Conservatives or Fascists?

Conservatives or Fascists?

okay let me just in fact I think hack as
a great distillation what I’m trying to
say that he’ll tell us about on the air in just a second here but let me let me just state this again
set this up again across Europe we have these very
conservative parties is hard right parties their agenda is not about elevating corporate control and
billionaire control to the point where it runs the government and sets its own
rules in the United States we use to have conservatives who were consistent with conservative
principles I mean if you breed the history of
conservative thought genuine Kinsler genomic conservative
thought William F Buckley conservative thought a you know the the real conservative
thought going back I you know hundreds of years what you
find is that you know basically conservatives are opposed to change release opposed to rapid change they
want society as long as things are working well keep
on doing it tinker around the edges always be ready to back up and start over again but just make you
change slowly in gradual it’s why conservatives have
opposed women’s rights is why they posed
african-americans rights that’s why they oppose gay rights that’s why they
opposed the end of slavery it’s why they oppose
to the you know total re let’s they oppose
reconstruction a per BAE you go through a whole as it’s basically as William F Buckley famously said a
conservative is a man is stanza worth our stride the archive history
with his hand out shouting stop why then do we have people in the United States
which is virtually the entire Republican Party and you know a good ten twenty thirty
percent of the democratic party maybe more who are taking positions that would diminish the role of
government Inc keeping us all safe we do seen our
access to health care reducing our access to education impoverishing us reducing our power in
the workplace reducing our ability to protect
ourselves or at least have our government protect us they said that our government is us to
protect ourselves from predators in the banking industry and the retail industry in the manufacturing
industry in the pharmaceutical industry and protecting us in terms of the safety
of our food and our air and our water why is it that that
people who call themselves conservatives are opposed to these in the United
States and by and large not so much in europe here’s why because in the United States
over the last forty some odd years our Supreme Court has said it is
perfectly legal for both corporations and wealthy individuals and for that matter foreign governments
if they launder through the right instruments excuse me for them all to buy american politicians
and by as many politicians as they want okay hack I you had a a crystallization my my opening rent today ok hack in
Oklahoma City Oklahoma go for it absolutely republicans want
smaller government for the same reason criminals want fewer cops there you go that’s that year
brilliantly said brilliantly said thank you hack for that
John in Minneapolis you want to contribute anything yeah I just wanted to say and they
pretty much the same saying it you know as you eliminate government you in power
business and corporations and billion it do we can any other
voices and they’re the only voiced then you know we we the we have a a very powerful corporate state but we
don’t have a real democracy is just inherent in you
know the difference between us and and Europe is that they have had
more participation may be because of the parliamentary system where they’ve had to deal with different
parties and as you’ve pointed out in in Germany lived in Germany you know
they have workers are actually on the border
corporations they’re just it just evolved so differently since
world war two as opposed to what has happened here and and I think that Americans really like
you know they want money I mean I think our American dream as opposed to the
European dream Germany red risk and return wrote a book about it
which i think is everybody should read is is that our
dream is is much more materialistic we all wanted
rich unfortunately well I would say that the
American Dream historically has not pitched been hey I can hit the jackpot that came
along with the reagan revolution prior to the Reagan Revolution the
American dream was my dad’s life you know that that I’m he even with a
high school diploma or a couple years a college without a professional degree you can
get a job you can raise a couple a kid you can
rate it might mean my dad’s case he raced for boys you can raise a family on how I can pay
you can put them through school or at least help them get through school you can retire and in your retirement
you can have a decent life throughout your working years you could take a
couple with your own life you know I mean upward mobility that was
always saying you know your kids are supposed to do better than you yeah I’m middle-class I’m about as middle
class is my father was and I feel the like perhaps I’m a
failure you know i i mean in the american way of
thinking are you know holding onto middle-class
misses the big mistake unfortunately I mean that eller word were told the
Holland they don’t think that way the middle
class is a tradition yeltsin also you know I mean because
it’s such a tiny country if everybody aspire to live in you know really big houses there be no
room you know that I i agree. John and we’ve got a media consumer-driven media and an
army actually Inc and went through some changes in the
eighties again reflecting I think the reagan zeitgeist prior to the eighties if you look at the
TV shows a dick van dyke living in a normal you know house and in New Haven
Connecticut you had to Ricky and Lucy living in a they know a
second floor walk-up in atm he had a Jackie Gleason live in a
fourth-floor cold water walk up in manhattan I mean
you had ought people been shown as normal
middle-class folks and and then suddenly in the eighties
everybody was living in these multi-million dollar homes and it’s pretty much been that way ever
sense and I think that that’s that’s driving the the situation to John thank
you for the call but that but the but the point that I
was trying to make I wanna just bring this back make this point we can
have this conversation in the next half hour is that in the
United States these people who call themselves
conservatives but are calling for a reduction in the power of government constrain
credits by the cooperative or just rich people these people are not
actually conservatives that actually radicals were revolutionary you’re
listening to the Thom Hartmann program call 202 buy 362 370 the need to stop calling them
conservatives say you could argue we call them fascists radicals revolutionary is something the
not conservatives

10 thoughts on “Conservatives or Fascists?

  1. We have a party in collaboration with 3 others in Norway that tries to do just that. Punish the poor, unemployed, and the sick to give tax cuts to businesses, millionaires and their spawn. They are called "The Progressive Party". And they have run on immigration for all these years, and attract the swilling brownshirts. ABB, the RW terrorist used to be a member of their youth party. 

  2. Fascist Thom they are fascist, that how I usually called republicons when I address suckers!, they are blood thirsty fascisten!

  3. The republicans are nothing but fascists they hide behind religion to get their votes and that's the same way that Adolf Hitler did and there was a phrase printed on their belt buckles saying that they walk with god and that was one thing our founding fathers warned us about fascism because they wanted religion and politics to be separate and our founding fathers believe more in reality and fantasy and that's all that religion as is fantasy.
    When the bible tells you that you can only believe in one god and no other god that is called insecurity and religion was just designed to dictate fear and the individual in to believe a certain way to have power upon them but nowadays people are weighed more intelligent than that and they know what fascism and that's why 911 happen the way it did because when George Bush Jr. said god wanted to be president and look the other way when 911 was going to happen .
    Just a sacrifice innocent people on American soil to use psychological warfare on the stupid masses of people that live in America that don't have the intelligence and offer thanks for their self when a person uses religion to get votes to be an office and then the Supreme Court wanted to ignore all the facts that were coming out of regulate in Florida to put George Bush Jr. in power all because of his brother that was governor of Florida.
    It just shows that America has a bunch on intelligent people that live in this country and just think of their self and not see America a for the democracy that it is it just the wealthy get wealthier why the common Americans sacrificed so much to survive.

  4. I have seen present-day so-called "conservatives" called regressives; I think that is probably the best descriptive term for what they are.  They want to take us back to the days before the New Deal, to the days of the robber barons and the lack of consumer protection.  Religiously I think they want to take us back to the medieval period.

  5. are people really dumb enough to believe that this one-sided moron is telling any kind of truth?
    He's playing the "sides" game and you foolish MORON people fall for it.
    And this weasely little shit name THHHHom is playing you against yourselves.  Think about it, what changed when the dems took over?  everything you hated was AMPLIFIED.  and you are told to love it by fascists like THHHHHom.
    THEY ALL SERVE THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS, not you.  And THHHom is no exception.

    "brilliantly said"….. what a flaming piece of shit.

  6. Jules Archer's book (1973) The Plot to Seize the White House and WWI General Smedly Butler's book War is a Racket will demonstrate to any reasonable person who has been and is actually running the show behind the scenes.

  7. You're right about "Conservatives", but you barely hinted at the fact that so-called "Democrats" or "Liberals" for the most part are also Corporatists/Facists/Neoliberals. There are very few exceptions. Forget about Republicans v. Democrats or Conservatives v. Liberals/Progressives. The new political paradigm, which has been around since the Nixon/Kissinger days is: the Neoliberal Oligarchs versus the rest of us. At the highest levels (not the street level) in politics, the old labels are anachronisms; they are meaningless. Neoliberalism rules the roost. The adherents do so primarily by blatant, unceasing use of Edward Bernays style Propaganda.

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