaknesses are like I yeah I just feel like there's a lot of room for growth and so I'd love to have any weaknesses exposing yeah built from the most kind of outside eyes I would say and I've spoken to Matt a bunch and obviously I have kind of carries in my ear about a lot of different things that we're doing and mary-kate we get times to speak about a lot of this in general I think one of the things the major things that we are trying to figure out and discuss it and understand our end from just 137 and Gallery Media Group in general obviously is asset creation resources right I think that we are not necessarily strapped but we are over allocated with ideas and talent and access and network or massively bottlenecked by the resources to create assets and and when you say that when you say that that's the bottleneck do you mean like editors designers I think like prioritizing upside you know really you let's just do a pop-up edition at South by and it felt so awesome because it was like a rolling show concept that could be brought anywhere could done at the ESPYs and snagged a few of the athletes and just like chopped it up with them where makes sense sure but I think that like having your take and our authentic way is gonna get more so let me ask you guys a question if we collectively agreed to pivot from this format could we have your guys's buy-in to try three experiments and we'll see what we get from it right which to be very upfront about like expectations because I think we came into the last one they can add there was buy-in there was not as much buying and I just think people need to like step up and not only put resources with pushing and you meet a distro distro but then there needs to be communication because like it's great that you know everyone's doing their things yeah and working just taking orders and cross signals but I think like you want talent involved in you want talent to tell you how to level up the opportunities because I think if the talent doesn't want that voice out you know talent doesn't really get something across then it won't get across to the end consumer yeah yeah like if you if in this is obviously a talent driven it's like community so I would be very upfront about like how that wasn't the experience like thus far and I think that for your future talent absolutely we're with you guys my barrel is we're like for your future talent whom the United window you like that yeah I don't think that that's the you don't you don't want to rock like that yeah the future talent it has not a smart looking I know it's we were the first one so like obviously we're gonna yeah take some bumps in the road but I wanted to be very clear about that as we go into the three opportunities yeah just because I think there's a huge I think like just be real I think John and I are gonna kick ass in whatever we're gonna do yeah going for it immediate period yeah and I think it'll be dope to do it as as ours yeah hundred percent so just so I'm clear is are you do you mean obviously holistically production of the show creativity just just always on like voice being heard just so like I really know just cuz I'm like the most of my cuz like John so we're on it grew text and then also to Julian's on that dads are like horrified outside of that quarter 5 we wouldn't know how to get an idea we wouldn't know how if we brought it Brandon how they would come through if a brand came in from your side one one day we showed up and there was like alright you have to read this ad from Intuit and we're like what is this yeah so I think it's like understanding that I would assume that a lot of the time that you do bring in I just have a level of understanding it is that's great IP to bring into now your show on I I wanted to put that part I bet incredibly just like I meant to the Credit Suisse thing like other things that like deploy like build branch sure sure well this this is great cuz now I think we're just more top of mind with each other so the slack channel will help the text read counts will start the pitch Avicii I think is a go I think I'll be fire will do the will we should I'll put together 100 bucks it that's good exchange six or seven time on print first time as a team though oh I think when Brandon I jammed a little bit before we did our our annual feedback session I think one of the things that I think Brandon's just consistently been pushing for is like these jam sessions where we can just riff on stuff I put a little bit of an overview in the slack about like how I thought it could go we're pretty much I feel like we can commit to do doing these as frequently as it makes sense once a month two times a month if they're valuable and I feel like they should be topical and I feel like they should be partner led and I feel like they should rotate so like one one from the MP side one from the you know VP side and that'll I think do a good job at further synthesizing the two sides of the brain of the firm like when you guys do yours I'm excited to hear you know like whatever venture math concept you guys have in your head that you're fleshing out whether it's like okay you know doesn't make sense to follow on X amount of times or down rounds or whatever it is you know I think we'll all just get smarter as a result so I just thought we'd throw one on the calendar and see if I stuck vision to vision yeah whatever think not that we're all in the same city if we can continually latch on the vision of each other and like be spitting images of we speak somewhere when we talk somewhere like we're gonna go a lot further and then like when we're at home by yourself cranking you know the vision we know we're focused on and then like I guess for this jam session we can spit ball things but I thought about even just chat about the transition from fundraising to sourcing they're moving from s from Silicon Valley to SF I believe way C's service so I guess the way I see it is like anything like that we do with Fast Company content research report maybe not research report but all the general content stuff is really just more top of funnel and we're just gonna be hitting people that don't maybe don't know about VCE or whatever and like I still think that's really important because as those folks move down the funnel like that's how in maybe midway through fund one or maybe by fun – like a lot of those people that we provided a ton of valley to will already have an affinity for us I already got a job matters I got no it's not the page right so so so I think the content is for all this and then like Ramo it's always you think so right perfect so then so it's this constant push and pull because I'm so drawn to like the long-term brand play but I know that that's not gonna feed our deals right this moment so then if this is the case then I just think we get committed about staying sticking really tight right here I quite like the accelerator sweet spot good value great value like especially beginning like during the process of before yeah I hate like who ever like if we get to the cynic got in dog food why do you like a wagon oh right where it's a Greg before but you already got in techstars you tell us that's ideal wag mo ridiculous value off low verdict she was techstars also ich ridiculous value blab even end up waiting around so this end this might around end up being our sweet spot right here we're just like the a is a sweet spot because just like a little bit a little bit more dearest anyway nonetheless right so all right so this is the game plan text honestly if we could just pull this off with techstars it ends up being the move I don't know how much else we had to do other than on other than going deep right yeah I'm gonna close vlog out our blog there you have it been a crazy day man I swear these days and weeks and months are all just becoming so super back to back to back to back but we have a lot of stuff going on man a lot of exciting stuff from home capital to 137 to the content and we're producing to the real estate that's being bought you know at the end of the day I'm just I'm loving being a student at the game I'm loving meeting like-minded folks you know building with my peers and I'm loving documenting the process so you know we've really picked up the steam and we really enjoy that you guys are watching and and really just you know with the content so thank you guys and I'll see you guys on the very next block

12 thoughts on “Content Strategy Session w/ ONE37pm & Deal Sourcing w/ Harlem Capital | John Henry Vlog

  1. The 137 meeting was SO SO SO valuable to see. The finessing of your initial delivery and then the honest candor. We’ve all been in those situations and to see you handle business was so amazing.

  2. Love this man! And I see you and your guy out here pulling cards and taking names!👊🏾💥

    GOD bless and keep it pushin’!✊🏾🦉💯

  3. Loved seeing the behind the scenes! Your team reminds me of that old African proverb “you can go fast alone or you can go farther together”

  4. LOVING THIS CONVERSATION!!!! I need that newspaper and I need that pic of the guys! Inspirational – #johnhenryfanclub

  5. Keep documenting the process John. Learning a lot. Dropped some really good gems in the ONE37pm meeting. Love stuff like that.

  6. Ofcourse he said it well from a prior footage, "you can't be hood", but that "fire" word can be such a drag, so hate it.

  7. Hey John really appreciated seeing the internal meetings and process. It’s always dope to get a peek in on the action, continue to document and produce at a high level it’s a true pleasure to tune in everyday,

  8. Content creator for sure! Just found out about this guy recently and have had nearly daily if not weekly updates on his experiences.
    Others should take notes because this definitely helps with those newer subs/followers staying engaged and active.
    Thank, you!

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