10 thoughts on “Conservatives comment ahead of first post-election caucus meeting

  1. Scheer is a weak leader and a liberal to boot. I'm conservative but I couldn't vote conservative because of Scheer…. how he pandered to the GTA & hired Kincella to smear Max & the PPC. He seems weak and easily corrupted by power. Not able to take a strong position in case someone gets mad at him…. well guess what? Your conservative base in the west is mad at you for being too weak to stand up for our concerns

  2. Shear didn’t grow a pair of balls. He was not aggressive enough. We need someone with a pair to stand up to all the evil that flooded Canada. Wake up Canadians let’s get rid of the following parties NDP,liberals and the Green Party

  3. Scheer for all his faults is not a demagogue. He panders to demagogues, but that's par for what it takes to be a leader for the right. If they get rid of him, Alberta and Saskatchewan will replace him with someone who is a lot angrier like Maxine Bernier, and they'll be a lot more threatening to Canadian democracy. Given that Trudeau is a liability who won't step down, I wasn't so worried about the outcome of this election, as much as I will be for the next.

  4. Get Rebel NEWS in there! Only REAL NEWS in what’s left of Canada! Every where But Alberta/SASK/Man Flys the UN FLAG! WEXIT! The Commies NOW! GREENIES are PURE RED Commies!

  5. Scheer's biggest mistake was hiding Doug Ford during the election in Ontario. It allowed Trudeau to smear his name and drag it through the mud. Instead, Scheer should have had Ford present during his rallies and defend his record. He caved into the pressure and couldn't find excuses why Ford wasn't there. And you know what? It cost him the election and cost Canadians potentially 4 more years of disgraceful Trudeau.

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